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Alternative Titles

English: Shigurui: Death Frenzy
Synonyms: Crazy for Death
Japanese: シグルイ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 19, 2007 to Oct 11, 2007
Premiered: Summer 2007
Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.481 (scored by 23,666 users)
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Ranked: #17692
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1293
Members: 74,508
Favorites: 652


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May 15, 2008
Ranivus (All reviews)
Popular to contrary belief, Japan's Tokugawa (or Edo) period, wasn't all about fancy clothes and fairy tales at all. It was a time when honor and loyalty ruled in a man's world. Where women were treated as mere objects and held rather little to no power. And being formal with your enemies was as common as wielding a blade. This story basically follows the trials and tribulations of two warring clans rife with sex, lies, and deceit.

Don't get me wrong, Shigurui isn't a complete historically accurate show, but it's damn close. Starting off with the music, its very reminiscent of something you would hear read more
Nov 25, 2008
GuUguk (All reviews)
Do not drop this anime, endure a few episodes! (Assuming that you are aware that this one has maybe too much gore/blood/violence!).
This anime has one of the greatest plots I have ever seen (and not just anime), every scene is there for a reason and a part of the complete picture. So, from my! point of view Shigurui is underrated.


Let me tell you how I started to watch this one; I wanted to watch something with samurais in it and started to watch Shigurui as a coincidence. The first episode was just awful, I did not liked it at all; too much blood, read more
May 20, 2013
mahoganycow (All reviews)
Among the numerous things a review is supposed to accomplish, there's this: Give the reader a sense of what to expect from the content that's under examination in order to help them determine whether or not they should dedicate their valuable time to checking it out. To that end, I'll try to steer some poor souls away from trouble immediately by saying that Shigurui contains a massive amount of exceedingly gruesome gore as well as all manner of violent sexual predations, and in many cases those two things appear onscreen simultaneously. If you have a strong aversion to the stomach-turning, you can probably just read more
Mar 10, 2008
bjtdevera (All reviews)
1. It's a very serious anime. No jokes, all business.
2. There is brief full-frontal female nudity in almost every episode. Sex scenes are brief, and are presented much like a slideshow of dim, still images.

1. Production value is obviously very high.
2. Story is solid as long as you watch the entire series within a relatively short span of time. If you leave too much time between episodes, the story will be harder to follow.
3. If you're in the mood for an intense, violent, and gory samurai anime, this is definitely the one for you.

WHAT KEPT read more
Aug 13, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
I was recommended to watch Shigurui, knowing that i like the Edo and Sengoku era i was obviously going to watch it but till i ended the other ones that i have listed but i was told that this was accurate on the dark side of the samurais and how despicable they were and how mature the art and story was, and i was convinced to watch this anime before the other ones.

Story is really mature, it's confusing at the beginning because there are a lot of flashbacks and you don't realise those are flashbacks at the moment but later when you are tying the read more
Jan 7, 2008
Dj_Frog (All reviews)
1st impression:
It's not your everyday samurai anime, more realistic. It starts off with final battle (didnt show result) for the rest of the episodes to uncover the past. The art is top notch.

Best selling point(s):
I dare to say : All

Reason of liking the anime:
I like it because 1st of all i am sick of those wannabe-samurai anime. I heard this is somewhat special and decided to have a go for it. The story telling is so good and pace is well controlled even for a short series anime. The gores comes with some torturings of women( yes , it's somewhat sick anime) and even showed read more
Jan 7, 2014
NotenSMSK (All reviews)
Shigurui as an anime is simply a serious anime. It lacks the humor and the character development of majority of animes - they protagonist with the sense of justice or past that pushes him into a direction or the antagonist that considers destruction of all for his own purposes. If one considers true human nature with all its complexity it is hard to establish an antagonist. Before going further, I will state - and justify later - that Shigurui is underrated.

An anime should be considered for what it intended to show or depict. Shigurui is not meant to be a fast paced action with Samurai's read more
Sep 27, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Shigurui or "Death Frenzy" is a...controversial anime. This anime has a LOT of gore, a LOT of nudity and sexual violence, and doesn't exactly tackle its gloomy subject matter with artistic subtlety. Basically, imagine combining the 1990s OVA Ninja Scroll with elements of Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk, and some exploitation movie that the Cinema Snob would review! THAT is exactly what Shigurui feels like to watch! Despite all of this...I actually enjoyed this series. This is definitely not a series for everyone, but it has some positive elements that are truly worthy of praise.


The story starts in the year 1629 with a large kendo tournament using read more
Feb 11, 2010
JustJuice (All reviews)
Shigurui (Death Frenzy): Reviewed
Author: Takayuki Yamaguchi
Anime Director: Hirotsugu Hamakzaki
Original Run: July 19, 2007 – October 12, 2008.
Genre: Chanbara
Episodes: 12


It’s often said that “The way of the samurai is found in death”, Shigurui is tale set in the early 1600 hundreds that beautifully foretells the ideology of a samurai’s life through renowned artistic violence. The premise of the show is centered around a duel between two master swordsmen, Gennosuke Fujiki a one-armed swordsman, and Seigen Irako a blind swordsman with an almost crippled foot. Through foreshadowing story telling the series gives birth to a magnificent plot. The plot then, guides the path for the young master read more
Jan 22, 2009
Redward (All reviews)
Blood, boobs, and bad asses. Shigurui is one manly animu, no question. Unfortunately, it is also historically accurate. I say unfortunately because while it is refreshing to see a samurai series take the-path-less traveled (no quiet, morally driven heroes here), its still an unpleasant ride that insists on showing the uglier side of things.

The first episode of the story is set in the early 1600's during the Tokugawa years. One of Tokugawas crazy brothers decides hes going to hold a tournament, but the competitors will be using real swords instead of wooden ones. This is misleading. There is no tournament and you don't even get read more
Jun 15, 2008
agphoenix (All reviews)
The first thing that struck me was the opening to Shigurui. Immediately, the colourful and stylistic scenes and art was inviting. Unfortunately, it was followed by rather bland, mid-toned artwork. Although there were redeeming factors in the actual visuals, like detailed environments and facial expressions, the overall feel lacked any invitation. Nothing immediately caught the eye other than the constant snowfall!
The second thing that impressed me immediately was the sound. The background music was very refreshing, and more importantly true to the era depicted in the setting. But again, it failed to hold its own became it became extremely monotonous by the end read more
Mar 19, 2009
Starstriker6666 (All reviews)
Simply, the first thing to consider is that this anime is composed largely of some of the most graphic scenes of violence in the industry. It also is fairly free in its portrayal of sex and thus I would instantly dismiss it if you do not care for these things. In watching Shigurui, they cannot be avoided.

If this does not concern you then you will certainly appreciate the art, the degree of artistry and realism in the violence alone justifies a high rating, entrails feature heavily. Otherwise the anime is generally graphically pleasing, the general Edo period scenery is well presented the characters are very read more
Jan 15, 2009
RiskyBusiness (All reviews)
Before the main body of my review, there are two things to note:

1. This review represents the opinion of someone with very little knowledge of Japanese history and who didn't read up about it before watching the series. It's not like I actively try not to have a sense of the context, it's just that I believe that I shouldn't have to know all about the historical background of something before I watch an anime about it, as it's essentially fiction and should really be good enough to keep me entertained without that. So this review represents my opinion of this anime as a piece read more
Mar 8, 2008
ShadowLone (All reviews)
At first glance this anime is much like any other samuria based anime. But as soon as the first episode you are thrown into a chaotic world where you literally have no clue what’s happening and why it happened. That perhaps being the strongest point of this anime, the story is amazingly well done, that it always keep you interested. Like some invisible grip over you, it keep you coming back for more and more. However I will say this, this anime is not for weak hearted people and definitely not for anyone under 18 years old. It read more
Feb 12, 2017
OnlyFestive (All reviews)
To preface this review, Shigurui portrays violence with extreme detail.

Even if you are someone who can endure graphic depictions of violence, I would caution you that Shigurui takes it to places that are unnecessarily vicious. I am someone who has a strong stomach, but this show made me wretch nearly every episode. Despite the disturbing imagery, the series does nothing with it, instead relying on shock factor alone to keep people interested. If the violence somehow supplemented a meaningful story, I might have given it a better rating, but nothing in this show is coherent and often feels like gore is just a cop-out read more
Dec 13, 2018
PxHC (All reviews)
Randomly picked to watch, I don't know for how long it has been on my list or how it got there, but after watching the first five minutes of the first episode of Shigurui (or, as I would call, "Tits and bowels") I thought "damn it, it is directed by the same guy from Texhnolyze" and I was right... it looks like Hamasaki's speciality and main goal is to make you drop his series at the first episode, the torturous slow pace and cryptic direction, how he goes on and on barely developing anything, can only be endured because of the trully astonishing art and read more
Jan 9, 2009
Amerowolf (All reviews)
The only real thing that could throw people off of this anime is that they are all used to fast paced manly men jumping around showing off their entirely unrealistic swords man skills (that was a shot at Mugen from Samurai Champloo, by the way). Most people would find this show slow and boring or grossly disgusting. However, what they fail to realize is that those are very human things, humans are dirty and seemingly boring.

Shigurui is undoubtedly the most realistic vision of ancient Japan that I've ever come across, where honor is everything and real old delirious old men drool and soil themselves read more
Mar 13, 2010
Yuvie (All reviews)
I've heard a lot of bad things about this anime, admittedly, the violence might be seen as a little shocking but it's nothing to get over-sensitive about. Besides, although the hyper-violent side of the series is what seems to get the most feedback, the story itself outweighs the brutal aspects of the series to a point where the violence really didn't interest me. I thoroughly enjoyed this short little series and didn't expect to after the first episode. But, from then on, the story slowly weaved it's way in and had me hooked. I'm a fan of a proper, serious samurai movie and this was read more
Jun 27, 2009
Koolag1 (All reviews)
The only redeeming features is how stunning the art work is everything else is an affront to the genre, the story odes not make sense there like gaps in the information you are given about characters so have no real basis for how the story got to the point it started at.

So Shiguri is a show that looks cool but is just not, I'm sure this show will have a following but they are way better things in the genre to watch than this.
Aug 8, 2010
Jazz007 (All reviews)
ok.... so the Tokugawa (Edo) Period, in a nutshell, was more-or-less peace from 1600 to 1867. this story takes place during that time period. the drama of deceit and betrayal run deep in this plot. this show is not typical by any means. if you are not Japanese or do not understand Japanese historical culture, you may want to do some research into the culture. this show is very true to Japanese theater from music to character's actions. this is NOT a Naruto or a Bleach type show; DO NOT EXPECT IT OR COMPARE THIS TO THOSE TYPE OF read more