Kiniro Mosaic


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Alternative Titles

English: KINMOZA!
Synonyms: Kinmosa, Golden Mosaic
Japanese: きんいろモザイク


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 6, 2013 to Sep 21, 2013
Premiered: Summer 2013
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Media Factory, Showgate
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Studio Gokumi
Source: 4-koma manga
Genres: Slice of LifeSlice of Life, ComedyComedy, SchoolSchool, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.271 (scored by 5573455,734 users)
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Ranked: #25182
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Popularity: #950
Members: 152,553
Favorites: 882
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Sep 18, 2013
IdleSheep (All reviews)
It is known for a while that the cute x (girls + things) formula can either be the salvation or the damnation of an anime. While some Slice of Life shows tend to emphasize the characters and leaving out every other elements, ending up failing their purpose of entertaining, other shows manage to use the right dosage of cute elements and comedy to bring out the best of the Slice of Life genre.

As heartwarming as they come, Kiniro Mosaic (Golden Mosaic in english) was a surprise in the 2013 summer anime line up. Sometimes being simple is the best way to bring entertainment and read more
Sep 22, 2013
Firechick12012 (All reviews)
Don't you just hate it when an anime looks like it'll be good and then turns out to not be so?

Seriously, I really want to like this show. I really do. The first episode was so sweet, so charming, and reminded me so much of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, I didn't mind having a nice little slice of life anime to watch. I didn't have any expectations at first as I didn't know much about it, but when I saw the first episode, I thought it'd be a nice exploration of cultural differences similar to how Ikoku Meiro no Croisee was. I thought it'd be read more
Oct 7, 2013
g-k (All reviews)
-Charming, amusing characters, rendered with delightful art and voices
-Tried-and-true premise with a peripherally novel twist
-Enjoyable storylines

-Missing that special spark of excellence

Kiniro Mosiac is another take on the boundlessly popular “cute schoolgirls” genre.

The first episode engagingly presents the main twist on the formula, mostly through an extended flashback—the two main characters are ethnically contrasting childhood friends who reunite when the British national transfers to a Japanese high school.

The fish-out-of-water antics of the foreigner, and her fellow countryman who eventually joins her, make for some enjoyable incidents as the featured group of friends navigate the everyday situations that are common to young students. The diverse, but very read more
Sep 4, 2014
Voyagr (All reviews)
First review!

Overall, not a bad show, but not a fantastic one either. Let's get into it!

~Art & Sound~
VERY cute/moe/sparkle-y art. Nothing breathtaking, but no real problems. Has some cute moments in alternate art styles.

OP and ED were pretty good, but nothing really special. Not much to comment on. However, it is worth noting that sometimes, the ED would randomly play, like, 8 minutes into the episode. Then there'd be ~13 more minutes of content after it, and THEN the episode would end. It was weird. Why did they do this? WHO KNOWS.

Both Art and Sound read more
Sep 16, 2014
TWist1963 (All reviews)
Welcome to Golden Mosaic, or Kiniro Mosaic. The anime that was overshadowed by the popular 2013 anime that was hyped during it's airing. While being a big slice of life fan, this anime is definitely one that that brought out the comedy of every day simple things while also bringing a little hint of soft yuri.

The story is following the groups daily lives in school and outside just hanging out. The anime opens with an english scene that lasts about the first half of the first episode making it a great opening that made me laugh with the accents that they spoke with. The art read more
Oct 20, 2014
Andrew729 (All reviews)
Raise your hands if you thought this was going to be a moe yet fulfilling tale of two girls from different cultures discovering each others' worlds, like Ikoku Meiro no Croisee...and not just another K-On/Lucky Star clone.

I was drawn in by the first episode, in which ditzy Anglophile Shinobu participates in a student exchange program and stays with shy, skittish English girl Alice Carteret (OF COURSE she has blonde hair). Despite both girls knowing only the words "hello" and "konnichiwa" in each others' respective languages, they make some sweet memories together and become fast friends. So when Alice comes to Japan to meet up with read more
Apr 18, 2014
Jean-chyan (All reviews)
After surviving the last 2 episodes of the disappointment that is called Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai NEXT, i needed a new anime to make me smile and forget that disappointment. Then i saw this: God! I was so happy that I started watching this when it was finished.

Story = 7 - The plot of the 1st episode was Language Barriers, but when it progressed, it just turned into 2 British girls living and adapting in Japan, hearing Engrish and broken Japanese made my day even more! The story isn't complex and deep.

Art = 7 - I don't really care about the art, read more
Nov 17, 2014
BanjoTheBear (All reviews)
(This has been adapted from my reddit thread)

When it comes to anime, something that it does right, or at the minimum what it does well, is cute. From characters, to story, and everything in-between, cuteness is prevalent in most modern shows, to the point that it sparks huge debates about it being supersaturated. Despite the controversy, Kiniro Mosaic steps up to the plate, bringing along a delightful little anime that is sure to make anyone smile.


Kiniro Mosaic begins with the sweet little Shinobu, visiting England to study abroad. There, she becomes best friends with Alice, who, a few years later, goes to Japan to live read more
Jan 17, 2020
Plucky-San (All reviews)
So I NOW own both seasons of this show on Blu-Ray...I also own the Alice Cartelet figurine as well. When starting off, I only watched the first 3 or 4 episodes of the show and then quit hard. After forcing myself to give it another chance, all of that stuff happened. I also read some of the other reviews on here before posting mine. Here goes nothing...

I have to say that this show starts with a more "story arc" and narrative feel to it, but uses this as a backdrop for context moving forward. We're introduced to WHY there is a little blonde English girl read more
Oct 15, 2020
NickCipolla (All reviews)
This is a review of both Kiniro Mosaic seasons, as well as the movie Pretty Days. No spoilers beyond season 1 though.

Kiniro Mosaic is probably the most odd anime I have seen to date, A moe show with a cast of only female characters. It is a typical slice of life anime that takes place at the beginning of high school and progresses as the years go by. You dont go into Kiniro Mosaic expecting some deep, complex story line, quite the opposite actually. Its simplistic and adorable nature makes each episode so enjoyable if hardly anything is really happening.

Theres really only 5 read more
Dec 11, 2014
Temere (All reviews)
Comedic slice of life anime will always be a great thing to kick back and watch no matter how many of them are published and this sure is no exception.

Kiniro Mosaic starts as a story of childhood friends and quickly turns into a high school fountain of comedic humor where half the time you have to watch a scene two or three time to full get what the hell just happened because you missed half of it from laughing too much. Starting at three original friends quickly becomes 5 as the foreign friends become local classmates and with five very different personalities, the most unlikely read more
Apr 6, 2014
jimreynold2nd (All reviews)
There have been many moe slice-of-life anime in recent years. Unfortunately, most of them either focus on fanservice, which can be offending to some, or on an oblivious male protagonist, which gets boring rather quickly, or on abstract moral values, which feels forced most of the time.

Kin-iro Mosaic, on the other hand, has the right combination of "cute", light-hearted humor, moe exploitation, with just a dash of yuri undertone. The characters are easily recognizable and lovable. The interactions feel natural (at least in a comedic context). The background music fits each scene perfectly, without distracting from the overall enjoyment. The art is simple
but effective. It read more
Oct 14, 2018
nonameacquired (All reviews)
What’s the most generic show or movie you have ever watched. Maybe it’s a shounen show that you think is too similar to whatever you watched before or a drama where all the dramatic elements are in other shows, but worse.
Well, I think this is the most generic show I have ever watched.
Lucky-star and K-on are another two high school slice of life shows, both of which came out before KINMOZA! And even though I’m not the biggest fan of any of those, I can appreciate what they did for the genre.
Lucky-star being one of the early high school anime from what I read more
Sep 8, 2018
EggheadLuna (All reviews)
Kiniro Mosiac is the moe franchise you should probably steer clear of. It’s the most boring and uninventive that I’ve seen in the genre. The girls are cute, and if you want to watch it purely on that, then go ahead, but it’s like a stale loaf of bread.

• Meet you main heroines Shinobu, the Western obsessed Japanese girl, and Alice, an exchange student from England that is obsessed with Japanese culture. Like you may have thought to yourself after a sigh, that sounds extremely generic. That’s because it is. Those are the focal points of this series, oh, and a bland-sauce pretty foreigner read more
Jul 6, 2019
captjoe213 (All reviews)
Robert's Too Late Reviews is patrolling the reviews section again, and this time only a day after the previous review was released! Quick turn around for a silly, enjoyable show. I rank a lot of shows really high, often times too high, so I'm going for a bit more realism this time. Kiniro was a charming little show, but lacks in many areas that some might find important. We're going to take that all into consideration as we move through this review. Unfortunately with wall space becoming a huge premium on the RTLR wall, we won't be adding any blonde cuties to the wall today. read more
May 15, 2014
animeno (All reviews)
It amazes me how similar A channel is to this anime, even the characters are similar, this at first seemed like a bad rehash of the popular anime but the more I watched I realised although it is not as good as A Channel it still has its own good points.

Story: The story is fairly normal for a slice of life anime, nothing much happens and it focuses on one year like most anime of this genre, it is based at around 12 episodes with the possibility of an OVA later on, it mainly focuses on the life in and out of school of read more
Aug 9, 2016
Kaiters (All reviews)
Welcome to The Kaiters Anime Review of Kiniro Mosaic! (The first one reaching MAL! so please bear with me!)

Kiniro Mosaic is a Subtext heavy show about Moe girls in school, a slice of life about 3 Japanese girls and 2 British Exchange students, each having funny characteristics and providing lots and lots of Yuri subtext that is both funny, and still hope giving for season 2, will it the next season actually hold an F/F relationship? or end with one? probably not but it wouldn't be jarring if it happened at all

The Character Design is probably the strong part of the Art in the read more
Nov 27, 2013
kawaiinekolover (All reviews)
This anime is a typical slice of life series involving "cute girls doing cute things" which I highly enjoyed watching it. Since, I'm a sucker for watching these type of anime series.

The story is about a Japanese girl named Shino who visited and stayed at Great Britain. She met an English girl named Alice and the two became fast friends. Years later, Alice came to Japan and attended the same high school with Shino. They are now closer than before along w/ their other friends.

The characters are mainly focused on these five girls: Ayaya, Karen, Shino, Alice, and Yoko. Mostly the main characters in this read more
Dec 16, 2017
ReisukaAi (All reviews)
"Desu" - Karen

In order to help review this anime, I invented a much needed drinking game that should help in many ways with the enjoyment of this series

Take 1 shot when:

Aya acts like a tsun
Shino is wearing some weird outfit

Take 2 shots when:

They treat Yoko like a man
Alice starts crying

Take 3 shots when:

The characters do some gay shit
Someone says something in Engrish

Finish the entire bottle when:

Karen says "Desu"

I think by now you should have a general idea of what the series is.

Kiniro Mosaic follows the lives of 5 closet lesbians, 2 of which happen to be transfer students, this being the only "Thing" in the read more
Feb 18, 2016
Notshane (All reviews)
Not gonna lie, I have not been in the mood to write a long review in a while and I even have resorted to the common "spoil all of the categories that I rated" bit where I put the rating above my opinion, but this one finally made me feel like I could write a fleshed out sentiment on it and it is very deserving of one. However, all of the review is centered on the characters alone, because I thought they did things that were unique from most cute girl anime like this one. So, if you are expecting a lot on the story read more