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Japanese: バーテンダー
English: Bartender
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Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 15, 2006 to Dec 31, 2006
Premiered: Fall 2006
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Palm Studio
Source: Manga
Genres: DramaDrama, GourmetGourmet, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Themes: IyashikeiIyashikei, WorkplaceWorkplace
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.351 (scored by 2526325,263 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #22122
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1994
Members: 81,351
Favorites: 431

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Both are calm and slow-paced series where the main character helps to solve the problems of the people he meets. 
report Recommended by saizen
Both are like virtual counseling sessions for the audience. Albeit one with more thrills and the other more slice of life. Both have the best episodic stand alone stories in all of anime, and the most of them to boot. 
report Recommended by vasili101
Another beautiful enigmatic story paced for relaxation. 
report Recommended by Vengeful-Wolves
Wonderfully, these two anime capture your attention from the start. The protagonists of the series dually act as minor and major roles in the "episodic" storyline. The two protagonists from Bartender and Trapeze tend to deal with peoples social troubles and help them solve them through strangely fitting and often intriguing ways. The anime Bartender is more serious, while Trapeze cracks jokes to enhance the psychedelic mood. If you're contemplating on watching these and are led astray by the art or concept, give either a try! If you enjoyed or are enjoying either, check the other one out - you won't be disappointed. 
report Recommended by Detective
Both are slow paced, episodic, and have a "feel good" theme. They both take place in a "hole in the wall." While Bartender explains how to make the drink, Isekai doesn't explain how the dish was made.  
report Recommended by 158092
Same kind of fanservice, similar realization. On both, good Computer Graphic. 
report Recommended by Braska_IlKhajiit
The episodic nature of both shows is the biggest similarity. In each show the main character helps a new person each episode. Each episode also teaches something. In Bartender, the viewer gets to learn a lot about the histories of different types of alcohol and different types of cocktails. In Gallery Fake, each episode teaches about an artist or a style of art. Both shows are generally laid back and calming, since each show usually concludes with a problem being solved. 
report Recommended by cirruspalace
I haven't gotten deep into Bartender, but seeing how I've only seen a few cafe/restaurant setting animes around, Bartender and Eve no Jikan definitely have the same type of setting, with the former in an obscure bar and the latter in an obscure cafe. What's intriguing about the two is the emphasis on "backstory" rather than serving cocktails or coffee. Yeah, it's cool that you get to know about all these interesting cocktail mixes, or I guess the semi-relevant counterpart Eve blend coffee, but where each anime pulls strongly together is the influence and power the bar or the cafe has on its  read more 
report Recommended by S2VX
- They both focus on alcoholic drinks and the relaxing effects each of them have on people, depending on their mood; - Even if they have different environments and vibes (and lenghts per episode), they both aim to relax the viewer, while giving detailed information about each cocktail mentioned/highlighted in each episode. 
report Recommended by Alinex29
Both shows have a different story in each episode. It is a more relaxed anime and you don't feel like you just can't wait for the next week. On the other hand, they still make you came back for more. In addition, there's a repetition of one (bartender) or two (Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei) main character(s), and the stories are brought each time from another stranger perspective. 
report Recommended by EfiChan
Both shows are light-hearted and focus around solving people's problems. 
report Recommended by Congee
After having a bad day there are a couple of things you can do to unwind, among them watching certain shows. Both Bartender and YKK are nothing short of comfy, giving the exact same vibes while watching them. Not only do they sound and look relaxing, they basically tell you to wrap yourself in a blanket and simply relish it all while you can. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or what have you and have a good time. 
report Recommended by WhiteRussian
Both: - are a Slice-of-life - Have a male shop owner - Customers tell their story and they are helped with their problem - Same slow paced, relaxing, feel-good vibe - Shop owners are a pro in their industry, have deep knowledge of their products 
report Recommended by Ellubett
This may seem like a stretch but hear me out. Much in tune with the idea that you can "make an anime out of anything", both shows are not *really* about what you think they are. Well, MoshiDora spells it out for you with its very long title but if you didn't already get it...MoshiDora isn't really an anime about Baseball. Baseball just happens to be the medium to convey the real message of applying Drucker's management strategies to a variety of situations. In the same way Bartender tells a variety of different stories using the medium of a bartending and drinks with  read more 
report Recommended by HadenaZubon
Both anime express the idea of food being able to bring people together. Like Sasakura, the main character in Bartender, Shirou is able to cook up the perfect meal for the perfect situation. Both anime provide a relaxing mood with delicious food that can certainly calm you down. 
report Recommended by LelouchLagusa
Both are impactful due to the emotional aspects of the stories, and are intended for more mature audiences. Sakamichi no Apollon is one story while Bartender has many different people's lives, but if you enjoy one you'll likely enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Currytofu
This anime is about daily life of an bartender who have to make drinks to his coustemers. Normal people who love food and its makers. All caracters love good food and drinks. 
report Recommended by tomoko1234
Do you like to watch anime for big breasted women, Robot fights, Super human abilities? Well these don't have anything like that, well Bartender doesn't at least. If you liked Spice and Wolf for the extensive talk of being a merchant and how the economy works, then you will love Bartender! Bartender talks abut Philosophy and uses alcohol as a way to describe and emphasize on the reason some one drinks or is thinking the way they are, It is much set up like a play and it has a sort of elegance to it, along with the beautiful short but descriptive stories that  read more 
report Recommended by BPXXBLINKERS
both protaginists are calm and cool regardless of the situation and are seemingly perfect at what they do. the only difference is black butler is about perfect butler who will do anything to serve and protect his master v.s bartender where the bartender will do anything to make the customer's experience pleasant 
report Recommended by nidoqueen106
Both shows are episodic in nature and while as tones and moods they are diffirent, they both use the main character's profession to reflect their mental state and understandings towards the others. 
report Recommended by Tyrraell
The bartender scenes from Mishima Hitomi are really similar to the Bartender anime. If you liked the vibes from those scenes, you should definitely look towards Bartender. 
report Recommended by T0MEGA
simply, the show about drinks . 
report Recommended by simo_omis
How can the smallest of details affect the experience you serve someone in a cocktail or a bowl of tea? Ryuu and Sasuke both aspire to provide the most enjoyable drink for their guests. From minor adjustments to the temperature of the drink to the orientation of a tea jar's lid, the factors that make for the optimal glass or bowl are explored in great detail, organically complementing the stories. While Hyouge Mono has a little action and politics (which are, granted, also explored from a perspective of aesthetics), both series take their time to construct beautiful interactions between a true aesthete and their guest. 
report Recommended by lalalelelelululu
This is really somewhat of a jump. But cowboy bebop and bartender are heavily themed around one´s past, what makes us being what we are? what have made us to reach to this point in life? and so on. Cowboy bebop is of course far more action packed and one can see cowboy bebop without really being into the cowboy bebop´s depths of human psychology. Bartender has no action at and is all about the characters. And they are both somewhat episodic, of course bartender being more episodic than cowboy bebop. 
report Recommended by ProfaneValkyrie
Similar atmosphere, similar surrounding. Both take place in a beautiful Bar with a very calm Bartender. Both deal with different aspects of live.  
report Recommended by Raasontu
It is nostalgic, and shows how an intense love for a common goal (hobby or occupation) is never trivial. Bamboo Blade focuses on Kendo, Bartender focuses on drinks, but what is really looked at in both series are the stories that tie in with the event or drink. 
report Recommended by kufreabia
The show's episode depends on the life story of the support characters, making them and the viewers reflect on life lessons the main character provides. There is no main plot but a series of short but memorable stories which viewers will be hooked on. 
report Recommended by keyzc
Although the topics are completely different, the atmospheres of Hourou Musuko and Bartender are similar. If you like the flow of the one series, you will most probably also like the other one. They both have narrative parts too. 
report Recommended by Nemaya
Viral's Sweet Dream is full of references to Bartender. 
report Recommended by Juliab
Short, episodic, slow-paced series about people who work through their problems with the help of an unusual source. 
report Recommended by Anomalous
Both are slice-of-life and have a similar, unique, calming atmosphere. Both are also relaxing and episodic series. 
report Recommended by Excelsior
Both have good looking dudes in a place where you just chill and drink - only Ame-iro Cocoa has cute teenage boys working in a coffee shop and Bartender, of course, in a restaurant bar with more mature, good-looking gentlemen. Ame-iro Cocoa only has a rather very short show time and a very 'unique' plot. 
report Recommended by keyzc
Both have main characters who want to help people with their problems by using their dream or profession( making sweets and cakes in Yumeiro, giving them the perfect cocktail in Bartender). 
report Recommended by DreamerofDreams1
Well, I start with saying those two animes are like Day and Night. Both are targeted at different audience, has different tone, narrative style, well almost everything, BUT there is one similarity. That is descriptive educational style of presenting additional information of things occuring in story and that is all. So if you liked that give this one go, otherwise try something else. 
report Recommended by rabi3187
While differing in both a visual and content approach, on a fundamental level both series are the same. Both Bartender and Mononoke deal with conflict/issue resolution. The respective main characters in each series serve to absolve the side characters from their problems. While the approach is different, the idea and end result is the same. Bartender is a much lighter, heartwarming series to watch while Mononoke is a much more serious, darker series.  
report Recommended by Rqt
Both very calming and slow paced anime without being boring 
report Recommended by BonkGuy
Take Bartender, replace bartenders with magical girls and you have Natsu no Sora. Both are laid-back slice of life series. 
report Recommended by Neverender
I know it's kind of a stretch but bear with me. Both of these shows really stylize a profession. Obviously bartenders for Bartender, and Bakers for Yakitate. They also both contain pseudo informational elements. and use alchol/bread to solve various problems So if you happen to watch mature shows like bartender and still watch over the top shounen style shows definitely check this out 
report Recommended by LemurrQQ
The two have a lot of mention of different alcoholic beverages. Also, Ryu Sasakura (Bartender) is a very observant and able to take deductions of any detail as many characters in Detective Conan person. Both are professional enough credits. 
report Recommended by JamesBlackBO