Psycho-Pass 2

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Alternative Titles

English: Psycho-Pass 2
Synonyms: Psycho-Pass Second Season, Psychopath 2nd Season
Japanese: PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 2


Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 2014 to Dec 19, 2014
Premiered: Fall 2014
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:50 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi, PolicePolice, PsychologicalPsychological
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.431 (scored by 255861255,861 users)
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Ranked: #17982
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Popularity: #223
Members: 481,217
Favorites: 1,327
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Dec 18, 2014
Tsuzanagi (All reviews)
TLDR: Inverted Parabola. Starts out all right, gets better towards the middle, crashes and burns at the end.

Psycho Pass made a huge splash in 2012 as a successful Urobutcher series. Its creativity, style, and execution flowed into an enjoyable and imaginative show - albeit with some missteps. Without Urobuchi at the helm, Psycho Pass 2 tries to take his universe and tell a unique story and, honestly, fails pretty hard.

If you've seen the first season, you probably wonder where the plot for this dystopian thriller could go. After all, much of the original Psycho Pass was an introspective exploration into the world it created. Where, read more
Dec 20, 2014
waluigia (All reviews)
I suspect that the writer for Psycho Pass 2 created the script after surfing through conspiracy theorist sites written by potheads, followed by using the most hackneyed checklist of what constitutes a ‘dark, edgy thriller’: Somewhat sympathetic villain. Devoted, eye-patch wearing female accomplice in a red cleavage-baring outfit. Innocent puppies being killed mercilessly. Mutilated human faces hanging on walls. People being burned alive while ‘Nessun Dorma’ plays in the background. (No, I am not joking about the last one.)

Psycho Pass 2 is a terrible sequel. By ‘terrible sequel’, I do not mean a mediocre sequel that paled in comparison to the original but served read more
Dec 20, 2014
kaizersaber (All reviews)

"The law doesn't protect the people, it's the people who protect the law."
"It's not society that determines the future of its people, it's the people who determine the future of their society."

Psycho Pass 2 is best described as a political / moral discourse about the right and means of judgement, thrown into a thrilling plot and a cast of underdeveloped characters. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved season 1 of this series, but I thought that while season 2 was an interesting extension of what happened in S1, it didn't do it enough "justice" (oh the puns).

I have come to read more
Nov 7, 2014
Someborednerd (All reviews)
Truth be told, after Season 1, I am highly disappointed as of Episode 5. While I understand the aspect of mystery, most of events that take place in the anime and the story itself don't make a lot of sense.

Not only it goes against the logical nature of the first season of the show, it also overuses previous themes, such as the faults of the Sybil System, at the same time paying no respect to them... Because one of the faults of the system was its over-control of human life... control, that now somehow vanished, apparently for the sake of the plot.

The premise of the read more
Dec 18, 2014
Stark700 (All reviews)
There’s no easy way to describe the Psycho Pass franchise. To put it together it simply, the story becomes a complex tale to tell in a dystopian world. Just think about it: imagine if you feel like being watched 24/7 in a Big Brother style surveillance society. How would you feel about that? Fearful? That should be a normal feeling considering every person is measured by a state of being known as ‘Psycho Pass’. It tells the limits of a person’s mental state and their probability to commit a crime. This may sound all cool and dandy but in reality is a system with so read more
Dec 19, 2014
Harrymanhunter (All reviews)
I really liked the first season of Psycho Pass. It had everything I wanted in a cyberpunk crime Anime, from the atmosphere to the characters to the setting. So, after the announcement of Season 2, I was really excited. But, after hearing it would be only 11 episodes, I was worried, since I thought it'd be rushed and would be of less quality than the first season. Unfortunately, I was right. I'll move on to my review.

read more
Dec 28, 2014
ZephSilver (All reviews)
Sequels have always been expected to fill the shoes of it's predecessors. And it should go without saying that a great deal of sequels fall short. Either because fans of the 1st season carry high expectations or elements of the 1st season is missing in its follow up.
Unfortunately Psycho-Pass 2 isn't an exception to the rule. It didn't quite live up to the success it garnered back in 2012/2013..

Story: 4/10

One of the most noticeable flaw starts with unresolved tension build up from season 1. Instead of following up on the friction between the collective entity of the Sibyl read more
Dec 26, 2014
LPGeneratorx (All reviews)
Psycho-Pass was undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the best, anime of the fall and winter season of 2012. So naturally, when a sequel was announced, people got really excited. They wanted to see more of the mind-games, more of the great characters, and more of the badass detective Kougami. And did this sequel deliver? Not at all.

Before I get into the review, I’d like to give a warning to those who haven’t seen season one of Psycho-Pass since this review will contain a few spoilers of the first season, also, go and watch the first season, like, right now. I’ll also say that, read more
Dec 18, 2014
Savepoints (All reviews)
As a preface, this "review" focuses a lot more on the differences and relations between the first and second season, and not so much on this season as its own thing. At the same time, these are my thoughts on why I think a follow-up can never be as good as the first season (it's a long read).

I want to start this off by saying that I absolutely love the original Psycho-Pass. The journey into the human psyche, the dark mood looming over the story itself, and the intense development seen in all the characters all contribute to what’s come to be one of my read more
Dec 18, 2014
RamoVVolf (All reviews)
The future dark Utopian premise we got introduced to on the hands of Psycho-pass gets one step further ahead and deeper into its incomprehensible beautiful display of human Morales , Psychology and life.

-PP introduced us to a world and the idea of humans getting judged and their fate was decided by a collection of algorithms through a complex competent brain circuit system called Sybil , where the only oddity in the system rises when people find out methods to escape rightful judgement and act freely with will based actions , things get interesting and we figure out sybil isnt as good as we expected it read more
Dec 18, 2014
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
This second season of Psycho-Pass introduces a new villain in the form of Kamui who is trying to shake things up with the current society in place being ran by the Sibyl System much like Makishima did in the prior season. Akane has a mostly new team of Inspectors and Enforcers to assist her in this case as she tries to figure out Kamui's motives and origins as he manipulates others to join in his cause.

Unlike the first season, Psycho Pass 2 is quite a mess in terms of writing and the amount of time it has to explore things. The first season took its read more
Dec 7, 2014
aikojazz (All reviews)
*EDIT* I just finished watching so.. I'm here to clarify my final observation of this show. *May contain some spoilers*

I watched Psycho Pass last year and it was damn amusing. It is sure on my list of top anime. Hearing that the second season is airing this year, I was exhilarated. But does the new season offer something of the same value, or even better than the first season?

Story 6/10
Short summary: Our main protagonist Akane Tsunemori has learned more about Sibyl System in the first season of what it really is, how it works, what's behind it. With her partner Shinya Kogami going missing, read more
Jan 4, 2015
Link_of_Hyrule (All reviews)

Well, what started as a massive disappointment was able to somewhat redeem itself towards the end, thankfully, only to completely collapse yet again. I think it's hard to debate that at least the first half of the highly anticipated Psycho Pass 2 was a complete and utter failure; I referred to it as criminal, unbelievable, sickening and disgusting. An absolute butchering. Psycho Pass 2 was on pace to be the biggest disappointment I’ve ever had in my entire anime watching career, and still might be. Of course, I expected there to be some serious growing pains with the staff of this anime considering read more
Dec 21, 2014
sea-salt (All reviews)
Somebody needs to tell these producers that it's not okay to replace character development and a real plotline with blood and brains spewing all over the place. Psycho-Pass 2 was literally gore galore, and I can't say I was too happy about it, either. Honestly, I saw more Lethal Dominator (ab)use in one episode than I did for practically the entirety of the first season, and the exploding heads and bodies things just kind of got lame after the first 30 times it happened...

So yeah, flying bloody body parts aside, I have to say that Psycho-Pass season 2 was a really big letdown for read more
Dec 18, 2014
XavierSylfaen (All reviews)
I'll try to keep it short and simple.

Story: 2/10.
The main antagonist Kamui's motives are never very interesting, and seeing as how that's the whole thing moving the story that is a huge problem. Not to mention that the ending makes the whole plot irrelevant. I can't go into more detail without spoiling it, but if Sibyl had just done some upkeep on itself and taken out the trash, Kamui would have never done any of the things he did. Sibyl is horrifically stupid in this series, reduced from a morally ambiguous but effective system in S1 to an evil and dumb-as-shit system read more
Dec 18, 2014
JKinky88 (All reviews)
Warning: This has some minor spoilers from the first season and this season. Be careful. You've been warned.

"What colour am I?"

Psycho Pass, One of my faviroute anime's of all time. I loved the first season and as you see on my list I gave the first season a straight 10! Now the show has returned but this time its not gonna be by Production I.G., the makers of the first which sucks. Instead by TOHO animation, the good news is that a movie is coming soon and thats by Production I.G. (Yay) This meant that the script and animation was gonna be different, which was read more
Apr 4, 2015
agentwash6 (All reviews)
The first season of Psycho-Pass was a real treat for the eyes and the mind, as it encouraged its watcher to ponder questions of morality as well as who really was the "good guys". The follow up to the hit series is no longer penned by Urobuchi, but is the sequel still able to stand up on its own two feet? This is a mostly spoiler free review, and I will not talk much about the main antagonist due to the high spoiler content.

The series begins in a similar vein to the original just a year and a half later, it reintroduces the main read more
Jun 13, 2015
johnburk14 (All reviews)
TLDR; Solid show, does not live up to first season.

Psycho Pass 2 has me feeling conflicted. As much as I adored the first season, and still enjoyed this one, I'm feeling quite empty about it afterwards. I'm not left with that same feeling of shock and awe like after season 1, and the biggest issue for me is obvious: characters.

I loved the cast of season 1; Kogami (absent in PP2) and Akane were an excellent dynamic duo of complex characters. Instead, Akane doesn't truly have that same counterpart. The complexity of Shogo Makishima is replaced with a promising-but-falls-short Kirito Kamui, who, although seems to be read more
Mar 12, 2015
AmbiguousMonster (All reviews)
Psycho-Pass 2, like many other sequels, tries to top its predecessor with more blood, more torture and more revelations, only to ultimately forget why the audience enjoyed the original in the first place.

To say that Psycho-Pass 2 didn't have its high point would be false, as the series can still, at the very least, serve as an enjoyable sci-fi action series. However, because the story was constantly trying to shock the audience, many individual episodes didn't contribute much to the story. The early episodes are almost complete copies of those in the first Psycho-Pass, but on a broader scale. Perhaps the series was trying read more
Dec 18, 2014
moonandstar7600 (All reviews)
*Note: Review written under the assumption that readers have watched the original Psycho-Pass. If not, proceed with a spoiler warning*

In a world where an entity judges your mental condition, there ought to be a couple of problems. Psycho-Pass 2 investigates one in particular, how can you judge a group of individuals when you are the same type of group yourself? If you brand them negatively, doesn't that just mirror yourself?

Story - 6/10
The MWPSB are working on a case different from anyone they've encountered before. In fact it is a series of crimes all vandalized with the letters "WC?" or as we later learn not so read more