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Romeo x Juliet

Alternative Titles

English: Romeo x Juliet
Synonyms: RomeoxJuliet
Japanese: ロミオ×ジュリエット


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2007 to Sep 26, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2007
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Gonzo
Source: Book
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.761 (scored by 53,198 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #9952
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #815
Members: 131,805
Favorites: 1,188


Both of these shows come from the same studio, and they have a similar format as well - reimagining classic literature in a different setting. Gankutsuou, for instance, is adapted to involve space travel. If you're a stickler for exact details, these probably aren't for you. They adjust the plot and such freely, but they try to remain true to the spirit of the original works and reinvent them in a new and interesting way. Some might hold that as a griping point, but I think reimagining rather than just regurgitating is an admirable goal. 
report Recommended by Krelian
Gonzo used to have something of a Romeo & Juliet fetish, as well as being one of few studios to have the balls to adapt material not destined to be adored by otaku. And this resulted in two very different anime, linked only by their usage of R&J tragedy as a main theme. Basilisk is best described as the Japanese period piece, ninja warfare equivalent of R&J. Meanwhile, Romeo x Juliet is a re-imagining of Shakespeare's work... complete with flying horses and other fantasy elements sure to irk purists. The names are the same and core theme, but little else. The series themselves do differ considerably, with  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Two anime fond of shaking that age-old spear that is Shakespeare. One is the loosest of adaptations (RxJ); the other takes inspiration from Shakespeare's work as it happily throws around quotes from Hamlet & The Tempest (ZnT). It's HIGHLY DOUBTFUL Shakespeare would've envisioned flying horses, trees fighting and the like. And you aren't going to find dialogue that tries to be faithful to the source material's old English roots unless you watch RxJ dubbed. BUT, both anime are tragic love stories given an anime twist, so they're still easy to link as anime. 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Tyranny by an unjust ruler/empire are present in both animes along with rebellions by a mysterious figure (Zero and Red Whirlwind). Friendships/romances on both sides of a war. Many other similarities as well. Both are awesome. 
report Recommended by YakuzaDog
Juliet Capulet, the heroine of Romeo x Juliet, is the Utena Tenjou of a new generation. She's tomboyish, independent, and passionate, but, like Utena, her romantic dilemma slowly comes into conflict with her tasks as a hero. If you're tired of seeing moe schoolgirls and crabby tsunderes as female leads and want more heroines like Utena, give Romeo x Juliet a try. You might just end up rooting for the House of Capulet. 
report Recommended by Lucena
If you're a fan of stories set in Europe or with a European theme and about nobles, you should check this out. Also, both art are beautifully drawn.  
report Recommended by jaydel
Romeo x Juliet is a period piece like Emma, though it has a bit more action and has more fantasy anime qualities. If you liked the romanticism in Emma, then you will definitely enjoy this new spin on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  
report Recommended by June
Both anime's are based off already existing products and have been improved from the original stories. Snow White with the red hair takes place in the same sort of time period as Romeo X Juliet and has a commoner falling in love with a prince/noble. At first the main heroine being Shirayuki/Juliet is in hiding and in both cases get found by the main character which progresses their romances from their. Both series have side characters that support the main characters through their struggles to keep their relationship together, in which both animes share a similar theme where the main characters relationships are thought badly upon. 
report Recommended by DarknessReality
Just like with Basilisk and Romeo x Juliet, Chrono Crusade is another example of Gonzo's love of tragic romance in their works. And a word of warning: CC is the most depressing of the three by the end due to some choice anime original alterations. A demon and a nun with a gun: never going to have a happy end, that! What makes Chrono Crusade especially NOOO in terms of emotional overload is that, in order for the titular lead to use his demonic powers, he has to drain the life of the heroine, Rosette. Never have I encountered a similar 'superpower limiter' before. As  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Have a similarity with forbidden or impossible love!? both animes and mangas are simply amazing creations?! watch or read both are a bog hit :P  
report Recommended by Noofar
one thing similar is the ending i dont want to spoil it the other similarity is a normal boy falls for a girl that has special powers and the girl is the only one able to save the world but the guy doesnt want to loose her 
report Recommended by melody423
with one look those animes have nothing to look like but both animes are about beautiful love that brings pain and happiness same time, this animes are perfect match for those who love sad love stories. 
report Recommended by ginko-chan
Both are set in floating cities, you have this medieval atmosphere, sword fights. Both female characters are strong and high-skilled. The main story includes defeating a powerful "king". Both anime art are very detailed and the romance is very similar as well. It's really worth watching :) 
report Recommended by stehwade
Both loosely based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Show rivalry between clans and the star-crossed lovers hiding their love from their clans. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet is more on modern mixed with medieval and romantic comedy while Romeo x Juliet is more on fantasy and tragedy. Black Doggy Dorm - Montague Family and White Cat Dorm - Capulet Family Romio Inuzaka - Romeo Montague and Juliet Persia - Juliet Capulet Juliet is more of a fighter.  
report Recommended by Ismayoaninstru
Both animes are mostly based on romance, although Ef is also mystery while Romeo x Juliet has fantasy. 
report Recommended by Tsukinabi
The plots aren't the same, not even close, but the 'feeling' you get while watching them is the same. Dark drama, sadness, fighting, blood spillage, deaths and the search for the truth in their harsh world with a little romance mixed in. In No.6 case, the romance is more of a 'bond' between the main characters (cos they're both male) where Romeo + Juliet is about about their love and passion for each other - based on the original of course. I also think that the animations are very similar; the way they move, fight and the way the characters are drawn. So even though the plots are  read more 
report Recommended by pennyiscute
Both series feature romance between the two main characters who come from opposing sides of warring factions with a medieval European-like setting and similar art style. Lots of political intrigue and a desire to improve the living conditions for the citizens of both worlds. 
report Recommended by Amorii
The animation is very similar and the plot is somewhat confusing, yet awesome at the same time.  
report Recommended by bri_bri101
Romance is everywhere, not only in fiction; it doesn't exist only in another, imaginary world. The grey everyday life is always waiting for love to paint it colorful. As we have all heard of the tragic love of Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet, we maybe have wished to find that special someone who is destined to bring us happiness. The anime adaptation Romeo x Juliet is as exciting as the original play, but there is much more magic and mystery in its own cute way. The stories of gentleness, love and passion are not always supposed to be seen on stage. They are everywhere around us;  read more 
report Recommended by TotallyLovable
Both stories are mainly about a redheaded girl who did not know she is the true ruler of a kingdom and fights to get it back from its current ruler. People travel by fanatical flying creatures. Both are fantasy and action, though juuni kokuki had more of both. 
report Recommended by DarkRoseOtaku
Completely different story lines and genres but, both have to characters from different families that cannot fall in love/be friends because, of a family fued. 
report Recommended by OceanOfRain
the love story in the beginig of black cat is the typical romeo and juliet theme (unrequeted love) though black cat is about an assasin becoming a bounty hunter sweeper romeo x juliet focuses on the love and heart rendering adventure they have. if you enjoyed the short lived love story in black cat i recomend Romeo X Juliet!!!! 
report Recommended by 1225bakemono
Well, for me it's obvious. Both have: floating islands; there´s a complicated love; problems like parent's murder; lot's of identification hiding, blending in with normal people and stuff; people wanting revenge; people die; I think they're similar so i guess you liked Romeo x Juliet you'll like Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta or the other way. 
report Recommended by vashthedrawer
Well the similarities are the floating continents in the skies in both series. In Romeo x Juliet it is the power of the tree Escalus which is nourishing the land and holding it in the floating state while in Munto it is the power of Akuto. Both worlds are about to be destroyed due to lack of power to sustain them. 
report Recommended by asckj1
Romeo x Juliet and Hana yori Dango are similar because they are both a romance of love. Romeo x Juliet: Capulets and Mongolias-Hana yori Dango: Rich and Poor. They both are opposite to the each others world. But somehow they must find a way to be together, even though their worlds are apart, they still want to love each other. 
report Recommended by Racheluzumaki
Both contain, romance between the main 2 characters; with the guy trying to protect his love. Both also have fantasy, where the world/universe appears to need some sort of sacrifice; so there is always a sense of lurking doom. Both have a lot of cheese, some comedy and is quite predictable, but nice watches. 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
-Both anime involving love and romance that can never happen. -Both also have same kinda ending i don't want to say anything but Romeo X Juliet ending a little bit better. (Only a bit.) -Both also involving with the world destruction and only hero and heroine can stop it. -Both also involving with war that can effect in that world future. -Both anime capable to make you cry!! (LOL) -Both anime also worth to watch!! Difference -Guilty Crown is much more to action than romance, and Romeo X Juliet much more to romance than action. -Setting place is different. Guilty Crown take place at the future, while Romeo X Juliet take place at  read more 
report Recommended by NajSuarez94
Both animes are very very VERY good shoujos that aren't as typical as you expect at first The two of them have a redhead sixteen year-old princess female lead with a sweet,caring but also strong and determinated personality. This two animes are historical romances with action, drama and a little bit of fantasy with a somewhat "epic" feeling. Both of them have 24 episodes and reverse harem too.  
report Recommended by Clarula
Romeo X Juliet isn't as close as the original masterpiece of Shakespeare than it is from Princess Knight. After all, Juliet family was wiped out, and she decides to act as a boy for some time, to be the scarlet justice defender like Sapphire acts against the evil ministers of her kingdom. Apart from that the story is different, there is romance in Princess Knight as there are in Romeo X Juliet (and the first ten episode of the series reminded me of Ribbon no Kishi). Ribbon no Kishi is an Osamu Tezuka masterpiece, it's part of the very story of the japanese animation, watch it. 
report Recommended by LynAnnouilh
Both have action/fantasy/romance/drama. Both have strong MC's who can all fight. Romeo X Juliet is of course even more romance focused than Sukasuka, but I think both have very enjoyable romance that develop over the course of the series. On the other hand, Sukasuka has even more fantasy elements to it. If you liked One I suggest checking out the other if you're in the mood for another action/fantasy/romance/drama. 
report Recommended by chisports1fan
A nobleman tried to extinguish another noble family for power. Now the survivor is fighting for justice. Castles, romance, a lovely girl with magic powers and a very moving message at the end of the story make both animes great. 
report Recommended by Mapi32
if you liked one, the other is definitely worth a shot. they're both centered on romance and fantasy. bittersweet, but not without some humor. romeo x juliet may be a little more dramatic, but i'm sure that's a given. they leave you feeling warm and satisfied.  
report Recommended by jaimenofx
-Both are in very similar fantasy settings -Centers around a romance that is controversial in some way (RxJ: From enemy families / ZnT: From entirely different Worlds) -The "main pairings" of each have someone of wealth/royalty, and someone of lesser status -Each have fairly large supporting casts The main difference between these two is the "ecchi" tag on in Zero no Tsukaima. 
report Recommended by Benienma
Well, The only thing in this anime that made them similar is that they both belong under the ROMANCE genre. The setting, art and everything are very different. But still, if you're looking for an anime that would make your nose wet and your eyes sore, I'd recommend you to watch this one. 
report Recommended by oOboredtodeathOo
Even though Romeo and Juliet is not a movie it still has the same storyline. The Sea Prince and the Fire Child is about two creatures from different worlds who are suppose to despise each other. They then meet and fall in love. Same goes for Romeo and Juliet they are two lovers from families who are enemies. Both of these animes end the same way. They also have other similar features. For the most part it is the storyline. 
report Recommended by noneexistent
They both have an impossible love, because their families oppose to it. 
report Recommended by CDZurdo
Both Angelique and Juliet are fated to be the ones to save the world. They had to give up their own happiness for the happiness of others, for the place they truely love, even if it means sacrificing themselves. 
report Recommended by Sparkling_Heart
Both revolve mainly around a tragic romance but contain more to the series, making it all the more charming. 
report Recommended by Kipcha
Both stories take places in history and have some well-known historical characters. Both main characters are strong willed woman who pretend to be a man (not all the time though).  
report Recommended by Kio_
If you enjoy fantasy romance with action than these anime will entertain you: Both are stories where a faction/race plans to overthrow a cruel regime where the ruler/king is a tyrant. You have a forbidden love as a central theme and mythology of divine beings and also, in both the fate of the world is in danger, as the world faces an imminent destruction.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both main protagonist girls pretend to be a boy. Both main boy and girl fall in love. RomeoXJuliet is more dramatic, less comedic, and less light than Ouran, though. Ouran is mostly comedy, as to RomeoXJuliet is more of Drama. But, if you liked how the girl pretends to be a boy and then falls in love kind of set, then you would enjoy this one/ the other. (: 
report Recommended by unknown1o1
In both series the protagonists have a deep bond with each other, there are no humorous or funny scenes, the art is alike and both of them are telling the struggle against the inevitable fate (cast by family quarrel). [Unlike RxJ, it has some gore like Blood+]. 
report Recommended by DaiOni
These series aren't very similar, but both contain forbidden relationship between canon Romeo and Juliet and between siblings 
report Recommended by doorotka
Even if they are different in gernes, they are very emotional, the story has tragedy in it and there is "love at first sight". I made this recommendation to show, that not just a shoujo-ai anime can be recommendation for another. 
report Recommended by DaiOni
Both anime is about royal life and the relationship of young princess and princess. RxJ takes on a dark and sad take on romance and plot development. Whereas, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is packed with comedy. I recommend RxJ for those who enjoy romantic tragedy and SSwaU for those who love comedy and a happy ending. Watch both!! they're both heart warming and will leave you with a smile of satisfaction! :) 
report Recommended by anika12332
Drama. This is the word that connects those two animes. The story in Romeo x Juliet is more romantic than that in Wolf's Rain, but the main idea is the same- the prise you have to pay for your freedom or for the happines of your loved one. Both of the stories are very touching and deep, have awesome animation and music and I hightly recommend them. 
report Recommended by -Alice-
Boy meets a girl and falls in love with her,cares for her and tends to worry for her. Both romances,and mystery!enjoy 
report Recommended by RosyXkid
Forbidden romances, similar characters (Romeo=William, Hermione=Eleanor, Lord Montague=Viscount Campbell, etc.), both inspired by English stuff (Shakespeare plays and maids, respectively) and both really good drama-romances! 
report Recommended by PoweredByRamen
both are very good love stories. Even if they have a very different developement, they share the stile of main characters wich are passioned and their actions and desitions seems to be like the onesthat normal people have in real life. you would feel like whatching the best of the soup operas : P 
report Recommended by TADDAIMASU
Both are based on works of fiction produced a few centuries ago. Both are Drama and Shoujo Both have Romance They are (or at least the original source material for Romeo + Juliet) are set in Europe. Both have had various adaptations of films, books, plays. etc One has Fantasy as an extra genre, although the original play, does not. 
report Recommended by Mimerio
Both dealt with power struggle, romance and some sort of supernatural element.  
report Recommended by sybilus
In both there´s ancient and futuristic elements together and both have mithology. Also, the main girl dresses as a boy and is the leader of a revolution against an empire that reigns with cruelty and killed her family. Later,she falls in love with her enemy.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both anime are set in a futuristic version of an Italian city: RxJ is set in Neo Verona, and Aria is set in Neo Venezia. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
They have same love intensity and at the end there is this Huge tree. They are both awesome. *wink* 
report Recommended by AdeNike