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Alternative Titles

English: Lucky☆Star
Synonyms: Lucky Star
Japanese: らき☆すた


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2007 to Sep 17, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Mondays at 00:00 (JST)
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: 4-koma manga
Genres: Slice of LifeSlice of Life, ComedyComedy, ParodyParody, SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.781 (scored by 235117235,117 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #8602
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #198
Members: 500,829
Favorites: 13,650


Both series are about the everyday happenings a group of high school girls. They both follow their daily lives with anime humour thrown in. 
report Recommended by Kraker2k
Both made by Kyoto Animation, graphic styles are similiar both tells a story about four girls, both are school comedies  
report Recommended by Atanazy
Strangely enough, neither series is my cup-of-tea, yet having seen both I find myself seeing how fans of one would like the other. The animation style is soft, but also a style possibly not used often anymore. Comedic, with a humor which appeals to a certain type of fan, yet also characters which are soft personality wise. No, I don't mean flat, but personable in a manner which there seems no malice between the two. If anything, both series make for a light-heated watch for anyone in the mood. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
They have similar casts and the quirky humor is still there. Both are also slice-of-life (like) anime. 
report Recommended by datdo
Two major qualities are fitted into both shows. First, they are the exemplary Japanese "high-tension" comedy, meaning characters in it got ADHD and turn the comedy into something fast-paced, fast-forward Mr.Bean video if you fail to understand. Second, both feature mild sex sale, the real identity of what they call moe. The comedy part, both are considered fast-paced-high-tension comedy because you know why. They play jokes fast, get it fast, and move on to the next joke fast. Difficult to follow but considered funny if you have some mental rewind ability, or get yourself a remote and a easy-to-read fansub. If you feel a serious need  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Slice of life, comedy. Minami-ke is probably better when it comes to comedy since the jokes are too obvious (the comedy in Lucky Star is related to anime and you need to have watched quite a lot to get all those). Oh yea, Lucky Star is much more slice of life than comedy (and vice versa with Minami-ke). In short, i enjoyed Minami-ke a bit more but they are both highly recommended if you are a fan of the genre . 
report Recommended by Andu
The way they use other anime reference hidden or revealed in each episode. 
report Recommended by christinemarie
COMEDY. Lots and lots of Japanese pop culture references in both. And there's also that one bit in Lucky Star that parodies Pani Poni Dash, and I'm sure that if Pani Poni was created after Lucky star it'd be the other way around. 
report Recommended by Pond
In my eyes, Lucky Star is KyoAni's version of SHAFT's Hidamari Sketch. The main characters in both animes have similar personalities (the tomboyish Miyako is like Konata; Sae/Kagami; Hiro/Miyuki; Yuno/Tsukasa; and their sensei both act childish). Episodes consist of random but amusing talk about everyday life things and Japanese culture and an occasional reference to another anime (though unlike Hidamari, parody is one of the central themes in LS). Lucky Star was made specifically for the otaku and its pace is much more frantic than the laid back Hidamari. Nonetheless, when watching, you can’t help but notice that these two animes feel very much the  read more 
report Recommended by Nek0
-Both contains School Life/ Slice of Life/Romance and is centered around comedy. -Both animes are compiled of short stories, and are full 30 minute episodes. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Its about 4 girls just hanging around talking about whats on their mind in both animes. There is the glasses-girl, the Otaku, the clumsy oversleep-all-the-time girl, the classic moe girls. Both hame similar drawing style being "fun" and lighthearted. Both of them misses any kind of real story, its just a lot of sketches of the girls doing sleepovers, missing homework and talking about stuff. 
report Recommended by tbthegr81
Being a parody show, seitokai no ichizon is made with the full awareness of lucky star. The first episodes steals a few screens from lucky star as the show is fully expecting the viewers to cross over. To not have seen LS is to miss the very language of the show and its references. 
report Recommended by Shin_Gettererv
4 girls doing cute stuff, school setting. interestingly enough Kaori Fukuhara, who voices Tsukasa from Lucky Star, voices Run in A Channel 
report Recommended by yuyano
It's also a slice-of-life anime, and, of course, features cute lolis. 
report Recommended by shigures_editor
Slice of life about slice of life. The sections revolve around subjects. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Does superfluous, crazy anime references make you burst out laughing? How about unexpected gags throughout the whole single episode? If you're up for it, expect the same for this anime. 
report Recommended by chibuki
Both are slice of life, have comedy and there is an otaku girl. Lucky Star focuses on 4 friends and Watamote just in one girl, but the style is alike, the life of the main characters with no a story, just random facts of their life. I found watamote like more depressing comedy and lucky star lighter but I am completely sure you'll like both. Another minor fact Tomoko looks alike Konata and both are otaku, of course they have different personalities. 
report Recommended by darkuria
Both are about otaku girls and their friends and family- though there's more drama in OreImo, and Lucky Star is a lot more easy going 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Slice of life that focuses on a small group of characters (mainly female) at their school. Humorous and dialogue-driven, both of these series contain many random moments. Yuyushiki has a bit more fluidity to its pacing and conversations. Lucky Star makes a lot more references to other series and features an otaku girl as the main character. 
report Recommended by Numi
animation style plus satire-ish comedy 
report Recommended by RicardosFlick
Both shows are similar in a MOE + slice of life sort of way. In comparison K-On is slightly more mature while Lucky Star is more cartoon-ish and relies on the cute factor a whole lot more. Both shows share the same target audience. 
report Recommended by dafuzzbudd
The main heroines of both series are appalling otakus (the target audience) cleverly disguised as little girls, and the humour is based mostly on anime & video games references. If you liked Lucky Star you'll going to love Himouto, as it's story does not revolve around mundane events like eating chocolate coronets and sometimes even manages to be funny in a way thai is not related to references and overused tropes.  
report Recommended by J_418
Both are Chibi. Lucky Star is only Chibi in specific scenario's, though. They are also both about a group of teens going through comedic scenario's. 
report Recommended by _Me_
The Anime's genre is different, however I find many of main characters quite similiar in both of animes. (Kagami would be clannad's Kyou, Tsukasa=Ryou, Konata=Fuko). I can quite assure that if viewers enjoyed Lucky Star's Characters, they surely would enjoy/appreciate Clannad and It's Characters. 
report Recommended by ChocolateTruffle
Both series have female lead characters who are obsessed with anime, manga and otaku culture. 
report Recommended by Meiling
Both series have a similar sense of humor. Both also make many references to different aspects of Japanese culture through the different seasons. 
report Recommended by Whimsical
Both anime's are full of comedy and make you laugh at its really weird randomness, also they both show life of highschool students in a funny way. One might show more about love than the other but they both do excelent parodies of other anime's and movies. xD 
report Recommended by magentaanbu
Both depicts deeply in Japanese culture in both a humorous and true way. A must watch! 
report Recommended by drastikhate
Random conversations and activities throughout. No solid storyline in either; both don't need it, the characters are enough! 
report Recommended by xdzzz
Very chibi and cute. 
report Recommended by Katbot
Yamamoto Yutaka, the director of this anime was also the director of Lucky Star(ep 1 - 4). and u can find Kannagi's style is very similar to that of Lucky Star.  
report Recommended by shinchan
Endlessly hilarious shows. Both feature parodies of pop culture especially animes and extremely random humor. 
report Recommended by lordblackness88
The cuteness and the funny way. 
report Recommended by Khamellleon
Both are comedies with school friends. They don't have expanded threads, preferably are collection of mini-stories. 
report Recommended by MilkShake
A lot of references of Keroro in Lucky Star. They also use the real voices of the characters, and they appear as dolls and figurines in the serie. The show is also humoristic, and sometimes it's as random as Keroro. 
report Recommended by Rethardus
Four schoolgirls and various quirky friends. Both involve decent plays on school-life anime cliches. Hyakko's humor is somewhat weaker (but less random), and lacks Lucky Star's otaku elements. 
report Recommended by Cinnamonsylph
both are about school life, both are very funny, and both animes have cute character designs. 
report Recommended by Tutti_Love
Miyakawa-ke is a spin off from the Lucky Star series featuring two of the very minor characters that appeared throughout the series. Similar art and style. 
report Recommended by Allografter
Crazy Parodies ^^ (also, Lucky Star parodies Excel Saga once or twice xD) 
report Recommended by ladyxzeus
An anime comedy involving high school girls 
report Recommended by wesley96
Both anime have a lot of parodies involved that might be understood after watching a lot of other, unrelated anime. 
report Recommended by Smoku
If you're looking for a plot-less Anime, solely for situational humor, then Lucky Star and Mitsudomoe both fit your needs. 
report Recommended by ruudes
Both very funy and fun to watch. The characters are very well made and it will bring you multiple smiles while watching. If you are a comedy lover, Lucky Star and Working! is the anime for you. Remember: Working 2nd season in going to come out! XD 
report Recommended by mepiggy
An otaku and a tsundere. Konata is to Hajime as Kagami is to Kaoru. If you've seen Lucky Star and thought, "Konata and Kagami would be so cute in a relationship", then you'd enjoy seeing DgNwIkWK. The difference, however, is that Lucky Star relies on anime references while DgNwIkWK pokes fun at the otaku fanbase. 
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101
unlike in LS in GA they have a main character. except for one of the girls obvious obssesion with anime and manga they both have the same energy and random comedy so if you liked one you'll enjoy the other  
report Recommended by sarcastic_neon
Both highlight Otaku culture and make references towards other anime  
report Recommended by SortaNeet
Both are cute school days comedies that have to do with friendship and love through out high school. 
report Recommended by Obsessed-W-Shojo
both shows follow a group of female friends in their daily high school life and therefore rely on the charm of the characters and situational humour to be a fun watch. scenes are short and sweet, and both series often rely on awkward interactions between a straight-talking girl and one who is a little more prone to bashfulness. while a lot of Lucky Star's humour comes from pop-culture and geek-culture references, Galko focuses more on common real life myths and questions believed and asked by girls of their age and therefore (perhaps unintentionally) leans a little towards sex-ed territory on occasion. the two shows are both very  read more 
report Recommended by catsighs
Both anime have only female leads. There is no actual plot, instead each episode is separated into short segments of different unrelated stories. Both are slice of life. 
report Recommended by ninja88880
Both animes happen in the schools, and there're some funny stuff, which is some time really stupid. Some difference is that Most of lucky star character are girls, but Cromartie are boys. Lucky * Star also doesn't have golilars or robot likes Cromarties High School. 
report Recommended by unknowdata
same lazy atmosphere. no plot. both great and my two favorites shows. 
report Recommended by otakuintraining
Kind of obvious, both are based on 4komas, deal with the daily life of a group of girls, and both are funny as hell. Only diferrence is Lucky Star is really random while Dojin Work has a story. 
report Recommended by Kyo_Kagami
Both are about a group of school girls that do comical things. The main character for both shows is a self proclaimed Otaku. Penguin Musume's main character however is also incredibly rich, which often makes things even more funny. 
report Recommended by DeathfireD
Random³ - Schoolgirls - Comedy 
report Recommended by Inicharu
Both animes center around slice of life and comedy with similar characters and really cute storyline both has light hearted humour the dissimilaritys are that lucky star centers around everyday life in the city whereas non non biyori centers around life in the country also lucky star is a parody whereas non non biyori is not. If you loved the light hearted humour and the cute storyline then you will love lucky star but if you watched non non biyori for its amazing art then lucky star is not for you  
report Recommended by WhiteJoker
Both of these anime have cute characters, humour, and pure plotless fun. The only difference is that Lucky Star deals with everyday people while Magipoka has magical creatures in it. So if you're ever tired and just want something mindless to watch, go for it!  
report Recommended by IamKoreanese
How are these two similar? Much of the similarity comes in the art style, although one is a slightly newer style, but there are enough similarities including the bright colors. There's also the humor which is similar in both. There's also a rather perky feeling to both series which gets downplayed. Both are slice of life pieces. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Comedy story Silect of life but lucky star About girl and chi"s sweet home It"s about cat but all It"s cute anime ^_^ 
report Recommended by koko-senpai
Its similar that both are comedy and very funny. Main chacters are same i think, both them are funny and very cute. i just love konata and italy!!!! i treally hop you like those animes!!!!! 
report Recommended by Lene-chan
Both shows are comedic and have an all girl main cast. Sabagebu is about a school club, while Lucky Star is about daily life at and outside of school. Each episode is broken down into shorts. 
report Recommended by Noodle070
They have funny episodes and both take place at the school's benches. If you like parodies, you will enjoy it. 
report Recommended by Baka_93
Made by KyoAni, both are slice-of-life comedies 
report Recommended by OmarLivesUnder
The light-hearted mood and comedy are similar in both anime, and Hirotaka reminds me a lot of Konata (they're both darudere video game otakus). Wotaku has of course an element of romance that isn't present in Lucky, but both are very light, enjoyable watches nonetheless.  
report Recommended by usotsuki-pyon
Binbougami ga! is similar to Lucky☆Star due to the fact that both have really good parodies. Binbougami ga! including parodies of some of the most well-known anime of all time. 
report Recommended by Geass13
Both are clice of life comedies. Both main characters are otaku and both anime are full of references. Both have "simple" style of animation. While in Kantoku Fuyuki Todoki the main character is a male, in Lucky Star the main character is a female. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
7 years ago, Lucky Star was the first Slice of Life with 4 girls gay for each other (Konata,Kagami;Minami,Yuu-chan) and now Sakura Trick is the first Slice of Life with 4 girls gay for each other and they actually kiss (Yuu-chan,Haruka;Kotone,Shizuku) so both are innovative series in a certain way. Who knows, maybe in 7 years from now we'll get an anime in which the 4 girls do more than kissing? 
report Recommended by Anon028
Girls sat around a table talk about random subject matters that nobody cares about...or so you thought ! 
report Recommended by Robinne
Both series circle around the daily lives of a group of girls whom have a cordial relationship with one another. The style of presentation of both are very similar to a yonkoma or 4-panel comic, though Gabriel DropOut does have more continuity. Apart from this, both anime sport the same laid-back aesthetic while both groups of friends tackle everyday living. 
report Recommended by Arelynn
Both series are cute comedies with short random jokes with almost no consistency, Lucky Star is full of references but Wooser also has some references in it 
report Recommended by mhkr
Both of these shows are cute, and funny. They are just happy shows, and I enjoy watching them solely to waste time, and get my happy batteries recharged 
report Recommended by YungGreyscale29
- Female MC - All female cast - Take place in high school - The story focus on their daily lives - Similar Humor  
report Recommended by RodTheDigger
The plot is that there is no plot. Lucky Star and Asobi Asobase are exactly carbon copies with each other with ther nonsensical comedy and cute girls doings way too many random things. Also, both have the chaotical girl (Konata and Olivia), the well endowed glasses girl (Miyuki and Kasumi) and the twin-tailed girl (Kagami and Hanako). At the end of each episodes, there's a somehow comedy number.  
report Recommended by tlato_but
Both series are slices of life around girls in school with interesting personality traits and their stories devolve around their interactions and conversations in multiple situations. With a slow pacing both series pay attention to developing their characters and are a perfect option when you are just looking for shows to relax and see how the characters interact and do their antics. 
report Recommended by moskato
Light slice of life series that share some very specific things in common: Both feature cameos of famous voice actresses as themselves, in some of the best moments of their respective show, and both have ending credits with the main characters singing anime songs, including some very well known ones, especially in Sore ga Seiyuu! 
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
-A bunch of curious and eccentric high-school girls exploring the fun parts of each day -Both shows share wonderful OPs that you simply can't skip -Great way to pass the time :) 
report Recommended by Joeywatches
Both have four girls how are friends and are slice of life anime. The differences are After School Dice Club has a theme of board games whereas Lucky Star as no specific theme.Also Dice Club is a PG version of Lucky Star. If you liked one I recommend the other. 
report Recommended by C-radica
Both anime is soo cute,funny and relaxing to watch . All the girls are soo cute . 
report Recommended by NekoOnnanoko
Machikado Mazoku and Lucky Star are two slice-of-life comedies with cute female leads, bright art styles, and references to video games. Both shows are centered a lot around two of the female leads, the main character and another girl with pigtails, and one of the two even seems to be similarly bothered with the other. Yuuko and Konata make for very funny main leads in my opinion. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
Both of these shows are quite enjoyable, they also both contain a light hearted story with the exception of parts of fruits basket. i believe that if you enjoyed fruits basket then you would also enjoy lucky star and vice versa 
report Recommended by Batpuddingman
I would say that these anime are similar because they are anime that are quite normal and the characters just take part in doing normal things like school, work, hanging out with friends, etc. but it includes a lot of humor some heartwarming moments too ^^ they are definitely the kind of anime to watch to boost your mood. 
report Recommended by VenxFox34
I can't believe no one thought of recommending Lucky Star with Hinako Note; Kuu-chan's (Kuina Natsukawa) resemblance to Konata Izumi is astounding! It's basically Konata Izumi 10 years later (Lucky Star was released 2007) who don't do video games, and is evolving to moeshit-kinda anime character. :) Although Hinako Note is mighty generic than the one-of-the pioneering-awesomeness that is Lucky Star, but you can still put this as your cup of tea in a moe-Sunday afternoon! 
report Recommended by GiancarloLS
Random humor with similar tropes of girls. There's a good amount of references to other anime in each and have a similar art style.  
report Recommended by Protaku
silly,random, and slice of life; similar style of artwork and atmosphere  
report Recommended by purplebird76
Anime of comedy and of parodies. 
report Recommended by Gottscream
Although the storyline and theme are totally different, they have something different each episode while still following events that occurred. Nothing had been completely forgotten and may make references to past episodes 
report Recommended by pkfuckyou
Both are calm slice of life shows with some comedy and references to pop culture and to other anime. Both feature a lot of different characters with different personalities. 
report Recommended by InazumaBest
Both anime are generally a comedy shows with cute girls doing, of course, cute things. Both are heavy on references and Easter eggs. Both follow the lives of a group of cute girls.  
report Recommended by arekkusu_desu
Both made by Kyoani, and there are quite a few FMP references in Lucky Star as well! :D 
report Recommended by XXXXXXXXXIII
Cute school girls doing random cute and funny things. Blah blah blah same formula, although Kiniro Mosaic is arguably less comedic. 
report Recommended by feiri1221
Both series' are comedic and interesting in a funny way. Both series' main protagonists somehow or somewhat, striving for the day(in a funny way). Both series' reflects the(or some) real life situations.(which you might relate of, :D ) The only noticeable differences in both series is that, one is based from reality while the other has supernatural and magic in the story. 
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
Lots of episodes that are based on the comedy, and lots of random action here and there, Seto No Hanayome has some romance here and there but not a major point in the anime, Lucky Star doesn't have the romance but makes it up for the laughs and the things we see in life brought into anime 
report Recommended by ChiiSuu
Obvious similarities with the same type of four-frame comic book style story-telling and humor, though not so full with the perverted jokes. 
report Recommended by Knil
Both shows are about kids in high school and has very little of a "true" plot. Doki Doki involves the males in high school more so than Lcuky Star, which basically focuses on just the girls. Overall, they both have no real story behind them and are good to watch if you just want a light laugh. 
report Recommended by Crycho
Both of them are talk shows with alot of Japanese pop culture references. 
report Recommended by PPG-Katelyn
There are very similar aspects. Lucky Star is mainly about girls who attend school together, and Special A is usually located at school and about people who attend school together. 
report Recommended by wonderlander_7
Both are school life Animes with tons of comedy scenes and references / parodies to other Animes. Also, some characters are similar: Sonsuke and konata are the main and are fanatics for their tastes. Chidori and Kagami are those who disapprove the attitudes of the protagonist and Tsubaki and Meito Anisawa are hot blooded losers. 
report Recommended by bereta002
Main characters are otaku and focusing on galge. Both titles are comedies about being a fanatic of games (and also anime in lucky star). Also have some occasional but imressive action scenes. 
report Recommended by Rastan
These are both weird and random anime. And both the main girls are funny and stuff. Also parodies other anime. 
report Recommended by Severus_Grey
School-life genre. Just the same and with lotsa comedy scenes too. 
report Recommended by celery96
It may seem a very weird recommendation, but if you like absurd humour, they definitely are a bit alike. It's cracky, for sure! 
report Recommended by Teddy
Ah, certainly we adore stories and comedies that make fun of it's own genre and because they do, they shine even more. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun primarily focuses on the hilarious events of Nozaki trying to find inspiration for his manga whereas in Lucky Star, we just adore Konata's kawaii appearance mismatched with her love for anime/manga/games that extend to areas she should not be playing. All in all, the comedy in both series will have you laughing if not all the time, but at least once in each episode. The entire cast for both anime will also grow on you making you want for more  read more 
report Recommended by Deep
Lucky Star is a little but more silly but it's sorta like High school girls. It's about highschool girls doing crazy things too. 
report Recommended by Katbot
Its similar b/c it they both follow girls doing random stuff with no story line. They also follow cute girls as the main character... even the artwork slightly resemble each other (with ALOT of in-animate simple artwork) 
report Recommended by Ranivus
Both series have lots of humor, are mainly about girls and have not many guys in it. Both series don't really have a plot either. Though the scene is different (the galaxy <-> high school), the series are quite alike!! 
report Recommended by annabloem
Both are funny random and obsessive over one thing or another. If u like Lucky Star then u will most likely like Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. 
report Recommended by Valeria-chan
Both are slice-of-life comedies about high-school girls with special Japanese humor only for otaku and with boke/tsukomi situations... 
report Recommended by R-kun
Good "slice of life" for otaku, Same jokes, same sketch-humor style, same things for otaku-fetishes... 
report Recommended by R-kun
Both are random, cute/funny, and take place in present-day Japan. Anyone who enjoys Konata's (Lucky Star) jokes will probably enjoy Shin-chan's crazy antics, and vice versa. The art style of both series is cartoony and unique. Both series have been very successful and well-recieved by anime fans. 
report Recommended by Yves
Both depicting everyday life in 20th century setting of several high-school girls. Both presenting charming characters in their own unique behavior and attributes. Both encompassing smart talks, funny events, and family friendship atmosphere throughout the series. Both never showing overly dramatic, but amazingly entertaining with high re-watch value. If you watch Minami-ke Okaeri and like it, you'll like Lucky Star, and vice-versa. 
report Recommended by Ruby_Knight
One thing I like about Lucky Star is how the short comedic segments recreate something of the repetition and randomness of everyday life, but in a refreshing kind of way. Well this format was basically invented by Tonari no Yamada-kun. Tonari no Yamada-kun doesn't focus on cute girls and school life, but on the whole family and is more deep. Overall Tonari no Yamada-kun's art is simplier than LS, but it has moments of complex and realistic art/animation that can't be found in LS.  
report Recommended by EratiK
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka and Lucky star has the same feel/vib. I thought of Lucky star when I watch Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka.  
report Recommended by CupcakesBear
They both deal with subjects that pertain to everyday life. Both aim to make you laugh and are good at it.  
report Recommended by blakemesa
If lucky star had a sport genre, this be it. You can see some similar art, characters, moe, comedy, and that sisterly bond 
report Recommended by trunghuynh90
Both anime are about young, cute ladies who go through their comical lives at high school. While Lucky Star is filled with references of other series, Aiura is focused solely on their lives. 
report Recommended by zetazach
Both series reference other anime series and light-heartedly make fun of Otaku culture  
report Recommended by BoredAnimeJunkie
I can't believe no ones made this rec yet! The jokes in the two are very similar about anime and general otaku culture. Certainly not the same format of show but both had the same reasons for enjoyment. 
report Recommended by skookie5
Both anime take place in a school of sorts, and focuses on the interaction between an all female cast in an always comedic tone. 
report Recommended by Touhouman
they are so similar that you wont believe it, a couple of girls and their normal lives, how they interact with each other during school, and a little perverted puns, and the girls personalities are surpringly similar  
report Recommended by walloman
A lot of the team worked on both anime. Not to mention some jokes revolving around the fact that Haruhi and Konata are voiced by the same voice actress 
report Recommended by ACBlackJ0ck
If you liked the comedy in this anime, you'll love Lucky Star. While it is a real life anime, it also has its crazy moments.  
report Recommended by Black_Rose1809
Zany humor bursting apart the anime scene. Lots of fun all around. 
report Recommended by Antigone
Both of them are a slice of life and Aria always seems to leave you with a good feeling 
report Recommended by Wandalynn
Not because they are similar in their tone but because both are really interesting intertextual series about otaku of a particuliar time. 
report Recommended by Retired_Sailor
Both have main characters that are lazy and sleepy yet excel at what they do. You'll recognize them by their similar facial expressions when they're distressed. =.= xD 
report Recommended by yngtadpole
similar character design, lots of emotion in the characters, both are slice of life's and both show the true enjoyment of living life and the small things in it. Both have instantly lovable characters.  
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Although both have Kyoto Animation written all over it, Lucky Star, like Tamako Market has that "moe" and "slice of life" effect that for some could be considered trivial fluff, but for most others, a breath of relaxing fresh air that can bring a smile to your face. Minus the fact that Lucky Star doesn't have an actual plot line, but it is still effective. 
report Recommended by Katsuro-chan