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Tenjou Tenge

Alternative Titles

English: Tenjho Tenge
Synonyms: Heaven and Earth, Tenjo Tenge
Japanese: 天上天下


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 2, 2004 to Sep 17, 2004
Premiered: Spring 2004
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: TV Asahi
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.041 (scored by 66,133 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #34912
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #708
Members: 128,681
Favorites: 587


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Oct 24, 2007
Master10K (All reviews)
Tenjou Tenge a typical shounen anime that takes all the concepts that worked well in other shounen anime and puts it into a High School setting. Tenjo Tenge is basically about two delinquent boys; Souichiro and Bob who enter a school hoping to take it over, like their previous schools but problems occur and then the story turns into a quest to become stronger. Even though this plot (to become stronger) is not the least bit original, the story does become very interesting when it reaches the extremely long flashback, revealing a lot about certain characters. However soon after this flashback arc the story finishes, read more
Jul 26, 2007
Chelle (All reviews)
What a waste of time. I picked up this anime because I had read most of the manga, and was interested in seeing the characters of the manga brought to life. However, the anime did NOT bring the manga to life... it killed it.

This anime is best left on the shelf in the store, unless all you want to see is big boobs and panty shots, because, basically, that\'s what the anime comes down to. The story and plot are all over the place and does NOT follow the manga at all. There is no resolution, and you\'re left at read more
May 29, 2008
snivek101 (All reviews)
Note: I saw all 24 episodes including the 2 episode (OAV).

I feel I must redeem this anime from its horrible reviews. First off, I did not read the manga, so I can't comment on that, but for the most part this anime was really good. The story to me was relatively coherent and intriguing. The authors did a great job in intertwining all the main characters into the main plot giving each character a pretty good background story. The first episode in my opinion is just what I needed to really get me fired up. It was exciting and the fight scenes were well done. read more
Jan 3, 2015
Vindetus (All reviews)
Honestly i was kind of expecting a lot from this anime since the first 2 episodes had really epic fight scenes and what looked like room for character development. But the support characters became the main characters and the main characters became the support characters. 90% of this anime revolves around flash backs about Maya and Aya Natsumi's older brother Shin Natsumi. The fight scenes were epic i must say, story wise. No. There is no character development and for around 10+ episodes is straight flash backs which really bothered me because there was NOTHING on Souichirou Nagi and Bob, they kept getting their asses read more
Apr 19, 2008
Hitoshura (All reviews)
The beginning of this series was good up to the point where it showed nothing but constant flash backs. This left no time to further advance the plot thoroughly. Instead after the flash backs they used the remaining 2 - 3 episodes to summarize the plot of the story. If this anime series was around 50 episodes it could have been good. I honestly would rather drink a bottle of iodine filled with glass shards than watch this crappy ass anime again.

P.S.: For those who are interested you should check out the manga. i hear from several people that it was way better than read more
Aug 9, 2010
Wolfghast (All reviews)
What can I say about Tenjou tenge?

Positively, not a lot.
Negatively, plenty.

I had some high expectations from this anime when I started watching. I was out for a good fighting anime with some class to it.Tenjou unfortunately fell very short of the mark for numerous reasons.

The story was very average as were the characters for the following reasons :

The reason for revenge is completely biased and stupid and you EVEN find her working together with the person she wants revenge against. WTF right?

The characters apart from Bob & Bunsichi were very plain,boring,egotistical
unrational & drop dead annoying.

Sisters fighting over the most trivial thing.

The main character was read more
Dec 24, 2017
mechanikilla (All reviews)
the plot goes in reverse after episode 9, but those few episodes were 9/10, a compelling story and great scenes altogether, with a decent setting and combat system

but everything after that was only worth 2/10, all immersion was sabotaged, and any sense of interest was lost

this is hard to review under the MAL format, because halfway through it goes from being one thing and then turns into a never ending flashback, making it more like two separate anime

and the flashback wasn't that entertaining or important to the events leading up to it, and it didn't even keep the same pacing

this whole anime was totally botched read more
Aug 20, 2008
Aphiel1 (All reviews)
Okay this is my review of Tenjou Tenge. Let me start off by saying that I came into this series with exceptionally low expectations, I mean I was expecting turd quality stuff based off of the reviews I read so I thought maybe I don’t need to review this…I WAS SO WRONG! This series can’t even be called turd quality this is the equivalent of a girl going to her high school prom and getting maiimed by a highschool mascot/lion. This series is the epitome of absolute failure in both execution and satisfaction.
Story- If this series had stuck with something and went with it read more
Jul 20, 2009
stunt_crazy (All reviews)
Alright i started this anime with extremely high hopes....i dont know maybe i was just expecting too much. From what i read on the synopsis and how the first couple episodes goes, if this anime progressed more fluently it would have easily gotten a 9 or 10 from me. It starts out wit a pretty dang good storyline but it then just about stops everything just to show past events. I mean don't get me wrong a background ep here or there is great but when they take more then half the season for flashback episodes it got really annoying. Then they never really show read more
Jan 5, 2010
DMDetonator (All reviews)
An utter disappointment. I decided to watch this because it was good enought to be english dubbed. This is so far the worst Anime TV Series I have watched. The only thing worse is its OVA.

At the beginning this haad a lot of potential but noooooooooooooooooooo the stupid idiots decided it would be 'cool' to make it an anime full of flashbacks.

First of all at the beginning it gets the audience excited by making Nagi some sort of God or something with a whole lot of potential but then oh guess what flashback then after nearly TEN episodes of it they go back to the read more
Aug 15, 2008
locotewoo (All reviews)
Uff, the first chapters were some kind of fun, lot of panties and big tits, and of course the fight, two delincuents trying to kick everyone ass, but then it got suddenly boring....two many tits every girl had like porn tits, and then everygirl was showing their panties....WTF....the japanese people had the weirdest porn dreams about schoolgirls showing their white panties.

The story is absoluty stupid, i dont get it why they fight, why they kill or why after several years keep fighting.....they dont have a reasoneable IDEA of why ! The just fight, because that is all they do. just fight. for what? to fight. read more
Jul 7, 2008
Dick75 (All reviews)
Let's start with this shows biggest problem. A flashback is one episode MAX! Not a entire arc. The writers could have just started the story in the past and jumped to the future or made the past chapters a movie or ova, but instead two massive flahsbacks, two really two? I felt this show had cool characters and cool fighting, but if that's all a show has then it's a bad show. The one thing I liked was that the main character got his ass kicked a lot that was amusing. Perhaps that's why I kept watching. So if you like a show that read more
Jun 12, 2010
Kilik64 (All reviews)
Tenjou Tenge is yet another example of why you don't make anime based on a not-even-close-to-complete manga. The problems with series stem from the fact that it abruptly ends at the conclusion of the first arc of the manga, which is about the 8th volume. The manga is on it's 21st volume and is still going.

This leads to issues such as half the series being a big flashback (there's a big flashback to explain everything that's going on in the the present, and the anime literally ends RIGHT after the story returns to the present), characters seeming to be bland and one dimensional because read more
Nov 4, 2009
nobody_knows (All reviews)
Oh how the mighty has fallen...Ito Sensei. This anime would be 'Great!' if Madhouse didn't continue or forward the story line, Tenjou Tenge would have been a 'Great!' anime with some martial art kick ass animation to attract us on the first place.

Although the guro fest, and guys who has unnatural muscular body like DBZ doesn't suit my taste on manga and anime, but Tenjou Tenge does have a good story but it doesn't go to the main point. You will spend the next 16+ episode only just to see the Past Chapter. The chapter mostly revolve the older character in Tenjou Tenge, like Maya, read more
Dec 7, 2017
Polestickweeze (All reviews)
One of the worst anime I ever watched. I thought it would catch my eye since some themes I would have enjoyed: ecchi, martial arts, comedy, but sadly it failed.

This blonde character wants to beat up the biggest and strongest student in a martial arts school until he gets his butt kicked. He still is determined to get back up and fight. The one he was fighting seemed a nice guy but can be a hardcore fighter with red eyes.
The story is confusing because I have no idea who is the main characters or am I just to see all of them as one. read more
Dec 1, 2011
NiSaN_ (All reviews)
To make a long story short, this anime showed incredible promise in the begining, but ultimatly fell way short of expectations. The first few episodes start down a cliched but engaging story setup but by the middle of the the series, it starts to drown in a pool of it's own complexity. The story is way too weighted down by the backstory of people who aren't the story's heroes. And don't even get me started on the fact this series is incomplete; it has no resolution whatsoever!

The story Failed.
Art was good enough.
Sound was forgetable.
Characters were interesting but had little to no read more
Mar 16, 2013
ebonyhatesyou (All reviews)
The main character, Souchirou is not an charismatic character. So it is in my opinion the first fail. The rest of the characters are not bad in my opinion or annoying, which is something I appreciate, looks like in every anime is there at least one annoying character.

The storyline is not concluded at all, the two final chapers got me asking myself "what the fuck?!". It was so absurd that I liked it. I don't considera good ending to end a series whose most interesting part was the flashbacks -which were the part wherein the character development and emotional bonds showed up- in a random-comical read more
Jul 12, 2008
2Mat (All reviews)
If you like stupid storys with people fighting, girls with big boobs and nothing more than that, Tenjou Tenge will feed you just fine.

And if you manage to get to end of this "thing", you probably have some problem.
Nov 16, 2008
K_N (All reviews)
This was a great anime. It didn't have the most sensational storyline, or character development, but overall it was an enjoyable anime to watch, and that's what matters. There were a couple supporting characters that I would have liked to see more of. Some of the main characters needed more background and insight on as well. However, it has a compelling storyline, great music, funny comedy, and some awesome fight scenes. I recommend it to anyone who likes "powered up" fighting anime.
Mar 22, 2017
daimonfo (All reviews)
I really wanted to like this anime. Sadly, the more I watched of it, the less I got into it until the final episode where I was happy to have watched it... because I didn't want to watch it anymore.

Its not a bad anime, but I think that somewhere along the road it became a disaster. The story stopped making sense, the characters were flipping out for silly reasons and did things that at the end of the episodes made no sense.

What killed it for me was the story. After episode 6 or 7 the anime turned into another anime that I didn't sign up read more