Tennis no Ouji-sama

The Prince of Tennis

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Alternative Titles

English: The Prince of Tennis
Japanese: テニスの王子様


Type: TV
Episodes: 178
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 2001 to Mar 23, 2005
Premiered: Fall 2001
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Viz Media
Studios: Trans Arts
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, SportsSports, SchoolSchool, ShounenShounen
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.911 (scored by 5877958,779 users)
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Ranked: #6532
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Popularity: #1006
Members: 136,068
Favorites: 3,062
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Sep 8, 2007
VK11 (All reviews)
The Prince of Tennis - a sports-driven anime that debuted back in 2001, depicts the story of Echizen Ryoma and his experiences in the world of tennis. Along with Hajime no Ippo, the Prince of Tennis helped start the rave with sports-driven anime craze, and its not really a wonder why a lot of those anime use many of the elements from the Prince of Tennis - its so good that its still being animated (in OVA form) this very day.

Normally, with sports anime, you see the rise of a certain young star from not being a very good player to being the ace read more
May 31, 2008
KimimaroKenshin (All reviews)
Story - 10
The story is very original, where the protagonist comes from America to Japan as a well-developed tennis player. His father has him enroll in Seigaku Tennis Club, where he plays opponents who can challenge his skill, while the team seeks to reach the National Tournament. Although the story sounds simple, there are many episodes that get more in depth by revealing more of the characters and the storyline, which I would rather not spoil.

Art - 9
The art in this anime is spectacular! However, it is a long series, so some frames are repeated throughout games, yet it is still well done to the read more
Apr 12, 2013
Masserati_ (All reviews)
"Mada Mada Dane"

Once upon a time in Japan, a manga artist by the name of Takeshi Konomi came up with a manga by the name of Prince of Tennis, and it quickly became one of - if not the - most popular sports manga of all time, doing for tennis what Slam Dunk did for basketball, it caused a massive boost in popularity for the sport in its native country. To this day, it's hard to really say that Japan ever got past Prince of Tennis fever, one look at the various pieces of Prince of Tennis merchandise like the musicals or even the live-action read more
Jan 19, 2008
MichelleKay (All reviews)
Prince of Tennis, in my opinion, is like .. superpower tennis. Not in a bad way, but that's what makes this show enjoyable. Ryoma is your typical tennis prodigy who overcomes players more skilled then he is. Story overall was good, with some bumps and twists along the way. The episodes that contain side-stories and stories where the characters are chibis are hilarious. Best I thought was bowling and Snow White.

Art was good, though when in tennis matches, you'll notice repetitions such as their special techniques and missing the ball. That's okay, unless you don't like the moves. The good thing is the art's read more
Jan 16, 2015
elnini (All reviews)
I'm a big fan of sports, especially Tennis, so when i discovered Prince of Tennis i thought this might be what i've been searching for, however it became very clear it wasn't.

Initially it was watchable but rapidly became unwatchable, the problem with Prince of Tennis is that the parameters of the world we are supposed to be immersed in are not defined, this inevitably leads to more and more ridiculous events occurring.

I appreciate it isn't meant to be realistic however when you start from the stars in no time you will reach the sun and then where do you go from there?
What i mean read more
May 18, 2008
mesmerized (All reviews)
The Prince of Tennis. I'd have to say this is one of my most favorite anime yet, So I do strongly recommend it if you haven't seen it. It really gave me that sad, but happy and satisfied feeling after I finished the series. It includes comedy and sports, but yet humorous at the same time. The Prince of Tennis mainly focuses on Seishun Gakuen's Tennis team (Seigaku) trying to reach for the nationals and become pros one day, while Ryoma Echizen, the protagonist, has his own dream of winning against his father, the former pro in the tennis world. read more
Nov 10, 2008
Emovation (All reviews)
Story: The Prince of Tennis has a very unique plot but logical with a few "suprise" episodes along the way (eg. Tenipuri). I enjoyed watching the Prince of Tennis but once you watch it a few times over, it will eventually get really boring.

Art: For me, the art is quite average. What makes it seem so exciting is the background, Fuji (wuhoo) does one of his special moves and there's this dark swirly background and some bright lights on the end of the raquet so that's an extra point or it will be a 7. But that just makes the bishies even hotter. (fangirl squeal).

Sound: read more
Jun 18, 2010
MisaTange (All reviews)
Your typical sports anime, but with a twist. Right from the start, the main character is pretty AWESOME at the game. There comes it being VERY predictable. 'Ryoma's going to win' especially when it relates to tennis. If an enemy is winning, one of Seishun's students (usually a regular) will make an *unexpected* comeback. Could have been much shorter and better without the 'filler' episodes (filler, as in when Seishun isn't playing in a tournament).

The art is great, far from being spectacular. I find nothing wrong with it, but it isn't spectacular. As for the animation, I've been seeing a lot of clips used over read more
Jul 5, 2013
HaiiroTama (All reviews)
My friends think I'm weird for liking a sports anime. "What's the big deal, it's just sports! You can watch real people play tennis on TV instead!" What they don't realize is that Prince of Tennis, as well as many other sports anime, is about much more than just the game. In fact, as far as Prince of Tennis goes, there is far more time spent outside of the court, developing characters and improving the viewers' bond with the anime.

The story's a real shocker here (not). Young prodigy joins a famous tennis school aiming for the national championship, overcoming all sorts of seemingly-impossible challenges and read more
Aug 26, 2015
armking (All reviews)
The Anime Starts out well.. but loses steam halfway through the stories.. with potholes the size of craters.. i was hoping it would get better but it was a dud...

With an obvious plot of the Protagonists winning every tournament.. the opponents in the beginning are intimidating but as the series progresses no matter what the opponents did the seigaku team ends up winning...

i'm a sport anime fan.. i was looking forward to learning a lot from the show.. like i did with Slam Dunk.. but the show ends up showing tennis as a sport where you can win a few rounds at the US read more
May 9, 2014
LPGeneratorx (All reviews)

Ah, Prince of Tennis. One of the greatest sports anime which is overshadowed by the admittedly better sports anime like Hajime no Ippo. But don't let that deceive you. This is easily one of the greatest sports anime out there. So let's get to it.

Story:- 8
While the story isn't anything out of the norm for sports anime it still has the feeling of uniqueness. There are many fillers along the way but the best part about this anime is that even it's fillers are reasonably entertaining. The story never feels repetitive even though it is.

Art:- 7
Keep in mind that this is read more
Oct 5, 2013
Trotsky101 (All reviews)
After reading the reviews for Prince of Tennis, and hearing that it was a very popular manga series, I thought to give it a go. I had just finished watching Hajime no Ippo and enjoyed it immensely, so was looking for a long series with the same kind of intense sporting atmosphere. And I enjoy tennis. Great game. So it all seemed to fit together.

The motive fit. But PoT is a crime.

I felt the urgent desire to offer to the anime community a fair and balanced review of this series. Let me cut to the chase. It was awful. read more
Apr 27, 2020
dazaismafia (All reviews)
Since I am a fan of sports anime, it was such a shame that it took me so long to finally start Prince of Tennis. I think the fact that it was an old anime and it has 178 episodes made me hesitate to start it. But I am so glad that I finally watched this anime.

My feelings for this anime came to a point where I was so happy that there are still more episodes to watch and then when I was nearing into the end, I got sad because the episodes were getting less.

STORY: 10/10
It's not your typical weak lead trying to read more
Dec 10, 2012
mrsKWON (All reviews)
This series was one of the very first that I’ve seen when I was younger and one of the reason why I fell in love with animes.

There’s a very long review coming as it was one of the longest series…………….

About the STORY
Because it is a story about a genius tennis player, the storyline becomes somehow predictable. They lose at the start then after that you know they will win amazingly. I guess the only thing unpredictable is how they will win amazingly as it is of course, done differently every game. The opponents are made ridiculously irritating to make the winnings of the main characters read more
Aug 10, 2013
SweetOmelette (All reviews)
I'm a big sucker for sports animes that gets you all pumped up and excited, Prince of Tennis is one of those. It actually inspired me to play Tennis. Now onto the actual review.

Story- 8
The story was not the most original,however it has its own unique quality. Basically, the protagonist, Ryoma Echizen is a 12 year old tennis player who travels back to Japan from America to surpass his father and develop himself to become a better tennis player. The story follows the challenges he faces and the people he encounters. The story has its ups and down and there are a few surprises, so read more
Oct 23, 2016
CrookedPanther (All reviews)
I am probably one of the few people who did not enjoy this anime at all. I honestly found it horrible and not because of the old animation, i mean when you watch an old anime you really cant have high expectations for animation. First of all the story, it s the classic sports story where the protagonist aims to be the best. But in this case the protagonist is just too strong, he has no real opponent, you barely even see him train at all, even when he struggles vs an opponent he suddenly overcomes the difficulty for no reason at all (kind of read more
Dec 19, 2014
noretus (All reviews)
I don't care much for tennis, nor any sports for that matter. Never liked sports, sports games, sports shows, sports movies ( well, some movies ), sports fashion... none. I don't care if some sport is considered particularly lame compared to another.
Sports are - in my opinion - incredibly boring.

But I've watched the whole thing and enjoyed every second.

There's a lot of tennis. With very few exceptions, there's no episode that wouldn't have at least one short match of tennis in it. Of course, it isn't just any tennis, it's anime-tennis, which has been made exaggerated and humanly impossible.
I understand quite well read more
Dec 19, 2013
Relient (All reviews)
What is Prince of Tennis? In short, it is an anime about tennis and the only one of its kind. Some people may find it boring while others will find it interesting; this is an anime that either you will like or don't, there really isn't a middle ground. I personally love this anime and have re-watched it a few times. The story is good, the characters are well developed, the music and art is good.

- Story and Plot - 9/10 -
The main plot of the anime is how the main characters, players of Seishun Gakuen, deal with the various situations dealt to them read more
Sep 15, 2016
Geddon616 (All reviews)
Whenever i think great sports anime this is deffinetly the one that comes up. Prince of tennis might be long but the amount of rewatching i have had with it proves it atleast to me that its worth enjoying to its fullest

So why do i enjoy this relativ old anime. Well first Story centering around echizen Ryoma a tennis prodigy who just sticks out like something of that uniqness shown in old classics. As the story progress so does the character with the good flow of a great story. It makes tennis of course look more special that what it is in a sence but read more
Sep 8, 2013
ericswift213 (All reviews)
The prince of tennis, I have probably rewatched all 176 episodes + the specials + the ovas + the movies maybe about 2-3x each ,

Echizen ryoma a first year highschool student first ever to become a regular on the tennis team faces many strong adversaries in the early episodes he says he hates tennis because he only wants to play it to finally beat someone , that someone is , someone close to him will not say for the people that have not seen this anime yet. Echizen ryoma has to play many strong opponents even people on his tennis team at school such read more