Noragami: Stray God

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Alternative Titles

English: Noragami: Stray God
Japanese: ノラガミ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2014 to Mar 23, 2014
Premiered: Winter 2014
Broadcast: Sundays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Bones
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural, ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.021 (scored by 833413833,413 users)
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Ranked: #4942
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Popularity: #18
Members: 1,425,970
Favorites: 27,624
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Apr 4, 2014
interconnected- (All reviews)
All of us have seen that one series or show or book that didn't seem to know which direction in which it was going. Noragami, however, manages to pull off all of its elements perfectly without even batting an eye. Keep in mind that this is my first review so anything I’m about to say may be incredibly biased or just inexperienced as a whole. With that said, let’s begin.

Story: 9/10

The story of Noragami begins with Hiyori: an average high school girl who has a fated encounter with Yato, a homeless god, but we'll get to them later. Hiyori, being the angel of a person read more
Apr 5, 2014
Aegair (All reviews)
I, like most everyone on this planet, like things.

The things that I like come in many different shapes and sizes. One such thing that I like is the Winter 2014 show Noragami, a 'feels' shounen brought to you by Studio Bones, that brings together elements of shows like Soul Eater and Rurouni Kenshin to give you a 'family-centric' journey exploring what it means to be alive.

Or rather I wish it did. At its best you've got tear jerking moments of mortality, family, and the struggles of existence. You have a cast of characters you care about, the voice acting encapsulating each character almost perfectly, read more
May 23, 2015
Cauthan (All reviews)
(This is a spoiler-free review adapted for this site)

[Synopsis]: Lacking both recognition and a shrine, Yato (Kamiya, Hiroshi) is a god down on his luck, forced to take on mundane requests in order to earn his meager offerings. On one of these menial tasks he is rescued from the path of a racing truck by Iki Hiyori (Uchida, Maaya) who subsequently is subjected to inconvenient out of body experiences when her soul leaves her body. After Hiyori requests for Yato to fix her condition they meet Yukine, (Kaji, Yuuki) a wandering spirit who becomes Yato’s divine weapon. The three fight ayakashi and do odd jobs read more
Jul 9, 2014
Aines445 (All reviews)
This is one of the few anime I got to watch with my brother all the way until the end, which is quite the rare feat. It isn't all that surprising, however. If you read the summary or watched the show already, you know its plot and characters show potential, or that it at least is serviceable/enjoyable.

... Serviceable it was indeed, but it's nothing more than that quality-wise. The plot is basically about this chick named Hiyori saving a guy from a car accident but in the process, becoming half-dead (her soul can leave her body and all that jazz). That guy turns out to read more
Apr 3, 2014
ChargedCoin (All reviews)
Noragami Full Review

Have you ever felt that you wanted an anime with relatable and well-written characters, coupled with an interesting story filled with action and comedy? Well, look no further, because Noragami is here.

Story (9/10):

Noragami’s story, I would have to say, be a rather unique one. I say so because the anime spends a lot of time in the beginning introducing you to the characters, and make you wonder, just where is the main story? When are they going to get on with it? However, that’s where this anime shines. The overarching story has been there the whole time – blended well with the character read more
Mar 23, 2014
Stark700 (All reviews)
Ever needed help with something from a higher being? Was there ever a moment where you decided to seek help because you couldn’t get the task done yourself? There’s an answer to that now: Delivery God Yato. The catch is that he does require a fee for his services. Yet, the guy gets his hands dirty to the point and is the solution to your problems.

At first glance, a series about a God trying to be a deity of worship seems something that’s hard to take in by heart. Rather, Gods are usually depicted as being powerful, omniscient, and shines with brilliance. That’s what Yato read more
Apr 9, 2014
BadabumBadabicch (All reviews)
Okay, I believe that many of you have heard of the term that is widely used in anime reviews, book reviews, moview reviews, etc. Yes, it's the "Don't judge a book by its cover". Apparently, that idiom applies to Noragami as well. Why? It’s quite simple, while the anime has a nice cover, a nice premise, and also nice previews (which came out several of times before the anime aired) the anime itself isn't nice at all. Then, is it bad? No no no, not at all. It isn’t nice because it's actually above nice . It-it was amazing, way beyond expectations. Of course i'm read more
Mar 25, 2014
Jequ (All reviews)
Its really honestly a shame that this anime isn't more popular than it is. I find more and more its harder to get into action animes when you've watched so many that let your hopes down in the last two episodes. Nowadays, anime seem to either wow me to tears or bore me with uninteresting characters set in a plot that's way too cool for the likes of cardboard characters. Or your get anime that is just plain worthy of throwing to the depth of the internet where you could care less whether someone actually gives any shit about. Forgettable. Noragami for me wasn't any read more
Sep 27, 2014
kaizersaber (All reviews)
Five yen is all it takes to get your wish granted. (If only that were true).

Noragami is a series that I really enjoyed and felt good watching. The saddest part being the fact that it only had 11 episodes and honestly deserves a lot more. I am left hoping for a sequel that I am certain will not disappoint.


Story: 6/10
Art: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Character: 8/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

Good points:
+Very good male and female protagonists
+Diverse range of character personalities
+Comic humour
+Touching, romantic scenes
+Good actions sequences where it counts
+Great OP and ED themes

Bad points:
-Lack of overarching conflict
-Underwhelming antagonists

You will love this anime if you love:
1. Cute scenes that makes you feel read more
Mar 24, 2014
idontwannapost (All reviews)
*Note: my review is based on my personal preferences, even though I can understand the appeal of the show.

Alright, I'm going to keep this short:
-If you like shounen shows that are pretty well executed, I would DEFINITELY recommend this show. Great show for younger teenagers
-If you are looking for something intellectually stimulating, I would not bother.

The show takes stuff that has been done before and presents it in a way that flows well and feels pretty natural.

The Good:
-characters are likable and despite them being gods and regalias, they are pretty believable.
-humor is very well executed.
-no filler

The Bad:
-This read more
Mar 24, 2014
Animaniablog (All reviews)
The perfect balance of spiritual conflict and slice of life comedy.

Story - 8/10 Noragami is another installation of a trend of recent series that are trying to incorporate youkai battle plots with a light hearted slice of life/comedy/romance element, and surprisingly Noragami is able to pull it off. Without giving away any spoilers, the story is quite unique because it is able to find a great balance between series scenes and funny moments. The drama and action are enough to keep you enticed, and the RomCom isn't so overbearing that the side stories take away from the main plot. The only part of the story read more
May 21, 2015
TheSlyDaxter (All reviews)
Noragami, or as I like to call it “Everyone Loves Yato”, has a lot going for it. It looks nice, it's got appealing characters, and has a unique soundtrack. But the way the story presents itself in its short 12 episode run time has some dire consequences.

Story (6/10):

Noragami is all over the place. First we are introduced to the supposed main conflict of fixing Hiyori’s condition, but that gets put off as we get some filler of Yato desperately trying to make some money. These episodes were amusing and can pull off some good action and laughs, but being time wasters, there pretty read more
Jan 10, 2015
anANIMEreviewer (All reviews)
Noragami was simply decent, although if someone were to ask me whether I liked it, my answer to that question would lean more towards a "No, not really" oriented answer. Quite frankly, this show disappointed me, to say the least. And its unfortunate because I really thought I was going to like this one, but sadly, the hype just didn't cut it for this one.

Story: 6/10

Definitely not the best, and fails to be in many ways. It lacked too many major details, and I found it somewhat choppy in some areas. At first, I liked the whole, "stray god trying to make it big" read more
Jul 1, 2015
Alan1017 (All reviews)
Noragami is an action adventure with a rich history and characters such as God's, Phantoms, Regalias, and how could you forget the most important a beautiful High School Girl. Our lead character is the 'God of War' named Yato, voice acted by the ever so lovely Hiroshi Kamiya; yes this is only subbed as of now, who wishes to become a very rich and popular God but has to earn his way up 5 yen at a time! which in dollars is ~5 cents. In the very first episode his weapon, Regalia, decides to leave him because of how poor he happens to be, but read more
Nov 18, 2015
Sara_Isayama (All reviews)
So, I think it's important to write a review on this, since I may have a perspective that a lot of people don't really have on this one.

Noragami is about Yato, a minor god of calamity who can't get a shrine of his own, and is kind of a bum, who lives with other gods. He also can't seem to keep a servant spirit, because they all run off because he's too poor, and they want a higher lifestyle. Enter Hiyori, a girl who has an accident that causes her to slip in and out of astral travel. This is very dangerous for her, and read more
Aug 26, 2014
AyoooCee (All reviews)
Up until today, i've never heard of Noragami. It is relatively new but if my friend haden't asked me to watch this with him i probably wouldn't have seen it for a while. That being said i'm glad i took a couple hours of my time to watch the whole first season in one night. I didn't think much of it at first, it looked cool but I personally didn't think it was going to be anything special. This show surprised me ALOT, this a great anime with very little flaws.

Story (9). The story is great, I love how it took time to develop read more
Apr 18, 2014
Keeby (All reviews)
Bones and a supernatural shounen? This just might be amazing...

Unlike previous works of Bones that may prompt one to think of the magical works of Fullmetal Alchemist or Zetsuen no Tempest, the concept of Noragami is rather peculiar; it takes the concept of deities and the supernatural, and places it in a shounen atmosphere. Such concepts have nevertheless been done many times before, however, Noragami takes a strange twist on it. Yato is a rather poor god (being a newcomer), and in order obtain respect and fame he must earn it through favors. On his path to fame, he encounters Hiyori Iki, a seemingly random read more
Aug 7, 2014
Darkmoq (All reviews)
I had heard great things about this anime so I decided to give it a shot. I went in with an open mind. Overall I thought the anime was well done but not without it's flaws.

Story: I've mentioned in a previous review the Action/Romance genre dilemma. Basically you get one or the other, rarely both, sometimes none. I feel like both story elements (action and romance) could have been done better. What this anime does have in large quantities is anime-style slapstick comedy.

Action: Most of the action (really until the last episode) is very boring. The main enemies for most of the series are read more
Aug 14, 2014
NeverKnowsBest26 (All reviews)
Noragami is a supernatural action series with a hint of romance produced by Studio Bones. Along with Shinichiro Watanabe’s Space Dandy, Noragami signaled the current wave of productivity from the studio in 2014, after a slump of low productivity and shows with lukewarm reception which lasted a few years. While not all the shows in this new wave are gems (or even good), Noragami is a keeper. Though it does stick rigidly close to genre conventions, the show casts a wide range of appeal, and effectively hits every one of its targets. It is frequently funny, continuously engaging, and on rare occasion even a little read more
Dec 19, 2015
Dmitry_Scapelli (All reviews)
This is my first review, so I’d be very happy if you had suggestions to help me improve. I’d like to point out that English is not my first language, which is in fact Portuguese, so be free to correct me if I mess up with the grammar. Let’s get started:

Story: 3

In my opinion, the “theme” of this anime is far from original. There are monsters, the phantoms or ayakashi, which are in fact dead human beings who are stalked by the negative emotions they had on their lives. This remembers me of the hollows of Bleach. There is also read more