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Kaze Tachinu

Alternative Titles

English: The Wind Rises
Synonyms: Kaze Tachinu
Japanese: 風立ちぬ


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 20, 2013
Producers: Nichion
Licensors: Walt Disney Studios
Studios: Studio Ghibli
Source: Manga
Duration: 2 hr. 6 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.191 (scored by 69,214 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3312
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #741
Members: 124,200
Favorites: 1,066


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Mar 4, 2014
m0llerz (All reviews)
Hayao Miyazaki's ultimate film is an accumulation of his life's work pieced together into his final masterpiece: The Wind Rises.

The film is based on a true story, that of Jirou Horikoshi. He was a japanese aeronautical engineer in charge of the design of the Mitsubishi Zero, the fighter plane used in World War II - specifically during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The movie begins by following Jirou at a young age and his dream to become a pilot. This is not the case because Jirou is nearsighted; nevertheless, we see Jirou's great interest in the Italian aeronautical pioneer, Count Caproni, as he becomes inspired read more
Mar 1, 2014
Flawfinder (All reviews)
It’s no secret that Miyazaki is a big giant grump who looks down on practically every part of anime culture that doesn’t include flying or trees, and while it’s true that allowing that abomination known as Project Ice to exist was a bad movie on the industry’s part, it would really help if he controlled his own fetishes when trying to show people what he thinks animation should be like. Whilst I’ve enjoyed everything he’s made before his (fourth) final film, it’s pretty clear that he’s been losing control when it comes to delivering what’s fun over what’s important to him and I’ve always feared read more
Sep 18, 2013
Hidden_Joker (All reviews)
I had the good luck to be able to watch The Wind Rises on the big screen in a theater not long after it screened in Japan, for it had a theatrical release in Korea. Although due to the amount of controversy it was generating among Korean audiences (and a fair amount of hate, which I found was a bit too overblown after I finished the movie), the movie was only available in a few select theaters, I say it was quite worth the long trip I made to find a theater that screened this movie.

So, The Wind Rises is a movie that focuses on read more
Aug 16, 2015
rookieanimedude (All reviews)
The Wind Rises is director Hayao Miyazaki's swan song; the final chapter of his illustrious film career which features such captivating tales as Spirited Away. Inevitably, his last motion picture is going to be filled with sentimentality and tearful scenes.

The Wind Rise is captivating, but it does not reach the level Miyazaki's other works have.

Story (7/10): The Wind Rises details the journey of Jirou Horikoshi as he walks through the many stages of life. His central goal is to become an airplane designer, and much of the plot is spent detailing this process. Through flashback sequences where Jirou talks with a famous Italian designer in read more
Jun 23, 2014
Lockensocke (All reviews)
After watching the movie “Kaze Tachniu” one thing was really clear to me. This movie is not for people who like movies Miyazaki became famous for. This movie is for people who either 1.) hate Miyazakies work or 2.) fanboys.

With this movie Miyazaki finally decided to troll the anime community with a big “FUCK YOU” to his audience. I really have to question this olds man behavior since this seems to be his last work, but maybe someday I can look back at this movie and laugh at it, probably like its funny old creator, Miyazaki. Right now I am rather disappointed because I expected read more
Jul 26, 2013
GohanwaOkazu (All reviews)
Kaze Tachinu is a work of art intended for adult audiences. No, this is not a movie in praise of war or denial of people involved in war. If you want a clear-cut movie which is kind enough to tell you who's the good and the bad guys, then sit back and enjoy watching Pearl Harbor (2001) with a Coke and popcorn instead.

Although the message is quite straightforward, and easy to relate to for people living in uncertain times (including Japan still affected by the 3.11 Earthquake in Tohoku Region), it might not be for other people, especially for very young audiences.

The story, partly read more
Mar 1, 2014
NeonKazma (All reviews)
Ladies and gentlemen... This is it. For over 35 years, Hayao Miyazaki crafted stories and worlds that felt more than just watching animated movies made in Japan but became an experience for audiences to be part of those worlds. Seriously, I love Hayao Myazaki's movies and say what you want about them being repetitive but goddamn, does his movies always bring me a smile on my face. I'll never forget the beauty of the trees and open fields from My Neighbor Totoro with it's giant furry Totoro flying on it's magical yoyo at night while the girls tag along for the ride, the atmospheric and read more
Apr 4, 2017
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Kaze Tachinu is a Studio Ghibli film that was released in 2013. So, at the very least we can expect it to look pretty. It was directed and written by Miyazki Hayao. And he rarely turns in a film that isn't good, although he has written some average ones. I've honestly heard mixed feelings on this one. Some people claim that it's the pinnacle of his work, which would be a sight to see. Others say it's not all that interesting. So, this film festival week, let's take a look and decide.


The narrative of this is a bit odd. It combines the professional accomplishments read more
Feb 23, 2014
maddynamite (All reviews)
As a big Miyazaki fan, I wanted to see The Wind Rises in theaters to show my support. I went into The Wind Rises with the expectation that it would be a decent film; certainly not another "Spirited Away", but still a movie worth watching. I was let down by some aspects of the movie, but it was still worth watching.

Story: The story seems to suffer the same problems as many biographical movies; trying to tell a story of over 20+ years in 2 hours. Some aspects of the story (such as how certain things in everyday life influenced Jiro's plane designs) are mentioned, but read more
Dec 31, 2014
jzmcdaisy (All reviews)
As with my review of Ghost in the Shell, it's redundant to say that anything Ghibli or Miyazaki cranks out is good. Crank is even too harsh a word for the bliss that Ghibli films usually bring. I haven't seen many of them but The Wind Rises captivated me through and through, which unlike many films is the norm for Miyazaki, and as he has since retired I can confidently say this movie is a wonderful swan song to close the book of his career to. In addition to the rarity of me liking something and holding it up as good, the film had that read more
Jan 23, 2014
ClaudeDante (All reviews)
This is the one film Miyazaki wanted to make. We can feel his passion and his love of the subject but, sadly, it is his weaker film.

Allow me to explain. There were many interesting and powerful moments during the first half of the movie, and you can truly grasp the famous Ghibli magic. However, the second half is disappointingly lacking. It all comes down to characters. The characters are not well done. At all. As a result, the weaker part of the film was, without a doubt, the romance. Miyazaki is very good at creating romance but, here, it feels way too forced. It fell read more
Nov 20, 2014
Tsugan (All reviews)
Firstly, I am a History Major in college; secondly, I positively adore Studio Ghibli films. This is probably the perfect blend between Studio Ghibli's masterful storytelling and animation and historical events. Even greater than Grave of the Fireflies, I would argue... you can see I may have a certain bias.

The manner in which the story is told is incredibly imaginative, bringing with it all of the Studio Ghibli flair that long-time watchers are accustomed to. Being neither fully fictional or non-fiction, unlike many Ghibli films, it was interesting to see what their portrayal of Imperial Japan would be (I hear Miyazaki took a lot read more
Nov 17, 2014
JTurner (All reviews)
I've always been a huge fan of Miyazaki ever since I first saw KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE, but for his supposed swan song, I honestly don't know what to think. Perhaps because of this, I cannot rate it as highly as his other films. Don't get me wrong, THE WIND RISES is not a bad film at all. It's as colorful and beautifully animated as any Ghibli movie, and of course Joe Hisaishi's music is sublime. There are also moments that truly do recall Miyazaki at his most imaginative. But if you're expecting another movie filled with action, wonders, and magic as his other movies, you read more
Aug 2, 2015
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
The Wind Rises is a fictional biographic film depicting the life of famous Japanese aircraft designer Jiro Horikoshi and is also notable for being the final film directed by Hayao Miyazaki before announcing his retirement in September 2013. The movie is a testament to Miyazaki's work throughout the past 20 years with Ghibli as it takes on an anti-war stance with exploring how Jiro's passion for designing planes would be negatively effected by Japan's increasing desire to take on a militaristic regime in the years building up to World War II. Long-time fans of Miyazaki's work are well-aware of the director's strong pacifist beliefs and read more
Nov 30, 2015
DJ_Legionarily (All reviews)
Miyazaki's films do well to keep their reputation. The musical scores, the detailed scenery, and characters that leave you dreaming.

It's nearly flawless: Except for a dire mistake in the plot.

Tuberculosis is an extremely contagious disease. Yet, as if it were the safest disease to be around, she goes on crowded trains and buses and kisses her husband ever so sweetly.

Once I thought about that, I can't get the thought out of my mind of how the entire country of Japan in this movie is probably now suffering a terrible epidemic.

Now, if the movie were about PNEUMONIA, I could've rated it a 10/10.
Apr 2, 2017
gwern (All reviews)
A biopic following a airplane designer from youth to the death of his wife and end of WWII, skipping the rest of his life. TWR is heavily fictionalized to the point where 'biopic' is questionable, which raises the question: if the point is not to depict Jiro Horikoshi's life, by adding an entirely fictional romance and death from tuberculosis, and entirely skipping over the last 37 years of his life, then what was the point, and why did Miyazaki choose animator & director (but not voice actor) Hideaki Anno to voice the protagonist?

A good hint comes from the title of the excellent accompanying documentary of read more
Dec 6, 2017
kiki-jiji (All reviews)
Such as most of my reviews for anime I'll start off by saying I saw a gif from this movie on tumblr and once I realized that it was a NEW Studio Ghibli movie, of course I was going to watch it without question. I'm pretty sure I didn't even read the summary of the movie before I dove in, that is how deep my faith in Studio Ghibli runs. Though the movie starts out on a strong note, it tuckers itself out after a short period of time.

There was a red flag within the opening scene when during a crisis (i won't spoil what read more
Apr 20, 2014
czxcjx (All reviews)
I'm going to use a perspective of analysis that seems outlandish with regards to this movie. Firstly I'm going to just truthfully outright declare two things: 1. The art is bloody beautiful and pretty much that's the main thing you come here for 2. The melodramatic scenes and the whole plot involving Naoko was, quite frankly, trite and unneeded. But I'm going to add a corollary to the second declaration: The plot involving Naoko was trite and unneeded BUT it promised something amazing, which will be lost to a whole lot of people because Miyazaki is smarter than his own good but not quite as read more
Oct 18, 2014
wengdeng (All reviews)
There has been a mix of opinion on this film, some loved it, most liked it, others felt very strongly against it, and the rest thought it was "meh". It might be because it is his last film, or my own bias, but I personally felt Miyazaki outdid himself here.

Famous for creating children's films that can even inspire awe and wonderment in the older audience, Miyazaki-sensei flipped the script here, not so much that it felt out of place, but enough to make it astoundingly different. I was a bit sad it would be the man's last film, but I went in expecting to come read more
Sep 19, 2014
PeachYogurt31 (All reviews)
Story: 9
I found the story very refreshing even though it is different in tone from Miyazaki’s earlier works. There are flaws, especially if you factor in the political brouhaha that comes with over-romanticizing a history of war, violence, and death. This is one of the most difficult Miyazaki films for me to embrace, but in that respect, it is also one of the most complex Miyazaki films out there. It deviates so much from his usual linear, small span narrative and childlike aspects. This is a mature plot with some difficult questions that is befitting of the swan song of one of animation’s most beloved read more