Scrapped Princess

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Alternative Titles

English: Scrapped Princess
Synonyms: Haiki Oujo
Japanese: スクラップド・プリンセス


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2003 to Oct 7, 2003
Premiered: Spring 2003
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 18:00 (JST)
Producers: Kadokawa Shoten, A-Line
Studios: Bones
Source: Light novel
Genres: AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, MechaMecha, Sci-FiSci-Fi, ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.421 (scored by 3248632,486 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #18272
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1558
Members: 80,025
Favorites: 432


The plots do differ but they do share elements, a spoiled Princess surviving in the wild with only a few caring guardians and is the target of everyone, fantasy elements, great animation and music. 
report Recommended by ShadowBlazer3000
The basic premise of an abandoned princess believed to be dead being accompanied by two powerful and strong "siblings" who help said princess is presented in both. Although the personalities of these princesses are quite different from each other they both seem to hold some sort of great power within them. The use of magic and powers is found in both and portrayed in a time similar to the Middle Ages when aristocracy ruled the land. Both girls are the key to changing the current status quo and pose a threat to the stability and preservation of their societies current state. 
report Recommended by retii
Well both start with a majestically child that has been rejected by their parents because of a bad omen or fortune telling. For the sake of everyone the child has to survive and so get protected by some sort of family. 
report Recommended by kibotu
Both begin in the same atmosphere, the fantasy-medieval world, and head toward a bit sci-fi as the series progresses. The art is somewhat similar and the fights between the characters are also very well drawn. Even though Utawarerumono is packed with girls (a bit of a harem there), it clearly shares the same genre as Scrapped Princess. Fantasy, magic, action and awesome battles, you'll find all in both Utawarerumono and Scrapped Princess. 
report Recommended by Bondius
Similar fantasy-style plot with underlying sci-fi - and both reach about the same level of epic-ness by the end. 
report Recommended by davidros
Even thought the stage of bote animes are different they still are similair in allot ways, 2 girls that are searched to be killed, friends that protect them, bote in a different time and bote feel kinda the same, great to watch them bote if you like one of them... 
report Recommended by Lyfa
Both series follow female protagonists who struggle to free humanity from the shackles of their mysterious and more advanced overseers. Honoka from The Third is definitely more self-sufficient, whereas Scrapped Princess's Pacifica is more your typical damsel in distress. Both shows are quite underrated in my opinion, and feature good character development and a fantastic, colorful setting. 
report Recommended by -PixieDust-
Both have a prince/princess thrown out of his/her kingdom for a reason and they are protected by their close ones first and then gain some supporters.  
report Recommended by Yamada2
Scrapped Princess and Tales of the Abyss have so much in common that fans of one are very likely to enjoy the other. They are both fantasy stories set in a pseudo Medieval setting where lost technology exists in the form of steam driven machines, where spells, sword fighting, prophecies and mystical battles and powerful magical/religious sects dominate. Royal but unfortunate leads and a sense of questing with plenty of travelling thrown in for good measure only make these anime even more alike.  
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Scrapped Princess is also an adventure-type anime, and it's about world destruction as well, with god-like creatures that try to balance the world and stuff. Then, both have some sci/fic parts in them, and in which <in Scrapped Princess> it's kind of confusing. Overall, both are really good anime's and are worth watching. On the other hand, Scrapped Princess is longer <26 eps>. Enjoy! ^^ 
report Recommended by TutuWhiteSwan
I'm surprised not to find this here sooner. Reach halfway through Sora no Woto, and the real sinister backstory of the setting starts to poke through. Suddenly all the musical tones, all the moments of expressionlessness, the whole show is tinged with a huge stain of despair and oppression. Kind of like how Scrapped Princess pulled it off when the big tweest happens, just a thousand times subtler. But that silent slap to the face leaves a huge, resounding echo through the viewer. A-1 Pictures has trolled us again (Birdy the Mighty: DECODE, Kannagi, Valkyria Chronicles); this show is kicking major ---. 
report Recommended by traen
I know alot of people will be scratching their heads at this... But I found them similar in two ways. First off they both have very defined and clear cut fight scenes, which I absolutely love in anime. All though Scrapped Princess isn't as action packed as Samurai Champloo they both have very enjoyable fight scenes. Another similarity is the long trip where one helpless female is protected (more so in Scrapped Princess for obvious reasons -.-) by two strong fighters. Anyway, hope it helped! :) 
report Recommended by yuk-girly-girls
The series both hold an air of mystery surrounding the very world they live in. Both series protagonist are in similar situations, although one is a prince and the other princess, both are royalty who was unwanted and was sent to have been killed and disposed of, but were spared. They were both raised by a family who adopted them, having "siblings" they hold dear and squabble with. Consealing their identies as two unwanted royalties both protagonists experience romance and heart break. Although The Pilot's Love Song does not use magic as much as Scrapped Princess it is still a key plot device that holds  read more 
report Recommended by retii
They are a lot alike story wise. Where-as the both Aya and Pacifica are hunted by their families and their people. both have a twin brother who doesn't have the same fate as them, the sister. Both are very good stories, they each have their differences, but they are just as good. even though Ayashi no Ceres is a little bit darker, i recommend both. 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
Technology and the military are present in both series as the protagonists shares a sibling like relationship as they endure on journeys/missions. Love and friendship plays major roles in the story as the world is set into a fantasy like/futuristic setting. There's something mysterious behind the scenes in both series as there seems to be an imminent war brewing.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime settings are the same the MC's on both series are princesses which hold great power. Well I ain't wanna spoil it but if you watch you'll know. 
report Recommended by xnow13lorenzo
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. That famous quote by Arthur C. Clarke describes those two anime pretty well. In "Didn't I Say?" it is revealed in the first episode that "magic" is just the work of a very advanced nanotechnology. In "Scrapped Princess" it is heavily implied that "magic" is some kind of lost technology. 
report Recommended by mozgow
Two princesses fallen from grace are forced to embark on a journey for their survival on or near their sixteenth birthday. During this adventure they will confront many facets of the nature of the world they live in and strive to come to terms with them. This will have a great impact on the nature of their plight. The two worlds presented share varying degrees of similarities in nature. Magic is an element with strong presence in Scrapped Princess but more subdued in Cross Ange, while Mecha is the main attraction for Cross Ange and a lot more subtle in Scrapped Princess. However the most similar  read more 
report Recommended by Mistywing
Though the plots and settings are super different, they both incorporate "outer-worldly" enemies the main characters have to fight against. Also, they both have a similar plot twist to which there is "more than meets the eye" with their enemies and their origin. 
report Recommended by BladeKnight97
The main character wields a huge sword and is very strong. He protects a girl who has a mysterious power hidden within her. The relationship between the guy and the girl are similar.  
report Recommended by m0llerz
Both Princesses are on the run and are protected and travelling with their small group of friends. Scrapped Princess has a bit more romance and has these gundam like creatures as to sisters of wellber don't, but I was pretty hooked since the first episode of Sisters and I LOVED scrapped princess. so if you liked Sisters then Scrapped Princess is DEFINITELY for you. 
report Recommended by CKJArtiste
In both series, there is the crossover of magic, fantasy, and technology involving military themes. Additionally, among the characters, there is that sibling love feeling. Furthermore, both series feature the adventure type of theme where the characters try to discover the truth and learn more about the world that they live in. There's also that type of political and conflict-ridden plot crafted into a beautiful story. Also, there is action, drama, tragedy, and some hints of romance in both series.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Similar fantasy setting in both anime, so if you like the enviroment of one, you'll most likely like the other as well. 
report Recommended by Kojiro_S
In both series, there is a theme of adventure and fantasy taking place in a world of cruelty, power, and dominance. There is a plenty of action, drama, and some romance presented in both series. The main protagonist from both series are also tough and cunning with the things they do. Both series' characters also focuses on development as well as interactions with others throughout the course of the story. It is through these relationships that they learn more about themselves and others.  
report Recommended by Stark700
The setting of each of these two series are alike in that they both have 15 year old main protagonist born into prestige, but similarly have dark emotions that serve as ghosts in their respective closets. Also in both series the main characters are charged with being/having some sort of flaw, neither knowing how or why it is so. In Scrapped Princess, Pacifica is "the poison that will destroy the world", and Oz has unwittingly committed a "sin" worthy of being banished from the earth and sent into the "Abyss" in Pandora Hearts. Overall they just remind me of each other,  read more 
report Recommended by SnuggLes__
Both shows contain a main character with a destiny that will determine the fate of the world. The concepts of fate and predetermination are focussed on strongly by each series. In either one, fate seems pretty grim. Scrapped Princess is considerably lighter than X, but they both hint towards a 'doom and gloom' conclusion throughout each respective show. 
report Recommended by darkadonis
Both have fantasy elements, with magic used by the characters to combat an evil organisation. Both go on adventures, and encounter problems with some good action. They both also have lots of drama, with the guy who has a possible love interest for the main girl (who has some unfortunate fate/destiny concerning the world and it's destruction) and fight to find a way to stop it. Good watches for those who like this type of genre, if you like one, you'll be sure to like the other. 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both are fantasy anime where main characters have to go on a journey. Fights, magic and dragons involved. 
report Recommended by Dilvish
Very similar adventure theme 
report Recommended by Useless
Similar plot, a long quest to reach some place. Both have female main character with some kind fo special ability. 
report Recommended by MitchDaMan
Similar feeling, both have magic and some kind of Lost Technology. While traveling on their adventure they also find more about the truth in a same way. 
report Recommended by XzaR
Both are adventure stories in which the protagonists are girls that are chased because of a hidden power that they have. Both have a medieval world with some rare and mysterious technology as a setting. 
report Recommended by m4rc0
Not as fast-paced as TTGL but plot-wise, its as similar as it can get, well at least from where I was standing. 
report Recommended by mvpmerome
In both anime main girl character (Rika and Pacifica) are trying to escape from their destiny which is their death. Also, many people want them dead. But all these girls want is a normal life with their friends. 
report Recommended by PerlaNemesis
People should be free to make good and bad decisions. But do they want that? Similarities: ● temple ● girl with power to change the world ● religion that rules the world ● people trying to free the world 
report Recommended by PerlaNemesis
Although the stories are very different in tone, both Arc the Lad and Scrapped Princess are "Swords and Sorcery" fantasy anime that also have some underlying sci-fi elements. 
report Recommended by Twitchy_Fingah
episodes 8-9 in Air seem a lot like Scrapped Princess two people are trying to protect someone who they say is "cursed" but not.They both are quite sad you should check them both out ;) 
report Recommended by NewAnimeFan
Both Scrapped Princess and Trinity Blood deal with a *********SPOILERS************** world with a dominant religious body as a major political power. While Scrapped Princess starts out as a straight fantasy series, however, Trinity Blood is more of a steam-punk society. SPOILER PART: Both Scrapped Princess and Trinity Blood deal with post-apocalyptic tech-powered 'magic' world with a dominant religious body as a major political power.  
report Recommended by jt1
Both anime have a similar fantasy world as their setting. They both have a cast of interesting and good looking characters. The protagonists are also similar because they are both young and have royal blood in them and they have many likable companions and friends who help them overcome the difficulties of their respective journeys.  
report Recommended by ninjadante