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Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Alternative Titles

English: Lunar Legend Tsukihime
Synonyms: Tsukihime - Lunar Legend, Lunar Legend Moon Princess, Moon Princess, True Lunar Chronicle Tsukihime, Lunar Legends
Japanese: 真月譚 月姫


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 2003 to Dec 26, 2003
Premiered: Fall 2003
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: TBS, Rondo Robe, Movic
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Visual novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.001 (scored by 55,074 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #37892
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #904
Members: 119,879
Favorites: 609


Both series originaly derive from visual novels by Type-Moon. The stories are also somewhat similar, both featuring a teenage boy being drawn into a conflict, supported by many female characters, and both series have strong female main characters. 
report Recommended by Baman
Having seen both of these to the end I can say the only true similarities (they are similar of course) are that although one is male and one female, both anime contain a protagonist that has the mystic eyes of death. They see lines and the way their eyes are perceived are the same (seeing lines, cut through them, things die), and both of them are called "bloodthirsty killer" at least once. Both have a friend of the opposite gender. Tsukihime is more vampire based while Kara no Kyoukai is modern day (sort of) Both also have a powerful male antagonist. 
report Recommended by -FlameHaze-
Both have a Vampire female protagonist which has a haunty air, but is clumsy in social situations. Both are the elite of their kind. They both interact with the male protagonist in a similar sort of air. The male lead is a born killer, though unaware of the fact and has some supernatural force by his side (Shiki with his eyes of death perception and Akira being a werewolf likebeing). The animation has the same kind of feel, but tsukihime is noticalby older. Both could be for fans of Twliight (and for once with a vampire related story) ALSO FOR THOSE WHO DONT! 
report Recommended by mooman
Main female characters in both anime are supernatural beings and male characters have mysteries in their past. Similar dramatic plot lines with good romance and minor, but decent action. Also, both anime have wonderful soundtracks. 
report Recommended by Nifrigel
Both are seinen anime with very dark backgrounds. You get totally into it, and that's what is really interesting. 
report Recommended by ManteR
the main protagonists in both share the same name and the ability to see lines which once cut the whole object crumbles. they both have this dark feel to them and involve a series of murders. if you haven't watch neither i suggest you watch kara no kyoukai first as it is a vastly superior story with better developed characters, drama, and romance. 
report Recommended by Morita
Both are the stories about love between human and vampire. 
report Recommended by Balordemon
The character types and sequel is almost similar. It contains the same power as the protagonists of Kara no Kyoukai and Shingetsutan Tsukihime 
report Recommended by Akuteru
Same accentuation on "boy meets girl with tragic consequences", same sublimely bitter aftertaste. 
report Recommended by Tenchiken
both hero weaken their heroine power when they both first met the hero and heroine made a contract in both series and both have some horror genre 
report Recommended by waraugyu
Both stories revolve around supernatural elements. In both the ends the protagonists family has some secrets. Both anime has horror elements and similar dark creepy atmosphere. 
report Recommended by SLAIDEN_IV
These strike me as similar, they are both romantic dramas, both a bit tragic. both have action as a major genre as well. The main charter in each dose not want to fall in love. There are more similarity's but if I told you them I would be giving it away! Watch the other and see what I mean. ;) 
report Recommended by misfish
This show is also a Type-Moon work. The series both have very strong and profound characters, both have romantic themes, and both have fantastic music. However, Fate/Zero seems to have better animation. 
report Recommended by MetalUpa
Both animes are rare in the fact that they are excellent and short, but don't leave you with the feeling that there should be more. Both have a compelling conceptualization of vampires that is particularly rare, as well as a strong plot, animations and sounds which contribute to a chilling and engaging atmosphere. These animes don't have particularly weak characters, however could probably benefit from a bit more character depth. Kurozuka, however, is not quite as accessible as Tsukihime, and may be difficult for some people to follow.  
report Recommended by Azeal
Both are dramatic stories about love and immortality. 
report Recommended by kittex
Although the stories and even tones of the two animes are completely different, they have a coule things in common; for one, they are both extremely dramatic and sad. Both also rely quite a lot on secrets and a moderate amount on betrayal and regret. The style of art in both is also not extremely cute, but definitely pretty. If you liked one, you will probably like the other. 
report Recommended by renix
supernatural powers characters who don't understand their suddenly weird world trying to learn its secrets gory death 
report Recommended by colonelpanic
The main character is similar with looks with Arcueid as princess... they are both great fighters and Falis has same vampire eyes when she goes berserk as Arcueid when she is serious and uses some of her power... The style is similar too like TYPE-moons [my favorite artwork]. So I think u will like it, if u liked the main character. ^^ 
report Recommended by Shwele
Both are directed by Katsushi Sakurabi, this one is a director of character and development. Assate is, like Tsukihime, a slow anime. A series where little actions and silences are more important that the action. 
report Recommended by eter
Both feature main female heroines with supernatural powers who fight enemies that are somehow related to the source of their own powers. Both have a regular male companion to their adventures. Both have a dense and dark feel to it. Art is similar. 
report Recommended by TheDeadServ
These two animes are similar, because their plots and characters are somewhat the same in the sense that they both involve a male, main character, that ends up protecting a vampire girl, and ultimately fighting along side her. Moon phase is the cute side, while Shingetsutan Txukihime is a little more violence, than it is cat ears. 
report Recommended by recordtanktop
These two animes are similar in the sense that they are both about vampires and vampiric activity. However, Tsukihime has a dark storyline, whereas Karin is a lighthearted romance comedy which has vampires and vampiric activities which are quite different to the usual image of vampires and darkness. 
report Recommended by Sarcastic
Also about vampires and the differences between life and death and how fragile a human life can really be. 
report Recommended by wakaba426
They both have similar main characters. Both main characters have shinigami eyes. Zombie loan's main character has eyes which allows her to see a dark ring around a person's neck. This ring symbolizes the person's impending death; once they are marked to die, a gray line, which is invisible to normal people, appears on their neck, and once the ring turns completely black, the person dies. Tsukihime's main character has shinigami eyes which allow him to see lines on all objects living or not which if he cuts (with a knife he has had with him since he was a child) will be destroyed or  read more 
report Recommended by Mizore_Shirayuki
These two are similar mostly because they both deal with individuals who have rather odd "latent" abilities (dealing with vampiric practices sort of) until arriving into their high school lives. They both also deal with blood sucking environments (vampires again). Each series has a dark undertone (Tsukihime is somewhat on the lighter side though). 
report Recommended by Xinil
It may not seem, but these series are almost alike. Both Shiki and Takumi have unusual powers and, at the beginning, they are scared by unusual, beautiful girls. And they get support from female characters. The difference is that in Shingetsutan Tsukihime they are fighting vampires, and in Chaos Head they're fighting illusions.  
report Recommended by emma_lily
I do not know how this is never .. For I can not control at first sight, I saw a kind of typical events, which are somewhat Mixed few episodes, especially in the end, the story seemed similar .. All of them talk about students having to travel away for a long time and then start the story until he returns to see things have not been deemed by the events change the course of his life for reasons unknown, we will see them in the end 
report Recommended by RoXaS-Eng
Quite similar relations between main characters and also supernatural abilities. 
report Recommended by aievolsleep
both horror with romance both have guys with special abilities  
report Recommended by setogirl2