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Alternative Titles

English: Lovely Complex
Synonyms: Love★Com, Love Com
Japanese: ラブ★コン


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2007 to Sep 29, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Discotek Media
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.151 (scored by 178,665 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3892
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #253
Members: 346,570
Favorites: 7,544


Both Lovely Complex and Toradora involve a girl and boy who act harshly to each other but then end up becoming friends and helping each other try to get together with their love interests. Eventually, the main characters began to develop romantic feelings for each other... I adore both of these series'. <3 
report Recommended by YakuzaDog
Both Kimi ni Todoke and Lovely Complex both deal with a very awkward love between two individuals that progresses very slowly. And during the show, the side characters support the two main characters and have their own little romantic dramas. The characters and style of the show feel very similar, even though lovely complex is a little more comedic than Kimi ni Todoke,both have their funny moments...Sawako and Risa make the most interesting facial expressions! 
report Recommended by katsup
Same sort of high school dating theme, similar art style, but bokura is a lot more serious. 
report Recommended by rakka
Similar shoujo romance series that sets up from high school until graduation. 
report Recommended by chibuki
Pretty much the same, its just that Ouran is more focused on humor and LoveCom on romance. Love them both SOO much :D 
report Recommended by Hagu
Also has that fun crazy hillarious love story vibe to it. I find that the drawing style is also similar. 
report Recommended by Pankeikki
Lovely Complex is more dramatic whereas Special A is more lighthearted. Both animes have more than one couple but Lovely Complex really focuses on one couple compared to Special A. Both fit the romance comedy drama school life categories. 
report Recommended by othic
Two funny shojo things with strong entertaining female leads, romance and lots of fun 
report Recommended by as3
The portrayal of the not your average shoujo story, following unique relationships and a slew of comedic moments tie these two series together.  
report Recommended by retii
They both have comedy and the school life setting. Also there's a pair (Miyazawa and Arima) who are against eachother in the beginning but end up falling for one another. 
report Recommended by PandaPuff
Both Risa and Nodame are silly and fun. The romance, drama, and comedy are very similar although NC is a bit more subtle and mature while LC is more exaggerated and ridiculous at times. For the most part, the characters in NC and LC are all searching for their own goals and trying their best to reach success and find happiness. Both anime are very deep in their own ways, realistic, and motivational! The most important thing is I finished them each in exactly 1.5 days. Go enjoy! 
report Recommended by Annisa
Both are about two friends with very different height: While in Lovely Complex the main girl is the taller in her class and the main boy is the shortest one, in Hiyokoi the main girl is extremely short and the main boy very tall. They slowly start to develop feelings for each other. Both are very sweet. 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both are romance comedies. Some supporting characters are similar to eachother. For example a cute girl who is actually a boy.  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Yes, if you liked Lovely complex, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is very simmilar. Very good art, funny interesting story, includes romance, both of them are awesome. Lovely complex was my favourite shoujo anime, but now I can't decide between these two. Both girls are strong, funny and rude and boys are smaller than girls.  
report Recommended by animaky
This 2 show revolve around Love X Girls Thought X Girls going after guys and basically Humor... But just to warn you, NANA storyline has more Adulthood then Lovely Complex =D  
report Recommended by DeZheKun
The main character is a naive girl who's in love with a clueless (and sometimes awkward) boy. The comedy is similar and both are enjoyable for every audience. 
report Recommended by Saturn19
lovely complex and fruit basket has both a lot of their own magic but you can find similltary between them, in the humar department, they both would knock you out to the floor in several moments. although LC hasn't finished yet, i cant find it dropping it's quality an time soon. i would like more and more from both of them :) 
report Recommended by bini
Peach Girl and Lovely Complex had almost same their idea story. I love both! 
report Recommended by roxyhawaii
Both are cute school days comedies that have to do with friendship and love through out high school. 
report Recommended by Obsessed-W-Shojo
the two main characters have the same kind of relationship in both series. the female lead is taller than the main guy and always tease them about how short they are... they also have the same interests or personality but always fighting which is hilarious!! they both definately have romance in them and they all soon to relise they they are falling in love with the other person. Lovely complex is more focused about the charaters relationships+comedy and Toshoukan is more military, training and books.... 
report Recommended by itzMojoj0
Both have protagonists who fall in love with a person who constantly refuses to reciprocate said love and treats the protagonist like crap, yet the protagonist continues throughout the entire series to try to win the object of their affection's heart even when superior alternatives come around. 
report Recommended by Florete
Different premises but both series adapts a shoujo manga involving lives of two main characters. They get off to a rocky start in the beginning but their relationship gradually develops over time. Love triangle should be expected along with other characters that gets involved in the story that affects their relationship. Both series has a lighthearted mood although there are moments when emotions takes hold. Recommended for fans of rom-com. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both dealing with the same issues--unrequited love, school, and not to mention lovable characters and great humor. 
report Recommended by ummyeah
You have a 'short' guy (shunsuke) in love with a 'tall' girl (Eru), and there is some hilarity due to the height discrepancies between these two. Shunsuke and Eru aren't Otani and Risa, but they have a good relationship.. Lovely Complex plays it for laughs more than Kabocha, but there is a good romance story going on here, and the longer span of Kabocha draws it out more than Love Com, but there is still a lot to like about this show.It won't be for everyone's liking  
report Recommended by keitasama
In both anime are school romance. In both anime are love not corresponded correctly on behalf of the girl. In both anime sometimes the masculine protagonist is equal of indifferent. In both anime are nice comedy. Sorry for my bad english. 
report Recommended by Geroldo-Kun
High School love and about wining the main's heart ;D 
report Recommended by Lilly1x
Both series don't really have a "real" plot. The stories just go with the flow. Both anime involve romance among friends and the hesitation to admit it. They're both comical though Acchi Kocchi is shorter and focuses more on the comedy. 
report Recommended by Athena_Carolyn
Both include the totally knows nothing about love guy. Both in a F.M.F love triangle, except told by a different gender protangist. But other parts are really different... 
report Recommended by AppleEncore
The same, provide comedy, -Both anime in love complex, the girl is super tall for her age, and the guy is super short, in Recorder To Randoseru is guy extreamly tall for his age, and the girl is extreamly short for her age. 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both shows revolve around a group of friends dealing with relationship issues among another. Even though Kokoro Connect is more serious than Lovely Complex it still has its funny moments that take you away from the drama. These two animes arent 100 percent similar but if you enjoyed Lovely Complex then you shouldnt miss out on Kokoro Connect 
report Recommended by LancelotTypeZero
report Recommended by CHENJA10
Both involve 2 characters who treat each other harshly, especially at first, but as the series develops they begin to have their moments where they break that front and eventually have romantic feelings toward each other. Both have hilarious comedy and i highly reccomend this anime to any who enjoyed Lovely complex. If you've seen this anime and liked it, you must watch Ranma 1/2. I'd even consider it a step up. 
report Recommended by Puddintane
Chiaki/Kana (Tsurezure Children) and Koizumi/Ootani (Lovely Complex) have a VERY similar dynamic! Another similarity is that both also take time to focus on aspects outside of just the couple/romance, aka their interpersonal relationships with their friends and family.  
report Recommended by fishpun
Ok, this is probably the least similar anime you will see on the recommendation list. But the reason why I think you would love one anime if you watched the other is because of the main characters. Even though Haikyuu's Kageyama and Hinata aren't a couple (yet ;)), the relationship between them are VERY similar with Risa and Otani. They both have one taller and one shorter person, they fight a lot and isn't exactly 'friends', you can say that they have a friendly rivalry. But both pairs got a very strong relationship which I think is similar enough to recommend. Both shows are also really  read more 
report Recommended by wthkagehina
Another lovely romance story, Kamisama's art is better though. 
report Recommended by cherriox
Chihayafuru and Lovely★Complex have similar main characters. They don't share interests or circumstances but are both adorably dense and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They mess up often but are honest and strive to improve themselves. The atmosphere in these anime are similar—funny and warm with emphasis on growing up and figuring out who you are, where you belong, and what you're capable of. 
report Recommended by Melodic999
both romance and both are realy very good 
report Recommended by bigt1892
After watching any episode of either Lovely Complex or Kimi to Boku it leaves you with a happy, warm feeling. A satisfied feeling yet one that will make you want more. Although Kimi to Boku has an all male lead both animes have its fair share of laughs and highschool students with personalities you'll just fall in love with.  
report Recommended by Wuddupashley
Both will make you laugh Both are colorful and creative Both have crazy/weird characters.  
report Recommended by RainbowInk
Both have similar shojo/comedy style with charismatic characters and a bit of drammatic moments. 
report Recommended by Baka_93
Lovely Complex and Golden Time are considered romantic comedy series based off of characters who falls in love through development. There's plenty of doses of comedy, drama, but also emotions as well. The main female protagonist has a crush/admiration towards another character from the very beginning of both series. However, they also spent time with the main male protagonist to discover more about the concept of love. There's humorous dialogues throughout both series that has a variety of themes to them.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Lovely Complex is a hilarious story, that appealed to me after I watched REC so, I thought maybe it will appeal to you as well. 
report Recommended by Greyskulduggery
they both hate each other in the first episode then they both have kissing scene and a happy ending. watch love hina follow up by love hina again. 
report Recommended by devildixie
Another story of a couple of high school friends who become a couple, involving comedy and drama along the way. This has less side characters but still feels fairly "slice of life" and also deals with the same coming of age issues of leaving school and working out what to do next. 
report Recommended by staindude
Similar art and plot which makes them very interesting, but Complex is more as comedy, Kyou is more romance-like. 
report Recommended by Intro
LoveCom and Abenobashi are both comedies with an entire Kansai-ben cast! The humor in Abenobashi is a hundred times wackier than anything in LC, but you'll definitely get a laugh out of them both! Also, if you want to hear some more from Akemi Okamura (Risa), she plays a supporting character (Sayaka) in AMS. 
report Recommended by YakuzaDog
Although LovCom(Short for Lovely Complex) is much lighter than Myself;Yourself, they both have a good amount of drama in it. Both are also romance-concentrated, and deal with the troubles of the main characters and their relationships. Lovely Complex is so hilarious!! So if you're looking for a romance-comedy somewhat similar to Myself;Yourself, then I recommend it to you(vice-versa for LovCom). ^ ^ 
report Recommended by kitkat23316
Both are tackling complicated relationships and the comedy that goes with it Sakura Diaries is a little R+ rated and tackles a taboo subject. (but its okay if they're not related by blood right?) Lovely Complex is more PG rated and is more conventional. Both are still funny dramas in their own right. When i was watching Sakura Diaries i kept comparing it to Love Complex throughout the entire viewing.  
report Recommended by Ranivus
both animes have significant height different between the couple. also both comedies. 
report Recommended by midori-
Mermaid Melody has a main theme of romance centering around the two main characters and also their friend's romances as well. Actually the only huge difference is that Lov*Com has no mermaids(thank god cuz what would that be like). Luchia and Risa both go through the many troubles of confessing and they both have certain reasons that complicate it even more. Oh and of course since its a rom-com there's a whole lot of good comedy in M.M.P.P.P. And plus, Mermaid Melody's got a second season. ^ ^ 
report Recommended by kitkat23316
Stories about group of friends that involves couple, who tries to put two together and one girly girl (?) ^^ 
report Recommended by Eriis
Both are great shoujo romance series about a couple no one thought would ever happen, whose biggest relationship obstacle seems to be themselves. Both also have great supporting casts who gradually get fleshed out and have their own great subplots. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
A romantic love story, similar to Sukitte Ii na yo. Really cute, with a happy ending. The main protagonist falls in love with a person, who's truly different from what he thought. He mainly he likes the girl not because she's cute, but instead for who she really is. An "out-of-friend zone" love story, with a lot of funny moments, sometimes sad. Both of them show us how we should handle our issues and are about human relationships that are not so far away from the reality. 
report Recommended by haganey
The humour, humour, humour is the main thing for these two anime, can they and are not similar to identical plots, but they are worthy to stand near to comedy creations face to face... In Lovely Complex to be told about ridiculous pair (at first they certainly do not know that become pair) which on a serial extent will do such things that for you the smile from the person will not fall... About Yamato - there business is necessary on another... 4 handsome men of the guy for which all are but to live in the super-puper-enormous house it give the job: from ... Pseudo-girls (which  read more 
report Recommended by ZeDesu
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is more for guys, while Lovely Complex is more for girls. That doesn't mean its gender-exclusive; it just means the series was originally intended for that audience. Both series are realistic in terms of romance and life. Unlike regular romance series where they always happy-happy-happy, both series show you that life isn't always fair. Be ready to cry and smile in either of these series.  
report Recommended by lxtazl
The relationship between the male and female leads are similar since both are mismatched couples coming of age. 
report Recommended by arimakenshin
They both remind me of how the two main characters in it are kind of alike, with having the boy being shorter and the girl being taller; they both also have romance, if Maria†Holic's morbid gender bending "romance" counts. Maria†Holic is NOT a yuri anime by the way, it just uses the "yuri" and dramatizes it by a great degree that makes it hilarious. 
report Recommended by AuroraStar
Both anime are high school romance comedies, though with somewhat diffrent setting - Lovely Complex is firmly slice of life, while Karin is fantasy/supernatural. 
report Recommended by hajil
If you enjoy watching light-hearted rom-coms in the Kansai dialect, then these series are made for you. Both series also have several interesting side characters with their own love problems. Also, Lovely Complex is maybe a bit more comedy-oriented while Inari Konkon Koi Iroha spends more time on the romantic aspects of the story. 
report Recommended by pallokala
While you shouldn't be watching Fumoffu unless you've already seen FMP!, Lovely Complex and Fumoffu are quite similar. Both are hilarious and center around school life. Both characters have feelings for each other but are way too proud/embarrassed to show them to the other person. Definitely check out one or the other! 
report Recommended by Xinil
Both are having the same genres and little problems that they should or rather must be solved. They also have conflicts as well. 
report Recommended by Beezheen