Witch Craft Works

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Witchcraft Works
Japanese: ウィッチクラフトワークス


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2014 to Mar 23, 2014
Premiered: Winter 2014
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy, MagicMagic, SeinenSeinen, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.091 (scored by 105855105,855 users)
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Ranked: #32192
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Popularity: #591
Members: 222,737
Favorites: 542


similarities: a ordinary school boy that needed to protect by a girl they have a good romance and action 
report Recommended by shast007
Similarities Both have the same boy meeting witch and boys life suddenly changed. Both have the same instances where witch lives with boy. Both have the same comedy, magic and fantasy genre. Dissimilarities: The main witch in one anime was a perfect girls who has everything, while the witch in the other anime is a dunce. The main guy in one anime was an absolute wuss, while the guy in the other anime is a prev. One has an extra ecchi and harem genre, while the other has romance and action.  
report Recommended by Nasty001
If you like magic and witches, you can also try Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo. One of the main characters in Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo is also a witch which is a top student, but the use of magic is more subtle in Yamada-kun. 
report Recommended by Kountch
Both have the same romance and school genre. Both involves girl protecting guy from baddies. Both also involves girl being with the guy all the time. Both also involves girl who were strong fighters. Dissimilarities: One anime has a brocon element, while the other has a yaoi element couple with oedipus complex from the guy's mom. The guy in one anime is very comfortable being around the girl, while in the other anime the guy isn't getting enough space from the girl. One anime has comedy as it extra genre, while the other has action and magic as its extra genre. 
report Recommended by Nasty001
Strong and weak are not hot issue anymore in anime. I mean those two are usually implemented in the kind of hero and anti-hero characters. But only few anime that involves the strong and weak as a pair of lover. One of them is Shakugan No Shana. It is really similar with Witch Craft Work in the term of character's background. Sakai Yuuji and Takamiya Honoka are defined as weak person who know nothing about fighting. Kagari Ayaka and Shana are professional that already have goodly skills to annihilate the enemies. Their element is also not different. Both is using fire as basic attack. So,  read more 
report Recommended by Ciu
The female protagonist is protecting the male protagonist and the female happens to have feelings for the male protagonist. Although the female lead in Haiyore! is kind of annoying but she and the female lead from Witch Craft Works give off a comedic feeling. 
report Recommended by Aleron
Both Male Protagonists start off living a normal teenage life when suddenly are female protagonists shows up and tells them the secrets and dangerous things that are going on in the world around them. Both main characters are needed to stop the evil that's coming, they soon learn the amazing hidden powers locked within them. Both Character's also wanna fight to protect the ones they hold close. These two series share Action, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, comedy, and Romance Genre elements.  
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
For those who likes stories with so much characters, plot just a little blurry but a lot a surprise attacks, light, colors and racket/loud battles. 
report Recommended by UtenaSatou
Do u like 'onee-chan' characters?.Especially ones with nice boobs ,are RIDICULOUSLY OP /strong ,and have that 'hard exterior ,goey center' kinda personality. Yep thats what common between these two anime. Witch Crafts fights are more ridiculous and comical (Spoiler : nobody dies :/) and also it doesnt have much echii nor a big harem.It does however have a pretty nice cast of interesting characters,especially the so called villians. Neither is an excellent anime,but both make for a pretty good watch.  
report Recommended by opzoro
Let's see, these shows both have a lot in common: - A weak, powerless male protagonist who wants to get stronger for the sake of the heroine. - A strong heroine that always ends up saving the guy. - Both the main protagonists have vague recollections of having met before, or having made a promise to one another. - Both the animes are set in school. - Both have wonderfully drawn battle scenes. - Both have no actual plots whatsoever.  
report Recommended by Kihatsusei
Both have the same powerful but useless MC and a powerful girl dealing with troubles while getting closer Both have someone who cares for their sibling a little too much 
report Recommended by Sherlockeb
Main characters in these shows are female witches who want to protect person they care about. However, in case of Izetta she is protecting princess, while Ayaka is protecting male protagonist... 
report Recommended by opasnimiki
I really like the idea where both main character shares the same goals or work together. specially if the story includes some supernatural fights. in sola, the female is a vampire while in witch craft, shes a witch of course. If you like those kind of concept. you should check these two anime. enjoy! 
report Recommended by Luuji222
Well, to state the obvious, both shows involve witches. These are supernatural-themed animes with plenty of comedic reliefs produced by the same studio – JC Staff. Story-wise though, the shows are quite different. In WCW, the focus is on the fight between the good and bad witches over the possession of the male MC’s power. Whereas in Flying Witch, the focus is on the life of the female MC who moves out of home to the country to become independent by witches’ standards.  
report Recommended by ALLONA
Both main characters are dragged in a world full of girls with overwhelming power. Both are somewhat just normal people at the beginning but becomes stronger as the story goes on. Both MC meets their respective main heroine where they try to protect each other. main difference: not really a harem but technically is one and the mc's sister(brocon) is also included. 
report Recommended by xtraclowny
Kure-nai is pretty similar in different ways. In Kure-nai a male character is assigned to protect a little girl, she is protected so she can live a normal life, and just like witch crafts works Takamiya (the person who is being protected) is protected so he can live a normal life. Both animes go through hard times, they both have weird side characters. 
report Recommended by karenbrownie
These shows have strong female main characters. Supernatural elements and magic are parts of their worlds.  
report Recommended by opasnimiki
I'm actually surprised I am the first to recommend this. Both of these shows start off with a typical guy who is nothing special, and then all of a sudden he's the real deal with a hot girl on his side. Some other small similarities are -Both have magic in them -Both have sisters who were secretly involved -Both have a lot of destruction 
report Recommended by Takkyon
Completely different story, but I made this recommendation just because of the elements magic/mahou and the ridiculous theme at first sight, but somehow you watch them. I have to say that Okusama Wa Mahou Shoujo is mahou shoujo oriented as the name says it and Witch Craft Works is about witches and has more development, at least. 
report Recommended by darkuria
Both uses magic as the main theme in their series, using similar terms related to witchcraft and sorcery. Both protagonists are pretty lame but has a hidden power within themselves. 
report Recommended by ExcaliburJosh
Both have short male lead that is liked by a taller female lead character. The only difference is one deals with magic. 
report Recommended by Tobuay
Both are anime with witches and familiars, both have a male character they like. On the other hand: - time setting is very different - story is also quite different - Junketsu no Maria has a few more ecchi scenes but not too much (which is a good thing in this case) 
report Recommended by SD_CV
They share a similar mood in the first episode. If you enjoy the mood with one show, you're bound to enjoy the similar mood in another. Shows with similar moods tend to contain the same content. So, if you like one show, it's bound to have like content to that of another with a similar mood. The mood is very pleasant, like something that's very over-the-top. This is my persuasive essay.  
report Recommended by mdz
The male lead is a very kind, unselfish person and the female lead is very protective of him. Both shows put an emphasis on comedy and fun character interactions but WCW doesn't have ecchi. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
The main male characters in both of these series, are being protected by a main female character, who is described as beautiful, smart, and really powerful. The male character was caught in a dangerous situation where they almost get killed through various means. However, whenever a boy is in danger, the girl steps in and protects him at all cost, eradicating anyone who tries to kill the boy, even if its too reckless. The boy is portrayed as being weak but slightly improve his power as the series progress through. Mirai Nikki follows a boy who are caught up in a death game, and is being  read more 
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both anime feature a strong female protagonist that meets and teams up with the less strong male lead. Both feature non-fictional individuals with powers, however Witch Craft Works deals with magic, while Freezing employs technology (although the technology is so fantastical it does border on the edge of technomancy). 
report Recommended by Bellat0r
IN both anime the male lead is watched over by witches/magical girls in order to prevent some sort of powerful forces from being unleashed while others try to unleash that power or use it for themselves and both have a crazy sister with a brother complex. 
report Recommended by ezikialrage
School girl with supernatural power from medieval tales protects ordinary japanese schoolboy. 
report Recommended by Xasthur
Witch Craft Works is a story that is fun to watch. One of those anime that is not that big or elaborated but easy to digest and enjoyable. It explains itself in a credible way while trying to justify the situations. Both of them have supernatural characters and situations that develop inside the lines of a realistic setting that try to blend into the normal world. Witch Craft Works surprises you because you don't quite know what’s going to happens next. The story is simple and easy to follow and you don't need to watch more than one episode to know if you’ll like it  read more 
report Recommended by enkeii