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Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan

Alternative Titles

English: Sky Wizards Academy
Synonyms: The Instructor of Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates
Japanese: 空戦魔導士候補生の教官


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 9, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015
Premiered: Summer 2015
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:30 (JST)
Producers: flying DOG
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Diomedea
Source: Light novel
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.571 (scored by 72,501 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #56462
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #675
Members: 150,600
Favorites: 274


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Sep 25, 2015
MAND4 (All reviews)
Every once in a while you’ll come across an anime that’ll literally help you grow as a person, help you understand some things you may have misunderstood, and when you do come across such anime you hold it in such a high regard that nothing else can even come close, and, on top of that, you begin believing anime to be the best entertainment medium there is.

Then, unfortunately, you come across an anime so terrible, so bad, so devoid of any worth, that you want to quit it altogether, fly to Japan and kill anyone even remotely connected to the world of anime. Such is read more
Oct 10, 2015
KaiDestinyz (All reviews)
Back in Spring 2015, when I was looking for potential animes to watch. Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan caught my eye. I read the synopsis. It was as follows:

The story is set in a world where humanity, driven off the land by the threat of magical armored insects, now live in aerial floating cities. Thus wizards — aerial combat mages who fight the insects with magical powers — came into being.
Kanata Age (Eiji) is a young man who lives on the floating wizard academy city of "Misutogan." He was once celebrated as the "Black Master Swordsman," the elite ace of the S128 special team. However, read more
Aug 5, 2015
FromZeroToZero (All reviews)
MY First Serious Review ! The review doesn't contain spoilers

People say that the anime industry is going down. Well, that's completely wrong. What's going down is the quality of the anime. Unique plots is something rare to see in modern day anime.

Story 4/10
One of the worst parts in the anime. The setting is in a fantasy world where magic exists. Yeah, you probably heard that in most synopsis of new anime. There's probably nothing special about the plot. Fanservice is there and in an excessive amount that makes this series unwatchable. This anime is probably going to the harem route but it's just a read more
Nov 14, 2015
Rackneow (All reviews)
"Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan" or "Sky Wizards Academy" is one of those cliche animes with a cool main character, in this case Kanata, who just seems to meet girls in a weird situation and is inevitably forced to work together with them towards a similar goal.

Like said, the story resolves around Kanata Age, a traitor as everyone calls him, who is assigned as the instructor of team E601 to win the Sky Wizards tournament in order for them to not be disbanded. What's the catch? The team is utterly useless, having suffered 10 losses in a row. With an incredibly shy girl Lecty, read more
Nov 18, 2015
Zanji (All reviews)
(Know that this is only about the anime and not the light novel) After seeing all the reviews and it being recced on my anime page I had to see it and I expected it to not be to my liking, now honestly I'm more disappointed with it. I do like this anime and I think it could have been good if it wasn't thanks to possibly multiple things like not having enough episodes to flush things out that needed it or they were banking on people going to some manga or novel source where it comes from to get the money. Whatever it was read more
Oct 3, 2015
loveyuri (All reviews)
I usually don't write reviews on anime but seeing how low the rating for this anime was, I had to write a review. When I watch an anime I tend to watch animes with a rating of 7 or higher, but looking at Kuusen Madoushi with a rating of 6, it had me put it off for a while until now.
Also, I'm not a picky watcher so I tend to like most animes even if the anime got a low score.

This anime doesn't really have a "main story" but just difficulties that they will face and half way through the anime is a tournament.

The read more
Oct 3, 2015
nightcrawlercyp (All reviews)
A very nice and fun anime. A team of warrior trainees is on the edge of being dismantled as a result of poor match results. A weird teacher tries and in time succeeds to transform the members into a real team and such ave the ability to win matches. The only problem is that the show never explains the premise of the anime: where did the bugs come from? why are they attacking humans? how do the humans get the weapons? what is the connection between bugs and humans? what are the bugs? Nothing is explained and unless a second seasons will be made nothing read more
Feb 3, 2016
GreyGaming (All reviews)
This anime is one of the worst I've ever seen. I quite literally wanted to kill myself after I finished it. Don't watch this show whatever you do.

Story 1/10:
I barfed at this story. It is the most stereotypical story I've ever seen. The plot sort of makes sense with Fireteam (why tf is it called a fireteam?) E601 trying to become the best but they play it out so horribly that you just want to kill whoever the writer of this story was. Seriously, the plot just goes jumping around from the MC trying to get the girls to cooperate to some weird scientist read more
Sep 23, 2015
Rexxgrim (All reviews)
In order for people reading this review, to get a fully fledged understanding of my relation with this anime - I will here quote my first words upon just completing the last episode.

"Well that was f***ing dreadful*

And thus, let the review begin:

First of a short "summary" - Sky Wizards Academy appeared to me when I watched it's first episode only 10 minutes after HD release as something I actually had been looking forward to, the synopsis for the anime seemed rather promising and thus I had high hopes. Hopes that by the first episode was absolutely demolished beyond repair, yet to write a proper review read more
Sep 23, 2015
The_Master_Dodo (All reviews)
This is my first review so please bear with me.
At first look, this anime seems like a typical harem anime, but there's a reason why harem isn't in the genres: THIS ISN'T HAREM. When I first saw this anime, I put it off because it looked too much like a harem anime (the 1 guy and 3 girls on the cover), but I regret my decision because this anime is AWESOME. Don't mind the haters, this anime has great story, nice art, and nice sounds. The only part that I would have liked to see more of would be character development, but you can only read more
Nov 3, 2016
ShadowOfWar (All reviews)
Hello, this is my first review on this site, so I'd like you all to keep that in mind. I have reviewed other anime, but that was on my facebook page.


Story: 8/10
For story I gave it an 8/10 for a good reason. While many may disagree with me on the score, I feel it is well deserved. For one, the anime did impressively well at fleshing out as much as it could in only 12 episodes while also not overflowing or underwhelming us with information about the series. They; introduced the threat of the anime, showed why they're read more
Feb 25, 2019
MetalTsundere (All reviews)
As for me personally, I should have enjoyed anime's like this, I mean a story about underdogs, an mistrusted teacher and a group of girls that is considered the worst, they make a the perfect underdog team but why?
The main reason for me giving this a low score is the fact that despite having an intresting plot, they focused more on the fan service, plus In my opinion, they should have focused more on the girls overcoming all the odds instead of this Real Nua guy whom i think is forced just to make Kanata look great, well in fact he is already, plus the read more
Jan 2, 2016
Erren (All reviews)
Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan seemed like a great anime initially, but after watching it, I've come to the conclusion that it is one of the worst animes I have ever watched. It was so bad that I immediately came here to write a review about how terrible it actually was. Lets begin....

The Story: The story is a giant mess and the plots are even worse. There is literally no background story at all. We dont know what happened to Earth, all we know is that it was taken over by giant beetles and now we have magic. As for the plots, they normally come read more
Oct 3, 2015
SSJR2 (All reviews)
Welp this is basically that same harem action anime that comes every anime season. You constantly see ones like this but in different names such as "Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance", Seikoku no Dragonar, Absolute Duo and many many more. And a lot of these turn out mediocre and but some turn out good. This unfortunately was the latter. It has an extremely clique story, mediocre action and just awful characters in the for front.

Basically this story revolves around acadamy were "devil bugs" are attacking the world and students learn how to fight them in teams. Sound good so far....yea no well it gets read more
Oct 28, 2015
Harizak (All reviews)
Only writing this to help others have a good mind set going into it. I kind of held off because I saw a bunch of 1-3's but It is not. It will be if you go into it with the wrong mind set. This is not really a harem. He is not after the girls and most are not after him. Their is fan service, but the main lead is hardly ever their for it. All of his students are all aiming for something, and he is trying to help them.

Story: Pretty basic, but well executed. No read more
Jan 25, 2016
MaNiPuLaTedFuZe (All reviews)
I want to start off by saying: I was overwhelmed by how much i enjoyed, to a certain extent. This is anime is beautiful. The story's good and the art has an array of vivid and normal colours. (The vivid colours mostly refer to the characters hair, but that's whatever.)

So here we go.

There isn't anything that particular stands out in the plot but, I did like the way it brought life to the characters and hinted at certain aspects of characters that seemed irregular and made for some interesting development. The fanservice is there, mostly in the changing rooms, but it shouldn't be considered all read more
Jan 31, 2017
Magister_Jakene (All reviews)
Who dared you to look at this show? ...Huh? You weren't dared? Okay, well, who forced you to look at this show? ...WHAT? You weren't forced to research it? Then why the hell are you paying attention to this show? Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyoukan is one of the worst shows I have ever seen, and the show on my list with the lowest rating. I am usually passive about the anime I watch, with most scoring 7-10, but this show.... this one deserves the score of a 3.

If you haven't got the hint yet from all the reviews above mine, this show is read more
Dec 8, 2017
Neurose (All reviews)
[Portuguese-BR] Demorei para assistir mais assisti, sinceramente não foi ruim, mas também não foi bom.
Eu achei o anime bom na questão do protagonista, com uma personalidade muito boa. Mas as outras personalidades como o pessoal do time E601 que só tem personalidades clichês.
Achei o anime muito mal explicado em muitos quesitos, como o Kanata tem aquele poder "especial". O anime não teve um fim muito legal, claro foi como se tivesse acabado um arco que é a da evolução da equipe E601, juntamente com aquele carinha obcecado pela Yuri, que ganhou um poder parecido para não dizer igual, ao Kanata. Porém poderia ter mais, read more
Nov 24, 2016
Angrybludude (All reviews)
Relatively moderate review this time, nothing too fancy but I do think this anime deserves a review since it did intrigue me quite a bit! I'm doing a review on Sky Wizard's Academy, an anime based around a protagonist, Kanata Age, that has recently been black listed a traitor due to his inactivity with his duty to protect his home of Mistgun. In his blacklisting, he winds up becoming an instructor for a group of misfit students that are considered the lowest of the students, as they still have yet to win a single match against any of their opponents.

So I'm going to start with read more
Oct 10, 2015
Jun98 (All reviews)
Wait what?
Why is Japan doing this to the viewers?
Why must we witness cliff hangers??

Short Summary:
Humanity was driven off the land by the threat of magical armored insects, now humanity live in aerial floating cities.
Hence wizards; aerial combat mages who fight the insects with magical powers came to be.
Age Kanata is a young man who lives at the wizard academy city of "Misutogan". He is known as the "Blacke Master Swordsman" and the elite ace of the S128 special team, however he is now despised as the "traitor of the special team".
One day, he is assigned as the instructor of E601, a team who has suffered read more