Donten ni Warau
Laughing Under the Clouds
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Alternative Titles

English: Laughing Under the Clouds
Synonyms: Cloudy Laugh
Japanese: 曇天に笑う


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 4, 2014 to Dec 20, 2014
Premiered: Fall 2014
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Doga Kobo
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, HistoricalHistorical, ShoujoShoujo, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.561 (scored by 3410534,105 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #14232
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Popularity: #1242
Members: 91,177
Favorites: 650


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Dec 21, 2014
Magpies (All reviews)
SPOILER FREE! This review is going to be split into two parts: subjective and objective (or the difference between my heart and my mind).

We'll start with OBJECTIVE. The art is aesthetically pleasing and the character designs are unique enough that you don't mix up anyone. It pulls off both serious and cutesy expressions very well, but that's standard for shoujo. It also showed me a male outfit that made me go "WTF" in the same way I look at the suits in Kill la Kill.

The animation is mediocre at best. The fights are nice towards the end but the beginning is pretty lazily done (a read more
Jan 5, 2015
Charliegone (All reviews)
Like I usually do, I go to my favorite anime website every season and watch the 1st episode of each anime. If I'm somewhat into it, I usually stick around; and this one caught my attention.

Basically it's your typical good vs evil anime with the good guys primarily focusing on the 3 brothers, while the 1st two older brothers are far more interesting, the third and youngest...well honestly could've done without him. Didn't really do much or affect much of the story except for maybe like 5 or 10 minutes of the story in ALL of the series. Really. Like your typical good vs evil read more
Jan 25, 2015
Stark700 (All reviews)
Donten ni Warau (Laughing Under the Clouds) is a rare breed. I say this for its ability to tell a story guided by events of the past with a greater focus for the future. Taking place in the present time with a trio of brothers, they have the duty of ferrying convicted criminals as result of high levels of crime rate. That’s the least of their concern though as we find out a malevolent legend known as the ‘Orochi’ that lurks from the past. Should we even call it a legend? It’s known that every 300 years, the Orochi will reincarnate to bring forth destruction. read more
Dec 20, 2014
DeeWonder (All reviews)
Major spoilers. Beware.

I came across this anime by pure coincidence. Out of the very few fall anime in my “to watch” list, Donten ni Warau was not in consideration. But out of boredom, I decided to watch the then released 3 episodes of this anime and I was undoubtedly hooked. Personally, I thought that this anime was just to my tastes. An anime that focuses on brothers’ relation with a cool (yet doting) big brother, a haughty middle brother (with a complex) and a cute little brother with an interesting speech pattern.

This anime was perfect. It made me laugh, cry and a feel a read more
Dec 20, 2014
Shimai_ni (All reviews)
My sister and I like historical anime and we got interested in it. First few episodes were in, my opinion, boring. I know they were needed; to meet them, get familiar with their past etc. At that time I really considered on dropping it... but I'm so glad I didn't. I think the real plot twist starts somewhere around the fifth episode as a real shock. From that point onward there was nothing else except surprises.

Story is unique and it doesn't left out any characters. I'm really considering on reading the manga. I wasn't sure should I give the story 9 or 8 because of read more
Feb 28, 2015
celid (All reviews)
SpoilerFree Summary [tl;dr]-> this anime focuses on the character development and human interaction mainly, while the story and the combats develops too fast and time to time the events seems out of place or rather rushed. While that's to be expected with having just 12 episodes, if you are into details and mainly give importance to the plot, you may not feel utterly satisfied with Donten.

However, if what you're looking for is not the actions and that you don't mull over details of the plot; but like human drama, interection between the characters and especially brotherly love, you'll probably like Donten, as it's a warm&lovely read more
Mar 2, 2015
MeePeR (All reviews)
Donten ni Warau also known as Laughing Under the Clouds(which after finishing the anime, the title makes a lot of sense to me now!) looks like a series that is pretty generic at first, but it really isn't.

The show centers around the relationship between the three Komou brothers - Tenka, the oldest, Soramaru, the 'middle brother', and Chuutarou, the youngest, and the events that go on around them.

Now, onto the review!

Story: 10/10
The story was very interesting, mainly focusing on the brothers' relationship(will go into their relationship in the characters section), and the "Orochi's Vessel" that appears once in a few hundred years ? read more
Dec 20, 2014
justlikecarlo (All reviews)
I don't quite remember the last time I actually watched an ancient-themed anime since Fushigi Yuugi. If there is, I probably have forgotten about it.

So Donten ni Warau was really underrated this Fall 2014. It deserves more attention! Like really, I had fun watching this series!

The bond between the Kumoh brothers is really admirable. Tenka as the eldest is really effective. At first sight he might look like just another fun-loving big brother, but he's more than that. The people in their village pretty much love him because of their family's reputation.

Soramaru and Chuutaro as the younger brothers is really cute too. Soramaru is admirable read more
Mar 13, 2015
AnimeLoverAAA (All reviews)
******this is a slight spoiler free******


I KNOW what ur thinking . You must be thinking this anime is quite horrible(despite you've not watched it) . As the rating and first few review's score ain't good. BUT watch it! Luckily i did not trust the ratings and score of the anime and reviews . If i do so, i missed out on one good anime .

Plot: 8/10
The plot is about during the Meiji Era there's a giant evil snake that exist to destroy lands and cause problems and it comes every thousand year and no one knows what is it read more
Jan 29, 2015
fanfuckentastic (All reviews)
Not many animes can give me a suitable plot twist/twists because i'm the reigning champion of predicting what's going to happen and I'm usually right. With that, that's why I was so fucking amazed by this anime because it caught me by surprise a few times.
This anime has it all, laughs that make you want to rewind and rewatch that moment a couple of times, and that perfect blend of bitter sweet while even throwing in some pretty good lessons.
When I finished the anime I couldn't help but smile, so don't miss out on this because it's worth giving it a try.
And keep read more
Feb 4, 2017
ItIsIDio (All reviews)
This review only applies for the first 4 episodes of the series, it does not constitute for the overall experience of the anime itself and it will be comprised of what I liked/disliked about the anime and the reason I have had dropped it for.

What interested me in this anime was its mix of genres, which are: Action, Historical, Shoujo. This struck me as odd since I didn't really expect this mix of genres to exist, but after I've checked, apparently there are a few anime that contain this mix of genres. They are about 8 and Donten ni Warau is the most popular of read more
Jan 14, 2015
Mary_is_Hairy (All reviews)
Don’t be put out by the first few episodes. They probably weren’t what you were expecting. I nearly dropped this anime, however, don’t lose faith and be patient. By the time you get to episode 6, the story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, trust me. The story is literally like a rollercoaster. The start is always boring as it is slowly ascending but as soon as it gets to the top, that’s when everything starts. The plot gets deeper, the characters are clarified, and the story is explained. This story is a mix of old and new. There are ninjas/samurais and there are read more
Jan 19, 2018
KyasutoNaito (All reviews)
PLOT: 8/10
This anime is unexpectedly great for a 12 episode one. Since I hardly see post and pictures of this series, I thought that is was just fine. However, upon watching it, the excitement I've felt is enough to complete it with just one sitting. This anime focuses on the three brothers and a known monster who will endangered their lives, must we say human lives, every 300 years. I'm truly moved on the bond of these three brothers. Honestly, I've cried, a lot, while watching this one. It's rare to see an anime showing this kind of compassionate love read more
Nov 6, 2018
ThorNN-heim7 (All reviews)
Donten Ni Warau is a special show. It shows promise, but doesn't build on it as much as it could.
The story is like a epic about a fight against evil and overcoming obstacles.
I enjoyed the show, but can't give it a higher rating because:
Pace: The pace is not worst one I've seen, but definitely not the best one either, as it moves quite slow in the first 50-60% of the show, before suddenly going back in time to explain some of the background, and then speeding towards the end.
Story: The story stats of a bit whimsical, with three brother capturing criminals the police let escape read more
Feb 15, 2015
oopsaloo (All reviews)
I think this is a decent anime - despite receiving some not-as-high ratings by previous viewers. The art is really really good for sure, so you wont be disappointed on that front.

The plot is not bad - I dont know about other viewers, but I could predict the major plot twist much in advance. You will really feel the bromance when you watch this, but it's not shounen-ai or yaoi or anything close. Just nice, brotherly/family love.

You'll probably appreciate the MC's personality. As the middle sibling, he has some inferiority complex towards his talented older brother, and he wants to get stronger so his read more
Apr 15, 2016
Handofgod2 (All reviews)
Great anime, I really enjoyed it the artwork was awesome as well as the story. I enjoyed all the charecters also I'll give it an 8 out 10

The reason II don't give it a 10 is because it was way too short. The length of the anime didn't allow the sorry of the characters to develop properly. For example Shirasu's brother was made out to be this powerful guy and they did nothing with him. Also the orochi battle was very short. I could go on but I liked the anime despite these problems.

Overall very good I'll watch this again
Jan 13, 2016
ViolaFike (All reviews)
Donten Ni Warau (Laughing Under The Clouds) Review

Donten ni Warau, or Laughing Under the Clouds for short, is an anime centered around three brothers in the Meiji Era. We have eldest brother, Tenka, the second brother, Soramaru, and the youngest, Chuutaro. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a story focused on the supernatural and historical elements centering around these three brothers. Despite being underrated for many reasons, the anime still has its quirks that appeal those who have watched the anime to the end.

Story - 5/10
While the main plot of this story centers around Tenka and the others, we get a glimpse of the cloudy read more
Feb 10, 2018
mushimk (All reviews)
Lame. In every possible way. It's a real struggle to find anything good about this anime : Action scenes are mediocre, somewhat barely enjoyable at their best. Rhythm is a disaster, especially since the comedy/bromance cut-scenes intervenes at the worst possible time, with not even an once of originality, and all predictable. Was the bromance even necessary to the story to begin with ... ? That could have been - at least - an effective bait, a trap to lure the young girls audience but when it's done that bad, I can only see it as a mockery, an insult to their intelligence.
And the story read more
Feb 14, 2020
m_alhafidz (All reviews)
I didn't expect so much about this anime at first actually. But as the story progressing, I started to like this show. At first, I read the synopsis that this anime tells about feodal era or something like that. But I was glad this is not your typical feodal era theme.
The story is amusing. The art is good. Yeah, since this is a modern anime that came from 2014. The music is decent, I think. The character is interesting. Even there are so many plot twists involving any character.
Fighting, drama and tragedy mixed into one. There was intense fight yet also emotional backstory. The Opening read more
Jan 14, 2018
ShotgunXShogun (All reviews)
Super Samurai Bros.

This is one of the most enjoyable short series I've seen in some time. Laughing Under the Clouds seems to take some serious inspiration from some of my favorite anime series of all time with strong familial themes of loss, growth and personal development similar to Gurren Lagan and a striking visual and tonal style that almost shocked me wasn't straight from the team of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The OP and EP were also wonderful and expertly implemented in a sense that they evolved along with the story they told with some seriously high quality music I wouldn't mind having on a playlist read more