Detective Conan

Case Closed

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Meitantei Conan
Japanese: 名探偵コナン
English: Case Closed
German: Case Closed
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Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 1996 to ?
Premiered: Winter 1996
Broadcast: Saturdays at 18:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
Source: Manga
Genres: AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, MysteryMystery
Theme: DetectiveDetective
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 25 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.161 (scored by 144750144,750 users)
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Ranked: #3652
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Popularity: #621
Members: 310,115
Favorites: 12,657

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Nov 25, 2006
MeitanteiShakura (All reviews)
It's funny. I'm not the type of person that would sit in front of the TV all day, watching CSI series, but somehow, "Detective Conan" really changed that outlook.

'Detective Conan" is about a teen detective by the name of Shin'ichi Kudo (known in the dub as Jimmy), who has a charismatic skill of solving crimes that leave the police force and its leading investigators baffled and astounded. One night, when Shin'ichi is at the amusement park with his childhood friend Ran Mouri, he whitnesses two strange men dressed in black carrying out an illegal trade. While watching, he's read more
May 16, 2011
amukid08 (All reviews)
Detective Conan is beyond your average detective anime. What i mean "beyond your average" is that it definitely got "everything" in it. Likely said, it has the funny moments (Humors), it got also Love story (Romance),the Drama, silce of life they do have the very unique plots of stories some are based on the Mysteries (we have know of) and that you will soon know through watching the series, It will give you the thrills and chills because its more than just the crime scene or solving crime since there are storyline which people called arcs. It also let us know more of japan's culture read more
Jun 13, 2013
Dubowner (All reviews)
"I'm not a fan of detective themed shows." Psh. What the hell do you think this is? Scooby Doo? CSI? Law and Order? Get out. Detective Conan is entirely different. And at the same time, it is the mystery/detective genre at its BEST.

Gosho Aoyama's most well known creation tells the story of 16 year old Kudo Shinichi; genius high school detective who one day witnessed illegal trade while on a date at a theme park with his childhood friend Mouri Ran. He is then struck from behind the back of the head with a metal bat by mysterious men wearing all black, and is forced read more
Jan 24, 2008
zeru02 (All reviews)
At first glance you'd think its your typical CSI-themed anime, however Detective Conan dishes out much more than that. If you're a fan of sherlock holmes, agatha christie or simply likes a challenging and entertaining series to watch, then you must not miss this. Each cases shows different clever, cunning, and even devilishly simple ways of committing a crime! The solutions are well-explained, and teaches readers the logic behind each reasoning. The cases are varied, ranging from simple to sometimes gruesome murders. The characters are pretty effective, and I'm sure people will like them more with each episodes they watch. There's plenty of comedy, as read more
Jul 22, 2009
Nalio (All reviews)
I'm writing this, facing the fact that I've never written one, simply because this outstanding Anime deserves more and better reviews.

Detective Conan, or Case Closed in the United States, is first and foremost a mystery Anime. Elements of action, adventure, romance, and comedy are all thrown into the mix, making DC quite an entertaining anime.

At the time of writing this, Conan is at it's 542nd episode aired, and around 700th Manga chapter released. That's over 10 years of content, still going strong, quite a feat to me.

Synopsis: Kudou Shinichi is an ace high-school detective. One day he runs into trouble with some shady men while read more
Sep 19, 2011
cthulhuplush (All reviews)
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Detective Conan. At it's core it's a very clever and fun show, with writing that is both amazingly good and amazingly bad. It offers some of the most creative and interesting murder mysteries available anywhere, that are always amazing in how much insane bullshit they pull off. I've been keeping up with the series, and it's well over 600 episodes at this point. Sadly it's not able to keep up in quality, and all the promise of it's earlier episodes is slowly fading away. For quite a while now it's ran read more
Dec 24, 2007
binarycloud (All reviews)
Detective Conan, a.k.a Case Closed

Story: 9
Well this series is mainly about Crime Scene Investigation. If you're a crime-investigator oriented person, you would definitely like it. The series depicts the cases of a young private detective who was inadvertently turned into a prepubescent boy by a certain criminal organization. Although his body has been shrunk, he continues to solve many cases and is struggling to solve the mysteries of the criminal organization responsible in order to return to his normal body. You will really find it quite interesting and curious. If you think you're smarter than Conan, try to solve the case before he does.
The only read more
May 8, 2013
TheGreatBruno (All reviews)
Become smarter and learn from Conan. Kid’s a genius. From knowing every mathematical equations (he knows quantum physics too), to solving murder cases with Detective skills, to catching criminals with a soccer ball, kid Conan can do it all. If you haven’t watched Detective Conan yet, start watching so you can become smart too.
Oct 14, 2009
kkslider5552000 (All reviews)
I have been a huge fan of shonen since the original Dragonball was on Cartoon Network about..I dunno...maybe 7 years ago? At times, I could almost say I am somewhat easily amused by the typical shonen anime, filled with action and adventure with tons of character development and dialogue to explain every single thing that is going on. You know the type I'm talking about. As at least some of us know, shonen is not just those type of anime. It's a word to describe the target audience: young boys. It is surprising to see how many unexpectedly different types of anime and manga have read more
Jun 15, 2022
DeltaLight (All reviews)
Case Closed. Where to start

I'm starting by saying that I haven't finished it yet, and I'm mainly watching the episodes that carry on the plot of the Black Organization. I haven't finished the story yet, but in case I decide to change my mind I will edit the review later.

The story is very slow based on the clues that are given to the viewer, as if the purpose of the show for the author was not to carry on the story of the BO but to shoot as many detective cases as possible to be shown on TV. This is probably the case, but we read more
May 1, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)
Today I am going to be looking at a series that has been going strong since the 1990s with very little change in its art or storytelling. No, I'm not talking about One Piece! I'm talking about the OTHER anime that fits that description. Today, it is time to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of Detective Conan!

Detective Conan is one of the longest running anime of all time as of 2015. Next year it celebrates 20 consecutive years without ever being taken off the air. What has been its secret to success? In order to understand this, it is important to realize just how much people read more
Mar 22, 2009
Yamato-Takeru (All reviews)
Shinichi Kudo(Jimmy Kudo) is highly famous for being the best teen detective of East Japan. His knowledge on mystery novels & soccer skills has made him a modern Sherlock Holmes. And has helped out the police on the toughest cases. Life was going smooth with Shinichi. On one night however, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Where 2 men in black clothes were about to get their cover blown by Shinichi. One of them knocked him out cold and forced a poison pill that was meant to end his life. However instead of killing him. It made him shrink from a read more
Nov 25, 2015
WonderlandBeat (All reviews)
If you aren't into extremely long series then stop now because when this review was written there were nearly 798 episodes and 19 movies to the series. However, if you're okay with long series that have quite a bit of a repeat in patterns than you'll be just fine.

Detective Conan is about an High School Ace Detective that was well-known for solving cases but one day he "up and vanished" only to be replaced by a pint-sized shrimp known as Conan Edogawa. He stays with a family friend, Mouri Kogoro, who was a detective as well but unfortunately not so well-known...

Time ticks on... Conan digging read more
Sep 4, 2009
pastafiend (All reviews)
Warning: Inconsequential Spoilers

Detective Conan is a hard series to review because with 500+ episodes, anything one might say about it can be disputed. If you expect a show that reveals itself to you in a timely manner you may as well look somewhere else, this show is composed almost exclusively of episodic and semi-episodic mysteries.

You'll come to the table with a few expectations and if your viewing hinges on them you will be displeased. The tension between Ran and Shinichi will probably never be fully played out. The mysteries of the Black Organization probably will be played out, but they are in no hurry. read more
Aug 25, 2016
SuzuMine-chan (All reviews)

Detective Conan... ¡Oooooh, Detective Conan! This series was the first anime very people (me included) watched, if not they grow up with it. A lot of people continue watching this very long anime cause of it.
But, really, it could be one of the "childhood anime", but it's very very poor. People only watch it to see when Shinichi will return to his normal body (and that doesn't happening in 800 episodes after his srinking... lol).

Story (2): ¿Story? It's suposed that Detective Conan is about a teenager-detective that has been shrunk cause of the Black Organization, a big criminal organization having read more
Mar 13, 2012
obzajd (All reviews)
Meitantei Shouichi Kudo (17 years) goes out with his highschool sweetheart Ran Mouri while he accidently bump into a secret black coats suspicious bloodthirsty guys, who force him to swallow a prototype drug (considering it's highly lethal).
Luckily, that drug didn't kill, but made him shrinked into an elementary school boy, with the same mind, hiding from the gangs under the name (Conan Edogawa)
while he's forced to lie infront of his highschool sweatheart, he blend-in with her father (Kougoro Mouri)'s Detective Agency, considering they may bump into the same gang.

Each episode has it's funny moments that makes me laugh out loud, especially Kougoro Mouri's funny acts read more
Dec 3, 2015
iam21 (All reviews)
Ah...Detective of the longest running anime series...
I was browsing through anime episodes when I encountered this anime in some 700-s episodes. I thought "How the hell can something be running for 700 episodes and still be going strong??"(One Piece had not reached 700 episodes then and I didn't know about Sazae -san) When I watched the first episode, I knew why. It's one of the most logic-applying anime out there. Sure, I've watched Death Note, but Detective Conan does not have any supernatural beings or things. Also, Conan/Shinichi solves most of the cases on the scene itself.
But enough. On the story now. Shinichi Kudo read more
Dec 13, 2012
Mixxu (All reviews)
There is only one truth!

Detective Conan also known as Case Closed is one of those anime series you just watch episodes in one sitting it's like you watch 20 episodes in one day. It's also series that have certain popularity because cases and plot are working well together and it just so interesting and you get to also think those right choices that characters make in the anime. So it's really like brainwork for you at the sametime.


This story is very touching indeed and you can relate to Conan's story in this one and it's also pretty interesting story that you just want to get read more
Oct 28, 2012
Pixilate (All reviews)
Okay so most of you must have heard this anime before, no, every one of you must have heard this anime before. But let’s hear a review from someone not an expert, but a huge fan on this matter.

So Detective Conan is an anime unlike any other. It tells the story about Kudou Shinichi a 17 year old detective whose parents are: a detective novel writer and a retired actress. He goes out with his best friend, Mouri Ran, to a theme park and while they were there he spotted some men making an illegal deal. But before he could do anything about it, read more
Feb 11, 2016
Bentokey (All reviews)
I’d just like to start this review stating that Detective Conan is mainly a series for lovers of the mystery/Detective genre. While it does have a very compelling overarching plot, some great comedy, characters, music and other mechanics that I will be mentioning later on; the series has a main focus on the many cases that it has and I do feel like anyone not completely locked in and trying to solve the various cases through the episodes… won’t be able to appreciate the series as much as those that do. Now, that being said, Detective Conan is a brilliant long running anime & manga read more