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Love Hina

Alternative Titles

English: Love Hina
Japanese: ラブひな


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 19, 2000 to Sep 27, 2000
Premiered: Spring 2000
Broadcast: Unknown
Studios: Xebec
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.221 (scored by 107,140 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #28722
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #518
Members: 200,061
Favorites: 1,501


This show seems very similar to love hina in many aspects. Explaining is hard without giving spoilers but the characters, comedy style, amd even look is similar i highly suggest both anime. 
report Recommended by scottreel11
Both animes share the same premise, a boy, not especially popular, suddenly finds himself surrounded by girls interested in him. A lot of the visual gags usually arising from misunderstandings, which result in the boy getting beaten up and called a pervert, are also present in both series. 
report Recommended by dollie_mixtures
Lots of fun, lots of accidents, lots of punches, lots of love. Besides Keintaro is a normal Student, Yoichi is a Samurai. 
report Recommended by MahadoKusanagi
Is the same basic storyline, a childhood promise, love involved, girls confusion and a lots of comedy. The characters are similar, but Love hina is harem style (many, many girls) and nisekoi is school life style. 
report Recommended by KPBouvier
Same creator, yet slightly different. I personally preferred Negima, because it had a bit more depth in it. Not as romance-based, I guess... But magic and spell-casting is always a plus. 
report Recommended by DuoCultellus
One guy, lots of pretty girls; That's the way things work in in the lives of both main male characters. Both of them develop a certain relationship with one of the girls, but due to the other girls, other guys and various negative circumstances, those relationships just don't work out the way they're supposed to, which produces some hilarious moments. Furthermore, the main male characters get treated like living punching bags by most of the girls, for performing unintended perverted actions. 
report Recommended by MassZERO
Both involve one guy trying to get by in life while having multiple girls who live with him interfering in some way, very funny and humorous, also has fan service 
report Recommended by Allen_Blade
The entire structure of the show is almost the same as Love Hina, including plot twists. 
report Recommended by biGfrend
For another show about a simple guy living with a bunch of weirdos, give this one a spin. Like Love Hina, the main couple is obvious right off the bat and it holds the same psuedo shoujo-ai air. Above all, it's a very funny and very interesting follow-up if you still haven't gotten enough of the genre. 
report Recommended by Splitter
Both series involves harems and similar humor though "Ranma 1/2" leans more towards the humor and "Love Hina" leans more towards the harem. Both employ older art styles as well and bright colors. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both center around a romantic pairing made obvious at the beginning and beset by challenges in the form of other interested women, and both go to greater-than-average lengths, for the one-guy-multiple-girls approach, to flesh out their casts. Both feature a tsundere female lead who seems to enjoy nothing more than abusing the male lead. Love Hina has less magic, but its various side plots are often no less fantastical than if it did have magic. 
report Recommended by Pontifus
Another harem style anime, with similar (but vastly improved) humor, and much greater sentimentality with a whole lot less predictability. Basically a huge upgrade, watch Love Hina first, then move on to Shuffle! 
report Recommended by Combo
The usual harem antics, although Tenchi features a bit of action. 
report Recommended by robfoster
Comedy, a guy that puts himself on the worst (and nosebleed producers) situations, and a lot more... 
report Recommended by AALT
Ecchi comedies, both contain stories about the girl and the guy connected by past 
report Recommended by doorotka
Some female characters from Nyan Koi are similar of the female characters of Love hina. Both are harem, are comedy and some ecchi parts 
report Recommended by minimiau
Both Harem Both have girls living in one dorm/house/inn + a guy 
report Recommended by HardyisHere
Both are romantic comedies. Also, school rumble have more "triangler loves" than love hina. Protagonists are similar: Keitaro and Harima has great difficulty in declaring for your beloved girl and have more than 1 girl loving they. Love Hina are more focused on Love and School Rumble are more focused on Comedy. 
report Recommended by bereta002
Rom-Com Dormitory Shenanigans where the cute and the weird live under the same roof! 
report Recommended by IchiroEX
I both anime there is one boy surrounded by many girls in the same house. both main boys in these series are really unfortunate most of the time, but they make it up with speaking from the heart. both anime are focusing a lot on comedy with a hint of romance. if you like one of these you'll surely like the other too. :) 
report Recommended by rumaty
a guy and a group of girls living in a single dormitory.. plus shinobu maehara and shizu fujimura both ran away from home and moved in a dormitory due to a domestic turmoil. kono aozora is the drama version, and focuses on the male lead's brother-sister relationship to the female leads while love hina is more on comedy 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
Both star the most unenviable male living in the most enviable scenario. These series are classic comedy-harem animes that will leave you wanting to watch them over and over again due to their witty slice-of-life scenarios and enjoyable cast of characters. 
report Recommended by Synrite
Lots of unique but lovable girls torture one hapless but good hearted guy... 
report Recommended by SummerOtaku
Similar plot and animation style, some fanservice and tsundere main female character. 
report Recommended by saizen
Masuo Fuguno and Urashima Keitaro are very similar, they are both clumsy and haven't had many experiences with girls. They also look really similar. The girl love interests are really similar as well and have a tsundere attitude. 
report Recommended by Faylicia
Both have a college school theme. Love Hina is starts out pre-college, Genshiken is during college. Both have character(s) that are struggling with what to do with their future. You might like the development of character relations similarities and character growth. The overall plot focuses mainly on how the characters are getting by the changes in their responsibilities into adulthood, while weighing heavily on relationships that forms in the process of school life. 
report Recommended by lackofwords
Technically, the two shows are quite different. I thought that they were most alike with their humor. There's quite alot of quirky slapstick comedy mixed in with a bit of drama and romance (mostly with the supporting characters in Fruits Basket). I found both shows very enjoyable and extremely easy to watch. 
report Recommended by Sukeacrow
similarities: both series' male protagonists are a couple with the female protagonists and have known each other since childhood and are also wearing glasses differences: tetsuro tanaka (Koi koi 7) is immediately welcomed by the heroines and protects him while keitaro urashima (love hina) recieved torture on his first encounter with the heroines (except for shinobu who debuted in episode 2 and motoko who appeared in episode 3) also, sakuya kamatsuri and kaolla su seems to be both experts in weapons specially when the latter used a bazooka to chase off a disguised keitaro (they'd even make a perfect team) 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
Shows that center around a group of people living together. Episodic and comedic! drama added between the character's relations! (more in Love Hina). About young adults, college/academy! Girls taking baths!  
report Recommended by Faylicia
MC have to live in a house where he is involved in an haren. 
report Recommended by betoharu
Both involves a guy who is searching for somebody, the difference; one is searching for a girl whom he promise he will join her to enter Tōkyō daigaku or Todai, while the other one is searching for his supposed sister. 
report Recommended by Nasty001
different girls of different ages in one group plus naru narusegawa and haruka nishida shares the same voice actress: Yui Horie  
report Recommended by mrpogi91
both erika sendo and naru plays the role of tsundere towards male leads kohei and keitaro 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
both female heroines (yuuhu katagiri and naru narusegawa) have learned to love the males (junichi nagase and keitaro urashima) despite an animosity in the beginning 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
Both anime have the main character move into an unfamiliar place where he falls for a girl and follow the events of him as he gets used to life there. 
report Recommended by Magusware
both series are harem type anime featuring 5 girls and one guy plus have sowrd wielding girls rinka hokazono and and motoko aoyama 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
They both have almost the same plot in the story. 
report Recommended by GrandSnow
Main Similarities: •Everybody has a thing for the main character. •Involves multiple women living with the main character (they all live in the same dorm). •Every women (and male who acts feminine) all have different personalities, so its a never a dull moment.  
report Recommended by RFernandez23
Similarities: •Similar genres (harem and romance) •The mc is always getting hurt by his lovers •They all live together (mc of Love Hina is the manager of the dormitory while the mc of Monster Musume is the host/owner of his homestay) •Casts have similar personalities Differences: •Monster Musume is a lot more 'bold' than Love Hina •In Love Hina the characters (or at least most) are humans while in Monster Musume, it consists of humans and monster girls •LH has 24 episodes while MM has 12  
report Recommended by RFernandez23
Both have: -Tsundere female lead (somewhat) -Stupid/Pervert male lead -Very fun to watch -Lot of comedy I recommend watching this very much if you liked Love Hina! 
report Recommended by H4RP
Even though the theme is a little bit off they both have some precious comedy that not all anime have IMO they are some of the best funny animes 
report Recommended by andresfsg
I think Love Hina has more comedy then Hachimitsu to Clover. Both both have that "friends groups," an idiot character in that group, characters that have unrequited love, and main characters that are students. 
report Recommended by xKawaiiTenshi-
In comparison a great romantic drama,which tells the strong bonds between a boy and a girls and there problems caused by that love!! the life spent in the past and the future outcome to it in many other difference aspects,both adds a heart warming feelings in heart and happy ending together 
report Recommended by Aquarian_tk
Both series focus around a kind hearted guy, who just can't seem to catch a break. In both series they meet up with that "special girl", who drastically changes their lives. However MANY other girls are thrown into the picture to draw the two main characters away from each other. 
report Recommended by Pokemai11
both series have sword wielding girls (motoko and tsubaki), both series' male protagonists wears glasses, and are romantically linked with the female protagonists and both female protagonists even sang onscreen 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
Both series has a strange comedy and romance side to it that makes it entertaining to watch. But more than that, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs and Love Hina has some other similarities: Both series features some ecchi moments that are often misunderstood. Both series has a similar theme of restriction in which the main protagonist becomes likeable throughout the episodes. The main girl of course develops feelings for him and they form a bond. Both series takes place at a school setting and in fact features school life as one of its prominent themes.  
report Recommended by Stark700
A harem living in an old dorm, but there is not brotherly complex in love hina  
report Recommended by OnceTwice
Main protagonist and girl both have feelings for each other. However, it's not that simple. There are countless misunderstandings and obstacles in the way. Like drama? like love triangles? like romance? Then, you might be interested in both series. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are romantic comedies that focus on two people (mainly). Both are sort of "classic" shows which are older than 10 years, but awesome shows nevertheless. Love Hina is more "harem" and Kare Kano focuses more on character-relationship growth. Love Hina focuses more on comedy and absurd situations while Kare Kano is a bit more serious and mature. 
report Recommended by lavarock
both series are romantic comedies in which the mc develops his relationship with different girls and has to decide which one he picks to be more than friends.  
report Recommended by yato_no_kami
Both series : *are romance - harem with many story behind each heroines *have a visual novel or eroge released!! 
report Recommended by rmadillah
One boy always been beat by the main girl who loves and doesn't love him at the same time. Sometimes surrounded by many girls like in Love Hina and as always leading the main to be beaten. Also Youko (Main Inukami!) and Naru (Main Love Hina) does not only share the same Seiyuu (Yui Horie) but also the same violent and love & love not attitude.  
report Recommended by K-Shuun
Both a bunch of girls just messing around. Not really any guys in Azumanga though ^_^ 
report Recommended by Slyphoria
they both hate each other in the first episode then they both have kissing scene and a happy ending. watch love hina follow up by love hina again. 
report Recommended by devildixie
The mood feels very similar plus in both animes the main character gets beaten all the time. 
report Recommended by boboliini
For some reason Sekirei's first episode reminded me to Love Hina, specifically to Keitaro; Minato and Keitaro were both trying to get into college but, sadly for them, they failed several times the entrance exam. 
report Recommended by Ryoujin
Both shows are Harem animes. This essentially means there is one guy and several girls who like him. Both are extremely funny and light hearted. While Clannad is based on a school setting for the most part, Love hina is more set in a home setting. If you have seen and liked love hina, you will probably like clannad, and vice versa.  
report Recommended by blackbird2150
Both are really sweet, in a sense that you just can't get the story and the characters out of your head for weeks, so good they are. Well, both are comedies, both involve unlikely love relationships which are denied by everybody including those in love, both contain a fair amount of "fated to be together" coincidences which make you jump at your seat smiling and clapping your hands happily, realizing what's going to happen and enjoying it in advance; and fair amount of heart-warming turns. Not only that, but - I don't believe I have to write this, but the word "comedy" can mean anything  read more 
report Recommended by himself
Both are fanservice-less adaptations of Ken Akamatsu manga. 
report Recommended by ZettaiRyouiki
Similar situations,characters etc and they both fall under the same genre 
report Recommended by samseison
It reminds me of it in alot of ways, they both have mystery, comedy and romance, lots of pretty girls, and some of the voice actors are the same. The art is very similar too. 
report Recommended by Hitachiin_Love
Both are romantic harems with a colorful cast of characters. The stories in each are both compelling and rich. If you've liked one, you'll definitely take a liking to the other. 
report Recommended by Vizard
If you enjoyed the humor in love hina then you'll really appereciate this anime's sense of humor because it's a lot smarter (quite brilliant) you'll laugh a lot and if you're worreid about akazukin cha cha being childish let me say it's just as if not less childish than love hina. brilliant anime aimed towards children & dumb anime aimed towards adults/teenagers~  
report Recommended by midori-
well both are a shonen romantic comedy and are simular by the fact each male is surrounded by women and it's just as funny but not as well drawn read my review to learn more 
report Recommended by realanimefan
both comedy. BAV anime doesn't do the same joke over and over again and it is quite funny at times and make you laugh. It has lots of characters to but all the characters are likable/memorable. It has good drama/comedy I guess a little shoujo-ai but the shoujo-ai in BAV is more convincing/funny than the romance in Love Hina. Also it has a plot and that is developed and resolved. Also you'll recognize Shinobu and Kaolla Su in BAV who were more likable imho in bav. 
report Recommended by midori-
This anime is crazier/wackier than love hina and it does in a way that isn't idiotic whatsoever somehow. if you want to laugh watch this, also it's ecchi like love hina too but it actually has a reason to be there. 
report Recommended by midori-
Both shows have the romance, harem, comedy, and school life genres. You'll definitely like Love Hina if you liked Tokimeki Memorial. 
report Recommended by Vizard
The anime are both by the same creator (Ken Akamatsu) and have the same character designs. The anime don't really have much in common aside from that. But there are some cameos and references to Love Hina in Mao-chan, which can make it more fun. 
report Recommended by Axersia
Like in love hina, most of the char are in love with keitaro... in kannagi, most of the girls are in love with mikuriya jin 
report Recommended by ken127
Both are harems with over-done, annoying, perverted, and extremely wimpy male leads (even more than the usual harem) 
report Recommended by shinigamidono
Both is little perverted and funny.Great anime for those who wanna laugh ;) 
report Recommended by Guzzoline
Love Hina is based off of Maison Ikkoku storyline , but of a much lower quality. Insert slapstick humor, more uninteresting jokes that deviates from the storyline and you have Love Hina. Watch Maison Ikkoku, the original story of a person who falls in love at first sight. 
report Recommended by sayian
The story is very similar because it revolves around a central character(who actually kindda look alike) surrounded by members of the opposite sex; also, the main story isn't love, but it seems to involve all of the characters. 
report Recommended by Ophelia3S
This is basically what would happen if Love Hina had a female protagonist. There's a bit more Ecchi in Tachibanakan Triangle, but it captures the feel of both, Love Hina is definitely better romance / story-wise though, TT is purely slapstick comedy with ecchi thrown in. 
report Recommended by Mimerio
give these two series a crossover regardless of animation and with no canonicity to the series' respective storylines, and surely, kaolla and shinobu may both get along well to the four characters while nobue may have a mature relationship with motoko, kitsunne and naru 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
the main male characters both have feelings for the ladies (keitaro to narusegawa and chitose to mutsuki) and both females also ended up having feelings for the males.. also, both have sword-wielding females: motoko aoyama and yayoi sanzenin and both even use their swords to intimidate the males and uzuki and kaolla are both childish 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
These animes are nothing alike in terms of storyline, but in terms of main characters relationship, these two are very similar. Loser and Tsundere (not as much as a tsundere in Occult Academy but close), heading towards the same goal. If you like a slapstick relationship between hero and heroine you should like these two.  
report Recommended by Geekhavok94
While watching Love Hina i had the seam fealing when i watched To Love Ru They both are ecchi and have many beautiful girl around a boy,even tough To love ru is a bit mature :D So if you like Love Hina and don't mind a little bit of ecchi you will like To Love Ru :] 
report Recommended by fuu_chan
Both animes are about some bussiness with many hilarious scenes, funny characters and a kind of romance. Some characters have similarities, like a guy who are always in trouble (Takanashi and Keitaro), a girl who are always punching the protagonist (Inami and Narusegawa), a girl with a sword (Yachiro and Motoko), a girl causing problems to everyone (Yamada and Sarah) and a lazy employee (Kyouko and Haruka).  
report Recommended by bereta002
Both Have a Student Girl punching, kicking and striking the protagonist and these two have a kind of romance. Also, The two protagonists are seen as strange guy. 
report Recommended by bereta002
both have guys who are always surrounded. in la corda secondo passo there are 2 guys with that description 
report Recommended by Wybock
These are two animes that in my opinion have a very similar humor to them. It's one boy living with a lot of hott girls and things have some.... sexual tension. It's perverted, but in a funny way. If you like one odds are you will like the other although I prefer Tenchi. 
report Recommended by seiyan
I noticed that Naru and Kaname have similar looking face and attitude. They're both violent, and both of them often use harisen to knock off Keitaro and Sousuke. 
report Recommended by KennyInDrAke
Unreal School life-Love story Anime, i recommend it for everyone!!!  
report Recommended by Sayonara24
both series' main protagonists have known each other since childhood, and have an object to remember a promise (sandbox and harmonica) plus have ladies skilled with a sword, hikari tsukishiro and motoko aoyama, and cheery and energetic girls kaolla su and hinata okano 
report Recommended by mrpogi91