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Alternative Titles

English: Lucky☆Star
Synonyms: Lucky Star
Japanese: らき☆すた


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2007 to Sep 17, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Mondays at 00:00 (JST)
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: 4-koma manga
Genres: Slice of LifeSlice of Life, ComedyComedy, ParodyParody, SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.791 (scored by 224384224,384 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #8582
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #185
Members: 474,927
Favorites: 13,238


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Sep 18, 2007
Ranivus (All reviews)
Lucky star is one of those unique Comedy anime that comes very rarely. It manages to put a comedic twist to normal everyday occurances, and many pop culutre references. The entire show is not your typical slice of life high school comedy anime, rather its show structure follows more of a western style of comedy, a sitcom to be exact. Instead of having a direct storyline, like most anime viewers are used to, it focuses more of everyday observations and Jpop culture as their source of comedy.

---Theres always a storyline no matter how broad it is. Many ppl say theres no story line read more
Mar 4, 2013
FireBallsDJ (All reviews)
"This is so BORING!" is what most of you will say if you watch it.
I'll admit, that is what I thought at first, and I stopped watching on the first episode when they were talking about which side is the head of a "chocolate cornet bread"... But after a while, I gave it another try, and this time, I watched patiently and watched through the entire first episode. I was still not impressed, and still bored. I moved on to the next episode, and as you can tell by my over-all rating of a 10, I loved the rest. Now here is why:
The story, is read more
Jul 4, 2010
immortalrite (All reviews)
There is nothing in entertainment worse than bad comedy.

Bad drama, horror, romance, or action at least has the possibility of being amusing, if only for purely ironical purposes, and watching something which is intended to be serious completely fail can be surprisingly fun (see MST3K). However, watching something try to be funny and fail is hardly ever amusing in the slightest, and amounts, for me at least, to the epitome of nauseating boredom. In the anime world, Lucky Star is perhaps the best (and at the very least the most popular) example of bad comedy ever made.

Now, it is more or less universally agreed upon read more
Mar 21, 2010
MoWriter (All reviews)
When I first looked into Lucky Star, I thought I was going to be impressed. People in the anime club I help run wanted to watch this series so bad and it ended up in 4th place, so we weren't able to show it this semester. Still, I wanted to know what the appeal of Lucky Star was. The chibi art made the anime look unique and interesting, and I thought that I couldn't go wrong with an anime series that was so popular. This is where "looks can be deceiving" really comes into play.

Despite the cute art, which got annoying very quickly, Lucky Star read more
Jan 6, 2008
DaBigD (All reviews)
Erm...So i have now re-watched it for second time...This is my first time doing something like that. Raki ☆ Suta!

Story: Most common mistake people make is that they say Lucky Star doesn't have a story. It has! "The daily lives of 4 high school girls." Understood? Good. Can't say much here, because of the randomness of "slice of life" genre. Still, I like how the story progress, except for the first few episodes which people usually don't understand what the series is about - which is director's fault. *shrugs* He got fired after the first four episodes anyway. If you think this story is read more
Sep 16, 2008
holdenn (All reviews)
Lucky Star. With an odd title like that, one is left to wonder what this show is all about. A more appropriate and less obscure name would be "Killing yourself with boredom".

Just want a moment to say this. OVERRATED. You could watch the first few minutes of Lucky Star or you could repeatedly hit yourself on the head with a brick. The effect is surprisingly similar.

I wasnt sure on what to do with this anime. Was it supposed to be funny? How? I cant find one thing about it funny! Am I supposed to enjoy how Im able to relate to them? "Hey dude, read more
Jan 4, 2012
Yukariki (All reviews)
I may be considered as a Lucky Star hater. The previous sentence is for people who click the "Not Helpful" button just because they disagree with the review instead of how well constructed the review is; I do not wish to waste their precious time as inhumane and insensitive beings to destroy other people's lives as reviewers. Even if I do talk about the good aspects of the work that I enjoyed, I expect about 10 of 1,500 people to find this review helpful so Lucky Star fans, make me proud. To everyone else considering this show and reading reviews because of how well-constructed they read more
Jul 5, 2008
RenaPsychoKiller (All reviews)
Allright folks, first review on MAL. Lucky Star surely doesn't deserve this honour at all, anyway, here I go.

Woah. I watched the first episode today (6th of July), but I have to say that it's maybe the most annoying, boring and useless anime my poor eyes have ever seen. This anime is simply horrid.
It made me sick after 5 minutes (opening theme included), and I've dropped it at the first episode. It actually never happened to me before. I guess there's a first time for everything.

The OP, its lyrics, the characters, the dialogues, everything is just too stupid to bear. Even a decent (if you read more
Feb 16, 2010
Linkark07 (All reviews)
This is my first review in MAL and I'm gonna use it on Lucky Star and to be honest, I'm going to be pretty harsh on this one.

I watched Lucky Star because I heard people speaking wonderful things of this anime and then I said I should watch it and see how it is. The pain, I couldn't stand it. Nevertheless, I tried to watch it and see if I could find something interesting but sadly I couldn't

Story: Pretty poor indeed, because there isn't a plot. The anime only talks about the life of 4 high school girls... 5 later. There isn't anything else, other read more
Sep 18, 2007
Faust721 (All reviews)
What happens when you combine my favorite genre (Slice of Life) with my favorite studio (Kyoto Animation)? You get Lucky Star.

Story: Normally when I score story in a Slice of Life show, I do it based on all the episodic stories combined. But what happens when a show does not have that and is just pure life and is random with no coherent order/story. That is why I left the score a blank.

But I would still like to talk about the content. Lucky Star plays off its humor through normal everyday conversations. Talking about the most random things and finding humor out of it read more
Aug 5, 2007
mistress_reebi (All reviews)
Overrated is the word that best describes Lucky Star. The animation is terrible for 2007 and the story is slice of life to the extreme; in other words boring. It's either a love it or hate it anime, but how can one like such a stale story line?

The animation/art is very lazy and the lines are jagged. Kyoto Animation has up to date animation but "Lucky Star" looked like there wasn't effort put in. The people in the background are usually grey keyholes, and sometimes have faces but aren't animated. The characters are, yes, in high school despite looking like they are eight. The read more
Jun 20, 2009
reb3llist (All reviews)
I've gotta hand it to you Lucky Star haters, you cease to amaze me. No, I'm not some illogical retard who loves Twilight or crap like that, I'm pretty much one who has logic, in all seriousness I love logic. When you see me posting illogical stuff and me not admitting it, then I was either a) trolling or b) being drunk (I tend to lose myself when it's really late or really early in the morning but not drink beer drunk).

I wanted to write this review because I was just overwhelmed seeing people who hate Lucky Star just because of their whorish fans. I read more
Dec 3, 2007
ukiuki (All reviews)
I found this anime very difficult to get through. The comedy wasnt exactly funny, and the jokes and puns were more like
"oh, i relate/understand that, is my life also considered sad?"

using the rating breakdown, let me explain to you why I didnt find this anime particularly wonderful.

STORY: there was almost no storyline. Sure 4 girls are trying to get through high school. but that sums up every other anime out there, about kids at school. What this anime lacked was drive. Plot is one of the elements which create the drive, but there was none. Im giving the story a 5 just for the read more
Jun 26, 2009
TsukineHime (All reviews)
My review.. I'm not really trying to say you shouldnt watch this anime, some people like it, some people don't. But on my opinion i think this anime is as boring asd you can get. The sound is ok really cute and funny, that i can't complain, but the art.. some people say its cute and simple, i say its way too simple and not that cute to be honest, i've seen much cutter characters such as chibis and so. The storyline.. I really think thats the worst part in it, i firsts started seeing this anime because it was kinda cute, i was read more
Sep 25, 2007
cutepiku (All reviews)
Lucky * Star is about highschool girls and.. ummm, well, that's about it. It basically revolves around the lives of four girls (later on, more people are given some time) and the random conversations they have.

This series is not incredibly plot filled. Actually, there really is none. It's not even really character driven. This anime, however, doesn't need much of a story. It still works out in a cute way. However, the rating IS for story, and in all fairness, there really was none. I think this is a fair, if not quite high rating for what was presented.

The best animation is definitly read more
Sep 16, 2007
Dmodwc (All reviews)
Story: There isn't really a main story, the series revolves around the daily life of 4 high school girls. This series is based on a Japanese 4-panel comic strip, and as comic strips go, the contents can be just about any topics that come to mind. Though there's no main story (people gets judgmental about this), people overlook the fact it is BECAUSE there's no main story, there's no restrictions to what the series can talk about.

Art: The art style from the anime were pretty much the same as from the manga. There wasn't any inconsistencies and the animation was relatively smooth read more
Aug 15, 2008
MedliSage (All reviews)
Lucky Star

Story (6/10)
The story here was by far the hardest thing for me to rate. Being a comedy/slice-of-life type of thing, Lucky Star has no real "plot-line" or story. You could skip 5 episodes and still understand what was going on. However, the day-to-day goings and doings of the 4 main characters was done decently, and the variety of what they did was okay, so therefore I gave it a 6, which is fair/decent.

One thing I have to say though: After episode 10-ish or so, things were really getting boring. Sure, what they did was different, but the jokes had the same principle, and read more
Oct 30, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
5 WORDS OR LESS REVIEW: Hysterically Funny

I don’t think I watched anything like Lucky Star before. I know people say it’s a bit over hyped, or that it’s nothing compared to Azumanga Daioh or Pani Poni Dash! but there is something to Lucky Star. That’s why a lot of people, including me, like it. Let me enumerate on why I like it.

I like the story. Sure there isn’t much of a definite storyline, but that’s what makes it easy to understand. Besides, it’s a slice of life anime of four regular high school girls (well, maybe Konata’s a little different) so you shouldn’t expect anything read more
Apr 18, 2008
JudgeRuthless (All reviews)
Story : Well it has no story, just meaningles little kid action. I would go and work in kindergarden rather than watch crap like this, at least there i would get some money.

Art : well rofl

Sound : well it's from annoying to very annoying, specialy the crapy voices that the characters have :(
I seen animes like this rated with 5 and they are actually 1000 times better!

Character : they should've come up with some better characters, because how the characters are right now they can come up with 5347534 better new characters.

Enjoyment : hm, well let's say i would rather go for a walk

Overall read more
Oct 23, 2007
Master10K (All reviews)
Lucky Star is a Slice of Life, Comedy with no real plot; it just focuses on the daily lives of 4 school girls. It mainly pays attention to Konata Izumi, a very athelic girl who could be really smart, but she spends most of her time on anime, manga and playing games.

This great anime began with the slowest of starts that can easily turn anyone off, except of die-hard fans of anything produced by "Kyoto Animation", but after the first couple of lackluster episodes this anime becomes really enjoyable to watch. It's then when you really notice the differences in the characters' personalities and the read more