Girls & Panzer Movie

Girls und Panzer der Film

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Synonyms: Girls & Panzer Gekijouban
Japanese: ガールズ&パンツァー 劇場版
English: Girls und Panzer der Film
German: Girls & Panzer: Der Film
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Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Nov 21, 2015
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Actas
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, Award WinningAward Winning
Themes: MilitaryMilitary, SchoolSchool
Duration: 2 hr.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.181 (scored by 5483554,835 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #3712
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Popularity: #1917
Members: 101,097
Favorites: 1,322

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jun 1, 2016
10/10??!! (technically 9.6/10 but hey, who the hell cares)
You crazy man? NO! I am most certainly not!
This movie displays the epicness of the whole GuP series in 2hrs, a true masterpiece!

STORY 9/10
The story of the Girls und Panzer series is faithfully followed, and not in dragging on kind of way! There is not much that can be said that won't spoil anything, but the series showed clear development, introduces you very nicely to the movie, they start the movie by reintroducing the schools from the series. There is a clear structure of every story: setting, complication, resolution, and this movie hit the nail on all ...
May 28, 2016
Story: (8/10)
- I can't exactly give it a 9 or a 10 despite how much I liked the story. For starters, the story isn't exactly deep. You can take the story at face value. What makes it deserve an 8 though? For starters, the dorama in this movie is REAL. It exceeded what the series even did in 2 hours of content. But enough about the dorama, WHAT ABOUT THE TANKS. The amount of absurd tank movements and tactics in this movie is cranked up to 11. And you thought the series had WTF tank tactics, wait till you get a load of the movie. ...
May 29, 2016
Girls Und Panzer Der Film is one of the most enjoyable film I have watched this year. It features tank battles that's longer than the first season, more exciting to watch and 75% of the movie is just pure adrenaline thrilling tank battle scenes that makes this 2 hour movie more like a 15 minute movie.

[Story]: (7/10)
"Panzer Vor!"
"Commander Nishizumi, what does "Panzer Vor" mean?"

In the first season, the girls of Ooari High School worked together to get to the top and won the tournament that prevented the Ooari High School's shut down. It turns out that the High School is still going to be ...
Jun 1, 2020
Governments : no
Ooarai Girls Academy : Ah shit, here we go again.

A continuation of the series "Girls & Panzers" where this time it was revealed that the governments jebaited Ooarai and shuts down the school. So they have to challenge some university in order to take back their school.

Other academies also came and help Ooarai Girls Academy to fight against the university. It's a lit 2 hrs of tank battles and strategies. That's about it.

This movie is something you should watch if you feel like you want to continue to see the series and see what happens next.

10/10. Another masterpiece.
Jun 6, 2016
Imagine if you had Mad Max: Fury Road except you replace all the characters with moe girls. The results: pure awesomeness. It's almost hard to believe that an obscure little 1-cour anime from 2012 starring cute girls playing around in tanks in silly fashion has managed to come up with a movie that is not only the second-best selling anime movie of all time at the time of writing this, but also one of the most intense and thrilling action films I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Hollywood would be proud.

Taking place shortly after the events of the original TV-series, the movie jumps right ...
May 31, 2016
Mixed Feelings
As an anime, Girls und Panzer has a relatively simple formula - win the tournament, save the school. Given the conclusion was already pretty much foregone in the show there wasn't too much tension as to how the plot would ultimately resolve, but what it lacked in story it made up for in a cast of entertaining characters and exciting, highly-detailed battle scenes.

The film does everything the show does - quite literally, in fact, as the set-up is the exact same premise, boiling down to about an hour and a half of tank battles and half an hour of emotional fluff. This may seem lazy ...
Jun 1, 2016
Tank Fu the Anime Movie!!!

Girls und Panzer der Film is the contiutation to the Girls und Panzer anime series and considering LA loved the anime series, LA couldn't wait to see this movie!.

So from the synopsis, the movie is really an 120 minute finale to the anime series with the same stakes and soo many batshit insane tank fu and really LA didn't mind. This movie had the same "flavour" from the anime series and the tank fu guys...the tank fu!!!.

In terms of characters, well we have a HUGE cast of characters from the anime series, the OVA and some new opponents for the Ooarai ...
Dec 29, 2016
Girls und Panzer, not just Der Film, is pretty generic. Generic characters, generic story, everything points to it being a rather forgettable anime with a gimmick of tanks. But it seems that the team that gave birth to this show, and now movie, has absolutely mastered the art of presentation.

The story is rather simple. The heroes have a problem, X will be taken away from them unless they do the seemingly impossible task of Y. To be honest, the story isn't really something that's to be focused on and it certainly shouldn't be what you're watching this movie for. Rather, it's there to make ...
May 29, 2016
Before we start, let's just get the most important bit out of the way and that is GO WATCH THE MOVIE NOW. STOP READING and GO WATCH IT, otherwise you are definitely missing out.
Okay, now let's begin.

Story (8/10)
The story is not very deep at all. So why the high score you might ask? Simple, because there is enough to cover the background plot but not so deep that you drown in thought. The story is light and is definitely not the major focal point of the movie although some parts are pretty emotional, so if you came just to see a fantastic story ...
May 13, 2018
The Girls und Panzer movie is an encapsulation of the very essence of the original tv anime that covers all of the good aspects of the series and distills into into an action packed fanservicey blockbuster of a 2 hour film.

While the plot is basically a repeat of circumstances from the first season, the rest of the movie shines to brightly its hard to really care about the unoriginal writing.

We have all of the schools uniting under a single banner, avengers style, to give fans of every school a chance to have their moment.

We have finely crafted actions scenes that push beyond the ...
Apr 20, 2018
For those who haven't watched the Girls und Panzer series, there are a few things to keep in mind for maximum enjoyment:
- The whole show is a bit of a joke, from stereotypes of other countries to the increasingly ridiculous tank combat. If you can take a joke, you'll be LOLing at the punch lines; otherwise, I'm sure there's a niche drama out there for you.
- The theme of the series is "friendship wins over all", so even if a character is a totally nasty she-devil at first, eventually you see her soft side. There's one exception to this, but he's (rightly) treated as a ...
Oct 7, 2018
This is what happens when you try to be realistic but also totally ridiculous that it ruins your immersion. The obnoxious drifting(i understand it can't be a slow boring campfest like real tank warfare), the horrible tactics(People basically lose when they chase or rush in when there is no reason to do so)and the rollercoaster thing?

I'm sorry but they are not interesting, have no backstory and there are way way too many of them. Why should I care about them?

And the plot is just the same as the anime, so what was the point of the anime then?

I give the ...
Jun 4, 2016
Going purely from the synopsis, it certainly doesn't sound believable that the series became as successful as it is right now. At its core, Girls und Panzer appears to be just another series about cute girls doing something. In this case, the gimmick is taking part in competitions that involves driving tanks, complete with the girls attaining victory through friendship and effort. And yet, such simplicity is also why the series, and by extension, the movie is brilliant. After all, as the late Sir Terry Pratchett once said, “The reason that clichés become clichés is that they are the hammers and screwdrivers in the toolbox ...
May 28, 2021
Girls Und Panzer Der Film: Passion and Senshadou

The concept of girls in tanks battling each other for sport may come off as facetious or simply nonsensical to the jaded anime viewer. How would such an anime be structured? Is this not simply warmongering? Could there ever be depth beneath the surface of such a flimsy idea? I am not watching a show about little girls in tanks!

Yet Girls Und Panzer struts in flamboyantly; an honest, methodical display of passion. Passion for Senshadou (the sport of girls in tanks), passion for school, for nation, and passion for even the most grounded of club activities. The endearing ...
Feb 12, 2018
THAT was a fun film! At this point the movie had a lot of hype to live up to and IMO it delivers. In short, it was super fun, packed with action, very well paced, and had a pretty decent story. It is also one of the only sequel style anime films I actually enjoyed. The only other one I remember being the Haruhi movie.

Honestly going in I was really scared as it immediately went down the same dark road for which I remember a bunch of bad sequel films: it introduced a tough demeanor genius antagonist loli. Thankfully, this was a red herring and ...
Nov 3, 2018
I watched this movie because I wanted to see further development on this series and hoping it can do better on the story and character aspect.However,none of these ever happened,but instead it continues the flaws of the original series,which makes this movie awful to watch.

+crazy tank moments
+good animation
+good sound effects

-Not much emotional moments as the previous anime series
-the tanks are in chaos and hard to follow
-too many characters,hard to grow on them
-the result can be easily predicted
Jul 3, 2016
So, this movie was 30 minutes of plot, and 1.5 hours of TANK BATTLES.
If you enjoyed the action of the TV series, then this will exceed your expectations.

The story is pretty shallow, and really just gives the characters reasons to fight another balls to the wall battle... not that they have... balls... anyway - I digress.

The battles are well thought out, and yes - its hectic as all get out as the film focuses on the chaotic nature of over the top war battles with smoke, tracer rounds, fast movement and debris flying everywhere in almost every shot. Its a little hard ...
Aug 2, 2017
Girls und Panzer was a series that I personally enjoyed quite a bit. The series was a big enough hit that, in 2015, it got a sequel film. It's by Actas, the same studio behind the series proper and the Tales of Phantasia adaptation. The big question I have going into the film is where they go from the series. After all, it was complete. The girls won the day with friendship, les-yay & tanks. They saved their school from closing. Are there actually going to be stakes in the film or is it just going to be about a friendly competition? I don't know, ...
Dec 3, 2018
The original Girls and Panzer was a show I was probably never going to watch. Cute girls doing a sport known as Senshado where they battle each other with tanks. I didn't really care but on a curious whim I gave it a shot and I was pleasantly surprised. While the characters aren't the best, I love the strategy involved in the original series. I love how the show rolls with the absurd premise and it just works. The movie takes all the best parts of the original series and cranks the absurdity to a ridiculous amount.

The movie is a continuation of the tv ...
Mar 25, 2020
Story 8/10

After winning the National Sensha-dou tournament the girls believe they have saved their school from closure however the Ministry of Education go back on their word and try to close down their school.

However they are presented with one final opportunity to save their school via a match with a university team despite the task looking almost impossible with the help of some of their former rivals their chances are boosted and we are set for one great battle.

The story was an improvement over the TV show I felt a lot of emotion seeing the girls backstabbed and to see them fight back against the ...
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