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Alternative Titles

English: Aiura
Japanese: あいうら


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 10, 2013 to Jun 26, 2013
Premiered: Spring 2013
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 01:35 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: 4-koma manga
Duration: 4 min. per ep.
Rating: G - All Ages


Score: 6.751 (scored by 28,195 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #47772
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1569
Members: 60,161
Favorites: 135


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May 28, 2013
_North (All reviews)
With the episodes only 3 minutes each, THIGHura wastes no time delivering what it does best, delicious thighs and fresh voice acting.

It's an adaption of a 4 koma slice of life, so don't expect much plot or progression. This show has great animation to make up for this though, and coupled with its bright colour palette and characters, it'll easily make your day a little more cheerful.

Watch if for the:
- ドンマイ
- Thighs
- Voice acting earsex
Jul 8, 2013
Zee530 (All reviews)
Anime shorts are quickly becoming a new trend in the industry, and while quite a few people see them as nothing more than annoyances and most times space consuming drivel, it really isn’t the case, as they more than in one way help to promote the industry. They can be viewed as akin to indie developers, there are a lot of animation studios in japan but not all of them have the manpower or prowess to continuously dish out 24 minute episodes for 12 weeks. Shorts give a chance for the smaller studios to make a name for themselves using very limited resources, and just read more
Jun 22, 2013
korinari (All reviews)
I fell in love with Kanaka Amaya!! i really like this anime because they're so funny especially Kanaka who makes me really llove this anime.. every episode was very nice that it makes you beg for more because of it short time,,, it also makes you rewatch it again and again.. the only thing that i don't like in aiura is the time..seriously, only 4 minutes and 12 episodes? with epic characters?! no way!
but still i rate it 10/10
Jun 25, 2013
Mazzmoney (All reviews)
First show this season that I finished, and I liked it. Sure it's only 4 minutes and you can finish it in less than an hour, but I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be a very fun hour. Aiura will just keep you in a good mood, and for that alone I recommend it. Each episode has a different story from the rest, but each one is pretty funny, and none of them are bad. The characters are all very funny, all 3 of them (plus the teacher, who is like the second best teacher ever). I'm sure you'll like all three girls. read more
Feb 22, 2015
ashketch95 (All reviews)
Story: This anime is very short because it's twelve four-minute episodes, so it doesn't have much story to it. I like story as much as the next person, but because this is about the lives of three best friends in high school, I really don't mind it at all. Though there are moments that I ask myself why a certain scene exists, I just don't focus on it as much. With that said, I rate this portion a 9/10.

Art: Unless the stuff I usually watch, this anime is very cutesy in art. The style is much simpler than the styles used in anime such as read more
Oct 19, 2014
wutweeaboo (All reviews)
I dived into this 66 minute show amidst glowing reviews, expecting a short and sweet morsel of slice of life that you really don't see in your typical 12 episode series. I was wrong.

While the show runs for 12 episodes and has a total running time of 66 minutes, the actual show itself, barring the repeated use of OPs and EDs boils down to only 32 minutes of ACTUAL content.

And while the art and voice direction is very polished, the whole thing is soiled by a disappointing display of mediocre slice of life that surprises no one. There's absolutely nothing new here if you're read more
Mar 8, 2014
JebusMatoi (All reviews)
To be fair, this series is very short (3 minutes per episode with the OP taking up 1 minute each time) so I forgive it for not having much content in it.

...Though that excuse is thrown out the window when you spend each episode making 3 jokes at the most that fall flat due to late reactions, idiotic faces and just flat out boring interaction between the characters. None of the three main girls feel like they have much to offer except when combined with the other two for support. The side characters are just there to fill in roster spots and the setting read more
Aug 25, 2017
Yoppi (All reviews)
This is a series of shorts, so it must first be understood that my review is not critical because of its length, but because of what it is unable to *achieve* given its length.

Aiura is a slice-of-life show adapted from its 4-koma origins. Similar to many other adaptations from 4-koma manga revolving around entering high school and making friends (a staple of slice-of-life at this point), a story will not be its strength. Instead, the attachment to the slice-of-life genre is primarily generated by its characters and comedic value.

The premise given is "what happens when there is nothing happening." Two minutes and thirty seconds for read more
Jun 25, 2013
BlackShads (All reviews)
-A short review for a short show-

Story - Do I need to respond to this? Read the synopsis. 6.

Art - Awesome. What you'd expect from SHAFT. 9.

Sound - CRABBY CRABBY CRABBY = Best OP. Great soundtrack, I love it. The voice acting is amazing. 9.

Characters - Common, but that doesn't mean its bad. I like it a lot, actually, it works really well. 7.

Enjoyment - It's comedy gold. 9.

Overall - Show of the season. 9.
Jul 22, 2018
A_kari (All reviews)
Aiura delivers on what it promises, providing a comedic, slice-of-life look at the lives of three high-school aged girls in short, digestible segments.
The jokes are full of biting sarcasm and wit, a welcome deferral from the bombastic, and oftentimes over-the-top comedic style so commonplace in anime. Beautiful watercolor backdrops bring a breath of fresh air to what would otherwise be a tired, and overused setting for a show.
Despite the short run time of each episode, the writers bring depth and clarity to each characters personality, and define them well within the show. Catchy opening and closing tracks are the read more
Jun 19, 2013
Akio_1 (All reviews)
I can't work out why but I really enjoy this.
The lighthearted artwork and the soundtrack are both good and the characters work well together despite only having 3 minutes to develop.
The sudden, obvious comedy always makes me laugh.
Jun 25, 2013
MFK (All reviews)
This was a calm anime, and it does it well.

Story: 3/10
Yes, its a short anime, but it had no progression at all. It was just the most basic of basic SoL.

Art: 9/10
The style was very good, and everything was detailed. It added to the calm atmosphere. Very soothing colours, no bright or vivid colours. andfluid animation to boot. Plus, DEM THIGHS. Almost perfect. Also Steve Jobs in the OP, WAT?

Sound: 8/10
Nothing spectacular, but the ED was soothing, and the OP was catchy.

Character: 5/10
Really didn't flesh out anyone, so took no liking to anyone. But nothing bad.

Enjoyment: 8/10
Kept me sane throughout the weeks. Twas enjoyable

Overall: read more
Jul 12, 2016
Paraturtle (All reviews)
As most SoL's go, nothing really happens. However, Aiura does a good job of having nothing happen in a comfortable, realistic manner. Nothing all that extraordinary happens, nothing feels out of place, and everything seems seemingly plausible. It never tries hard to get a punch line across. Rather, it tells sorts of jokes you and your friends might experience. Laid back, relaxing, chuckle-worthy humor that becomes an inside joke for the next few years. It's all quite enjoyable, and it never feels stilted or rehearsed. Everything is fluid and organic in this work.

Beautiful backdrops, smooth animation, Aiura looks fantastic. I'm talking excellent. The only issue read more
Mar 29, 2018
myronator (All reviews)
It is hard to gauge a rating for such a short series. Aiura is a set of 12 episodes spanning 3 minutes each. It is set in high school and focuses on three female students as they become friends through a fairly regular set of events. The show is great for some quick, light-hearted fun/comedy and can scratch that itch when you're keen on watching some slice of life. However, there isn't much depth to the show, as one would expect having a 36 minute run time. Hence, it is unlikely that Aiura will leave a lasting impression on you. Nevertheless, this does not mean read more
Mar 24, 2017
Abajur (All reviews)
"Ah... chabashira." The first line of this anime couldn't better represent what is about to come. For those who don't know, chabashira is when tea stalk floats upright in the cup after pouring tea and is considered a good luck charm.

As it suggests this show is about "nothing," but a very pleasant nothing. Its about the moments when life just feels pleasant, just like a completely "meaningless" good luck charm that just feels nice. Its a slice of life show that does not put heavy emphasis on the comedy but instead it focuses in the mood.

The animation is impressive for a short anime. While the read more
Aug 12, 2016
Apdo1 (All reviews)
That moment when you wanted to asks the director/producer... Why is there a fucking 2 min of an actual content of the anime within a single episode of the overall 12 ep of Aiura? I mean, i understands the amount of repetitive work, difficulty of synchronizing sounds with animations or mouth movement, and keeping their art qualities. But 2 min of an actual fucking content? Aiura could've been made into a fun to watch slice of life anime if it wasn't for that 2 min of an actual content. Although, Iwasawa Saki thighs (other as well, but hers was the best... xd) definitely compensates for read more
May 31, 2019
JustaMAL (All reviews)
Aiura is an extremely short watch.
Episodes are 4 minutes in length, but the actual length of the content in the episodes is 2 minutes due to the 1 minue bumpers for the OP and ED songs, making the total watch time should you skip those less than half an hour.

There isn't a story to mention, Aiura is quite literally a collection of animated shorts depicting the characters interacting. Usually accompanied by slapstick humor or characters delivering lines in a deadpan way.
The characters meet and become friends. Then the clips of shorts begin.

The art isn't trying to look good, but there's always something endearing about drawn read more
Jul 29, 2013
Yuno_Love (All reviews)
Aiura is a very pleasant, short slice of life series. Each episode is only 4 minutes long so it's a great time-killer and mood lifter.

The "story" consists of three girls who share the first semester of high school together. Don't even worry about it since it's obviously not the point of this show.

Relaxing atmosphere, nice use of colors, the actual animation isn't bad at all. For a short series, it's incredibly well-made. The aesthetic will probably remind people of KyoAni's Lucky Star and Nichijou, but the actual presentation and execution is evocative of Ichigo Marshmallow (to the point where there's an explicit visual reference).

Again, calm read more
Jun 27, 2013
Eren_Yeagar (All reviews)
Aiura to me was a really random show. The show itself is only like 3 minutes since it had an opening and ending song. There is not plot what so every in this anime. Everything seemed really random and funny at the same time. It had its moments and downsides. If you plan to watch this don't expect much from it unless you are killing time.
Jun 25, 2013
SugaSuga (All reviews)
"Think Crabing."

I really enjoyed Aiura. The characters are great, i love the opening song and even though nothing really happens, this anime made my day. Too bad that the episodes are so short thou. This is a slice of life anime about 3 girls doing random things. :D Anyone who likes short anime series or wants to watch funny and random "not so serious" anime, should definitely watch this! But if you are looking for anime that has some kind of depth in it, i suggest you to forget this anime.