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Alternative Titles

English: Clannad
Japanese: CLANNAD


Type: TV
Episodes: 23
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2007 to Mar 28, 2008
Premiered: Fall 2007
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:55 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Visual novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.171 (scored by 476,454 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3592
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #43
Members: 858,533
Favorites: 24,793


The two main characters are very similar in their sarcastic tone. The story surrounds the main male lead's interaction with the girls around him. 
report Recommended by neutralizer
Drama has similar fell and has same over the top comedy relieves. Both have great animation and music has been done by same composer. 
report Recommended by monkatx
Both anime focus on a guy that doesn't know what to do with himself, and instead starts to help a girl fufilling her dreams. Also, the animations are quite alike, as they're both based on a visual novel by Key. 
report Recommended by Teddy
Both are brilliant slice of life high school romcom dramas. It's mainly consisting of comedy (well done comedy) but every so often turn serious and dramatic - pulling heart strings. These can be from issues concerning love or family etc. Both are great watches if you are into romcom high school dramas.  
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both Clannad and Ano Hana are good dramas featuring the development of friendship and a bit of supernatural events. The main difference between thoso two is that Clannad has a lot more of funny scenes and jokes, while Ano Hana is on the cute side and deeply focused on its long drama. If you want a soft drama, Clannad is your call. But if you really want the tears to flow, Ano Hana is the choice. They are two sides of the same coin.  
report Recommended by Superman
-Jun Maeda is the writer of Little Busters! that also wrote Clannad, Air, Angel Beats and parts of Kanon -Both are adaptions from visual novels created by Key -Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact)  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
both have deep emotional arcs and meanings. both contains drama powerful stories to touch the heart. although clannad is more comedy-orientated whilst ef is more drama orientated, both have amazing artwork (though different in style), and BOTH ARE ABSOLUTELY EPIC AND TOTALLY WORTH WATCHING especially if you like drama/romances/slice of life/school stuff!!!! 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Oreki may as well be Tomoya and vice versa. They have the same seiyuu and behave and think in largely the same manner. The main heroine in both shows is also there to serve as a foil and contrast for the protagonist and the style and tone of the two anime is very much similar. While Clannad is much more serious and dramatic than Hyouka is, there's something for fans of either show to enjoy here.  
report Recommended by Veronin
they have the same type of comedy, as well as the same personality for the male protagonist. They both give off that feel of being a sometimes romantic yet sometimes not genre. 
report Recommended by spikesreign
Both are romance harem anime with a guy and five girls and both have a school setting. The main male characters are both similar as well. Shuffle! is more fantasy compared to Clannad's mostly realistic story, with the exception of one mostly supernatural arc. 
report Recommended by shadowraze
Both are romance and i suppose both have hints of humor, its too early to tell yet about kimi no todoke but its probably going to have a clannad like ending as so many animes have now 
report Recommended by Nagato198
Both are tear-jerkers, but the characters in Shigatsu don't look like potatoes.  
report Recommended by Drew
These two romance series presents to the viewer likable characters and cute moments. Both are currently airing in the 2007 fall season and have male leads who look similar to one another. 
report Recommended by Karura
Both series have excelent graphics, a cute romance storyline and unexpected (yet captivating) phenomena. Also the episodes' opening story/narration is cool. 
report Recommended by Blow
The Anime's genre is different, however I find many of main characters quite similiar in both of animes. (Kagami would be clannad's Kyou, Tsukasa=Ryou, Konata=Fuko). I can quite assure that if viewers enjoyed Lucky Star's Characters, they surely would enjoy/appreciate Clannad and It's Characters. 
report Recommended by ChocolateTruffle
Nagisa in clannad and Tohru in fruits basket are incredibly similar. They're both sweet, naive, and caring. The main guys in both animes have a dark past that haunts them and in order to overcome it, the need someone to accept them. They're both really funny too.  
report Recommended by tikuku
Both have a guy and girl starting a club together that starts to grow, both clubs have more girls than guys, and they are both romantic anime 
report Recommended by PandaFlow
Both shows are about making a club. The characters have similar personalities and the animation also looks similar. Both are made by Kyoto Animation. 
report Recommended by Hanyuu33
The two series have a similar structure and the main characters share a similar role. Also both series integrate the supernatural into an otherwise "real" world to a surprising degree. 
report Recommended by -Krouton-
Though the world of the supernatural does not play as large of a role in Clannad (its sequel uses it more) as it does in Bakemonogatari, the essence of it is still there. Also, both male protagonists have profound desires to save any girls they meet that are in trouble. Koyomi and Tomoya have similar personality types, both being cynical yet caring. 
report Recommended by artvet
Starts off as your typical comedy/romance school anime through the first few episodes and takes a turn in the opposite direction with more deep, serious, and sometimes dramatic tones.  
report Recommended by Jmac
This may sound weird, but both have a guy that somehow changes, affects the other girls' life. Both have drama. In both we can see how a person changes the other's life and life is full of possibilities.  
report Recommended by Ozey
-Both are about adolescent love/love conflicts, and are structured with multiple, emotion-evoking arcs. However, Clannad is a tad more emotional/sad at times. -Both give off a fairly "happy" or "nostalgic feeling", making the show very fun and enjoyable to watch. -Both have very beautiful and fluid artwork that is similar to one another. 
report Recommended by xxvioxx
You Always Get The Feeling What If He Would Be With Her Or Her. Both Stories Has Different Stories In Them. By Clannad I Counted The OVAs As Well. 
report Recommended by Jesper_Rayne
The story of the both almost the same . Love and Romance during their high school life . Story is very touching and lively as we continue to watch it . Compare to real life, we need to work hard just to obtain the thing we want >.< 
report Recommended by melficelair
Would you regret your memories after meeting someone who'd help you come back from depression? Tomoya is to Isla as Nagisa is to Tsukasa. 
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101
H20 is a lower quality version of Clannad. You have a protagonist who has different circumstances--blindness in H20, and delinquency in Clannad--who is followed around by or meets a harem of girls. Cue crazy back-stories and a plot that just throws in random problems to make it seem spicy and you have either series. The difference is H20: Footprints in the sand finishes in half the time. 
report Recommended by Phantom-Brave12
The little sister of the main character from Mashiroiro is similar to Furukawa Nagisa from Clannad. They both appears to be weak but works hard and are very resilient, not to mention cute. The original soundtracks from both the series are very alike. The atmosphere at the school is quite the same too. Both are originated from Visual Novel. The calm and smooth going plot of both anime are very appealing to watch. 
report Recommended by 90DualElites
I think the feeling while watching was similar, and both have 'other words' and school stuff, so if you like one, you will probably find the other one nice. Epecially, If u like shoujo type anime, drama/school/slice of life. 
report Recommended by mizure_
The main girl char have the same attitude.... She likes to do something but can't express it to others...... fun anime with some serious moments and comedy....  
report Recommended by Mikaru
Harem. Fun and entertaining story in which the main character: a lazy good-looking sarcastic teenager with some secrets, opens up the possibility of redemption to the hot girls that surround him by helping them out. 
report Recommended by IchikuRyoudai
Both of these stories involve a relationship that starts out in high school and keeps on progressing after high school. 
report Recommended by Veerdash
School relationships, mystery, and romance are central themes in both. The strange occurrence of memory loss or amnesia is present in both as key plot devices, along with characters whose pasts conceal secrets. The way both male protagonists go to great lengths to help the female characters in respective series with so much effort is very similar. Also the way the main female characters in both are alone and are first approached by the male protagonist and helps them to make friends is very similar. 
report Recommended by retii
Both series have one main male protagonist surrounded by various girls of conflicting personalities. Family issues are part of the plot bringing emotions and drama. Additionally, both MC are considered to have better self control than typical harem leads; not freaking out completely during typical "ecchi" scenes. Both anime(s) also contain plenty of comedy. 
report Recommended by Stark700
The protagonists are very much alike. Especially their train of thought. And they are both surrounded by a fair amount of very cute and moé girls. Both give off the same vibes as they are very lighthearted and comedical but some of the characters also has some interesting backgrounds. 
report Recommended by KuroHasu
Both have a heart touching story in both there are real ups and downs that you could relate with your own lives and here when a person normally fails, its not that as if they recover quickly like in most anime..they go through all the phases of depression and stuff some times it may even make you cry after watching it you will feel Sakurasou no pet na kanajo should definitely get a dub 
report Recommended by fullmetalpower
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Let's play the both game! Both: Are based on video novel games Are in the top 5 rated shows on the site (I'm talking about after story but that's Clannad to) Are psuedo harems where the winner is pretty much clear from the beginning Feature some altered timeline mumbo jumbo (Although in very different ways) Have a slow start but likeable characters that suck you in The difference starts to become clear after you've gotten to know the characters, these are very different series in almost every way. The main difference is that while Steins;Gate makes you feel miserable and very good and everything inbetween it does more of making you  read more 
report Recommended by PawnDa
The overall tone of the shows is very identical in tone, as in they're very bittersweet shows. Funny, yet a bit sad.  
report Recommended by Pseudo_O
-Both have a female lead who has a hard time making friends but make more through the male lead. - Both are slice of life romance with a school theme. -Both have male leads with girls that like him but give up on him after he chooses to go out with the female lead. -Both have a female lead who work at a bakery. -Both have a male lead with a perverted friend. I'll stop here and let you find out the rest of the similarities by watching the show. 
report Recommended by DeamonLordZack
Both Clannad and 5 Centimeters per second are romance anime. Both have a similar sad atmosphere. Both have themes of magic and destiny in it. Clannad has funny moments when 5 centimeter per second doesn't. Both are enjoyable. Both are masterpieces. If you watched one and liked it try the other out as you might like it as well! ^W^ 
report Recommended by cutefuko
Both are high school slice-of-life romances, though Boys Be is a bit more lighthearted than Clannad, which is the more dramatic of the two. 
report Recommended by geno93n0
Clannad and Rewrite were both written by Key and had similar male main characters, the story unfolds around the interaction of the MC with the the girls around him while he becomes closer to them. These two series have a similar art and story lines, filled with romance, comedy and drama. 
report Recommended by Luis2341
2 heart touching story. also the ending leaves viewers after thoughts of what might happen after the end. 
report Recommended by ChocolateTruffle
Strawberry Panic and Clannad... both drama, romance and school in their genre, yet their only difference being Clannad having a sequel and Strawberry Panic being a yuri. I think if you liked one of these, you will probably like the other one aswell. At least you could give it a try, right? 
report Recommended by ZiggyK
- Both have the lonely schoolgirl, approached by love interest boy effect. - Both have supernatural/mysterious circumstances. 
report Recommended by AxleCat
Both have a main character who's actions have great impact on the storyline(which you would expect from a main character lol) also they have similar characteristics. The characters are Nagisa in Clannad and Haruka in KNE(Kimi ga Nozomu Eien). Though at first they seem to be one of the weaker characters (in terms of both physical and mental strength), both become stronger as the story develops. Both of the charcters have a soulmate which they love and believe in Tomoya in Nagisa's case and Takayuki in Haruka's case. These soulmates do not show any affection for their so called counter parts in the series, however  read more 
report Recommended by Rope
Both are pretty focused on Romance, Drama and School. Clannad has supernatural elements while True Tears doesn't. Both have a lot of girls are one guy as the focus to the story. Might even go as far as saying "True Tears" could be a "If Clannad had no supernatural theme to it, it would be..." Both male protagonists are delinquents, or at least labelled as one and end up attempting to help girls with their problems, both with interesting results. Both are PG-13 
report Recommended by -FlameHaze-
For those who enjoy RomCom/SOL anime, I'd recommend Clannad. The art style is similar. The storyline falls into the same high-school love trope. Strong character progression. The story is about the protagonists efforts to get closer to a quiet and quirky girl. 
report Recommended by xiov
They seem to have the same feel and kind of writing, even though clannad hasn't put itself out there as a romance anime. 
report Recommended by spikesreign
Similarities: + Both have "family" as a large theme of the show + Some of the characters have poor relationships with their parents and some have great relationships + School aspect (though Clannad is high school and Usagi Drop is preschool/first grade) + The kids get sick, go through normal growing pains, and their is a good mix of comedy and drama involved with the great characters and their interractions Differences: - Clannad is more of a harem-style show from the perspective of a high school boy and is shounen whereas Usagi Drop is from the perspective of 30 year old man and is josei - Clannad focuses on much more than  read more 
report Recommended by Asfaria
Both of these are saddish romance anime where the main girl is sick somehow.  
report Recommended by Fujaku
Clannad and Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora are both very slow-paced slice-of-life shows that are relaxing to watch. There's more drama than in typical slice-of-life anime, and it can get very sad at times.  
report Recommended by Fujaku
I couldnt really think of an anime that is quite similar to this movie, but clannad has cheerful moments, romance, comedy and so forth so i think it suits best. Im not a person that will type what the movie is about, but to say my opinion of it. So to being with this movie has vivid animation so to speak ( greatly drawn ) has that realistic painting scenery. I label it as great, its never really made me lose interest in the plot and the characters were very well made from background to present. To keep things short, This movie is great i will  read more 
report Recommended by Devin667
both are top tier animes. They both have great story-lines. Similar themes. 
report Recommended by Ennis1001
Clannad is basically Natsume Yuujinchou, except that the main character helps people with their problems, instead of youkai. 
report Recommended by TheWormFP
- The male main character feels life has no meaning - He 'joins a club' dominated by females - They're all 'outcasts' - It has the same feel to it 
report Recommended by Alcestic
Both of these series have really sad and dramatic moments that can relate to us in real life, though for Clannad it has more happy and upbeat moments.  
report Recommended by kawaiinekolover
The lead character from "Clannad" and "Midori Days" is viewed as a delinquent amongst his schoolmates. However, due to his heart of gold and the kind things he does to help others, multiple girls fall for him. The female protagonist of both series can be described as naïve and shy with similar personalities in general. She is someone who is able to bring out the best from the delinquent she fell in love with as they go through hurdles in life and school together. Furthermore, there are fights or beat-downs against rowdy gang members who initiate violence. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
Within one episode you can tell that the main characters will develop a special bond by the end. The romance is stronger in Clannad, but still nice either way. Also, the main character already knows who he wants to be with him, and doesn't stray from that path. 
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101
Both girls in these anime fall for one guy. If you love school romance drama and this anime is for you. and both are definitely worth watching! 
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
I personally think these two anime are similar because the main character's lives change drastically, but in different ways. Both main characters meet new friends in school, and face challenges with them. 
report Recommended by Kiyo_Khitsune
If you experienced memorable emotions that you just can't put into words while watching either Kimi no Na wa or Clannad/Clannad: After Story, then you most likely will feel the same or very similarly with the other. If you are one to enjoy sentimental reactions, then you will love either of these. 
report Recommended by GregTheOtaku
Both titles cycle between light-hearted slice-of-life moments and saddening and/or tragic drama (specifically melodrama more often than not). Despite being only 30 minutes long the story of Kowarekake no Orgel resembles an arc of Clannad in terms of progression and structure. 
report Recommended by TK8878
These both anime is very tear-jerking and really show the point that "family is important." For Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is about a siblings that start to realise how important their family was when they experienced a big earthquake in that time. On the other hand, Clannad is more focus on romance and family by the hero and his relationship with his father is bad. I think these animes is the right answer if you want to watch anime about family.  
report Recommended by Ayaka-Azumi
These two dramas are both originally visual novels made by Key Studios. In both shows, the protagonist meets a girl and helps her with a problem she has. If you enjoy the emotional storytelling Key is known for, you'll probably like both the series. 
report Recommended by Sande
All the girls are in love with the main character, for being very nice and caring, despite an unlikeable attitude. Main characters both have crazy pervy friends  
report Recommended by duvydvylner
If you are looking for two great WHOLESOME anime look no farther! Hanasaku Iroha and Clannad (with After Story) are similar in the fashion of the main characters in each series (Ohana and Tomoya) are put in situations that create their growth from child to adult, while showing their progression through friendships, family and relationships. Both have to deal with the struggle of finding their own paths due to being raised by single parent who aren't necessarily the best guardian and end up finding a different place to call home. They both end up finding new people to look up to for guidance. With a  read more 
report Recommended by ThrowSomePlates
both got tht sad vibe to it n that supernatural tint to it but hotarubi explores tht supernatual more than clannad it still keeps tht balance between supernatural n drama likewise with clannad 
report Recommended by wangon
Both series will have you laughing one moment and crying the next, and both deal with the regrets of their characters. 
report Recommended by Fleeting_Dream
Although with vastly different storylines, Clannad being in the normal world with another world connotations and In Another World with my Smartphone based in another world, the following are the similarities between them: Both are counted as Harems although Clannad is to a lesser degree as the main heroine of Tomoya is Nagisa but other girls have affections for him but in In Another World with my Smartphone all of them want him and Touya can't choose. Also the Twins in Clannad Kyou and Ryou are too similar to Linze and Else from In Another World with my Smartphone in terms of their physical appearances as well  read more 
report Recommended by Najia111
Both seem to have a protagonist with a similar personality, who seems to be bored, and therefore subconsciously involves himself into various situations. While clannad focuses more on the romance, and kore wa zombie desu ka on the action, both have a similar sense of humour, and quite a few tragic scenes too.  
report Recommended by UT33
Both Clannad and Pan de Peace take place mainly in a school setting, but have bread and bakeries as underlying themes. Much like Clannad, a lot of Pan de Peace's jokes are bread related. Both shows also have a lot of moe, and even have similar characters. Noa is like Fuuko in that both are underdeveloped and have wild imaginations, and her overall personality is like a combo of Tomoyo and Fuuko. Minami is like Sunohara as both are very energetic, and she is easily impressed by cute things like Fuuko. Yuu is like Kyou as they have similar hair color and are the more serious individuals of  read more 
report Recommended by Yuni
Both Kokosake's and Clannad's main heroine is a quiet high school girl with no friends, who suddenly meets a group of people who try to help her. In Kokosake, they end up preparing a musical based on the girl's story, in order for her to express her feelings, while in Clannad, they try to reestablish the drama club in order for the girl to act as the heroine for a play she wrote. 
report Recommended by Melody
Both stories start with a lighter tone and seemingly less serious setting and evolve into very touching stories with serious heart-wrenching moments. These stories require that they be watched in order and fully to capture the experience. Don't forget to include the prequels/sequels. 
report Recommended by Corruptbomber
Both contain friends trying to help others. They each share a similar mixture of slice of life and fantasy. Yui is from 'another world' *ie: alternate timeline/future*, like Ushio in Clannad. Each have relatively sad scenes, though Clannad is much more tragic. Both anime have very good storylines and are very enjoyable - if you like Clannad, you'll like Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete.  
report Recommended by Lunoire
Both shows are about the high school life and the friends you make along the way.Both shows are beautiful, but have a different art style. Clannad has a lot of comedy, but when there's drama, it's great drama. 
report Recommended by Monjoex
Since the very beginning both of characters like each others and their friendship is getting stronger day by day  
report Recommended by natty83
I know this may seem strange but both shows are in a way similar. There both based on VNs. They both have girls who are optimistic and positive and have differnt goals for school. The protagonist are always questioning there life. Both have a stereotypical yet unique harem. Both have amazing music and animation.  
report Recommended by sleepydreamer
They are both romance with a bit of another genre. The romance is heart warming and when it seems like they are going to end there is a bit more. I feel that at times I lost a little interest in Clannad but the ending made up for it. I recommend the Dub for The Girl who leapt through time (if you like dubs that is) but I don't recommend the dub at all for Clannad (try to watch sub, you could probably get though Clannad on dub but once you get to After Story the dubbing cast gets worse). 
report Recommended by DanallWillham
Clannad (+Clannad After Story) and Sword Art Online are similar in one significant factor. Unlike the majority of animes with romance these two show's actually develop their main's characters affections for one another and you get to watch them grow in their relationships, as well as deal with various trials and tribulations. Overall, if you felt that either relationship (Kirito/Asuna or Nagisa/Tomoya) was fulfilling, I believe you will enjoy watching the other one develop as well. 
report Recommended by Tridon
Very similar uneducated male MC to innocent naive female MC ratio. 
report Recommended by Crowes
First Place-you WILL CRY! the anime is about a shy and sensible girl like Nagisa, and she have a disease, and the appear two shinigami's to help help her, and she stay stuck between life and death, and by the way she sings :D 
report Recommended by Tuturu_Mayushii
Two stories that mix love, drama, comedy and fantasy and turn it into: - Every girl that approaches the boy, has some problem, which has changed his life remarkably. Where each one of them will search together with the boy how to solve it. These animes are filled with countless good moments, where when you believe that nothing happens, you will be surprised when everything explodes in your face, feelings that each character surrounds when trying to achieve the happiness they desire. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both are journeys through life, and very good ones at that. They also both have an overarching romance along with constant comedy. Clannad although takes a darker path through life whilst when Bakuman isn't all sunshine and roses it is definitely at least a little lighter. Both start off feeling like a slice of life and then underline dark themes as the story progresses. I would highly recommend both of these to anyone. 
report Recommended by FinnSanity
Clannad: A good anime that can call the tears to break out. Ghost hunt: Another good anime that kan make tears come out. Clannad: An anime that has a lot of good story and alot of lovey dovey but still some very serious parts and some funny ones two. Ghost hunt: An anime that is serious most of the time but still have some comedy and a little lovey dovey in the sideline. All in all: They both are some realy good animes and if you dont watch any of them you are going to regret it. 
report Recommended by vampmaster
Clannad and Tsubasa Chronicle, both great animes, both about a boy and a girl, in clannad they meet for the first time at school but in Tsubasa Chronicle they have been childhoodfriends, in both animes a relationship grows between the main characters. 
report Recommended by Nagato198
What I was thiking when I saw Kannagi it was Clannad. There are similar in way of live, love and school. hmmm maybe also in songs. 
report Recommended by albadr_almuneer
i like to say that nagisa reminds me of Sakura, they both cry but they are always cheerful Tomoya is like Syaoran because they both don't know how they feel towards Sakura and Nagisa Tomoyo and Kyou are like Meilin, oh boy they are powerful For Tomoyo i really don't know who i can relate her to, i was thinking of fuko but fuko is very cheerful person and thinks of stars and that doesn't relate to Tomoyo but i guess i choose Kotomi because she's shy and she like Tomoyo Touya is like Akio because they pick on there sister/daughter because they care for them.  
report Recommended by xninaxhangx
Enjoy melodramatic, hypersensitive supporting characters despite featuring an interesting lead character? Clannad and Saikano exist for you! The two series are from different genres but share the same atmosphere. It is quite evident that the producers aimed to appeal to the viewer's emotions. 
report Recommended by arimakenshin
Watching Seitokai no Ichizon reminds a little of Clannad. The characters are somewhat similar and both series have great art. If you like Seitokai no Ichizon, there's a good chance you would like Clannad, and visa-versa. 
report Recommended by PianoKeys4
Both the main guys are having troubles with their family because of their mothers death and the main girls both help them through that. Not only that but the lead girl from Kodomo no Omocha has an ilness. Not really much alike but both are just such sweet plots. I would recommend the manga though. 
report Recommended by lovingmyth
This anime really reminded me of clannad mainly because of a drama club. They are both emotional but Hitohira juggles more of the emotions around the club itself and its members. If you loved either of the series i'm sure you'll love the other one. But i tell you, Hitohira is definately a junior of clannad in my opinion 
report Recommended by Emberred
it has a lot of romance and the pictures are both nice like in both stories. both were my top favs. 
report Recommended by KingBowness
storyline is at par with clannad funny at times a bit sad and a descent ending that would make you wish for a second season or a rewrite of the plot to change one thing  
report Recommended by myztichydra
Ichigo 100% does have it's dramatic scenes and such, but what this anime lacks in a true satisfying conclusion; Clannad makes up for it in at least some similar sense. Ichigo is more ecchi-oriented while Clannad is truly dramatic with a hint of comedy. So if you're looking for a rather more deep and dramatic harem, Clannad is right for you. Although I'm not saying Ichigo doesn't have it's share of romance... 
report Recommended by SkiesOfBlue
Well for starters the same guy does the voice acting for the male lead. Male lead is in a wonderful harem situation-truely was jealous. Naoko Asakura is the student council president, and got a pretty similar personality to Tomoyo, both are extremely cute as well. Umi and Nagisa are alot alike as well. Wouldnt rate it as highly as clannad but was certainly worth the watch. 
report Recommended by kouk2002
Clannad and Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni -Operation Sanctuary- might be similar in it's story and such..Operation Sanctuary or also known as Hani Hani and Clannad are very similar with the Characters and Story..But Clannad has more Drama^^ (Similarities:) -Characters <== Look/Appearance,Attitude,Habits etc.. -Story <== Life -Genres <== [Well you guys will know that!] In Hani Hani the characters are not really that good in acting but in Clannad the characters are well rated :) But Hani Hani has a good life story as well ;) so does Clannad.. Clannad is a Famous/Popular anime  read more 
report Recommended by Komika
Clannad does not have a supernatural aspect to it, but two stories have somewhat similar pace, try watching one if you like the other...  
report Recommended by as3
Aria the Animation has a feel in which relaxes the viewer. Both Aria and Clannad both give away that impression. Even though Clannad and Aria have different ideas, the given feeling of calm is the same, if you liked aria, and its sequels, you will probably like clannad 
report Recommended by thunderbolt3
It's not very mystical or supernatural about this series, but it's very similar when it comes to the characters. The main guy in To heart are just as helpful and friendly as the main guy in Clannad. He helps out a lot of girls that he meets. The girls's personalities in To Hart are very similar to the ones in Clannad  
report Recommended by Wyvern
They both have the same dramatic feel to it. Both sound tracks are phenomenal. Both are about love and friendship too. However, Clannad as some supernatural elements and takes place in High school where as Honey and Clover is basically 100% real college life with no supernatural elements. 
report Recommended by xdzzz
I have watched the majority of all the other recommendations, and I feels sad because Canvas 2 isn't listed here as well. What a pain! This is exactly why I registered to MyAnimeList! *smile* *Most of the recommendations are animes that I love. Clannad is my number 1; I can connect to this because my father is somewhat similiar to Tomoya Okasaki's father. Maybe Tomoya Okasaki's dad may even be a better dad than mine. Hahah, what a pain, but I still love my dad.* Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no Sketch~ has a different plot, but the feeling when you watch it is quite the same. Although  read more 
report Recommended by GueY
Both shows are Harem animes. This essentially means there is one guy and several girls who like him. Both are extremely funny and light hearted. While Clannad is based on a school setting for the most part, Love hina is more set in a home setting. If you have seen and liked love hina, you will probably like clannad, and vice versa.  
report Recommended by blackbird2150
While Clannad is a bit lighthearted and Kimi ga Aruji is quite ecchi, both series actually revolves around the importance of a family which will be more apparent in the later episodes of Kimi ga Aruji. Also, in both series, both male protagonist hates their father and both tries to reconcile with them. 
report Recommended by rEn-00
Clannad and Azumanga Diaoh have a lot in common. Both plots revolve around highschool students and both animes are witty and humorous. While I was watching Clannad, I instantly though of Azumanga Diaoh. 
report Recommended by hobbiteen
The drawing style look pretty similar, characters' behavior and storyline too. Another common thing is about quantity and age of people, for example, people involved are almost all school friends and their families, and parents of al minors look like adolescents or at least really young to be parents. The biggest difference is that Clannad is more about the school, while Ro-Kyu-Bu! is more about sports, especially basketball. Another difference is that main characters in Ro-Kyu-Bu! are younger than main characters of Clannad. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
School-age protagonists from broken families choose to live socially isolated. Their lives change after meeting a cast of lively and adorable characters. The story begins to fluctuate between the initial broody mood and a new lighthearted one. Through their new friends, the protagonists begin to better understand the marvels of companionship. 
report Recommended by Chaste
While Clannad is considered extremely emotional by many people, I find first season to be quite hilarious. The really sad/emotional scenes are in After Story. Clannad, like Baka to test, is about school life with comedy involved. If you like comedy with a little more drama involved be sure to check out Clannad 
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Ok, so, while these two seem completely different in terms of ideas, the fact is, they have some matching core aspects. For starters, both are essentially 'slice of life'. That is to say that while there are some strange things that happen, not much of it is outside the realm of possibility. There's a bit of time travel stuff in Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania and there's essentially a second world in Clannad (which plays a role in Clannad: After Story, until which it can be used to see a metaphor for what the main character is feeling). They also both have a kind of romance  read more 
report Recommended by Sebry
- Heavy emotional involvement - Touching character interactions - Good character development (which Kowarekake no Orgel amazingly manages to do in 30 minutes) - Moe - Tugs on your heart strings - Great music, including some tracks with powerful vocals In reality, Kowarekake no Orgel is good if you're a fan of ANY of Key's works, but it's most similar to Air in terms of plot. 
report Recommended by DraconisMarch
The male protagonist solves the issues of five main heroines one by one and ends up with one of them. Similar school and club setup, in fact, there aren't many differences in terms of story and development beyond slightly differing settings. KoiChoco is set in a huge student-run school with an absurdly powerful student council being the driving force for plenty of politics and everything sinister associated. Clannad is set in a more standard high school / suburban town, but throws in supernatural and existential elements. There are a lot of similarities in the scenarios that exist in each series, since real life only gives so  read more 
report Recommended by ataraxial
Both animes have a beautiful love history and part of the history its about a theater act in the school. Also both animes have developed characters and some of them are pretty similars ( Nashisa/Yukino fathers for example). 
report Recommended by Crory
Furukawa Nagisa - Konoe Nanami Okazaki Tomoya - Tomosaka Kenji And in both anime the male and female main character make a good couple/really cute couple If you liked one you'll like the other at 100% the only different is the amount of episodes 
report Recommended by martver
The start of Inai Nichiyoubi might be different but with the development of the story the whole thing changes and giving it a bit of a Clannad feel. 
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
Romance and Drama anime. It challenges both characters how to overcome different circumstances that will lead to them.  
report Recommended by dropdeadalleycat
These are sweet stories about a helpful protagonist. They are also about a young girl who has experienced a terrible childhood where parent has died and have traumatized them and changed their viewpoints. They're complex and are emotional stories. 
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
More Or Less Both Are Harem Themed Animes, With Both Having Rather Strange Things Happening. In Fortune You Have the Idea Of Mortals And Vampires falling In Love although the Mortal Boy Is Surrounded By Females In A School Environment. And In Clannad You Have A Boy falling In Love With A Girl, Whit Aspects Of Ghosts Visiting (This isn't What Happens, To Avoid Spoiling Ill Stop Here), But With A School Theme As well. So To Summarise Both are Very Much Sci-fi Harems. Clannad Is ALOT Sadder And If You Watch The first Season You HAVE to Watch The Second, Equally As Sad!!! If  read more 
report Recommended by Charsly
I thought it had the same touchy feeling at a few parts, but maybe not as good of a storyline, but i loved the storyline still. jsut that i wish it were longer, lol, but that goes for any anime that ppl like. 
report Recommended by windows727
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) -Both can be considered BUT IS. NOT. a harem, since the anime concentrates on one heroine to the next. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) -Both can be considered BUT IS. NOT. a harem, since the anime concentrates on one heroine to the next.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
both series have blond haired guys that often get beaten: sunohara and imadori albeit only in different ways: sunohara often gets beaten for various reasons while imadori gets beaten for being a pervert and the protagonists kenji harima and tomoya okazaki are ex-deliquents 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
They both have: 1.) Wonderful artwork- 2.)A slight similarity- 3.) good romance- 4.) a very dramatic scene like this clannad- 5.) Otome looks so youthful, beautiful, and cute like Nagisa!!!- it gets very dramatic at the last few episodes. 
report Recommended by Da_Ef_Cla_16
The boy meets the girl and both of their lives changes slowly. as their relationship deepens. They mature and their personalities changes. Both series has mostly romance and comedy, but Clannad focuses much more on romance than comedy and vice versa for Seto. Setting are rather similar, as both are set in a school. Also there is everyone favorite, harem. 
report Recommended by Lamii
Both are about a girl that wants to establish an drama/acting club at her school because there isn't one anymore or never existed one. While Tsuyokiss choose a tsundere to take the lead role, Clannad takes a light hearted and silent heroine who depends much more on her friends instead of her own strong will. 
report Recommended by Mathes
You have a rough high school kid thrown into situations where he does nice stuff, accompanied by jokes and drama. 
report Recommended by robfoster
I only recommend these two animes because of one thing. Both animes are emotional rollercoasters! They both include real emotions that shine in all the characters. They also have great songs that people will listen to again and again. However: Clannad is a supernatural school life anime that solves life issues While, Death Parade is a psychological mystery anime filled with games after death. 
report Recommended by KikiSohma