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Kamigami no Asobi

Alternative Titles

English: Kamigami no Asobi
Synonyms: Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere deorum, Kamiaso
Japanese: 神々の悪戯


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2014 to Jun 22, 2014
Premiered: Spring 2014
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Brain's Base
Source: Visual novel
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.281 (scored by 38,921 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #25492
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1075
Members: 89,130
Favorites: 660


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Jun 22, 2014
LollipopXXX (All reviews)
This anime was a beautiful anime that I eagerly awaited each week. The art was wonderful with stunning colors and beautiful designs, and the voice acting was very good. I loved the character development and the costumes for each character. This anime is very much a reverse harem, if you don't like those, then maybe you shouldn't watch this anime, but you might be astounded by the interesting storyline. I believe this anime is based off an otome type game, and while I haven't played the game, I quite like the anime. This anime has a kind and caring main character who try's her best read more
Jun 29, 2014
MachinaEm (All reviews)
I am a big fan of well executed reverse harems, and I can certainly add this anime to the list of good ones. So here goes!

Story: 7
This anime had every element I would expect from a good reverse harem. It begins by introducing the situation (a bunch of gods and one human chick forced to attend a school where they must learn about the human heart before they are allowed to leave and go back to their own worlds) and then begins working on developing each character little by little. At first, the episodes are pretty much what you'd expect from a reverse harem: each read more
Aug 10, 2014
jollyrogersgo (All reviews)
From the perspective of someone who watched both seasons of Uta no Prince-sama, Kamigami no Asobi is a solid 6. It's by no means a spectacular show, but it does its job decently well in 12 episodes and makes for an entertaining, if not particularly fascinating, experience.

The concept is a unique one: Kusanagi Yui, a pretty normal Japanese girl, is summoned to a strange school to help teach young gods how to care about humans. In the first episode alone, she encounters many of her new classmates, as well as Zeus himself, the commanding king of the gods who created the very school out of read more
Feb 27, 2015
wolfpackkn (All reviews)
You have to watch this anime! Through character development is not one of its strong point, it sound and animation is! I love its parts, and as you know from its cover, it is full of hot guys who I wish were real! I love the ending but won't elaborate any further. It disappointed though that everything was rushed, but I love to see a second season. Similar to some reverse harems, this anime has nose bleeds moments and melodrama, but it is good anime to watch or waste time on. Like a bowl of pho after a hangover, in anime terms a perfect anime read more
Oct 14, 2018
AnastasiyaV (All reviews)
[STORY] - 10/10
The story was truly amazing. The little teaser in the beginning of the anime really put an interesting vibe into the audience, and I truly did not expect the ending either. It got me very emotional in the end, and it bothered me having to think that the ending was how it ended. Maybe there is a continuation of the anime in the manga? I don't know, but if there isn't then the producers of this anime is really making me think what happens next. I've also heard rumors that there is a second season to the anime, and I really hope so, read more
Apr 5, 2015
OtakuPrincess010 (All reviews)
I went into this anime only knowing two things, reverse harem and gods. I love anime with gods and mythology, expectantly Greek mythology. Kamigami no Asobi didn't let me down.

Story~ The plot was pretty simple; eight gods and a human are trapped in an academy by Zeus and can't leave until they learn about human love and emotion. Then it had episodes about each god with Yui and a few group episodes. I think the two ending episodes were kind of forced, and unneeded.

Art~ This show was filled with vivid colors and visuals. Every character seemed to pop out of the screen. The opening and read more
Jun 22, 2014
MonochromeSong (All reviews)
At last, this anime has finished airing (although I am pretty sure specials will be on their way). I will not include any spoilers, just cause not even the barely-decent stuff is worth mentioning.

Ever since this anime was green-lit, I was really excited to watch it. The original game comes from Broccoli, who also made Uta no Prince--and I loved the anime for that game, albeit the second season got pretty ridiculous. I love otome games in general, so I was psyched to watch another anime based on a game. But now that the anime is over, I feel extremely disappointed and that I've wasted read more
Jul 8, 2017
shsamie (All reviews)
Story: 9
The plot was very well thought out. Not once did I feel like they were trying to force stuff to happen. The plot made sense, it was interesting, complex, and easy to follow. The only thing that made it a 9, and not a 10, was the fact that there was no actual romantic relationship that emerged with the main character. That's just my own preference though, and the fact that there was no relationship actually fits the plot perfectly.

Art: 10
The art was amazing. The scenery was beautifully drawn, the characters each had their own unique look that made them very appealing to look read more
Jun 22, 2014
RazorRamona200 (All reviews)
Well then, that was nice so another reverse harem 2014 spring anime has ended, so no more fucking around as I state my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Very Good 8:

Story- At first I thought that it's gonna be one of those usual reverse harem genre, but then again it's a bit different as the plot focuses on a girls whose mission was to make them deities understand the meaning of being human and therefore ending their never-dying bickering for one another. Well, of course there were still those usual helping one another thing and the competition for the maiden's heart and a usual read more
Oct 27, 2018
Vicky-chama (All reviews)
This anime put me in a state beyond words. Despite the fact that I absolutely refuse the ending so very much, I still really enjoyed the story.

It's a fun anime to watch and somewhat relaxing, but it still gives you enough trills to keep you going.

As I mentioned, the ending was not quite to my liking. I wanted more, found that the story should continue and, who knows! , the kind of set it up so that a second season wouldn't be surprising and weird.

I recommend this anime a lot even though I normally don't like harems.

[ignore the following, it said longer review]

Oct 15, 2016
CptRainy (All reviews)
The first episode caught my eye with everyone's unique personality, the art style and the sound so i was very intrigued, but then as I watched further through the anime, it felt so rushed that there isn't much of a connection going on with the characters that would help each other develop further more, but I did enjoy the anime and wasn't really expecting the ending, the ending touched my kokoro since I really like the guys, especially Apollo.

I hope that there is a season 2 since I really like it because of the unique personalities and even if the backstories aren't that very read more
Apr 24, 2015
timedoctor (All reviews)
I honestly really liked this story. It did a good job highlighting each characters attributes, while answering the question posed to the viewers. I felt like each episode was its own little tale, they fit together but they were also different. If your looking at this being a "romantic" anime then I would go elsewhere. It has the elements, but lacked the development which disappointed me. However, I really grew attached to the characters. They all had such different personalities and it was really fun to experience. I would totally watch this anime if your looking for a different kind of reverse harem. If your read more
Jun 28, 2014
guini_mitsukuni (All reviews)
I'm sorry in advance if this review isn't necessarily in standard format, but it's hard for me to compartmentalize like that, but this show surprised me so I thought it needed a review.
Kamigami no Asobi is not quite what it seems and certainly not what the synopsis implies. I came into this show expecting a mindless otome adaptation type show with a bit of mythology thrown in. Fun, but no big deal right? I got so much more than I bargained for. This show had me literally laughing out loud every week. No matter what your sense of humor their is most likely at read more
Jan 4, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)
Well, that was a lot better than I expected! I am an avid otome player and I've seen a few anime that have been based off the reverse harem ideas or games, and most of the time, they don't go very well (see Amnesia).

However, Kamigami no Asobi manages to pull it off a lot better than most.

To begin with, the story: it manages to bring together the plot in the first episode quite well. There are a few plot holes or things that weren't explained to the finest, but those are issues that can be overlooked because the series was so short to begin read more
Sep 25, 2017
ZabimaruE (All reviews)
Guys. I never thought I'd give a serious review on something, but there... I watched Kamigami no Asobi.

This anime has a really nice character development and it's really enjoyable to watch.

The story might not seem intresting when u are reading the synopsis, but if u end up watching it, it manages to bond u with the characters and touches ur soul in the end (well if u are the sensitive type).

I don't really wanna write much, because nothing can express how good this anime was. So, all I want to say is that if u like reverse harems YOU GONNA LOVE THIS and read more
Aug 20, 2017
Bexx02k (All reviews)
At the time of writing this, I have rewatched Kamigami no Asobi at least 4 times since I discovered it 3 months ago. It's easily in my top 5 anime but even so, decide for yourself whether this anime is for you or not.

Story 8/10
So we have Yui, the only human to be summoned to the almighty Garden created by Zeus; tasked with teaching 7 gods from Japanese, Norse and Greek mythology about humans in order to gain an understanding of humans and why connecting with them is important for them as gods.

I liked the simplicity of this main story objective being laid out read more
Mar 28, 2016
Blue_Cake (All reviews)
When I first read the synopsis I thought, oh cool, this sounds like something interesting, and I thought of the possibilities such a concept could have. So going into the anime I was pretty excited. After watching the anime I feel as if I wasted my time, when I could have been watching a far better show. Alright, now I'll go into my reasoning.

This anime is based on an otome game (basically a dating type game), and animes based off otome games (to be completely frank) aren't usually very good. The show doesn't have much of a plot, it is basically the read more
Dec 1, 2015
glenn27 (All reviews)
Kamigami no Asobi is the best Reverse Harem i ever watch. I experience sadness and happiness watching this anime.
The plot of the anime was understood. It show slight fan service and non of the episode will bored you. Every episode will show a plot which can be tear jerking, humorous and makes you fan girl.
This anime makes me portray the MC, Yui as a strong willed, hard working, persuasive and NOT a slut as i usually see in Reverse Harem MC. Since some of the gods are hard to approach Yui work hard and even when in danger fight for what she read more
Nov 30, 2018
tweedlebean (All reviews)
It's very close to being great, but it's hard to make a great anime that's based on a visual novel.

The animation is good and the episodes are entertaining, so if you're like me and that's all you really need then this is a really good time waster. But out of the 8 boys only 3 of them are really paid attention to and 2 of them hardly register as characters. The main girl also gets pushed to the side during the main conflict and her skills don't help in the resolution of the story at all which makes the whole ending feel weak.

I wish read more
Nov 27, 2015
AppleNitro (All reviews)
Finally, an otome game adaptation that sits well with me! Kamigami no Asobi has an interesting premise-- Girl and a bunch of Gods (only dudes, no Goddess because this is a dating sim) are trapped in a magic high school. The human girl must teach the Gods about humanity and love, otherwise they'll be trapped in the school.

Characters are all interesting. Of course, there are some that follow certain cliches/ has one outstanding trait about them, but for the most part, they are all fleshed out. The main character is a cut above most other otome adaptation heroines in which she does get things done, read more