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Pokemon: The Origin

Alternative Titles

English: Pokémon: Origins
Synonyms: Pocket Monsters: The Origin, Pokémon: The Origin
Japanese: ポケットモンスター THE ORIGIN


Type: Special
Episodes: 4
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2013
Producers: None found, add some
Studios: Production I.G, Xebec, OLM
Source: Game
Duration: 21 min. per ep.
Rating: PG - Children


Score: 7.861 (scored by 96,280 users)
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Ranked: #8082
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Popularity: #750
Members: 142,598
Favorites: 533


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Oct 4, 2013
sebba93 (All reviews)
The Pokemon anime series is something i droped for many years, basically is just the same formula but a different region with new Pokémon and so on.

I came back just for one reason. I played the original game in a Game Boy when I was 10, and since then i followed the games, maybe for someone the games are like i just said about the anime "the same formula but a different region with new Pokémon" but i think the games, in fact, are more fun and engaging.

Now, back to the animation... I love it.

It takes the most memorables moments of the original game like read more
Mar 11, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)
Story and characters: 4/10

The OVA promised to follow the story of the original Pokemon Red and besides adding a mega-evolution for Charizard at the end, it pretty much did exactly that. Our hero is named Red instead of Ash and he actually captures all the Pokemon. He doesn't randomly release his best fighters, he actually wins his gym battles without cheating, the Pokemon actually use real moves and not bullshit like "dodge", and he actually dismantles the Team Rocket Organization. So this is WAY better than the original Pokemon anime right?....right? The problem is that Pokemon wasn't a game that sold so well because of read more
Oct 2, 2013
Jakerams (All reviews)
Pokemon a series that many people have lost faith in which is understandable with the recent years. Pokemon: The Origin however actually was pretty good. Pokemon: The Origin based off of Pokemon Red/Green is 4 episodes which gives a brief summary of the games they were based on.

The reason that Pokemon: The Origin was good was because of the characters
Red: The main character he did what the other guy(Ash/Satoshi) couldn't do and that is dominate, have a clear goal, and actually follows that goal leading him to become a great trainer in the long run.

Green: Even though he was made into a side character read more
Jun 21, 2014
NeverKnowsBest26 (All reviews)
Nostalgia can be a detriment to looking at something through a critical lens. Fond memories can blur your judgment concerning the quality of a work of fiction, especially if it's something you grew up on. This is the pit-trap waiting for the generation of anime fans who grew up in the 90's watching and playing Pokémon in this four episode special. Pokémon Origins retells memorable events of the first two Pokémon games in animated form. No doubt it will bring forth warm fuzzy memories of popping Pokémon in your Gameboy for the first time, but once put under a critical light, the special bares questionable read more
Oct 5, 2013
Kapodaco (All reviews)
It's important to remember that when reviewing any topic, one should keep their personal bias to a very low minimum. This is especially difficult when dealing with a monster type franchise such as the Pokemon series, as most, if not all, people have been exposed to either the Pokemon series or games at some point in their lives. To the degree that this affects their opinion of the franchise is what ultimately will decide the fate of the future of the series. Keeping this point in mind, when it was announced earlier this summer/fall that a new anime would be produced that would follow the read more
Oct 3, 2013
ZetaZaku (All reviews)
Origin might be a great example of how to do a short game adaptation. Sure, it's not that good, as it basically skipped most gyms and locations. But did it please it's fans? Well it sure did please me.

It's a bit difficult commenting on the overall story, as a lot was skipped, so all we got was Red starting his journey and battling Brock, Lavender Town, a bit of Silph Co and 8th gym battle against Giovanni, short E4 montage and Mewtwo battle. Pretty much the highlights of the Kanto games. The start of the journey was well done and portrayed how the game looked read more
Oct 4, 2013
captcouch (All reviews)
Pokemon: The Origin is a four-episode OVA series split between three different studios that is an anime interpretation of the reboot for the first-generation of Pokemon games (FireRed and LeafGreen). With the release of Pokemon X and Y for 3DS hitting the international market, Origin was more of an accessory item, but people were still excited. Does Origin live up to the hype? Let's take a look.

The story follows the story of Pokemon Trainer Red on his journey to complete the Pokedex and become the Pokemon League Champion: the same plot of the games themselves. He competes with his rival Green on his quest to read more
Oct 2, 2013
Hentai4theplot (All reviews)
When I first heard that there would be a new Pokemon anime released, and furthermore that it was based upon the Fire Red/Leaf Green games, I was rather excited. As a fan of the games and manga I've waited a long time hoping for something other than the disappointing anime where the writers so shamelessly retcon the story and frequently bend and defy the Pokemon world's logic whenever convenient to showcase merchandise. I guess I should have checked my enthusiasm however, as all I got for watching this was more disappointment.

Pokemon: The Origin offers nothing interesting to the fans, new or old, that hasn't been read more
Nov 23, 2013
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Pokemon. The word itself should be very familiar to many people, as many people probably have seen at least 1 episode of the anime, played a game, or at least heard of it from the grapevine. From a long line of anime seasons and movies such as: Everyone's favorite "Pokemon: The Movie" featuring Mewtwo, the semi-ok "Manaphy and the Pokemon Ranger", the really bad Keldeo Movie, and the god awful Pokemon Black and White series, we have Pokemon: The Origin welcoming us to the new generation of pokemon, X and Y.

Story (8/10): With the idea of pokemon going back to its read more
Aug 20, 2014
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Pokemon, or Pocket Monsters was a part of my generation's childhood and every subsequent generation given that the series has continued with a new version being released every couple of years and that isn't even including the spinoff games like Snap, Conquest, or Ranger. The original pair of games, Red and Green, was released in Japan during February of 96. (Blue didn't come until later. We didn't get them until 99 and we didn't get Green at all. The games quickly grew into a major franchise with an anime that started broadcasting in 97 and has never stopped, getting new series added with every new read more
Nov 22, 2013
IvanAipom93 (All reviews)
I expected a lot more.

Pokémon: The Origin is the special dedicated to Red and Blue/Green, the original Poké-games. It has been introduced as an epic moment for everyone, both who played the games and who didn't. Actually it has lots of not-so-good elements that give it the status of "just-enjoyable-but-nothing-more".

Some of them are caused by the lenght of this special, combined to the intentions of the writers. I can understand this is a special and must be just 1:30 hours long, that's not the problem. But, knowing it must be this lenght, you just can't make it represent a game based on travelling, experiencing, growing read more
Jan 25, 2015
apocatlypse (All reviews)
This was really good. It followed the storyline of the games quite accurately. The only complaint I have was that it was way too short! As a result, everything felt quite rushed. I feel like I didn't quite get to understand the characters and the story to its full potential. If they turned this into an actual series I would definitely watch the crap out of it.
Nov 18, 2014
Brav0 (All reviews)
If you played the first Pokemon games (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) you will love this short series, if you like pokemon in general you will enjoy this for shure.
This series shure brings back some memories, the music is really great, a lot of the OST music are orchestrated versions of the original OST 8-bit music, which is great.
It also shows the "new" concept of the Mega Evolution.
Overall it's an amazing anime, best enjoyed for fans of the Pokemon universe.

Cool info:
The main character (Red) is voiced by Takeuchi, Junko, the voice of Naruto
Aug 27, 2018
Garma (All reviews)
*This review contains spoilers.*

Pokemon: The Origin is an adaptation of the very first Pokemon games for the old gameboy. As such, it takes on a different approach to the Pokemon TV series. Rather than Ash with his Pikachu we have Red in the role of our protagonist - with Green as his rival, much like in the games.

Let's be real here: No Pokemon game ever had a great story or interesting characters. It's almost always been the gameplay that players enjoyed: Being able to explore a vast world, catching Pokemon, training them, breeding them and competing with other trainers. This is what Pokemon is at read more
Jan 9, 2015
andrehuang (All reviews)
Suffering greatly in the story department, POKEMON ORIGINS does almost everything else right.

Short attention span? Here's the gist:

+ Amazing & nostalgic soundtrack

+ Very refreshing art and animation

- Latter half of story is lackluster and ultimately an advertisement for the Pokemon X and Y games


The Story: The story of POKEMON ORIGINS, or PKO for short, is essentially an adaptation of the story from the games RED and BLUE. The only problem is; however, that RED and BLUE are fairly long games which each take about 30 hours to complete and PKO is only four episodes which takes read more
Aug 29, 2015
Halkenburg (All reviews)
Ah, Pokemon: The Origin. The highest-rated Pokemon-related anime in MAL's database. It is an interesting case for sure, and I will attempt to explain why in my first (and probably last) review.

For contextual purposes, I think it is extremely important to understand the basic history of the Pokemon franchise before trying to make sense of Pokemon: The Origin, so I will start with a brief historical summary. Also, from here on out, I will be referring to the original anime series and its sequels as simply "Pokemon" (as it is listed in MAL's database), and Pokemon: The Origin as "PTO".

In 1996, the read more
Nov 30, 2015
Kuroneko (All reviews)
Enjoyment - 9
Extremely enjoyable for fans of the games though it should of been longer so they could of cut out the Summary/Timeskips that they had and extended it to a 12 episode anime with a Intro episode, 8 episodes one for each of the gyms, One for Red to battle with Giovanni at Pokemon HQ, Elite 4/Champion and one final episode after that for red to finish up the pokedex

Story - 7
Adapted the games storyline without adding any unnecessary fillers
Summaries were used for some of the important parts of the story (including Gyms and the Elite 4)

Art - 10
Pokemon look just read more
Aug 20, 2015
DeletedUser7717 (All reviews)
Most Reviews on here thrive at the fact that the whole thing was short, and while it sadly was too short, I will be ignoring this for my own one.

Pokemon: The Origin is a story seemingly based of the core of the original Pokemon. While short, this story takes things like the base game and similar things into a animated adventure.

With lot's of good moments of fun and tense stuff, plus all the memes we got from these 4 short episodes, this was a very valuable thing to watch for the huge Pokemon fan that I am.

It's simple... Do YOU like Pokemon? read more
Oct 17, 2013
LostJoker (All reviews)
First of all, I was amazed when a friend of mine told me that Pokémon: The Origin was about to come out and I was like "What? Not only Pokemon X and Y but also an anime too?!". I had a great expectation for this anime and I guess I was right after all. I only play Pokémon games. I don't watch the anime because I think it's too much repetitive and is always the same thing, but this one is really the exception.

Most people started to connect with Pokémon not only because of the anime but thanks to the amazing games it has. Making read more
Nov 14, 2013
Zelot (All reviews)
Pokemon Origins... What a trip down nostalgia lane!

Spoiler Alerts.

Story: 7
The story was great for the first two episodes, everything felt familiar to the days of playing my Pokemon Yellow! The problem were the two last episodes. I felt episode three was very cliche, with the typical villain turning over a new leaf. I mean this wasn't really in the game, so it threw me off, but there was absolutely no reason for them to have Giovanni turn good. Especially when he terminated his team. They should have just left him being an evil villain and possibly show a read more