Akame ga Kill!

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Synonyms: Akame ga Kiru!
Japanese: アカメが斬る!
English: Akame ga Kill!
French: Red Eyes Sword - Akame ga Kill!
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 7, 2014 to Dec 15, 2014
Premiered: Summer 2014
Broadcast: Mondays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: White Fox
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy
Themes: GoreGore, Super PowerSuper Power
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.471 (scored by 11991131,199,113 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #17602
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #29
Members: 1,894,712
Favorites: 26,945

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Tatsumi and Elizabeth set off an adventure. Night Raid (NR) and Nanatsu no Taizai ( Seven Deadly Sins ) are portrayed as villains. But in reality are the good guys who face off against the corrupted rulers. Both NR and SDS have unique members who wield awesome powers and have unique personality.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
The art of brutality at its finest whether it's for a cause or just pure madness. Friendships are hard to find and trust is not easily earned. 'Akame ga Kill!' does not hold back regardless of the importance of a character so no one is safe which leads to an unprecedented sea of death. Justice and the fight for survival are just a few of the mere reflection presented in this cruel world. 'Shingeki no Kyojin' reflects on schemes and deception where a line could not be directly drawn between good and evil. The pursue for power is imminent and whoever got their hands dirty first  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Very similliar in a lot of ways but here a few Depending on your perception the antagonist may differ. Bunch of bad guy working against the governement. MC having alignments development Gore animation from both dark setting Shorter story for Akudama Drive 
report Recommended by H3llBag
Rebels fighting against a powerful, corrupt government. Fast-paced plot, jam-packed with entertainment. Both are extremely unpredictable; you never really know where the plot decides to go next.  
report Recommended by VVayfarer
The main characters of both these anime and up in an organisation without wanting it in the first place. They get caught up in a fight they didn't want to fight, but have no choice left. If you like anime with a lot of action and good fight scenes, then these anime are just perfect for you! 
report Recommended by Darkbow
High level action, many powers, epic battles and several plot twist. Akame ga Kill's "imperial arms" are like Kill la Kill's "uniforms". 
report Recommended by Disillusion
A boy is coming from a village to a city to become a "dog of the military". In Akame ga Kill he is doing it because he wants to save his village. In FMA: Brotherhood he is doing it because he wants to save himself and his brother. In both anime they soon realize what the military is really doing/will do to all the people in the city. There is a lot of great action and little comedy too. 
report Recommended by shaichan
both shows talk about assassination and have tactics. both shows have many characters and each has it's own sad story that makes them a killer. 
report Recommended by SuperGerbil
Re:Zero and Akame ga Kill are similar in regards to the fact that both of them initially appear to be a light comedy action story, but they both end up sharing much of the same themes later throughout the series. Both involve the main character enduring many hardships, including death, forcing them to maintain a strong mentality which will continue to push them forward towards their final goal. They both share episodes of despair which will hit you right in the feels, they both have some comedy relief throughout the series, and both main characters experience romantic feelings (which I personally enjoyed most). I regard  read more 
report Recommended by Nymphetamine2791
There animes both give off a very similar feel. The main character is a boy living under some kind of oppression and bent ton seeking revenge for the death of his comrades/"family". He starts off extremely powerless and scared, and eventually his drive for revenge gives him power and the perseverance to get stronger. In both animes it starts off a little uncertain. Like, you don't really know what to expect from it and the plot can become good or bad depending on what happens. And then the sudden fighting/bloodshed that catches you by surprise hooks you and suddenly you're excited for a new  read more 
report Recommended by lunafly
A boy with a sad past, meets a girl who is a member of a rebel group, whose members seek the restoration of the actual corrupted and evil society/government. The boy joins the rebellion, starting a revolution against powerful villains. Akame ga Kill!'s "imperial arms" are like Guilty Crown's "voids". 
report Recommended by Disillusion
They both are about assassins and having to kill some kind of villain or evil person ansatsu kyoushitsu is very funny so if youre looking for assassins and comedy this is one you should watch 
report Recommended by GodOfTheDead
Pilot episodes similar with a group of innocent people and violence. -They both have bloody violence in a fantasy setting, with Goblin slayer's being more traditional with guilds and adventurers. -They are made by the same animation studio - White Fox Would recommend both if you are looking for an entertaining violent anime. Don't watch with the intent of getting invested in the characters/story. 
report Recommended by gotmarth
Both are gory and dark anime where nobody is safe. In both are young main character joins a gang of mercenaries/assassins that fight against the corrupt elites. 
report Recommended by Jayage
The stakes are high! At any moment any character in the cast can and will drop dead. Both of these shows involve characters being placed in situations where their life is constantly on the line. In Akame ga Kill! characters fight each other with weapons called Imperial Arms (or Teigu) and the result of these battles is often fatal. In Danganronpa the characters must kill another character in order to "graduate" while surviving the verdict of a class trial. If you're into shows where characters are constantly in danger then either one of these will do for you. 
report Recommended by McExplosions
Thrilling and cruel heroic-action shows, where cool boys and young girls with powers, have to defend their own world from monsters and corrupted system. Very dangerous and deadly tasks await them. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
They do have different feels. Akame is more humorous while tokyo ghoul is quite serious. However, their similarities lie in the dark themes of corruption and the harshness of reality - your loved ones will die and there's always at least two sides to everything. Both have great villains and i think an anime/manga/book is only as good as its villains. 
report Recommended by Llightshines3211
While Highschool DxD is mostly more lighthearted and less openly violent than Akame ga Kill they both focus around groups of characters with special weaponry. Highschool DxD calls them sacred gears. Akame ga Kill calls them teigus or imperial arms. Oh but word or warning, Highschool Dxd is far more fond of its characters than Akame ga Kill. 
report Recommended by lokenontherange
Both are about killing people in the name of justice.  
report Recommended by EveOfDarkness
Violent and bloody shows, where the main characters have to fights against many monsters and powerful villains. There is an ascending progression of the plot, with many epic moments, great battles and incredible twists. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
A boy joins a badass team of wanted killers, who works in the shadows against various evil forces and villains. They will run very dangerous tasks, with crazy people and epic moments. Really violent and cruel shows. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
This is the kind of story that doesn't get better for anyone. Tune in for some flashbacks, gore, bloodshed and assassination! 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
I think it's similar because it has allot of characters in it with different weapons and powers and that they have something important that they have to do together. 
report Recommended by Covetousness
In both series the main characters embark on a journey against the kingdom, however the circumstances in each series for the kingdom to be vilified are different. Also, both of the series include a group that grows and changes as the journey continues. Please note that Akame ga Kill is way more violent and tragic than Akatsuki no Yona. 
report Recommended by Larvice
Both have a group of characters who are fighting the authorities (rebellion) 
report Recommended by EarWormOfNight
Both deal with a skilled male leads who have their loved ones brutally murdered and both plots revolve around them resolving their problems with stronger, more skilled people. With loved ones stripped away, they both realize the harsh truth behind the murders.  
report Recommended by TornRamos
Both feature tons of brutally dark scenes, but the tone generally remains neutral thanks to copious amounts of comic relief. The plot tends to be fast-paced and unpredictable. Both have great visuals and beautifully executed battles. 
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Both series involve an MC character that joins a special squad. Each person in the squad has a single, unique skill. Where they differ is in the nature of the squads: the MC joins a special detectives squad in Bungou Stray Dogs while the MC in Akame ga Kill joins a squad of assassins. In both series, the squads face an immensely powerful and cruel group. Neither series holds back on the violence as well. 
report Recommended by gnerkus
If these two are anything to go by, lately there has been something of an anime fad where DARKDEATHBLOODDOOOOM subject matter gets blended with... the desires of otaku. One minute you'll be watching a gruesome dismemberment scene; the next you'll be watching lighthearted anime humour, with boobs and pantsu thrown in. HUH!? Brynhildr has a premise involving predicting future deaths, human experimentation, needing medication to not die horribly whilst coughing up blood and many other feel good aspects. Then, naturally, you have Mr. Average Harem lead forming a girls-only observatory group--the heroine, ofc, being a childhood friend with no memories. New girls are introduced one after  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
-Both feature a group of rogues as main characters who don't shy away from hacking and slashing their way to victory -Both deal with the corruption and toppling of an empire -Both have the main character adapt to the atmosphere around them, and we see them stripped of their childlike innocence from the first few episodes 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Male MC joins female MC to fight opposing forces. Lots of strong characters and special weapons. Artwork is very similar. Some fanservice. One main difference is Madan no Ou to Vanadis uses romance/harem for story. 
report Recommended by mylesperhour
When so many lives are at stakes and wars will commend so many lives. The similarity of both these anime is well the death you'll know what I'm talking about once you see both anime. Both anime have some colorful characters so see both anime and their beautiful and yet gruesome story line. 
report Recommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
Both have: - excellent action scenes with violence and cruelty - harems with backstory and fanservice - explore the big grey area between good and evil with various characters There aren't too many direct similarities between Akame ga Kill! and Elfen Lied since they take place in very different settings, but generally speaking I think if you like one you'll enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by AnimeBear422
Although the main theme in both anime is absolutely different, the one important thing make a huge similarity - overloading amount of BLOOD, GORE, DEATH and true (not like in ShinNoKyo) using of trope EVERYONE CAN DIE. So if you bored from wacky, childish animes and bulletproof main characters, you will be entertained by both of this series! 
report Recommended by surnev
The setting of the story takes place somewhere in the medieval times where the main characters in here are either overthrowing the government, or starting a war. Throughout the show, there are obstacles that the main characters must pass through and to achieve their goals. The main themes on these are; corruption, revolution, and war. These shows are filled with action packed, somewhat dark twists, and comedy. 
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both Anime center around sword fighting and mythical creatures. The main character is on a quest to make himself stronger and wants to become the best in order to complete is life goal. They have to learn how to survive and make new allies and friends in order to achieve their goal. Do you want a story full of passion, friendship and epic mindblowing battles? Than you should watch these series. 
report Recommended by Darkbow
They're both over-the-top anime that at their core, are coming of age stories where the protagonist eventually reaches the mantle of their mentor. However, there are huge tonal differences, with Akame ga kill being extremely edgy whilst TTGL tone is more epic. 
report Recommended by eagleman252
Both are action anime which have a large main cast. Either cast are not playing the role of the "good guys", but are more about being those which society condemns, yet we still see the world from their point of view as the protagonists. Both anime have a lot of deaths, some of which revolve around the main cast. Both casts have battles against giant monsters. Both anime have elements of romance between the main characters. 
report Recommended by HandsomeMan
Tyranny is the affair, the lack of morale is evident, and in consequence, the weak are oppressed, made slaves of the devils who become the apex of the hierarchy. Akame ga Kill and 86 both follow individuals who have seen the evil the very thing they lived for is. Instead of succumbing to the demons of the castle, they rise against them in some shape or form. Akame ga Kill is more active in this matter, literally having assassins kill those who abuse their power for a vile empire. 86 is a little more passive, although the point and the perspective are still put across, with  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
both involve serious action and death 
report Recommended by Atmogenic
Lots of Blood & Gore with Swords as the Main Weapon 
report Recommended by DollaHolla
Similar MC Saeko Busujima < Akame Takashi "Taka" Komuro < Tatsumi Both are in a group that's all about eliminating the evil and surviving. Both live in a world where the ruled by the evil. Differences: Akame ga Kill's Night Raides group has more members. Akame ga Kill is fantasy and medieval while HoTD is more realistic and in the current time. HoTD is very ecchi. The differences are HUGE, but both have kind of the same feel. 
report Recommended by htory327
They both seem to have lots of action and bad-ass fighting sequences with lots of comic relief. If you didn't want to watch one I would recommend the other. 
report Recommended by MacBadley
I guess if you liked Soul Eater you will like aswell Akame ga kill, with some awesome fights, and interactions of the characters with each others, you will not get disappointed 
report Recommended by deadmou55
Much like Blood-C, Akame ga Kill! takes place in a town where nothing is as it appears. Both anime also features a lot of graphic violence. 
report Recommended by JohnLopez
Both are blood-soaked action series with a varied cast of characters who can (and do) die at any time, and while other series of its type drag their feet with poor pacing and filler, both Basilisk and AgK tell a complete, fast-moving story in precisely 24 episodes.  
report Recommended by Uriel1988
Both series are beautifully animated and set in a medieval fantasy world. The stories both revolve around corrupt rulers and the rebels who are working against them. The protagonists are both cheerful and naive individuals who are oblivious to the corruption until they see it firsthand. There is plenty of action, with comedic relief and romance as well. In Akame ga Kill, there is a clear difference between the good and evil, while Shigeki no Bahamut tells the story of a conflict between three races in which there is no true 'bad' guys. 
report Recommended by shibira
Although their premises and plot progression are completely different, they're both stories set in a medieval fantasy setting filled with armies battling each other, lots of violence and death, super powers or magic, romance between two enemies and political overtones. So if you liked one you would probably like the other. With that said, I have to make clear that Grancrest Senki is more focused on politics so it might get a little harder to get into. If you happened to watch and like both of these series, I suggest you watch Windaria. 
report Recommended by CaptainKenshiro
Both are about a group of people trying to bring about reform, one with vigilantes and the other with cops. MC is kind of a newbie at first but becomes accustomed to their new life and tries their best to be an actual asset to the team. Both are pretty gory, bloody, violent and have epic fight scenes. At first it seems they are just fighting random criminals but it starts to piece together the more you watch. 
report Recommended by AllHailSuhail
I think one of the primary strengths of these shows' narratives, and the thing that I really enjoyed about them, is their inclusion of an overarching archetypal theme. In Darling in the FranXX its the value of romance/companionship as a powerful and valuable element of human society. In Akame ga Kill! its how the various aspects of the individual, society, and nature work with or against each other. Both of these shows tend to focus less on individual characters and more on higher level themes (conflict, relationships, differing perspectives, etc.). For someone who understands and enjoys these types of stories, if you've watched one and  read more 
report Recommended by Ryhzik
The truth of the world. On a superficial surface, Akame Ga Kill and Puella Magi Madoka Magica give a fairly genuine and peaceful atmosphere for their protagonists, though deep down the line, this once great fantasy gets flipped completely with a new dark world that was always lingering to being with. MCs Tatsumi and Madoka, with Sayaka, understand that the ideas that were once given to them slowly go back to the fantasy that they always were. AGK being about fighting against a tyrannical empire, and PMMM being about magical girls dark truth slowly unravelling. Both are good anime about how people change with the lies that  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both series have amazing fights with lots of flashy colors and thrill Neither of them is afraid to let characters die Both have charismatic and lovable characters 
report Recommended by Darkmind115
in akame ga kill all have some magnificient power this is like in darker than black hei and oteas have power the story is kind of same that all of his comrades are gone one by one and i think it is the most saddest part in both anime anime. both animes are excellent to watch  
report Recommended by FlaMeGaIzER
Both histories envelop a main hero who moves from his natal village to the big city and inadvertently becomes a part of a band of unconventional, bizarre and wild characters with great habilities. The nature of the teams are also similar.  
report Recommended by Dalex963
Both include endless fighting for several reasons. While "Akame ga Kill!" is focused on revenge and justice, as well as hostile and corrupt law enforcement, "Fairy Tail" is focused on family and the evil nature of humans, as well as chaotic and depraved villains. Both series include magic and magic weapons, and both are comedic at times. While "Fairy Tail" is more lighthearted, "Akame ga Kill" has a dark and malicious plot. Both are dramatic and focused on a similar sort of justice, after the motto: "An eye for an eye". "Akame ga Kill" has 24 episodes and one season. "Fairy Tail" has over 200 episodes and two  read more 
report Recommended by Shoichi
Both have a interesting enough premise; both have action that varies from mediocre to pretty good; both have stereotypical characters with at LEAST one standout female fanservice character and both have, in my opinion, quite sh*t endings. Well, from a satisfying perspective at least. 
report Recommended by LaughinOtaku
-Sword and Gunfights -Fantasy scyfi style -Beautiful Music and imagery K- Scyfi fantasy that dives deep into the emotions in different personality and types of people. Constant struggle for control over massive power and the claims that come with it. A mystery hidden in plane site, but dangerous none the less. Akame Ga Kill - en epic tragedy that defines every persons personality before and during death. a struggle between the power hungry and the innocent people, both obtaining powerful items that are dangerous and deadly. 
report Recommended by BPXXBLINKERS
I dont see why nobody recommended this. Both animes have nice artstyle, dark/similar plot and great individuals who have their own idea of what is right and what is not also higher powers who try to control them. Both series are original on their own but somewhat similar in a few aspects. 
report Recommended by Azzo67890
I think it's similar because it has alot of characters in it with different powers and/or weapons and that they have something important that they have to do together. There are many funny moments as well as many sad stories of each featured character in both animes. [ AgK has more of them] The music of both anime is quite amazing, and although the art style is a little bit different, both are refreshing in their own ways AgK ending was so freakin sad....!!!! Charlotte's ending was - mehhh....  
report Recommended by Konte
Adventures of a wanted outlaw team against many dangerous villains, in a fantasy world, where there are many monsters and strange creatures, but also a lot of different powers: Akame ga Kill!'s "imperial arms" are like the "devil fruits"' powers. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
+ Alot users in both anime using Powerful Legendary Weapon (Hero Relic/Rule Fragmant & Imperial Relic) + Male MC (Lute Ryner & Tatsumi) is almost same, one of the similiarity is called "pervet" by his friend + Female MC (Eris Ferris & Akame) is really same : Sword user, expressionless, grow up inside kingdom/capital, & training to become assassin/guardian since kids + The World in both anime is full of corruption & discrimination, especially from noble family + Main theme like : "I want to make everyone happy" "I want to make world without crying" can be found in both anime 
report Recommended by SSSS_Shunaria
Both involve a main hero who inadvertently becomes a part of a coalition of goofy, yet amoral characters with extraordinary powers. Akame ga Kill! is much more heavy on the violence however. 
report Recommended by gedata
Adventure stories set in a fantasy world, both feature relic weapons with supernatural powers, also comedy elements and a lot of bloody sword fights. 
report Recommended by Inevitabilis
Lots of Hardcore females committing brazen acts of murder. Tons of Blood, Violence, and Action.  
report Recommended by DollaHolla
Both shows deals with a group of anti-heroes delivering karmic justice to scumbag villains belonging to a corrupt kingdom/empire. Redo of Healer is more lewd, however. 
report Recommended by Illyricus
Sword fighting and mysterious monsters, the central theme in both of these series. The main character is on a quest to kill monsters because he wants to make the world a better place to live in. Both of them also get thrown in a situation they weren't expecting and make new friends. The world they live in is ruthless and they have to learn how to survive in order to progress towards their goal. 
report Recommended by Darkbow
Akame ga Kill! and Magi share a lot of similarities, characters' goal is to erase the corrumption and inegalities in the capitol for Akame and in the world for Magi. Teigu users looks like characters in Magi who possess a Djinn Equipement. Some ennemies of the main character are people who not really bad like some Jaegers peoples or Kou/Magnostad peoples. The real bad guy is an horrible person who manipulates peoples in the Shade (Prime Minister/Leader of Al Thamen) 
report Recommended by Kag5n
Main Character belong to a group which characters assassinate bad peoples to erase corruption in the city, in the name of their justice. The bad guy of the show is the Prime Minister in the two stories. Characters not hesitate to kill peoples who deserve it. The group of principals characters fight against other group who look alike (ex: Jaegers from AgK and Re:Code/Code Names from Code Breaker) 
report Recommended by Kag5n
The main character and their supporting gang go up against a corrupt organization led by someone very manipulative. 
report Recommended by KustyKabs
Spunky anime sluts beat the shit out of one another. Full of violence, nudity, and flashy headache-inducing animation. Expect thongs, thigh-highs, and under-boob (some tasteful, most... not) galore.  
report Recommended by applesaucekun
Well, in both these animes, the society/royalty is depicted as bad. in Akame ga kill! The hole kingdom the story takes in is a very sh*tt* place. And in TnYnN, The protagonist is getting abused due to quick judgement, laziness, lying (maybe corruption). In both these animes, it's all about the rebellion, and in a Fantasy setting like these, They are really enjoyable. Code Geass may be a better anime story wise, but enjoyment and *hype* wise these 2 blow everything. 
report Recommended by Oradio10
Gives me the vibes where all characters related to the main character have to die 
report Recommended by Minhh_Binh
Akame Is another anime that place death as one of its central theme, People will die in that anime and not in the nicest way If you liked Goblin, I think you will find Akame interesting... 
report Recommended by Mawesome3
Two factions of opposing ideologies fight. Both commit acts that are morally wrong, and who is correct and should win is never exactly clear. There are a lot of characters, and a lot of them will die. Shiki has more horror elements, but both include some gore, though Akame ga Kill is lighter in tone. 
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Both have the same story plot of a group of people whom were out to fight an evil empire, where the one in the helm is a girl with such sword skills and special powers.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
really bad ass anime, the story line is really intriguing and adds up perfectly. 
report Recommended by ErinnHeggi
Both have a shonen like a format and feel but with more mature content and dynamic plot points. Not necessarily groundbreaking animes, but are unique enough, have good action and a decent, well-paced plot. Also, they both involve mysterious weapons that are the source of the characters powers. This creates interesting dynamics throughout the show. 
report Recommended by INeedAnAlias
Interesting and entertaining fights of opposite factions. Many powers in Akame ga Kill! are the same powers shown in Naruto. There are a lot of similarities between the shows. Akame ga Kill!'s "imperial arms" are like the ninja techniques. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Blood spilling, swords swinging and eye glimmering - these are only a few that Akame Ga Kill and Drifters have in common. What really captivates the audience to both anime is their dark tone which allures those who enjoy action. Drifters is a story of warriors from different time and places summoned to a different reality with the purpose - to fight/kill. With different principles of morality, these warriors will do anything to gain power in their new world. Of course, they won't be met unmatched - the Ends. If you enjoyed Akame Ga Kill's gore of battle scenes, then you can expect nothing less  read more 
report Recommended by RavenSkye
Tatsumi lives in a dark fantasy world. Kaiji lives in modern day Japan. Tatsumi joins a band of rebels and fights alongside them. Kaiji gambles by playing mind games. Their lives couldn't be more different. However, their goals are the same: challenge and defeat the corrupt elite. Both Tatsumi and Kaiji will have to experience betrayal, death and setbacks before they achieve their goals. Both anime are dark where people actually die; there is no plot armor and no one is safe. The main difference is that Akame ga Kill is a fast paced action anime; while Kaiji is a snail paced psychological anime where battles  read more 
report Recommended by Khalan
Murder Princess is basically Akame ga Kill except it is shorter, includes royalty and has an amazing body switch between a bounty hunter and a princess. Although I liked Akame, Falis the bounty hunter seems to have a better attitude but they are still similar in character. Killing without mercy. 
report Recommended by Raunix
Gore? Bloodshed? Assassination? Killing in brutal ways? No one survives? All of them! That's what defines these. Key difference is that Hellsing has an infinitely badass aura to it. Akame ga Kill!, on the other hand, is shallow. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
These shows have a different atmosphere, but a similar fate. The main characters are fighting for their life, as assassins or as soldiers, and will face death many times during the story. These are not light hearted stories, in fact, it's the exact opposite. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Features a very similar main lead who goes through some hardships, but is eventually picked up by a quirky band of misfits and trained to unlock his potential. Kenichi is a more lighthearted series, but stress the desire to get stronger to protect the ones you love 
report Recommended by callmetheBigD
I would like to say I have a lot of things to say about these two series. I don't. I would like to say that the plots of these two stories were deep. They weren't really that deep. However, if you want to go on a roller coaster of emotions, I would recommend both of these anime. The plots aren't similar but they leave you with the same feeling when you finish each scene. It's amazing how these completely different plots are actually deep. I'm making an attempt not to spoil anything, but in both anime the ending at first left me with a feeling of emptiness,  read more 
report Recommended by Laprus
Both are monster of the week action shows. 
report Recommended by ANT4
Akame ga Kill is the result of asking a bad writer to write Fate/Zero, these are the similarities. - Huge cast, everyone is equally interesting (almost) - Both give equal amounts of screentime to villains and allies, Akame pretends to explain their reasons, Fate/Zero ACTUALLY explains their reasons. - Seryuu and Ryuunosuke are so simillar lmao (not to mention the name morphology) - Both have simillar chapter lenghts (24 for akame, 25 for Fate) - SPOILER: Near to the finale, both kill a BIG part of their cast. - Both are super edgy, feels more natural in Fate tho - Both Saber and Akame get a deep backstory in the mid show,  read more 
report Recommended by AdamWayne04
a lot of action and pulls at your hearts strings as well similar to akame ga kill 
report Recommended by bluusugar
both about fighting both start good but the pacing ruins them both i would not watch these but if really wanted to watch goh as its shorter and akame ga kill is worse than goh, but are both are bad DONT WASTE YOUR TIME 
report Recommended by Sanyko20
Not afraid to give you a violent trip to an unhappy but satisfying ending. 
report Recommended by DWal-1
Both series are basically about a bunch of professional hitmen trying to kill each other. Be prepared for a lot of deaths since no one is truly safe in this kind of story.  
report Recommended by destinical
It has completely different setting which is modern day Japan but there is trope of saving the world. We learn a lot about main characters their backstories and become attached to them. Numerous fights feel serious like there is lot at stake and plot armor for protagonists is no where to be found. Characters arent sure of their future.  
report Recommended by Kareblis
If you like action and big ole' bazongos, you'll enjoy both.  
report Recommended by bambiraptorx
These anime have many plot twists, similar in some ways such as being seinen, also the main characters of both of these shows start off giving a shonen mc vibe but than start to gravitate towards being seinen mcs. 
report Recommended by blackcloverissht
both have good fights and sad deaths  
report Recommended by Ravenax
Both MC's have a dark path ahead of them Both MC's are fully aware of the problems ahead in what they are doing Both MC's are funny and can be focused when needed 
report Recommended by Aruixa
Both Feature Lots of Females as the Main Killers. Lots of Blood, Gore, and Violence; as well as a group of assassins.  
report Recommended by DollaHolla
Both have the same feel of raw brutality  
report Recommended by 11121112111
Although they have completely different premises, Akame ga Kill and Windaria share a few elements, such as: -Medieval setting. -Two armies fighting each other, from the same kingdom in Akame ga Kill and from two different ones in Windaria. -Lots of death and gore. -Tragic romances between enemies. -Rather tragic endings. But I'd say that Windaria is better because, unlike Akame ga Kill, it does not suffer of mood whiplash, it remains a serious and tragic war drama from beginning to end and never throws in off-putting comedy in the middle of its tragic moments like the other anime.  
report Recommended by CaptainKenshiro
Change the hierarchy. The Promised Neverland and Akame ga Kill are very much similar in their ideas of people wanting to change a particular hierarchical society. Both follow ignorant MCs with big dreams only to get crushed by the appalling world order already set for them. MCs Tatsumi and Emma, with Norman, find out that the world that they had big goals for was all a lie, with this disheartening truth, these protagonists decide that they will fight for a change. With AGK having Tatsumi joining the Night Raid, while TPN has Emma slowly send Grace Field's secret around the children in hopes for larger forces  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Survive to change this world! Akame ga Kill and Darwin's Game both follow protagonists in a situation where their lives, and that of others, are at stake. These MCs use all of their powers to change the current system of their respective worlds, in hopes to demolish in what is a horrid world. MCs Tatsumi and Kaname both start out as everyday members of society, though as they understand their predicaments, they begin to see that there is no peace in their world. With a mindset complete on their goals, both group with others to set out on their ultimate mission. Both are good action anime with  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The main character is a young warrior who joins a team of young people, which is against the corrupted and evil system, controlled by a powerful villain. The main girl use a sword to fight her enemies, and she is formidable and skilled in melee. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Taking back. Akame ga Kill and Dorohedoro both follow people who wish to take back what was lost, whether it be in selflessness or selfishness. Akame ga Kill follows the Night Raid and their countless assassinations for the good of the people under the reign of the corrupted Empire. Dorohedoro follows Kaiman and his actions of trying to reclaim his head as well as answer the questions of who is inside him. Both are quite gruesome anime featuring the same amount of action in both of them. With Akame ga Kill being slightly more depressing in comparison to Dorohedoro untimely mishaps and comedy.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
u r getting action and a bit of every thing u got in akame ga kill, just more work into main characters unlike akame ga kill where u need to know/read the manga(akame ga kill zero) to know why is it even akame ga kill  
report Recommended by ONLY_OMNIUS
Both anime are gore (brutal killing) drama (death scenes, and tragic love story) action (nice flow of animation) very psychological. 
report Recommended by Luuji222
Both anime has weapons that can only be used by some people so not everyone can use the imperial weapons in AGK and in absolute duo some people can have a blaze weapon and for me Akame Ga Kill was really good for me so give it a go 
report Recommended by AHMogar
It's been a long time since I watched Arata kangatari but after starting Akame ga Kill! I felt a little nostalgic because these two animes have a very similar feel. The main is an otherwise innocent and rather clueless boy who gets dragged into "another world" where he's forced to fight and collect a form of weapon. In both animes, the weapons being collected are selective of their users, have unique sets of abilities, and uncovering them is a fun adventure for the viewer. 
report Recommended by lunafly
Both series takes place in a medieval world with action/fantasy/advendture as themes. Although, Akame ga Kill has more of a serious story approach with a slight of comedy. The art resembles each other and they are both relatively new-released anime series. Both male MC starts of weak, but gets stronger the more they fight and experience. Akame ga Kill is a must-watch if you are to medieval genre and want lesser fanservice. Besides there's more action scenes in Akame. Dungeon (...) is more comedy/romance oriented, but also has fighting scenes.  
report Recommended by JJkunLL
The game's adventures of Accel World, are similar to the Akame ga Kill!'s battles. The shows provide several epic fights, with many cool powers and twists. too. The main girl is almost the same, and the group of heroes has to struggle against many various enemies. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Thrilling and cruel heroic-action/fantasy shows, where cool boys and young girls with powers [Imperial Arms users in AgK / ADAPTERS(lmao) in DG] have to reach their final destination. Colorful characters [ particularly HAIR ].... Art in both shows is amazing... Both has more than 1 MC.....[ yeah, Tatsumi from AgK sucks ] Really violent and cruel shows.... Just AgK is in medieval times, and DG is more futuristic.... Epic and not so [b]BAD[/b] storyline.....just...just go and watch them... I really really believe that you [Extra-ORDINARY MAL USER ] will like DG if you watched and liked AgK and vice versa....  
report Recommended by Konte
They're both pretty good shonens and have too some sad parts, that's the genre I really like. 
report Recommended by Anakker
Both are involved in a fantasy world with corruption 
report Recommended by Yokoai
Both the anime have supernatural power (specially the battle armor). Protagonist is both the anime tries save their country from evil or corrupted government. Few similar characters. 
report Recommended by Alexom
wow, have you watch this before?? yeah this is one of the first action anime that aired in 1967 after astro boy. if you've watch this before, you can imagine the plot that same as Akame ga Kill! from 2014, its so far .. but why?? why this '67 show similar to AgK?? okay let's we see the plot before .. the plot is quite similar with AgK, a shounen / girl like-a-boy fight against corruption of the minister in them country .. very similar in plot .. and both are adventure-romance series with some different inside it .. yeah beside it, Akame ga Kill have badass hero, feed-like-monster girl  read more 
report Recommended by TKZmine
Ultraviolent story with a bunch of unlikeable characters as cast that pretends to have some political themes, but it's just an excuse to put gore on it. 
report Recommended by ObscureObsidian
The stories of these series are about assassins life. Both contains violence, blood, a lot of action, fighting, deaths. Also art is really great. So if you like this kind of stuff I really recommend it. However for me Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is darker and much deeper. In Akame ga Kill! you can find comedy elements. And unlike the Akame ga Kill! assassins which kills on their free will Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom assassins are forced to kill to live. 
report Recommended by KiraLT
They focus on group of assassins who have been through tragedy. The group isn't part of the goverement/police. They kill people who they deem to be corrupt and harming society. They both include a harem and ecchi.  
report Recommended by helloisabelle
Both anime deal with a group of assassins from a fantasy world killing evil people for the sake of their empire/kingdom. The group is mostly conformed by girls, but has a male protagonist.  
report Recommended by Illyricus
"Akame ga Kill!" and "X-Men" involve a team of powerful heroes each with their own unique abilities setting out to defeat the overwhelming force of evil and restore justice. Both series are focused on action and contain materials regarding body-manipulations, whether it was via surgical or genetic methods. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
Both have depraved characters, gore, violence and non-stop action. They both live in a world of brutal violence which they must fight their way through. Though Akame Ga Kill has far more of a plot, both anime can keep action anime fans entertained from start to finish.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
I find the art similar. In proof with that, the Sun King in SSwU have an older version--I mean, look alike in AgK. You should watch the series if you want to know who am I talking about. Please be aware that the plot are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. 
report Recommended by binsu
"Akame ga Kill!" and "The Heroic Legend of Arslan" / "Arslan Senki" share the premise of a pseudo-medieval fantasy kingdom having underlying societal issues, in which there exists the oppression of foreigners and those of low birth. These two shows both have a focus in action as well as a male protagonist who is far too naïve. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
Both are fantasy series that feature a young aspiring hero that runs afoul of the government. The protagonists friends seem to take pleasure in their suffering, and are often the cause of it. The two protags also both look alike, use similar weapons that they sheath in the same way. The humor in each show was also very similar, and is the main reason I thought they were similar. However, they do have some major differences. For starters, Senyu is a comedy show, and never gets anywhere near as dark as Akame. Akame also focuses on story and character development way more than Senyu, which has  read more 
report Recommended by HTTP404Error
Adventures of a team of strong warriors have to facing many enemies, including some really powerful villains. There are many super powers to see, and really epic battles. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
#DankRecs If you like Jojo you should probably like Akame ga Kill and vice versa. They both actually gives a pretty similar feels, which is: -Over the top fullpacked actions -Characters having 'bizarre' abilities -Simple/Easy to understand plotline -People actually die when they're killed -Fanservice in their own respective way (Jojo by using homoerotic machoness, Akame ga Kill with the camera angles, Esdeath, Leone, etc) -As both are shounens, the usual exaggerating shounen vibes are present in both series. 
report Recommended by You
In a medieval setting, the MMC joins up with a fighting group mostly made up of a bunch of kick-ass women. The group's goal is to take over the country, with good intentions of course. Both animes start out with comedy, though they get more serious as the story progresses. Both Oda Nobuna no Yabou and Akame ga Kill include light romance and share similar art styles. 
report Recommended by lycheejane
I think this is similar to Akame ga kill because, it's both a fantasy world where the "criminals" In the story line are the typical "good guys". Both of these stories take place in a, historical fantasy period, the one with mages, swords, special weapons. These animes are similar in some ways then another. I feel if you enjoyed Akame ga kill, you can or try to enjoy Chaika the coffin princess, but this anime has a much lighter mood.  
report Recommended by _Salsa
Tales of bloody hardship and pain. Gory paths await our heroes, in order to reach their final goal. They are chased by powerful enemies, then their ways are full of villains, cruelty and death. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Both series feature sword fighting, a love story and incredibly cool monsters which will make you shiver. The main characters are also both dropped in a situation they didn't expect to happen to them. If you like epic and unforgettable battles, than these series are for you! 
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both have depraved characters, gore, violence and non-stop action. They both live in a world of brutal violence which they must fight their way through. Though Akame Ga Kill has far more of a plot, both anime can keep action anime fans entertained from start to finish.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Both are a great action anime with lots of blood. Include sword fight. If you like seeing fighting with blood, then you will like it. 
report Recommended by kriso4os
Both Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku and Akame Ga Kill are anime that have a very dark central theme. Death is prevalent both and often angers watchers as terrible things happen to good characters in both anime. If you enjoyed the death in one, you will enjoy the death in the other. But Akame ga Kill is more story driven than Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku. 
report Recommended by 3xTripple
Both stories follow a team of teenage warriors who each wield interesting weapons (Imperial arms/bubuki). Both teams fight against an oppressive and tyrannical government. Both anime have a powerful lead antagonist (Esdeath/Reoko). 
report Recommended by n1ck_n0ck
I'll have this updated when I finish re-watching Nee, so I'll be general for now. The cast of Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo! seems to be the inspiration behind the characters of Akame Ga Kill!, not only females characters but also our main male MC. From looks to personality, the cast of Nee... has been transferred to Akame in weird ways (like they put the characters from Nee in a blender and you get a mix of personas with an appearance of a blue haired demon ;)) I didn't even notice until I saw the blonde in Nee and looked at the Akame anime page, some  read more 
report Recommended by kUshPandA_ENJOi
Someone on the forums just pointed out to me how similar these series were. Sure, the setting is completely different, but -Both have cookie-cutter protagonists that are frustrating to watch -Both use most of their budget on fighting and fanservice -Both have catchy opening themes -Both have considerably large amounts of bloodshed -Both are about a group of people banded together through some sort of power (Tatoos, Imperial Arms) 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both are anime with very good art, very violent and brutally bloody/gory. In the end, both anime are rather clunky in their execution in spite of how pretty they look and sound. Both could have been significantly better, but if you like good looking high quality action, these are two anime to check out. For the protagonists, both become a "monster" that is considered dangerous to humans and are (initially, at least) treated poorly by other people. Both have to survive by killing. Lots of blood, lots of gore, lots of death. Eventually, both face a situation where large numbers of people are at risk  read more 
report Recommended by Mac97
They are similar in the way that it is about main characters that are on a quest to stop those that have wronged him, and seek justice for it, through their enhanced abilities. 
report Recommended by Dwarfking45
Witch/"demonic guy eating meat" manipulate emperors and plunge empire in chaos and corruption. MCs team up with their mates to dethrone emperor. Both anime include special weapons in soul hunter it's Pao-pei and in Akame ga kill it's teigu. 
report Recommended by Krunchy
Both are very similar in the fact that there is a depressing, realistic side of the story spread throughout, with characters contemplating real issues in their society. Furthermore, there is also a light sided humor in both (despite the death and killing). 
report Recommended by sashihime
both series have a nice battle scene. each series have comedy side in their story. but Akame story more suspenseful than OPM that have more comedic side. 
report Recommended by Anistein
Both animes has a variation of killings and violence throughout the anime, main characters can eliminate anyone with one attack: -Akame can kill anything with one cut -Kenshiro can kill anything with one finger 
report Recommended by Kyuuny
Both these anime are based of assassins, I highly recommend both because the art, sound, plot and fighting scenes are incredible. 
report Recommended by AnimeUnion
"Akame ga Kill!" and "s-CRY-ed" both have an annoying character with a forced tragic backstory and a weapon that becomes ever more powerful the greater the "pinch" the wielder is in. (Yes, that is the exact wording from both shows.) Furthermore, in both series, there exists unique individuals who either wield powerful weapons or incredible powers that render any opponents without them useless in fights. Of course, these two shows are action based and have the commonality of a lack of good direction in battle sequences. 
report Recommended by StevenHu