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Hayate no Gotoku!

Alternative Titles

English: Hayate the Combat Butler
Synonyms: Hayate no Gotoku!
Japanese: ハヤテのごとく!


Type: TV
Episodes: 52
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 2007 to Mar 30, 2008
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Unknown
Studios: SynergySP
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.661 (scored by 70,128 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #12432
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #615
Members: 169,535
Favorites: 1,631


- That "randomness" aspect - Fighting in both animes are usually serious, but they both throw in some aspect to make it less tense, like a funny scene of some sort - Breaking the fourth wall MANY times in both animes - Many cameo's and parodies/ mentions of other animes/ shows/ real life references 
report Recommended by neverless
Butler-mistress relationship, anime tributes, ecchi moments, and parts that will make you laugh quite much. It should be noted that KimiAru has more comedy that comes from ecchi, while Hayate is mostly based on anime tributes. Also, Hayate is more age-friendly and has a far more powerful seiyuu cast. 
report Recommended by DaBigD
Nagi and Louise have the same voice actor, and its very like each other. Boy meets girl, and girl bosses boy around. 
report Recommended by Hagu
Does superfluous, crazy anime references make you burst out laughing? How about unexpected gags throughout the whole single episode? If you're up for it, expect the same for this anime. 
report Recommended by chibuki
Both of these hyper comedy series were produced almost by a lot of same staff. Notice the similar format in on-screen advisory, commercial phrases, lyrics mark-up, etc. 
report Recommended by chibuki
Maid-Master relationship in HiMM and Butler-Mistress relationship in Hayate, ecchi, comedy (and young girls, for those of you loli lovers xD) It should be noted that Hayate's art is better and has a more powerful seiyuu cast than HiMM.  
report Recommended by DaBigD
The voice actress for Nagi and Astarotte are the same. Though Naoya's specific job is that of a member of Astarotte's harem, he seems to function more as a sort of butler. The overall feel of a master/servant environment is evident in both series.  
report Recommended by iplaychopsticks
They both are really funny and they both have characters that doesn't notice obvious things.  
report Recommended by Kuro-
Both series are about a butler who desires to protect their masters no matter what trouble he/she shall face. Both have a very slice-of-life feel but gradually develops the storyline at a good pace at the same time. The master of the two series share multiple similarities too, both being extremely rich and having some sort of disorder (Nagi being a NEET and Kanade a pervert) The two shows also have misfortunate butlers getting into amusing situations that are a pleasure to watch. 
report Recommended by FearTheDarkSide
Both about unfortunate boys that are forced into bad circumstances that make their everyday life a living hellXD They're are both crack humor as well^.^ 
report Recommended by Bluesnow
Both are heavily reference based; if you like parody you'll definitely want to check out Hayate no Gotoku.  
report Recommended by aminorsus2
Main characters are very similar. They act weak and get pushed around by women that like them. There is also some cross dressing and random humor. 
report Recommended by animejnkie
First off, let me just say that both Hayate no Gotoku and Ourah High School Host Club are zany, random, and absolutely hilarious shows. I'd say they're a definite must watch if you're into comedies. How are they similar? Hayate no Gotoku has our hero, Ayasaki Hayate, who becomes a "combat butler" to pay off his debt to Nagi, who paid off his outrageous debt to some Yakuza; Yakuza of whom his parents borrowed a ton of money from, lost said money in gambling and crazy dreams, and then decided to skip town and leave Hayate behind with the debt. Boy is HnG a whacky show... As for  read more 
report Recommended by katrak
Both have the main theme as Parody humor, and both use it brilliantly. THough having very different plots, if you love parody humor similar to Pani Poni Dash, you will Love Hayate no Gotoku. 
report Recommended by Momomelo
Both Allen and Hayate share the same personality.. They always end up helping other people, they both look kind and cheerful but also have funny dark personalities.. And not to forget that they also share the same unlimited "I can do anything" thing.. And lastly they share the same childhood experiences. Not exactly the same though.. Any how, however you see it they are the same <3. 
report Recommended by yumiche
Both are nice comedies with a main male character who fights spirits and has a debt from his relatives that he's having difficulties with.  
report Recommended by Deknijff
Narrators gone wild. Both show feature heavy narration to the point that it become cogs of the show. But please note that something has gone wrong with ookami-san narrator, all she did is ruining the mood. (try watching the sucky part of the show without narration, oh hey it's fun) Both show also happen to feature the almighty Itou Shizuka which is not worth mentioning at all, NOT at all. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both anime's are about a young but powerful boy who protects a loli in order to earn money for different motives. Hayate is more on the comedy, whilst Kurenai aims at the drama atmosphere. 
report Recommended by mvpmerome
Both are comedies about the main character as a boy who frequently cross-dresses, and has no-face parents who put their son in unimaginable debts, and are chased by debt collectors. They both end up falling into money, and end up working as a gofer for the people who saved them from their debts. The only difference would probably be the contrast in length. Hayate no Gotoku is a full-episode series spanning multiple seasons, while Himegoto is currently only one season, with only 4-minute shorts.  
report Recommended by 4kicks
Both have a guy from a non-rich background suddenly entering the world of EXTREMELY rich people. In Princess Lover, the guy suddenly gets adopted by his super-rich grandfather after his parents disappear by dying, and in Hayate, he gets hired by a super-rich 13-year old girl as a butler after his parents disappear by abandoning him and leaving him with a 150 million yen debt. Hayate can also transform into a Super Saiyan, shoot Kamehameha waves, and completely pwn Gundams unarmed, though the guy in Princess Lover is somewhat strong too, but there's no comparison. 
report Recommended by BorbMizzet
Both contain a lot of references to other anime/manga works and are hilarious, especially SZS. 
report Recommended by DragonsWhip
Both have that butler/maids protecting their master concept. If you're into humor anime, try both ;D 
report Recommended by melancholy
Both of them got butlers, maids and arrogant masters lol :D but Ladies vs Butlers is ecchier than Hayete no Gotoku so if ur crazy for ecchi you won't be finding what u want that much.But they are good animes so if u didn't watch one of them go for it :P 
report Recommended by chingstah
Hayate no Gotoku is pretty similar, instead of a 12 year-old boy the butler in Hayate protects and serves a 13 year-old girl 
report Recommended by Nebbi
Both heroines - Shana and Nagi - are part of "The four tsudere wonders". So if you like tsudere characters, you should watch them both. 
report Recommended by Lavinnia
Both anime have cute seiyuus that fills the role of the main female lead. Maids are also evident in both titles. 
report Recommended by Vizard
Somehow both the martial arts and humour makes me connect these two animes together. I think anyone who liked one of these would like the other. 
report Recommended by Breezie-D
Both are really silly shows. Hayate has more story parts compared to Nichijou (which has 0?). But in both Animes the gags are exaggerating everything that can come to ones mind. 
report Recommended by Androth
Yotaro/Hayate must serve Makkio/Nagi. He is her bodyguard. Both Makio and Nagi are being targeted. A whole cast of characters come live with Makio/Nagi at her mansion. Both are a slice of life, comedy and some action.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Same kind of humor. If someone enjoyed Hayate no Gotoku, they might like Nekogami Yaoyorozu as well. Both are non-ecchi and focus on the comedy aspect. 
report Recommended by Smoku
The characters attitude is just the same. Ririchiyo and Nagi is both anti-social and Soushi and Hayate both doing anything for his master. Both anime centralized on comedy while expressing the story. 
report Recommended by mlcdl
well, the guy who is loved by all the girls in the anime, although "Omamori Himari" is a lot more echi based than "Hayate no Gotoku"  
report Recommended by walloman
both have strong male character both main male character confuse other girls both have same felling and humor both have very rich girls and they try to lead a normal life both the male character parents have left the child alone and gone somewhere both the main male characters are understanding  
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Both female leads are loli, don't look adult or mature. In both series, the male leads are protecting the female lead. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Homeless because of their parent’s debt both main (Ayasaki Hayate-HNG & Momozono Nanami-KH) hero/heroine was forced out of their house, with a small stroke of luck they were taken in by a weird new home. New mysteries and comedy life both find themselves a new place to fit in. Both great series to watch! 
report Recommended by Chento
These two series are similar because they both have a harem setup. In Hayate, the male lead is a butler, but in Hanaukyou, the male lead is the master. In both anime, the male leads are new to mansions and servants, and there is a female maid who is two years older and a love interest of the male lead in both anime. They also both have comedy aspects. These anime are dissimilar though because Hayate is much longer and there is less romance than Maid-tai. Also, the harem aspect of Maid-tai is much greater. 
report Recommended by Honesty
These two series both have fourth-wall breaking, shout-outs abundant, a lemony narrator, and a goofball protagonist. Space☆Dandy could be summed up as "Hayate in Space." 
report Recommended by Domayv
It is hilarious and entertaining and a parody of shounen. Sound, characters and art is nice. The whole package is good and if you loved Hayate no gotoku! then you will certainly enjoy one punch man.  
report Recommended by quantum11
They have similar styles of ridiculous humor. They both break the fourth wall frequently and use the narrator to make jokes in similar ways to one another. 
report Recommended by MorningStorm64
both have similar comedy both are mixed with romance both have the same athmosphera, though the plot is very diferent, Hayate Ayasaki is a hardworking boy whose irresponsible parents even give him as a payment of a futile debt to the Yakuza. Fleeing from his pursuers, he meets the girl Nagi Sanzen and decides to kidnap her but, fumbling, seems to make her a declaration of love; can not make the request for ransom. At that moment, two true hijackers appear that lead Nagi, but Hayate goes behind. He manages to save her and asks for a job as a reward, but he gets hurt.  read more 
report Recommended by Fervoroso
Little spoiled blond-haired girl, maid and young boy as main characters + unreqiued love. 
report Recommended by Monchi
Kenjiro Hata author of Hayate no Gotoku! is a big fan of Saint Seiya and through the series you can see a lot of references to this series. While HnG! is not as serous as Seiya they share similar feeling and both evolve around loyalty. 
report Recommended by Venom312
I would recommend the manga instead but too lazy... Both contain pretty funny scenes that you should get if your otaku power is 4000/9000 or greater. - (for intermediate / master otakus) 
report Recommended by gimeyop
Suddenly i remember about hayate no gotoku after watching shounen maid if you like comedy and an anime about servant and master you will like this anime too  
report Recommended by shizuka_hatoru
Both series of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai / Hayate no Gotoku is Harem, Romance If u watched this, u might as well watch the other  
report Recommended by rnaster
Both are hilarious anime that use outrageous situations to make witty jokes; they don't break the fourth wall, they disintegrate it! Both of them parody other anime. Many of the characters in both series have a habit of simply blurting out whatever is on the edge of their tongues. I'm pretty sure that you'll like one if you liked the other. 
report Recommended by coastalmaineiac
Similairs: >The protagonist is saved by a short blondie and serves her. >Both protagonist is really good at being servant/butler and he can do almost anything. >Protagonist is innocent, has quite shocking past. >Multiple girls. HAREM Differences: >Mecha in Isekai Why bother reading this! Get down to it and watch! 
report Recommended by DeusXZero
Although Macademi Wasshoi! has a lot more ecchi situations than Hayate no Gotoku, both of these animes are fast-paced romantic comedies with plenty of parody and a harem feel to them. 
report Recommended by Defiance
A broad satire of the the action anime with well aimed shots at super-heroes, pro wrestlers and action stars along the way .  
report Recommended by chinaboat
Focused only on magical girl anime but within that genre just as on target 
report Recommended by chinaboat
These two animes are similar 'cause it seems like the same character designer. In both animes the main character looks younger than he actually is. Both animes have many different characters. Also both of these animes are very funny; including parodies. If you liked Hayate no Gotoku, you'll definitely like Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ 
report Recommended by miiyo
Comedy harem with plenty of possible pairings that appeal to audiences of all taste. Note that this recs focused on possibility of pairing because there are not many solid romance element or author-arranged couple present in both show, allowing audience imagination to runs wild. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both are comedy-oriented anime with a large cast of characters with wide exaggerations. They also both have tons of puns referring to anime, game and general japanese pop culture. Kyouran Kazoku is slightly more crazy than Hayate no Gotoku and easier to understand for non-hardcore fan. If you like the comedy style in Hayate no Gotoku, you'll like Kyouran Kazoku Nikki too or vice versa. Also, the female leads are very similar in character too.... 
report Recommended by wakka9ca
These two anime are totally different in story and number of episodes. But if you're like me, (That is, you enjoy comedies with light action scenes and you're also a fan of insanely strong heroes with blue hair) then you should check out both of these shows. 
report Recommended by OverChasm
Both series have silly characters, arbitrary romance, and so many silly, disjointed scenes that you can't help but laugh. 
report Recommended by jimbo1023
Comedy with young girls that all seem to like the main character. 
report Recommended by DeathfireD
There's this really awesome Code Geass reference in Hayate no Gotoku. If you love Code Geass, you'll flip out when you see what they did with Geass in Hayate >8D 
report Recommended by melancholy
insanely rich, anime/manga crazed girl 
report Recommended by elchinoloco
Both are romantic comedies with a loud-mouth girl and her dense bodyguard as the main characters. Either one or both shows are guaranteed to make you laugh. 
report Recommended by Hantsuki
its a really good anime about a girl that makes everything come to life 
report Recommended by mauricioso34
They are both funny. 'Reborn' has more action scenes than 'hayate' but they are both pleasant to watch. Reborn deals with the mafia world while Hayate is more associated with randomness...however they are both happy, happy in a sense 
report Recommended by indigokhoos
Both main characters have a debt which they are trying to pay off. And both main work as a butler or maid and work to the fullest in everything. Only Hayate is randomness 
report Recommended by TH-Chen
Both are hilariously funny, and both also have a lot of in-jokes and tongue-in-cheek cultural references :) 
report Recommended by geno93n0
If you think of a parody and are a parody anime fan, for a while you will always put HnG and Gintama titles together as great parody anime. Both have the same kind of comedy, randomness, and atmosphere. 
report Recommended by amirhoss
Both protagonists are abandoned by their parent(s) and ends up working as some sort of servant. They are also both quite hard-working and by starting their new job, they encounter a variety of new people who works/lives there. They both seem to speak their mind and try to do justice in their own eyes. Besides that, there is the fact that both series seems to have a comic factor to them - random stuff happening, weird personalities and so on. There might be more, but this was my opinion after watching the first episode og Hanasaku Iroha :) 
report Recommended by Skaya
Hayate is a parody of other anime and Dokuro-chan is somewhat like a parody itself. They are both considered "hilarious" but it depends on your sense of humor. Just be aware Dokuro-chan is the more raunchy version of the two.  
report Recommended by Hantsuki
You like animes with sick humor, lots of references and a storyline goes around the rules of a storyline? That are the points wich makes those two animes very similiar. ...oh and both have Nabeshin! <3 
report Recommended by Talon
When I started watching Toradora!, it reminded me immediately of Hayate no Gotoku! Besides being voiced by the same person, the first thing I thought about when I saw Taiga was "NAGI!": They're both short, rich and like to boss around, but they also have their sweet side that they show to the guy they like (and to their close friends). They also have problems with their parents / grandparents. Hayate is also similar to Ryuji in a way that they both serve their "masters" without hesitating, and also take care of the girls. Oh but Ryuji has a scary face while Hayate is cute :P 
report Recommended by SawlSeki
When I first watched Hayate no Gotoku I felt a spiritual presence coming from 2x2 Shinobuden. Both are notorious for anime parodies. Not to mention that Shinobu and Hayate have some extreme bad luck (Shinobu with her ninja skills, Hayate with money). You’ll also hear a familiar voice that will remind you of Onsokumaru. Don’t forget the mascot thing (the white tiger and the crocodile). 
report Recommended by dillian