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Non Non Biyori

Alternative Titles

English: Non Non Biyori
Japanese: のんのんびより


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2013 to Dec 24, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2013
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 02:05 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Silver Link.
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.001 (scored by 89,894 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #5662
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #403
Members: 208,534
Favorites: 3,509


Suddenly, the hero(ine) decided to move to countryside to break free from the hustle and the bustle of everyday city life. Comedy may not be both of strong points of the series however, the country environment is enough to make you relax.  
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
Non Non Biyori is placed in rural Japan in a tiny town and focuses on the main cast's daily lives in school and out exploring the world around them. Non Non Biyroi sets a very calm and relaxed mood similar to Flying Witch. Flying witch is a coming of age story focused on a not-so-traditional witch who is sent off by her family and explores growing up and becoming an adult. Each series is slice of life genre with added comedy. If you enjoyed the pacing and atmosphere in either show I would recommend the other. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
First all I have to say is, Kawaii!!!!! They both revolve around the daily lives of cute young girls and their friends. Both stories are very light hearted and employ simple life lessons on friendship and enjoying life. Don't expect for your intellect to be challenged with these series, but instead watch them with a relaxed state of mind and enjoy the comedy of the antics these lovable characters get involved in each episode. K-On!'s story is more related to music, and the girls are in highschool. Non Non Biyori girls are a variety of ages, and the story involves life in the Japanese country  read more 
report Recommended by Animaniablog
They might not have a complex story but both of these shows has their own charms when it comes to characters. This is especially evident when the cast is made up of cute girls doing cute things on a daily basisi. The mood is mostly lighthearted for both series so don't expect anything deep or complex. Rather, expect humor and character relationships that is innocent and memorable. I recommend both series if you're looking for something to relax for the day and enjoy a simple, yet alluring show with classic slice of life ideas. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Yuru Camp reminds me of Non Non Biyori in it's overall atmosphere. Both shows are extremely relaxing with some moments of comedy and character building. A lot of the screen time for both shows are focused in the outdoors or 'in the middle of nowhere'. If you're looking for an enjoyable laid back show I would recommend both. Yuru Camp focuses on camping and Non Non Biyori is more comedy and slice of life focused and takes place in extreme rural Japan. Each capture the beauty of the landscape and simple life. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Well, both animes follow the adventures of a group of children, mainly girls, around their city, exploring and enjoying their lives all along the way. Very nice and relax to watch. 
report Recommended by Thatios
Similar set of beautiful lifestyle living in the country side. With an easy to love cast makes for a lovely series when just trying to relax and escape life for awhile. 
report Recommended by rainfalls
It's exactly the same show but in a major city. The main cast is all female There is no plot both are comedy Slice of life difference Yuru Yuri has 2 girls with glasses that fantasize that certain girls will become couples.  
report Recommended by pjburton
Non Non Biyori has a laid-back slice of country life appeal, that is similar to ARIA's slice-of-Venetian every day life. However, I feel like ARIA has a bit more depth to it overall and will ultimately carry more substance. I recommend NNB for a nice quiet evening with tea though. It's one of my favourite things of this season. 
report Recommended by starshinesMonet
Childlike anime about normal young kids and their daily lives. One is smarter than the others. The characters get into ridiculous yet embarrassing hijinks. 
report Recommended by pinkarray
○ Both have relaxing atmospheres ○ Similar comedy ○ Good friendship elements ○ Great visuals ○ These are both perfect shows for when you're feeling super lazy! 
report Recommended by Sawp
Just pure comedy situations generated from girlish talks. Watching girls do their bests, fight together and go everywhere together without Yuri element. If you want something like this, these animes are for you!  
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
It's cute girls doing cute things. They both include places "in the country", Non Non Biyori more so. Locodol has a faster pace but is still fairly relaxed. They include light humor as well. In my opinion, if cute girls are your thing, both are worth it. 
report Recommended by sunflowerplanet
Both shows are slow paced and relaxing with light comedy elements and they focus around a group of girls of different grades and ages and they give off a very similar slice of life feeling. While Non Non Biyori is set around the countryside and inside a small school with a small plot, Minami-ke has a wider variety of characters and is set in your average city and a lot of times in the Minami household. Minami-ke also has more male characters than Non Non Biyori while Non Non Biyori focuses mostly on the 4 female leads. Nonetheless the interactions the characters have is very  read more 
report Recommended by IdleSheep
Want a piece of mind? Girls chatting with go-lucky free environment? Here you go. Kiniro Mosaic or Non Non Biyori can easily put off all the accumulated stress with their lukewarm happy mood. If you're into comedy and peace of mind? Here you go! 
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
Similar style of comedy focused on a cast of air heads of various degrees. Introduces it's own Kanna in Renge who also becomes by far the best part of the show immediately. 
report Recommended by Ajgeo
A fresh anime that relieve you from negative emotions , you don't have to think to much but just to follow the mc and his friends through the different events happening to them . Perfect anime when you need to relax  
report Recommended by Nek0n
same slice-of-life and cutesy moe-esque feel; relaxing to watch, showcases Japanese cultures and ways, and best of all: the characters you just can't easily forget that shows you the story of friendship. 
report Recommended by GiancarloLS
Both animes center around slice of life and comedy with similar characters and really cute storyline both has light hearted humour the dissimilaritys are that lucky star centers around everyday life in the city whereas non non biyori centers around life in the country also lucky star is a parody whereas non non biyori is not. If you loved the light hearted humour and the cute storyline then you will love lucky star but if you watched non non biyori for its amazing art then lucky star is not for you  
report Recommended by WhiteJoker
Both shows feature casts of girls, frequently enjoying the outdoors and other simple activities as they deepen their friendships and grow as people. They're both beautifully animated and will leave you with a positive, relaxed feeling. While the humor between the shows is subtly different, both made me want to explore rural and wilderness areas in Japan. 
report Recommended by Jomei
Nonoka reminds me of Hotaru and they both transfered from Tokyo to a new town. Noel reminds me of Renge (Small, cute and friends with Nonoka/Hotaru). Both towns and sets are very peacefull and relaxing. The colors and the animation are gorgeous in both. 
report Recommended by Juhnny
At their core both are just simple slice of life comedies which I found incredibly heartwarming, relaxing, and fun to watch. Both also had their fair share of very d'aww moments due to the personalities of certain purple haired characters. 
report Recommended by Sverd
Both anime have a town girl who moves to the countryside and tries to adapt. If you really enjoy these kinds of anime, I think that you would enjoy it!! :D 
report Recommended by DeuceHunter
Both animes are slice of life with good comedy in it. They both have great art & animation with breathtaking scenery of the countryside. The main characters are alos a group of cute girls living their daily lives. 
report Recommended by carapau
A group of young girls with different personalities living their lives in humorous ways.  
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
A character moves from Tokyo to counryside, where he (or she) goes to school, makes new friends and does his (her) best to adapt to countryside life, thus getting into all sorts of ridiculous situations. Both shows are heartwarming, have nice sceneries (especially non non biyori).  
report Recommended by Saijuro
Heart-warming and funny series with some touching elements in them. They also feature slightly bratty and wise kids in them. 
report Recommended by pinkarray
I've only seen the first three episodes of Non Non Biyori, but it immediately reminded me of YKK because of its laid-back slice of country life appeal. The girls are cute and I love their curiousity and discoveries through out each of the series. NNB is a bit "cuter" though. 
report Recommended by starshinesMonet
Dagashi Kashi and Non Non Biyori have different artistic styles but take place in a very similar setting- rural Japan. Dagashi Kashi focuses on a comedy based plot line whereas Non Non Biyori is mainly a slice of life. If you enjoyed the setting in either show you should give the other a try. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Yuyushiki and Non Non Biyori may not have storyline with engaging plots but they offer slice of life fun with its small cast of characters. These characters are cute girls that enjoys their everyday lives with one another doing various activities. There is a lot of humor in both series with a lighthearted atmosphere. For Yuyushiki, there are also references along with some cryptic dialogues at occasions. The dialogues in Non Non Non Biyori are adorable in its own rights with child play tones and enthusiasm.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are slice of lives and are both hilarious. Working is more about restaurant lives while Non Non Biyori is about some girls' country lives. 
report Recommended by anime--psycho
Both are low-key, slice of life anime set in rural Japan and based around the adventures of hyperactive kids. 
report Recommended by Lobinde
Both of these Slice of Lifes seam to follow a much more believable approach than the average SoL. Neither of them focus on school as a major setting which isn't very common for SoLs. Although Non Non Biyori does have school, it's a very different feel due to it being a school of only 5 kids. Both of them have comedy elements as well as serious elements with feeling in them. Non Non Biyori is about a group of 4 girls varying in age greatly while Danna ga Nani focuses on the life of a married couple. 
report Recommended by trigger_death
Non Non Biyori and Wakaba*Girl are very, very simple slice-of-life shows that are built strongly around humor. There is also an ensemble of female main characters in both shows and they are all good friends with each other. The drawing style is also very similar in that they generate a light, radiant mood for both shows. The main difference, arguably, is the length of each episode, but this is a relatively minor issue in my opinion. 
report Recommended by -Remix-
A main character living away from the crowded cities. The essence of a slice of life show. The dialogues are engaging, the characters are realistic, and the relationship dynamics are memorable. Both contains main characters staying happy always and exploring the village they have a new adventure every day.Both stories are very light hearted and employ simple life lessons on friendship and enjoying life. I recommend both series for anyone who is looking for a fun slice of life show.  
report Recommended by future_dose
A cute slice of life anime with loverball characters following the main character who moves to a new village/city and there meets a group of friends. Both shows are cute girls doing cute things with moe designs.  
report Recommended by YumeMilky
Both series take place in a run-down wooden school building, surrounded by green hills and nature, in schools with similar names (Asahigaoka and Kunugigaoka). The day to day life in class is featured, over a year (this includes the second series in both cases). During this time the the students show more and more of their individual skills and strenghts, which are further expanded during occasional excursions and trials. The teachers have quite different teaching styles (Koro sensei is very energetic and passionate, while Miyauchi sensei is rather phlegmatic and even sleeps during class), but they both tend to every single student individually  read more 
report Recommended by Estefan
While Non Non Biyrori is a story about friendship beetwin several youg girls, Karakai Jouzi is a romance beetwin two young childrens. But both are very peacefull anime made with nothing but cuteness and happiness, and you finally watch them with a smile painted on your face. 
report Recommended by Screaming_G
has to do with country life and learning to adapt to your surroundings. plus both are pretty funny. 
report Recommended by Djcode6
Cute girl doing basic daily life things. Both Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san and Non Non Biyori are basically an anime about doing stuff together with friends and have fun with it. 
report Recommended by TsuzukuHunter2nd
Both animes deal with 4 girls and their different comic occurrences from day to day, in both worlds there is almost no appearance of male characters. In Non Non Biyori everything happens in a rural village called Asahigaoka, while in Urara Meirochou in a magical village called Labyrinth. Both are mistakenly cataloged as "Seinen" 
report Recommended by Rising_Sun
Shirokuma Cafe doesn't have any "real" story. Yet the character is so loveable. If you like this kind of relaxing anime, I recommend Non Non Biyori. The comedic and relaxing vibe is (for me) good. Very "friendly" series. 
report Recommended by glicohonda
Both stories focus on four girls who find innovative ways to have fun. The only twist is that Non Non Biyori has a friendly environment while Gakkougurashi starts off with a friendly environment that's actually dark and lonely. I wonder if both Gakkougurash and Non Non Biyori are somehow connected. Yuki can relate to Renge. Both characters are energetic. However, Renge is stoic and Yuki is always smiling. Kurumi can relate to Natsumi. Both character have easygoing personalities, and both characters are daredevils. Yuuri can relate to Komari. Both characters are the most mature ones in the groups and both of them have the same hairstyle. Miki can  read more 
report Recommended by Psyches
+ Both are focused on group of girls doing some funny and cute things. + Both are very lighthearted and calming. Recommended, if you tired of these dark, depressing shows and just want to relax. Art, music, comedy and these little pieces of drama are better executed in Non Non Biyori, but it doesn't mean that Tamayura is bad series - it`s actually kind of enjoyable and sweet OVA, especially if you like this type of anime - I suppose, that Non Non Biyori is just too good. So, if you already finished all your calming anime and want more, trying Tamayura could be a good choice. 
report Recommended by alex711
Both make you feel happy inside every episode 
report Recommended by erwinkse
Both shows, - have a main character that just moved from the city to the countryside and gets to know the new environment. - show a similar idyllic scenery with fields, forested hills, clear streams, little houses - feature the daily lives of the country dwellers So if you are interested in rural Japan, both shows might be of interest for you. Shiki is a bit more on the darker, Non Non Biyori a bit more on the brighter side. 
report Recommended by Estefan
Both are Slice Of Life shows. Both shows depict the everyday lives of cute girls and having fun along the way. The only major difference is that Non Non Biyori is in a countryside setting but Kiniro Mosaic is mostly in school. But that doesn't take away the fun-filled, heart warming and good comedy aspects of both shows I recommend NNB because it is a good Slice of Life show and is a great way to start yourself in the SoL genre. 
report Recommended by TheBasedMaki
They have a similar sense of humor. In particular, they share humor based on embarrassment at others seeing stupid things you do.  
report Recommended by colonelpanic
Slice of life anime about the everyday lives of a group of girls. They're both fun to watch and super cute. The differences though are that the two groups live in different locations, and that Non Non Biyori has less students and the girls are all different ages. 
report Recommended by imjayhime
They had the same relaxed quality summer time makes you sit back and enjoy every episode. 
report Recommended by rainfalls
Similar humor that is heavily based on the characters' personalities. Both take it easy and have little real story: they are more about the journey than any particular destination.  
report Recommended by colonelpanic
Both slice of life with over the top animation and cute grills. If you liked all scenes with food in Non Non Biyori, you'll enjoy Koufuku Graffiti. :3 
report Recommended by Guerak
Both anime feature the Japanese countryside and are comedies involving kids. Both have kids coming to the rural area from a city. Besides, the general pacing and aura of both titles seem rather similar.  
report Recommended by kvnstv1
They are school girls playing in their everyday life, both give the same feelings and also a little comedy to spice up things. and don't forget that both have a great art. 
report Recommended by skywind08
Pure slice of life series.Yeah, pure slice-of-life without plot. But, both are truly funny and relaxing. Good for break after watching the usual action,mystery,or horror series 
report Recommended by 1cedkid
Non non Biyori and Danchigai have the following things in common. 1) Both are moe anime. 2) Both have cute characters that do weird things. 3) Both are heartwarming and relazing to watch.  
report Recommended by DarknessSerpent
Non Non Biyori has a greater focus on character development due to the smaller cast, but both shows are about groups of schoolgirls and the bonds between them, and both have plenty of feel-good charm to boot! :) 
report Recommended by TKChieftain
Both of the shows are fairly slow paced with a focus on comedy and simple contemplative scenes. While Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is a hell of a lot more bleak due to it's post-apocalyptic setting, both shows have a very relaxed and comfy atmosphere with lots of subtle thoughtful moments - in other words they're both part of the Iyashikei genre. Vivid, detailed and expansive backdrops permeate both shows with some scenes being exceptionally beautiful due to their inclusion.  
report Recommended by ArmourySMT
Even though the plots are completely different, they both have the same feel to it. The bgm is really similar and the characters are really similar giving both shows a similar atmosphere. Also, there are many references to countryside people being unfamiliar with the city. So if you enjoy one you'd probably enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Clouded-Flame
Both slice of life shows about girls and the adventures they go on together. Both shows are very relaxing. Aria is more of a sci-fi show while Non Non Biyori is rather realistic. Cute girls galore. 
report Recommended by GirlA
Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou and Non non biyori are great anime with a countryside setting and a great group of friends that Experience adventures together. For my opinion both of these anime are great to watch with your family and they also kid friendly to watch.  
report Recommended by shirley1994
Both set in a small village with a nice, small community where everybody knows and helps each other. The pastoral views in both give out a real calm and relaxing atmosphere. 
report Recommended by teramisu
In Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan, several characters are in a new environment, while in Non Non Biyori only one is. Both have a largely female cast, and character-based humor. Both shows have an element of whimsy, but while Majipoka is supernatural, Non Non Biyori is more simply carefree. 
report Recommended by colonelpanic
Both anime are really cute, relaxing, and just a breath of fresh air to watch within each episode. They both involve young girls and school with something different each day. 
report Recommended by moonlight4life
Well, at first these two might not seem so similar with one being about an organization aiming for world domination and the other being a slice of life anime about girls in a small village school. However I feel that the characters are rather similar and so is the humor. Renge from Non Non Biyori doesn't have any magical powers like Kate from Zvezda, but they both lead a group of older characters in their cheerful "little girl instinct" way and experience adventures. If you liked the humour of this show and can do with a little more action you're going to enjoy Sekai Seifuku:  read more 
report Recommended by Ponti1
These are two relaxing slice of life anime about the everyday lives of cute girls. The protagonists in each were used to a more exciting lifestyle prior to the start of their series are forced to accept a more mundane one. They quickly make new friends who are able to help them adjust to living with less. The humour is often subtle, but it can make more of an impact than more obvious jokes. 
report Recommended by zombie_pegasus