Karneval (TV)


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Alternative Titles

English: Karneval
Synonyms: Karneval (2013)
Japanese: カーニヴァル


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2013 to Jun 27, 2013
Premiered: Spring 2013
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Manglobe
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy, JoseiJosei, MysteryMystery, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.131 (scored by 7520875,208 users)
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Ranked: #31342
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Popularity: #864
Members: 183,469
Favorites: 1,194
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Jun 30, 2013
Stark700 (All reviews)
Karneval is a mysterious series. By mysterious, I don't entirely mean it being filled with clues to be solved by some detective. What I mean is how the series comes together through its plot, theme, and most importantly the characters of the mysterious 'Circus'. It spells out mystery in a variety of ways through fantasy and its elegant atmosphere. However, Karneval is one of those series that can be a hit or miss for potential viewers.

The anime series Karneval is based off the manga of the same named written by Touya Mikanagi. With 10 volumes and counting, the manga has received some attention, enough for read more
May 3, 2014
Dackquiri (All reviews)
I wanted to like this show. Hand to God, really. It was probably one of the most visually unique programs I'd found in recent memory, and its commitment to the visual theme of a circus reminded me of Soul Eater's gothic design motifs in a refreshingly good way.

But having finished its (insofar) only season, I feel exhausted, and yet, content-wise, I feel grossly underfed.

The main problem is Karneval wants so badly to be a big, interesting anime with big mysterious overarching serial plot threads. It wants to do the FMA:B-esque slow, controlled, gradual reveal of information. All of its arcs (save for the one that read more
Jul 9, 2013
kcrystalheart (All reviews)
The show must go on! No literally, the show should really keep going on. I only recently finished it and I'm already aching for more episodes.

At first, what may appeal to you and make you want to watch the show is the art. After all, it's very colorful, bright, and overall beautiful. It's enticing to say the least, and the first thing that hits you is probably how beautifully animated and drawn it is.

After the outstanding art settles in, the characters and plot may seem lacking. It centers around Nai and Gareki; a dynamic duo who met by chance and chance alone. They're soon read more
Jul 15, 2013
Aeterna (All reviews)
All flash, no substance. That's what I would say if I had to sum up my thoughts on Karneval.

Just looking at it - either the promotional artwork, the first few scenes of the anime, or the manga artwork - you can easily tell that it's pretty. Characters are drawn in pleasing ways and colours are bright and sharp. The animation of the series is also very well done - everything moves smoothly, action scenes are generally well directed, and CG is used to great effect. I have to admit, even the soundtrack is pretty solid.

That's the flash I mentioned. In terms of substance, this is read more
Jun 28, 2013
robo731 (All reviews)
I'm very glad that I chose to watch this anime. It caught my attention at the first episode. The scenery, the animation, the style, the characters, the soundtrack, and everything else are all great parts of the series. I see no flaws. I loved every episode. The characters are well developed and the story seems to have set itself up for a sequel. Which would be great. I haven't read the manga yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any US English versions of the volumes (Scanlations not included). I think I will probably just buy them read more
May 23, 2013
Onsaki (All reviews)
Just expect a fan-service around the guys.

Handsome guys with girly voices, and no interest in girls. If you hate that type of show then there you have it.

I gotta say Yogi is the worst voice of a male character (okay he sounds like a girl) makes him a kid on serious fights.
And the fact that the one who did his voice is the same Seiyuu who did Yagami light's voice (from Death note), isn't fair enough. Especially when they can't be comparable by an meaning!!.

The dresses, really?, some of them are great and fits well, but not the main characters.

The story is short:
Nai and read more
May 24, 2013
ItsPHI (All reviews)
This anime is a shoujo anime, so if you're looking for an anime about a cute boy this is basically it for you. In fact it's probably one of the best well drawn adorable boys anime out there.

I didn't notice the genre of the anime until the first few episodes when I decided to see where this anime was actually going. The anime's basically a common told story of a boy who has little memories, and his best friend Gareki tags along with him and they join a institution which fights evil.

Simply put, the story's for people who want to stare at an read more
Jun 22, 2013
coastalruins (All reviews)
Where do I even start with Karneval. It's literally the most underrated anime in the world because it's so damn good, it could be Black Butler's brother from another mother. People always ask me "What's that anime you keep crying about, what's the story line?" And damn, that's my favorite question to answer.

Story: Cute little Nai is looking for Karoku, and throughout the anime you keep wondering who the hell Karoku is and what the connection between them is. Then enter Gareki, the flawless tsundere bastard with the worst past ever, who robs rich people to support himself. He sees Nai's bracelet, which is a read more
Dec 5, 2014
Pipluphmv (All reviews)
Karneval, I had high hopes seeing the logo and art style of the promotional banners, an interesting mix of cheery and gothic. I was sad that the art didn't continue very much into the actual show further than the costuming of the circus agents. The overall feel felt like a brighter version of D.Gray Man. The story was interesting but could have used a little more thought and the characters were decent, (despite Nai's lack of a back bone driving me nuts) but the downfall was the work put into the dub. I cringed every time the main cast entered the read more
Jun 24, 2013
TheAnimeCorner (All reviews)
I was going to wait until the last episode aired before writing this, but...I can't help it. I just had to write one now. Please note that this is my first review, so please bear with me.

Story: 10/10

Without giving too much away, Karneval is about a young boy, Nai, who is looking for someone who was important to him—in doing so, he gets himself captured. Gareki, a thief, finds him during a robbery and decides to rescue him. Then a series of events occur, blablabla, and they meet a defense organization known by the name Circus.

I found the plot very original and interesting. Let read more
Jun 29, 2013
stahki (All reviews)
I Love Much Karneval..

The Story Is Make Me Happy,Fun, And Sad When Gareki Think He wasn't able doing anything to protect nai,yogi and others..

Best Anime in my life,,,

I Hope Season 2 will be soon.. :)

Jun 25, 2013
bawkins (All reviews)
Karneval is an amazing series. Almost all the characters have good depth and a sad/interesting back story or feature. The art just blew me away, watching characters fight (Spoiler; especially between Uro and Tsukumo) was just mind lowing, very lean and elegant whilst also deadly.

Story; The storyline is very interesting but sometimes there will be a lot of space between action. the story has this sort of air of mystery surrounding it, and you can never really be to sure if a character is evil or good, which makes it even more compelling.

Art; The art is very happy, colourful and interesting. A read more
Aug 19, 2020
defunctmaluser (All reviews)
One of the most annoying trends established over the last decade or two is how some studios will opt to adapt a publishing manga/novel partially. We've seen this happen with shows like Black Butler, Fruits Basket, and Attack on Titan, but they're the lucky ones in this regard. Their source material sells quite well, so there's always going to be a vested interest in making a continuation or indeed, a full-on reboot. Some shows, unfortunately, aren't so lucky. There's a whole host of shows that got one 13-episode season before fading away into obscurity because the BD sales were poor. For every Black Butler or read more
Sep 23, 2013
TawnyWings (All reviews)
This anime is not a Yaoi! It can contain little bits of Shounen-Ai. Mostly just friendship between characters.

Fully enjoyed watching this series. So much so that I am currently reading the manga. There was not a single sigh or eye roll during my watching.

The story it's self I rate a 9, mainly because it leaves you wanting more at the end and that it's humorous yet it still has a sufficient and some-what serious at times plot to keep one entertained.

ART -10
I find that the characters themselves are animated beautifully and very close to the original manga. I find the backgrounds to read more
Apr 22, 2015
NameWithheld (All reviews)
This might actually be one of my favorite animes, and I doubt that that is the case for many others. But it was as if this anime was designed to appeal specifically to me. The look, characters, mythology, story, it all works wonders for me. The best things about this anime is twofold. First, the animation is absolutely stunning. The colors are bright without being garish, and help with the atmosphere wonderfully. The character designs are also very well done on all fronts. This show has a very, very distinct look to it, which I appreciate. Secondly, the cast of characters is very solid. The read more
Jul 1, 2013
PinkSea13 (All reviews)
I'm so lucky to have been introduced to this manga and anime series by a friend, since it is not as well known to others. I will say now: This anime was completely amazing. The art was beautiful (the eyes, wow.), the characters were all so unique, the sound was just so realistic, and the plot was just too great. Now as I have seen many negative comments on how slow the story was in the episodes, I will say now: why base this wonderful anime off how they choose to advance the story?
This anime was mainly one of mystery and fantasy, so if read more
Oct 24, 2013
ajlashleigh (All reviews)
Karneval was one of the most vivd anime's I have ever watched and to be really honest this enticed me. I found myself loving the use of colours and also the contrast in colours when looking at characters. For example, Nai is blonde and usually dressed in light colours showing how pure he is, on the otherhand Gareki is always dressed in dark colours, creating this kind of mysterious air about him, we are constantly left thinking that Gareki is a pessimist, no matter the situation.

One thing that did displease me though was the fact that it was slightly predictable and Gareki, the character I read more
Aug 2, 2018
Bunille (All reviews)
After watching this anime, I can surely say that it is by far one of my favourites yet. This is one of the very few that I've enjoyed almost every, if not every single episode to the point that I had to absolutely binge it. I kept on putting myself off of the anime as I've been wanting to watch it for about a year or so, and I don't regret watching it at all... I kind of regret waiting this long, aha. Ironically, the reason that I decided to finally watch it was because I was looking for new inspiration to glisten up my read more
Oct 18, 2013
Kappadana (All reviews)
Too sum it up, the anime is like a pretty candy that leaves disgusting aftertaste.

In my opinion it really doesn't matter how wonderful the art is if the plot is pathetic. And in this anime the plot is pathetic, it is so very boring and predictable. There is absolutely nothing to think about, just a collection of pretty pictures. The worst part is you get hooked and watch the next episode because you want to find something interesting and mysterious to think about, but the next episode is just random dialog and flashy scenes.
Feb 11, 2014
HattiewithSugar (All reviews)
A logical first impression when someone hears about “Karneval” and looks at the Cover Art:

• “Wow, Karneval! That’s a really cute name! And look at the cover art! It looks like a party! Look at the main character! He looks so cute! This is going to be a totally cute and not-violent anime with lots of fun and partying!”

That same person’s impression after they watch the first episode:

• “Wh-What? Rape? Huh? Where are the parties? Why is everything so creepy? Why is there a serious, black-haired, yet crazy handsome kid holding a gun? What is that monster, why is it very graphically eating that man?! Ah! read more