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Shinmai Maou no Testament

Alternative Titles

English: The Testament of Sister New Devil
Synonyms: Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha
Japanese: 新妹魔王の契約者〈テスタメント〉


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 2015 to Mar 26, 2015
Premiered: Winter 2015
Broadcast: Thursdays at 02:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
Studios: Production IMS
Source: Light novel
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.011 (scored by 182,889 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #37502
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #251
Members: 348,282
Favorites: 1,300


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Mar 26, 2015
GhostStorm (All reviews)
In my opinion this show is just bad. Before you dislike my review hear me out on this. I don't think this show is bad because it isn't at all modest or subtle or because the content is made to appeal to " the lowest common denominator", if that were the case I wouldn't have kept watching to begin with. While some may find what I say questionable that's honestly not my problem , but as far as "PROBLEMS" go, there are a lot.
First of all half the show is un-watchable. Half of the show is white bars of light covering read more
Mar 26, 2015
DeadlySilvers (All reviews)
This is the closest harem to Highschool DxD that I've seen yet. That is a plus in my opinion although everyone seems to either hate or like this series.

The story is rather simplistic but overall interesting to see the relationships between the demons and hero clan. I think there is much more depth to be mined in future seasons.

The OP and ED are very reminiscent of Highschool DxD in both the style of animation and type of music used. The music is good and fits the show.

The characters are underdeveloped which is to be expected for a harem that consists of only read more
Mar 26, 2015
Aubzstein (All reviews)
Shinmai Maou no Testament... man this show was ALL OVER THE PLACE

One minute I'm watching and it feels like a pretty darn good action anime...which then falls apart into a mediocre "comedy" ecchi harem that borderlines hentai...

So basically the story is...
Basara is moving into his new home with his newly adopted sisters Mio and Maria. Basara is told by his father to protect his "sisters" because they are now family. All seems well until all 3 "siblings" discover that none of them are who they appear to be. Basara and his father are actually exiles from the "Hero Clan" and are natural born read more
Dec 11, 2015
Tozzy (All reviews)
It’s quite an achievement to stumble across something so unfathomably bad that you struggle to find the right words to sum up how awful it can be. The okatu-pandering, aimless and empty Shinmai Maou no Testament fits the bill and is the latest offering to leave me speechless for the wrong reasons. It’s a self-insert power fantasy featuring a sad excuse for a cast, the bulk of which whose sole purpose is attempting to procreate with a main character who has the charisma of beige wallpaper. Perhaps the most laughably bad aspect of Testament is that there is an attempt to weave a plot into read more
Aug 3, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
The story reminded me of High School DxD, i felt it has a feeling to it. in this story there are Demons and Heroes that fight eachother, heroes to erradicate demons and demons enslave humanity, this is where Basara meets a girl in normal circumstances where they are going to be brothers in-law but later on is discovered that this was a lie because she is the Demon Princess and is going to have his memory erased by his other new little ''sister'' Maria who is a Succubus, but turns out to be that Basara has his own secret...

Art & Animation
I liked a lot the read more
May 16, 2015
BanjoTheBear (All reviews)
(This has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

The Testament of Sister New Devil seems like a rather generic anime. And for the most part, it is: there is no shortage of magic, nakedness, and harems within it. But it at least attempts to play with the theme of protection. Which is funny when you think about it; in an anime whose strongest aspect is the very “ecchi” it thrives on, you’d think that “protection” would be the furthest idea from its mind. Regardless, this is what the show hones in on. Protecting the things you love, especially those people dearest to you, is read more
Apr 27, 2016
One (All reviews)
WARNING: This review contains spoilers. You have been warned.
Also, this review is a review for the whole series uptill now (Season 1 and OVA + Season 2 and OVA)

Where do I even start with this anime...

Story: 2/10
Season 1: It's been about a week since I've finished this series, so I don't remember the exact story very well. Here's what I know. Mio's (MC) parents (apparently Demon Lords) abandon her to keep her safe from threats and let their friends(?) raise her. Things go on smoothly until some devil finds out that Mio is being raised by someone else. They find out who and kill them. read more
Apr 3, 2015
Gotanon (All reviews)
"I can't abandon a girl when people are after her life just because she's the previous demon lord's daughter. I'm going to protect her! But... Am I allowed to have only one precious thing to me? Must I limit myself to one?"

No, that's not me pretentiously attempting to attach some meaning or something -- Those are a few lines of dialog that summarize Shinmai Maou no Testament. It's all you need to know about the show, as it is about just as much as the show cares to let us know.

So yeah, Shinmai Maou no Testament is another harem whose sole purpose for read more
Apr 10, 2015
torrapamii (All reviews)
How to easily earn money without putting much story into it:

Step 1) Make your anime with a shit load of ecchi (this anime is borderline hentai) and put harem in there.

Step 2) ??????

Step 3) Profit.

Story: 6/10

The story isn't that original, mainly because I've seen other successful ecchi anime that have this story. Not only was the story unoriginal, but they also made the anime before Highschool DxD BorN's first episode. Though, a lot of people do enjoy these types of stories (mainly because of the fan-service and harem, duh) and personally I do too, but without too much fan-service. The ecchi was basically borderline-hentai and read more
Apr 4, 2015
daimonfo (All reviews)
According to me, this is High School DxD on steroids. Don't get me wrong, I really like High School DxD. But I like this one better. Why, you ask?

Story is okay. It makes more sense to me than the HS DxD one. There are demons, the demon world and the hero clan. The MC is from the hero clan, and his dad has once been known all across the world as the "god of war" and feared like that. And out of the blue, he tells him that he got with a new woman and that she has two daughters and now he has two read more
May 3, 2015
JonBort (All reviews)
Just read the review...

If I were to guess at first, this show is basically a HighSchool DxD clone. Down to the presentation, character design and, to some extent, the storyline. As such, Shinmai Maou no Testament basically includes devils, a harem for the MC, and the obligatory fan service.

I would be lying if I say that I didn't enjoy the show it its entirety, there were some aspects of the show that were noteworthy at most. But overall, the story is just generic, bland and predictable. The fan-service, though obligatory in this kind of anime, does somewhat annoy me. There are even scenes that's read more
Jun 25, 2015
King_Of_Light (All reviews)
Story: 5/10
Boobs. That's like the only thing that really POPS in my mind after seeing this anime. So guys... if you like that sorta stuff, then watch it cause trust me you'll be seeing a LOT of it. And if you don't like that kinda stuff, then you're in luck! There are two versions of if online. One is censored and one is uncensored (ep. 1-6, ep. 7-12 as far as I know, still aren't uncensored). Although when you're watching it censored, I hope you like looking at white bars cause that's one of their censoring methods. But anyways, the story. It's really not read more
Mar 25, 2015
PyraXadon (All reviews)
For the past couple years, the idea of Ecchi has changed dramatically, and what anime is allowed to showcase over the course of their runtime. As the years went on, the idea of what is ecchi and what is hentai has been blurred to the point of almost crossing over into one another. And here, I believe that we have an example of that right here. Here it is, a review of Shinmai Maou no Testament, or The Testament of Sister New Devil, a show that I believe, like many others, could've done better as hentai.

Story (6.11/10): The story of read more
Mar 27, 2015
Lancehot (All reviews)
(reposted because I apparently forgot to update my episode count to show as complete. Derp)

TL:DR: Testament of Sister New Devil is ecchi at its most ecchi & not in the least bit ashamed of it. It's the kind of show that validates every criticism & concern non-ecchi fans have of the genre & non-anime fans have about Japanese cartoons in general. But aside from that, it's pretty fun, albeit in a masochistic, I can't believe what I'm watching but I can't look away kind of way. Not to be watched with other people in the room...or within hearing distance.

Boobs. If there is one thing teenage read more
Nov 25, 2015
cTilki (All reviews)
Shinmai Maou no Testament is definitely an interesting series. Evidently, a range of inconsistent reviews render it to the category of "you either hate it or love it".

The overall story is simplistic at best. The character development offers nothing unique; a hot red-head is presented as the primary love interest, a long lost childhood friend is introduced almost immediately after, former enemies develop feelings for the main character, and so on. Most of these clichés are now well-established fragments of the harem genre.

The battle scenes are not exactly terrible, nonetheless they offer nothing special. The overall animation and sound quality are also quite ordinary read more
Dec 7, 2018
SunnyB0y (All reviews)
This anime is very similar to Highschool DxD. My review might be biased because I loved Highschool DxD, but this anime fulfill my beliefs. As a Junior in High School, I can tell you that this anime is the best. The main characters are really well developed and viewers get to see each characters background. The second season to this anime fulfills that even further. The battle scenes aren't that bad, and the music isn't half bad. I liked the animation quality because I found it to be fluid. The story is similar to DxD and the Enjoyment is definitely there. Overall, to me this read more
Mar 26, 2015
Urbanophiler (All reviews)
Shinmai Maou no Testament - or the Testament of SIster New Devil is another one of this season's battle harems. With focus on powers, ecchi and girls, this is the typical classic harem, just better. Definitely recommended for everyone who likes a good story.

Story: 7/10
Surprisingly, this is one of the stronger parts of this show. While many harems tend to have a very brainless story, the plot is just secondary and mostly disappoints. However Shinmaoi Maou manages to introduce quite a lot of interesting plot twists and introduce mysterious characters masterfully, while still keeping faith to the usual harem tropes. It also set a good read more
Apr 29, 2015
sachi_shimazu (All reviews)
Gods I don't know why I watched this anime as long as I did... I probably would've dropped it so SO much earlier if it weren't for the amount of censoring that was in it... The problem is that with anime like No Game No Life (which is still fairly ecchi without going over the top... might be a bit of a stretch to say) and this being the same rating on here (R+ Mild Nudity), I was going in expecting not to have the shock that I actually got...

Then I realised how f***ed up this anime actually was around episode six or seven... I'm read more
Oct 25, 2015
Raydnt (All reviews)
A lot of people havent enjoyed this anime, the score is honesty much lower then I think it should be. People have their own reasons for not liking it, but if I had to say what one big reason for why people didnt like it, it would be the DAMN CENSORSHIP OVERLOAD.

I actually started watching this series when it aired, I watched the first episode then immediately gave it a 4 and dropped it.
Because the censorship was so ridiculous I couldnt take this anime seriously, the censors ruin any mood that is built up.
But then the uncensored version was released, and so I gave it read more
May 31, 2019
MinuteBracelet (All reviews)
I really like this show as far as Demon Lord/Hero stuff goes. It's given more time to actually develop the setting than something such as Maouyuusha or Devil is a Part Timer.
That being said, a lot of the time it has the luxury of having is wasted on ecchi scenes. (I managed to find and watch the uncensored version, by the way). I don't have an issue with there being such lewd content in a cartoon like this but I really think it got in the way sometimes. There are just so many examples of contrived excuses for the main character and the girls read more