Seireitsukai no Blade Dance

Blade Dance of the Elementalers

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu, Bladedance of Elementalers
Japanese: 精霊使いの剣舞〈ブレイドダンス〉
English: Blade Dance of the Elementalers
German: Blade Dance of the Elementalers
Spanish: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
French: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 14, 2014 to Sep 29, 2014
Premiered: Summer 2014
Broadcast: Mondays at 20:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: TNK
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy, RomanceRomance, SupernaturalSupernatural, EcchiEcchi
Themes: HaremHarem, SchoolSchool
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.731 (scored by 173059173,059 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #51512
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Popularity: #565
Members: 332,437
Favorites: 862

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These two share such a similarity! A magic school where a loathed and unpopular female student (who is also a fierce, proud tsundere) stumbles upon a guy, who she makes a magical contract with. It's a story loaded with both ecchi and actual romance, as the two go forth seeking power. 
report Recommended by DenpaOnna
Both shows are harems where the lead male has a power that only females are supposed to have. In the case of IS, it is the ability to pilot a specialized mecha, and in the case of Blade Dance, it is the ability to contract spirits. In both cases, the lead male is forcefully enrolled into an all-girls academy. 
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
Both are about a academy with a festival to determine the strongest. The main heroin is fire wilder and is royalty related. 
report Recommended by damew
These two anime are about an academy with a festival/event to determine who the strongest is. The main heroine is a fire wielder and is also of royalty. 
report Recommended by damew
Mainly by the genre of being a action/ fantasy/ harem type of anime. In both cases a boy attends to magical school filled with girls and is considered being a special type of a magician. 
report Recommended by MigRay
Starts off the same, MC finds a naked girl bathing and is thought to be an intruder. Both male leads are forcefully enrolled and are the only guys attending an all girl academy of magic. MCs are known to posses the same magic (that the girls have) So in general its a Harem involving magic with dense (maybe secretly strong) Male Protagonist in an academy life setting. 
report Recommended by 247Eyes
Both take place in a fantasy world where humans make contracts with fantasy creatures; dragons in Seikoku no Dragonar, and spirits in Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. In both anime the main character is an boy with special powers, that makes a contract with a very special dragon/spirit; which take the form of a naked loli. Both main characters and their attend a school filled with a lot of beautiful women, of which most are tsundere and there will be a lot of fanservice. So basically; if you replace the the dragons in Seikoku no Dragonar with spirits you get Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance; there  read more 
report Recommended by Khalan
Blade Dance and Bahamut is related in some extent -Main male protagonist counter the first female protagonist naked in a bathroom setting -Only boy in the Academy full of girls -Swords users -Main female protagonist is always get jealous when the MC interact with other girls -Two other side female Restia (Blade Dance) and Yoruka (Bahamut) have feeling toward the MC -Few others main female protagonist are either Elite Knights or Noble rulers of their own family And of course the two series is a Harem anime  
report Recommended by iSyncUp
Same feel, plot wise, and both mains seem to have a dark past. 
report Recommended by Littaylor
Hidan no Aria is not quite the same but it also involves having the male character urge to protect the female lead. Similar genres. 
report Recommended by Aleron
The main character of each series is thought to be some kind of demon king. They also involve going into caves to obtain powers, there's magic, and they're both full of good ole fan service. Just an overall similar feel to them.  
report Recommended by bloodiemonster
main character goes to a High school / only people with powers can attend ......main has irregular power .. romance is based around a loli 
report Recommended by slime14
At first, I thought that Seiken Tsukai was a sequel to Seirei Tsukai. The mains both look remarkably similar and even the names are easy to confuse but as I watched the first episode of Seiken Tsukai, I realized that it was a entirely different anime. Interestingly though, both anime contain a main who is trying to become stronger and both of them have a harem of women surrounding them. To be honest, I had expected someone to have already recommended these two! 
report Recommended by OR242
both of them high school oriented gathering team to participate the tournament with some reason.  
report Recommended by Syliph
Very similar feel but not exactly like each other. Although Seirei Tsukai isn't as good as Zero no Tsukaima, both have very similar genre and involves a guy who's strong and starting a harem. 
report Recommended by Aleron
both are highschool magic fight , Harem , Ecchi Lapis & Est , both are weapon of main male character  
report Recommended by kapuraenyo
Very similar feel but not exactly like each other. Although Seirei Tsukai isn't as good as Zero no Tsukaima, both have very similar genre and involves a guy who's strong and starting a harem. 
report Recommended by Aleron
COMMON: In both,the female main characters have pink hair and have some similarities in personality(Moka from Rosario to Vampire has two personalities and one of them is tsundere while Claire Rouge from Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is a typical example of tsundere). In both, the action takes place in a magical world. UNCOMMON: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is about spirits and spirit contractors while Rosario to Vampire is about vampires,succubus,witches,etc. If you like tsundere,comedy ,romance and action I think you will love both. 
report Recommended by Aoiy25
Both anime have spirits art, Spirit Girl sleeping naked, both have harem! The world building is little different though, seirei gensouki is isekai while blade dance is fantasy! 
report Recommended by kazuya_71
Let's see... -Only sausage in an all taco setting... Check -Whips and chains! Handcuffs! Smack a little booty now with... yeah... Check -Some pantsu to go along with your ridiculously bouncy funbags... Check -The sausage in question is amazingly good at everything... Check -GIANT ROBOT(S) GO BANG BANG KABOOOM... Check -All them girls get their screen time, gotta make it fair... Check -Lolli-chan... Uhh... Yeah that too There's a little more plot development and underlying story in Monogatari, whereas Blade Dance focuses a little more on character development. Monogatari is a complete package, where Blade Dance sets  read more 
report Recommended by CharCole
Strong main character. Difference that is not harem and romance. Magic academy 
report Recommended by Giio_Rc
Similarities: Both involve characters summoning spirits (servants) to aid them in a fight against other characters. In Seirei it is to win blade dances in F/SN it is to receive the Holy Grail The summoning marks in F/SN reminded me of the Spirit Seals in Seirei as well as the use of secondary magic The elemental waffen of Seirei are similar to the noble phantasms of F/SN The holder of the Holy Grail and the winner of the upcoming blade dance both get a wish granted Differences: F/SN is much darker and involves a game and battles to the death Seirei is more of a comedy and is harem based, as well  read more 
report Recommended by F3nR1r_N7
MC is forced to enroll in a school for high class females only. He acquires a harem and the school tries to protect the girls' chastity. 
report Recommended by _Kairu_
Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism and Seireitsukai no Blade Dance could both be described as action-harems. In both of these anime, a teenage boy goes to a school chock full of every gal you could want. He doesn't get along with the girls who lead the school at first and ends up fighting them, but, in the end, he earns their friendship and their affection. Furthermore, the protagonist of each series possesses a mysterious past that includes a mysterious woman he is at odds with. 
report Recommended by Baikaiya
The main girl is very similar in many respects. I couldn't help but think of Shana whenever I saw her. 
report Recommended by Conquerorofdoom
The main similarity between Mai-HiME and Blade Dance is that characters are able to summon a spirit beast to aid them in battle. Both shows also take place in a school setting and have a mostly female cast. 
report Recommended by Noodle070
*They both have spirits that can transform into weapon (Seirei/Shinki). *They both have "forsaken" spirit (Regalia/Nora) Differences *Noragami is Shounen/Comedy, Seirei Tsukai is Ecchi/Comedy. *Noragami is more Japan oriented (Japan gods etc), Seirei Tsukai is generic.  
report Recommended by 4DEATH
Similar characters and art style. Both have girls who end up living under the same roof as the main protagonist. Lots of interesting characters who aren't annoying. Characters who have special powers are living a normal life. 
report Recommended by SasoriUzumaki
The main character bumps into a red hair girl. She has the same voice actor. Both main character has a dark past He goes to a school that teaches him and others to fight. He must form a team with these girls.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Kirigaya Kazuto and Kazehaya Kamito are OP, awesome and all the girls fall in love with them. Both main characters must enter a tournament to uncover a secret. In SAO, Kirito must be the top player in Bullet of Bullet ( BoB) in order to face Death Gun. Also deal with a past issue that haunts him and others too. While in Blade Dance, Kamito enters Blade Dance tournament in order to recover what he lost. Kamito uses the same weapon as Kirito. A holy sword or in SAO case - Dark Repulsor. Both anime airing this Summer 2014.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
One unique teenage boy out of everyone else gets paired up with a long, crimson-haired girl at school which deals with mystical spirits.  
report Recommended by Estoy_Gordo
Both animes center around harem and romance with the similar aspects of negima being magic and seirei being a mixture of demons with magic but personally i don't think the magic aspect is the same as negima both animes include kissing being how you make a contract and a similar dilema being they have to get stronger and both in the same environment being a school differances in negima he is a teacher and seirei he is a student you will love negima if u liked the harem situation but if you liked the magical aspect of the girls becoming like magical girls then i  read more 
report Recommended by WhiteJoker
The obvious similarity - Both are harem show. Both involving magic usage. Both have the same setting and also involving academy life!! Both have lots of girl surrounding them!! Both are about a male (main character) who has the strongest magic/power in the series. Both protagonist also capable of using sword to defeat the enemy.  
report Recommended by NajSuarez94
-Both Have Fan Service -Both Have Harem -Both Have Good Action -Both Have Dense Male Protagonist 
report Recommended by BNGladius
Similarities: Both have the same fantasy, romance, ecchi, action, harem and adventure genre. Both involves guy meeting feisty girl kind of thing. Both involves guy getting to be feisty girl's property. Dissimilarities: One was set in some magical school, while the other is set in some distant land. The Male Character in one anime is a magic user while the Male character in the other anime is a archer. The Female character in the other anime is also a magic user while the female character in the other anime is warrior with a magical sword. Note: Just watch and compare it yourself.  
report Recommended by Nasty001
The protagonist both have special abilities, such as in Date A Live he can seal a spirits power and in Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance he is the only male spirit contractor. Both are harem genre. I also see a similarity in the characters such as Kotori and Claire; both being able to use flames, Rinslet and Yoshino both being able to control ice, and Est and Origami because of their similar appearances and similar personalities.  
report Recommended by chierii