Nanatsu no Taizai

The Seven Deadly Sins

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Alternative Titles

English: The Seven Deadly Sins
Synonyms: Nanatsu no Taizai
Japanese: 七つの大罪


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2014 to Mar 29, 2015
Premiered: Fall 2014
Broadcast: Sundays at 17:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, SupernaturalSupernatural, MagicMagic, FantasyFantasy, ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.831 (scored by 969126969,126 users)
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Ranked: #7762
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Popularity: #25
Members: 1,531,627
Favorites: 23,199


Tatsumi and Elizabeth set off an adventure. Night Raid (NR) and Nanatsu no Taizai ( Seven Deadly Sins ) are portrayed as villains. But in reality are the good guys who face off against the corrupted rulers. Both NR and SDS have unique members who wield awesome powers and have unique personality.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
The similarity between the two includes each character has their own unique personality and ability that makes them strong. They also value their bond, and also Fairy Tail recruits members into their guild through adventures/quests they accept, so it's essentially the same as Meliodas looking for his friends from the Seven Deadly Sins. 
report Recommended by Aleron
Princesses who are on a journey in search for the knights she have heard of in stories after being chased out of their own kingdoms. during the journey, they face many hardships in search for the knights to help them with their goals. Both of these anime start out in very similar ways in which the princess of a kingdom is suddenly chased out and are being chased by the very people who protected them. They are joined with a very powerful person that protects them along their journey. Akatsuki, has more drama to it while Nanatsu has quite a bit of comedy and less of the  read more 
report Recommended by Duckii
There is a slighty similar art style between both series along with historic/fantasy settings and a cast of bright and lovable characters. Both series are fantasy action adventures following a young cast in a land with multiple kingdoms. The main characters of both shows, Alibaba and Meliodas, are both successful and ambitious blondes with similar characteristics. Magi and Nanatsu no Taizai both have unique artstyles that are bright and not too realistic, favoring a younger teen audience however both series contain darker themes with battle, war and murder. That being said the shows mainly contain lighter themes like easy comedy, fun and justice. I'd say if  read more 
report Recommended by bishoujobitch
Both have a similar action and adventurous atmosphere with a blond, badass and short main character. Both have a large amount of comedy in their fights as you watch the MC take on various conflicts which their encounter in their journey. Also there are characters in both shows which embody the seven sins of a human. Though in nanatsu no taizai the characters have a past revolving around their sin and we focus on their present journey and development, whereas in fma:b the characters which have these sins are the main antagonists.  
report Recommended by reichann0303
Both main female characters are looking for super strong guys, who are both perverted. And both main guys turn out to be much stronger than the girls expected, and have some crazy weapons. 
report Recommended by Dark_Angel_Fears
Both shows have a very similar sense of adventure to them (well, at least in the earlier arcs of HxH), and both have fantastic visuals. 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
7 OP af warriors that fight demons to save the world. - Both are set in times of the past - Both have women with nice boobies - Both fantasy - In both shows all the characters have different powers 
report Recommended by Menzo-
Both anime focuses on searching for friends/teammates ("nakama") while going on variety of adventures and each character has a unique personality as well as abilities that makes them strong and reputable, meeting different people and constantly being chased by the law enforcements in the story. Ultimately, the protagonist and his friends hope to obtain their goal. 
report Recommended by Aleron
For the simple comparison in terms of doing an "overpowered" character right. In terms of entertainment, the cast of characters, supporting or main, world and the building of the said world, and story progression, yeah it pretty entertaining. 
report Recommended by Alufei
This anime simply screams Dragon Ball. You don't even have to watch Dragon Ball to know it's similar. As long as you're familiar with what Dragon Ball is about, you can see it. We find a young women on a quest who by chance meets a small boy. As it turns out, this boy isn't really what he appears to be. He posses a special power that surpasses that of the norm. And as a result, they both embark together on a similar quest to the original. They confront some enemies along the way, but due to his abilities, the boy is able to fight  read more 
report Recommended by Fermorals
A world where magic is present, a person gets involved in a group of seven to protect their loved ones. Full of action, comedy and of course, fanservice, where our protagonist in addition to having a hidden power, is a pervert. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
I have seen just another person recommend Nanatsu no Taizai and I think it's unfair because their both great animes. Very similar indeed, both being about some knights/slayers hunting demons and wanting to save their loved ones. The MCs are kinda relatable to each other, both being small, friendly, OP when needed characters.  
report Recommended by Saku26
They are alike because Naruto and Meliodas both have yellow hair, they are both (pretty much) demons, they like/liked a girl who can heal ppl and have unnatural hair, Naruto was despised by everyone at a certain time, but later he becomes a hero! Everyone hated Meliodas (not EVERYONE but most ppl cuz there are the members of the Seven deadly sins to think about), but later HE became a hero too. Both Meliodas and Naruto have a friend with an amazing hairstyle and attract the girls in the show, not only that, but the people in Nanatsu no taizai can use powers similar to  read more 
report Recommended by HAWKDAPIG
Nanatsu no Taizai is an adventure anime about friendship and bonds. They both give off a feeling of adventure and excitement, if not forgetting the fact both anime feature magic and over-natural powers (supernatural?). Both are really awesome anime and worth a watch if you adore this type of fantasy anime. 
report Recommended by Sigi-san
the MC team is overpowered, and often takes their time or doesn't really go serious for most opponents. The main difference is that Quan Zhi Goa SHou is in a game, and Nanatsu no Taizai is not, but the action of both is very entertaining 
report Recommended by Silver-King
- Both series are sitting in a similar middle-aged worlds where there are Knights, Demons and Angels. - In both is used magic and both have their kingdoms. - Both main characters are perverted at some point. - Both have a rivalry between the main character and his best friend, they don't like each other but end up helping each other. 
report Recommended by reimei_no_ai
soundtrack and atmosphere is really similar in both anime 
report Recommended by aralacikalin
- Both series are sitting in a similar worlds full of Magic and Fantasy. - Both Main characters are related to Demon and both are Knights. - Both have rivalry between the main character and his best friend. Asta<->Yuno / Meliodas<->Ban - Both main characters look small. 
report Recommended by reimei_no_ai
Both give off a similar vibe. Although Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? or Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomery no wa Machigatteiru ... is about someone who is gaining power and doesn't already have it, the plot of both of these is similar. The main hero in both are after a girl. They both have an incredible magical power. Plus both anime have fantastic artwork 
report Recommended by Breadcrums
- OP main character with a "happy-go-lucky" attitude - Set in medieval fantasy world - The early arcs concentrate on building the "crew" around the main character - General vibe and color scheme are similar. - Both shows can take themselves seriously when they want to, but there's always room for a bit humor, too. - distinct and interesting side characters 
report Recommended by P2k3r2
The greatest similarity funny and stupid ecchi moments and great power of the protagonists, also the voice actor for Meliodas and Iseei are the same 
report Recommended by Sthizn
Both series have great narratives, good fights and charismatic characters, if you liked Nanatsu no Taizai, you will probably like My Hero Academy especially the second season, in it some characters are deeper and have better fighting scenes. 
report Recommended by C_DoSul_33
Both of these animes have Very strong strong warriors as well as funny comedy that includes crazy random moments. Both animes also have Crazy Fight scenes and cool Super Powers like one another. 
report Recommended by ImDwelcomeWagon
Both main characters are OP. Both makes you laugh and have cool fights They are in a simillar kind of world. Both of main characters make funny jokes about the main girls. Both are enjoyables shows that you must watch.  
report Recommended by yanpf
Nanatsu no Taizai and No Game No Life share very close similarities in terms of humor and fanservice. If you enjoyed the Ecchi aspect of No Game No Life, chances are you will also have fun with Nanatsu no Taizai and vise versa. 
report Recommended by GregTheOtaku
Both are: Centered around a female and a male partnering together to save their place/kingdom/world. Have awesome battles. And of course friendship between comrades. 
report Recommended by MechaDevil
The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) are both about characters taking on the bad guys. -The MC are already strong and fight for their comrades. -The MC help others learn about teamwork and friendship and being strong emotionally and physically. -The characters all learn and develop as the series goes on. -Both about Action. -Both have comedy. -MC is VERY STRONG in both. 
report Recommended by Detteh
Both animes are about sin , both are ecchi , its true that sin include more fanservice but both animes are familiar from the charachters and a little from the story , satan is for sin and meilodas for nantsu no taizai  
report Recommended by Asfg_abdo
In the both anime they're trying to change the world. both anime is shounen and both anime we have species they're fighting with each other 
report Recommended by Kong38
Both of them have something to do with a “Brittanian” empire, and involve a lot of planning, scheming and coup d’etats. 
report Recommended by TIIC123
Adventure with non-human protagonists and various clichés. Both are not very well done, but they are fun to watch and have some nice fights. 
report Recommended by Zardyllas
Both animes take place in a fantastic world with magic and demons, One more focused in action/comedy and Magus Bride centered in drama. 
report Recommended by facuuu92
Both have well crafted stories with characters that anyone can get behind. Also the love plots in both get spicy 
report Recommended by Jose39701
-great fights -really good characters -both start of a little slow, but get better after a while -both main characters have pretty tragic pasts, which are revealed later on in the series -both art styles are unique NOTE: Gintama is mainly a comedy and has less fights than sds. 
report Recommended by JCB_onee
Now now now let me explain the similarities between Nanatsu no taizai and the Fate franchise. Both shows have really similar characters, for example Ban really made me think of Gilgamesh with their greedy personalities and overall chaotic neutral vibe and King made me think of Waver because of their laid back and soft character. Now to the obvious, both shows are centered around wars the holy grail war for Fate and the holy war for Nanatsu no taizai which are about medieval looking dudes fighting against themselves. And last of all both Mcs (Meliodas and Kiritsugu) have profound and sad backstories that lead them  read more 
report Recommended by Guimauve_
These two animes are 4 seasons, a pervert Mc, and are an Ecchi type. Plus, they are about demons, too. The 5th seasons of both of these anime will be released in 2021 
report Recommended by Cristiiiii
They are both adventure anime and they are good anime to start on. They are also shounen 
report Recommended by Hatake_Giselle
Both anime that take place in a medieval fantasy world where demons and magic exist. They both have characters with superhuman powers battling against other powerful magical evil characters. They both focus around exploration and adventure with criminals as the main characters.  
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
Both of them are action and fast-paced anime that will make you feel the flow for real..they have some good fights and humor as well..they include the adventures of travelling main characters that are looking for their friends/ facing evil guys 
report Recommended by Moayedz
They are both pretty similar. Both relax and long-term animes with philosophy behind them. 
report Recommended by SeventhKing
Main character whit a great power but they didnt use it because they dont wanna kill except if his love is in trouble. 
report Recommended by HonoTetzuka
-Similar kind of comedy/action -Good character development -Badass animation -"Friendly fire" - ON  
report Recommended by Nightmare_Nova
Both of these series start out with incomplete casts and over time develop rich casts full of colourful characters. In them the initial casts gather more members in order to dethrone a powerhouse. Although the characters you are first introduced to may not be as interesting or likable than you would hope, the rest of the cast will surely make up for it. These are both great stories and while they may deviate from their manga they are enjoyable and well worth your time. 
report Recommended by zombie_pegasus
In both anime series: The main characters (a prince/princess) were betrayed by their own people and the traitors either kill the king and/or take over the kingdom They go on a journey to get stronger and come back to fight and take back their kingdom They enlist the help of strong and powerful warriors The prince/princess have similar traits such as: they are kind hearted, soft and somewhat weaker than the other fighters. The prince/princess have a person that its their right hand and will protect them no matter what. 
report Recommended by Malach_Hamavet
The two series involve a group of friends with amazing and diverse powers, they come together to fight a common adversary to protect their loved ones. Both series have amazing fighting scenes and comedic moments. Both share Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, drama, and Supernatural genre components.  
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
If you liked Nanatsu no Taizai then you will probably like Brave 10. Similarities: - Both main male protagonists end up helping a priestess who is the main heroine of the story. - Both anime have characters with special powers. - Both heroines of the story are being chased by dark forces that seek some sort of chaos. - Both anime carry characters who are struggling with their pasts. - Both anime have groups of strong characters that gather around the main male and female protagonists to help them. I'm sure I'm missing some but you won't know that unless you check them both out! :-) 
report Recommended by kate0731
Crazy fights. Kid fights demons(aliens) big adventure. dues ex machina plot tons of fun  
report Recommended by IamdaNimzy
-non modern setting -shonen adventure setting -adventure to gather something. 4 rave/seven deadly sins -a bit of fanservice 
report Recommended by ninjastarforcex
both have that perverted main character and at the same both character demonstrated to be over power compared to that of other people around them  
report Recommended by Cursed_Kid
I think this might be the best recommendation, the same characters, atmosphere and each story has its own strength but there is a similarity between them. 
report Recommended by Yuuki-Sama
Both are shounen adventures where the main characters gather more companion as the story progresses. as well as improving powers and having quite a few interesting fights. Both has plots that are more than just plotless fighting. And both has a very rich cast of popular voice actors.  
report Recommended by Gigglepud
Both have very strong fantasy settings. Nanatsu no Taizai doesn't have any kind of video game setting, but they both leave you wanting to know more about the world with each episode. The character building in both are great but the most enjoyable part is how engaging the fantasy settings and sense of adventure is. Both have very powerful mcs but that's hardly why I recommend this with Overlord. They're both just really fun to watch if you want great fleshed out fantasy worlds. 
report Recommended by BraindeadHour
Tales of Zestiria the X and Nanatsu no Taizai are light-hearted adventures with fantasy. The goal in both anime is to remove of something, whether it be injustice or despair/malevolence. 
report Recommended by JaysAnimeRealm
-similar art style -main character is thought of as an enemy by their country -despite this, they're still trying to save their country -set in a historical world where magic exists Both os these anime are very similar in many ways. Chances are that if you like Nanatsu no Taizai you will also like Junketsu no Maria 
report Recommended by Avey1P
-Both anime have something to do with the seven deadly sins -Both involve a group that are connected -Both have a lot of main characters with very colorful personalities  
report Recommended by thelectricow
Strong Characters, Strong story line and also very mature even that has comedy on it  
report Recommended by Aoi_no_sora
Both of them uses alot of focus on swords and magic, and both have those amazing worlds and the main hero and his love. Both heroes are kinda realxed and chill but extremly strong when fighting seriously. 
report Recommended by Victor
Boy and his cute familiar meets a cute girl in distress chased by evil empire. Boy decides to help her for no other reasons that she is cute. They both go onto an adventure while still being chased by an evil empire. Both are shounen in fantasy settings made by A-1 Pictures. 
report Recommended by Piromysl
- Fantasy world - Protagonist seen as a traitor, as a villain, keeping in himself the power of anger, being the good of history, although they may doubt him, with the encounter with a young woman he will find on whom to lean. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
- Both series start off with a girl trying to find 7 of something (well, original series, but you get my point.) and end up finding one of said "something" within the first episode. - Both main characters start off fairly strong. - Both have a talking pig (Woot!). - Both main characters have hidden powers within them. - Main character and main side character have an epic rivalry. - Epic, fast paced, non-stop tactical fights. - Shounen  
report Recommended by ShawnDBlock
Nanatsu no Taizai is a good anime. The actions are really well made and not biased. It also has a good storyline and background stories of the main characters. If you love Kill la Kill because of it's actions and background story. Then Nanatsu no Taizai is an anime for you! 
report Recommended by Rancze
Similarities: +Berserk is set in a similar world to The Seven Deadly sins. +Both of them are full with knights. +Both of them are involved with demons. Dissimilarities: -Berserk is darker and way bloodier. -There are no superpowers. 
report Recommended by kouteiba
medieval setting are one of the best anime concept, you should give a try these two anime. go watch it now !! bonus. kawaii girls exist in these two series. 
report Recommended by Luuji222