Hataraku Maou-sama!

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

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Synonyms: Hataraku Maou-sama!
Japanese: はたらく魔王さま!
English: The Devil is a Part-Timer!
German: The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Spanish: The Devil is a Part-Timer!
French: The Devil is a Part-Timer!
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2013 to Jun 27, 2013
Premiered: Spring 2013
Broadcast: Thursdays at 22:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: White Fox
Source: Light novel
Genres: ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy
Themes: MythologyMythology, Romantic SubtextRomantic Subtext, WorkplaceWorkplace
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.751 (scored by 921886921,886 users)
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Ranked: #10262
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Popularity: #68
Members: 1,501,679
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The great main characters in both animes are feel the same. The world that contains magic also very similar. And the comedy and action is great in both.  
report Recommended by AvihayAnimes
Hataraku Maou-sama! and Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita (Yuushibu for short) not only have similar starting settings but also have the same comical scenario: Comedy at the workplace. By making the demons work in a regular store (McRonalds in Hataraku Maou-sama and Lawson's in Yuushibu) and assimilating to the workplace, both shows create hilarious comedy. In Maoyuu's case, from adapting too well to climbing the corporate ladder and penny pinching and in Fino's case, from lacking common sense and etiquette and scaring customers.  
report Recommended by yngtadpole
While both are rather different content-wise -- Kobayashi is CGDCT where as Maou-Sama is mostly a comedy slice of life with some action and drama mixed in, both are what I like to call "reverse isekai," wherein people from a fantasy world enter our world rather than the other way around. The thing mostly in common between the two is in that sense, and in that there tends to be a lot of humor derived from the difference in common sense between the two worlds and the characters from the fantasy world adjusting/reacting to life on Earth. If you've watched Maou-Sama and liked that type of humor  read more 
report Recommended by soramimicake
These series involve demons leaving their world and entering the human world. Maou and Staz (the main protagonists from each series) are both demos, who are overpowered, somewhat ignorant of the human world, and come across as anti-villain type good guy. Each of these series has a bit of romance and disguises a darker plot in a very colorful vibrant world. Neither series takes itself very serious as they each have their share of parody moments.  
report Recommended by logic340
A young male with almost no power (in our world) is actually the mao, demon lord. This is something both male leading characters have in common. They also have some sort of a sidekick and a female character that likes the main character, yet tries to fight him for some reason but grows to like him over time. Both stories also have some sort of another female love interest that hangs around but this "love interest" is more obvious in Hataraku Maou-sama! At the start, both male, main characters have little to no "Mao-power" but this...changes without the main character trying to achieve this. What happens next  read more 
report Recommended by SD_CV
The protagonist in both shows is extremely strong. But they don't take the responsibility seriously, and end up talking about regular stuff in the middle of a fight that's supposed to be intense (like shop sales) which leads to comedy in both shows. If you liked the atmosphere in one show, you will most likely like the other show.  
report Recommended by MaridiuS
Both are comedies featuring powerful demon lords (though Jahy is the second in command rather than Satan herself) escaping to our universe after a defeat by a hero who ends up also living in our universe. The protagonists of both shows end up working food-service jobs, scraping to make by in small apartments. 
report Recommended by sneakers-n-cake
Definitely get the same flavor from the Maoyu archetypes but now even more comedic because they take the settings and integrate them into the character backgrounds which then get thrown into a new world instead resulting in hilarious moments and situations. Demon king and hero again, with the use of magic but now in the modern world. 
report Recommended by yngtadpole
While both series have different premises, they involve the concept of a character who is not so ordinary living on Earth. At the same time, they discover more about themselves and the world around them through interactions with others. There are supernatural elements involved in both series. Furthermore, there is action, drama, and comedy. The main male protagonist in both series has similar personalities. Both series also involves a parallel of two worlds described metaphorically - one of humans and other of demons.  
report Recommended by Stark700
-MC travels to another world (isekai and reverse isekai) -MC puts off grand adventure in favor of "mundane" slice-of-life tasks -Similar style of comedy & parody 
report Recommended by gumrats
Both include Demons coming to Earth. Great combination of action and comedy which is executed extremely well. Both have badass MC and a comedic partner. 
report Recommended by Ovyda
Both features a plot where a hero and a demon traverse through worlds to live in a new culture and comedy occurs as a result. Neither main characters are slouches. These characters are powerful and even in the new world, adapts very well within the premise given. Hagure Yuusha features way too much ecchi fanservice however (perhaps way too excessive for some), while Maou-sama makes fun of the whole poverty issue when a powerful figure have fallen so far. 
report Recommended by Tachii
Ambitious "conquerors" attempting to take over the world but ends up becoming a part of the working society. Both packed with comedic moments, it'll sure to entertain everybody. 
report Recommended by IchiroEX
In both series, there's the idea of working. The environment is depicted with comedy especially with the characters involved. The main male protagonist also seems insecure at many times regarding the setting he is in. However, he is determined to do the work he is assigned to. There is literally humor and many jokes made throughout both series mainly related to the main male protagonist and the people he interacts with. 
report Recommended by Stark700
They have a similar brand of humor, and they both pull it off well. The characters are parodies of common character archetypes. 
report Recommended by Caeca
Angels and devils forced into a slice of life situation fighting among each other with a hint of role reversal, although both sides end up just being friends that secretly hate each other. Both have a lot of comedy but Maou sama has a bit more story and character focus (doesn't always work but it's good) while Gabriel was made for laughs and a few of common trope characters everyone loves.  
report Recommended by Ptrico94
Both fun series with main characters dealing with different worlds, and working jobs to help others. There is a good deal of comedy in both. 
report Recommended by MisterTrantastic
The emphasis on the kind of relationship and interactions between a Hero and a Maou matches, you will see how this anime will turn your mindset just like Hataraku Maou does, except this one gets lot more powerful and direct! 
report Recommended by ota92ppon
Both of these shows feature supreme beings trying to take over the world with their demon generals in tow... and that's about where the similarities end. So why should you watch Overlord? If you enjoyed seeing Maou attempt to take over Ente Isla in the first few minutes of the anime and want to know how he got to that point - namely an anime that explores the process of a villain subjugating the world - then Overlord is for you. 
report Recommended by Musashi
Hataraku Maou-sama! and Outbreak Company both contain a ton of humor. Among some of these include its various anime references. The main characters in both series are also oblivious to certain simple things because they are not from the world they were once used to. However, they are able to adjust and even become friends with others that they encounter. There is some action in both series although most of it is portrayed as comedic. The main male protagonists from both series are also somewhat similar in personality. However, their respective relationships with the main female characters from both series are very contrasting. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have a main male character with great supernatural power, in positions that are seen as threats to humanity, which cause the main female character heroine to antagonize and supervise the main male character despite his upstanding, even heroic, behavior. However, while they're both shounen plots, in "Hataraku Maou-sama!", the plot is light and comedic, and the romantic subplot is more subtle than it is in the more serious and harem plot format in "Strike the Blood". If you like supernatural shounen titles with strong, upstanding male leads with sassy main female love interests, both are worth checking out. 
report Recommended by PurpleLugia
Both series talks about Demons in which they deal with poverty, while the devil is a part timer is more about a demon lord working to take over the world, Machikado Mazoku is all about a demon girl working to get her family out of poverty. In both series you will see how they struggle in life and money matters as well as how they deal with their powers and their environment.  
report Recommended by MetalTsundere
Both shows have a similar tone and comedy. Also, Both shows share a sense of fun and mischief.  
report Recommended by ElricBro
They are both comedies about deities living in modern Japan, but Saint Onii-san is about Gods and Hataraku Maou is about Satan.  
report Recommended by Katuro
These felt really similar in the type of comedy used and the laughs that it brought with it. While it involved a different setting, style, and background, both of these are among my favourite comedic anime. 
report Recommended by lemayo
Both anime share a pointless plot at first glance, but as you continue watching each episode, they consist of a good variety of action and comedy in a unique way that many other anime hasn't really portrayed in a while with a refreshing concept on the comedic moments that will make you die of laughter. 
report Recommended by Kvshi
Very similar humour Similar characters and art style deals with supernatural/heaven/hell themes Male protagonist surrounded by girls I really enjoy both series as they can be very dark and serious when need be and also light and funny at all the right moments. There is also far more to the characters in both anime than first meets the eye 
report Recommended by Duncanmetal
Contemporary fish-out-of-water stories. Maou and Nyaruko are both otherworldly entities that cross over to the human world and attempt to *discreetly* blend in (which Maou is much better at, to his credit). Trials and tribulations cross their paths, be they supernatural or otherwise... 
report Recommended by Keirik
Gate is kinda the vice versa version of devil is a part timer, where humans go into a new world and adapt, devil is a part timer being the supernatural beings in the human world. Both show's have similar interactions between the two groups and both shows deal with an overlying theme of bonding.  
report Recommended by TzKal-Zuk
Both series feature protagonists balancing being normal young japanese men and devils. 
report Recommended by Rahkshilord
They both have similarities that really hit me when I finished the show. The main character has issues with the main girl. Both have magic and rom-com moments. I think both are amazing and great and if you like one, you will most definitely like this one. 
report Recommended by SenshiKishi
Both anime are about Monsters that gave to fit into society, with serious changes to their personality after a key event. 
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
We have pretty cool main character surrounded by group of friends who are all similar in both series - lead female being tsundere and certainly having feelings for main character, other, pretty cute and kinda loud deredere who eventually starts to develop feelings for him too. Then we have another girl with our male, and so little harem is ready. Not to mention another male character, sweet and helpful one, loved by everybody and some other friends too. Both are romance and have slice of life themes. Both in their own way touch 'fantasy' world, though in Toradora it's just matter of title, and in  read more 
report Recommended by TenshiNoYume
If you like an anime with a similar angel-demon themed plot, then i recommend this show for you minus the ecchi. Also, both red-hair heroines are voiced by Yoko Hikasa.  
report Recommended by FalloutShounen3
What a lot of comedy anime lack is a sense of genuine progression in the relationships and dynamics between the characters. Not only do both Servant x Service and Hataraku Maou-sama both show genuine development, but they also incorporate conventions of romance (as well as action in Maou-sama's case) without ever really coming across as angsty and melodramatic, and without dropping their humour. 
report Recommended by smileyboyrocks
Both shows follow a character that is intent on taking over/destroying the world. However in the process of doing so this character takes on the position of a job. Similar styles of humor as both have a lot of jokes centered around the main character's career option. The Devil is a Part-Timer! features a lot of jokes about fast food while Assassination Classroom features a lot of classroom humor. Despite the intentions of the main characters both are actually very likable characters and some of the jokes come from how they interact with other characters. 
report Recommended by McExplosions
- Both anime are Isekai's but in Devil is a part-timer, the demon lord ends up in the human world whereas in how not to summon a demon lord, a human in his demon lord form ends up in a game. - Both the anime are filled with cliched anime tropes where the MC who is dense as hell forms a harem consisting of a furry, a tsundere, a well-endowed waifu girl etc - In both the anime, the demon lord is the good guy (no one knows why) and does most of the work whereas the girls are just useless most of the time  
report Recommended by MJROCKS05
The core style of both shows is pretty similar. Both shows are comedic and have single-episode stories as well as longer ones that carry through a few episodes. However, comedy is not the whole point of either show. When you least expect it, things can get serious and intense. So they both share in this style that mixes comedy with serious and heartwarming moments. The main characters are also both... demons.... though it's not literal in Gintama. They're both easygoing at first glance but they often know a lot more than they're actually letting on and they hide their badassery until it's needed. I think if you  read more 
report Recommended by teajjeje
Both feature a male and female MC that are sent to a different world. No Game No Life being a world of games, and Devil is a Part Timer being Earth. Both of them quickly adapt to their surroundings in time. Both male MC's are great at their tasks in the new world and have goals in mind for the future, both being to change the world. Both have excellent light novels that continue the story where the anime left off. 
report Recommended by trigger_segfault
The two animes are both of the type "Welcome to Earth, Bastard!" were the main characters face having to learn and cope with living on Earth, or Japan, more precisely. Both try to create situations which we would deem normal or easy to solve, but get to have over exaggerated reactions or complete misunderstandings, offering lots of funny moments with the characters. Also, some out-of-ordinary situations show up to defy the main characters from having their stay peacefully and "minding their own business" on Earth, as well as having a recurrent number of new characters added to the main cast. 
report Recommended by giacomo_giugiaro
Both have characters with power supernatural abilities put in an everyday setting. The only difference is that in Chuunibyou, the powers are just in their heads, while in Hataraku Maou-sama, they're actually from another world. Both are also light-hearted and fun. 
report Recommended by ArchdukeSpook
Although they have extremely different premises, they incorporate the same type of humour. If you're looking for something fun and absurd, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Hataraku Maou-sama! will fit this requirement! 
report Recommended by twinkling_sheep
These anime are pretty similar in a lot if ways. First, both the main characters come from different "worlds." Second, they have to adapt to a new environment because society rules differently on Earth than where they came from. Third, there is that carefree atmosphere in most episodes. Last but not least, is that the main characters protect a lot of people in their new "world" I guess... 
report Recommended by radwayxp
Both anime contains good mixture between action and humour! The main characters are not from this world plus they manage to get humans tangled in their mess. Both anime have male protagonist who delivers in the action and humour but gets shafted by the female characters. Definitely similar level of enjoyment.  
report Recommended by DarthInvader
Both shows deal with the aftermath of a group of people being spirited away into another realm. Both animes are a blend of present reality and fantasy and both have a light hearted feel to them; although at times things can get dark, but this just makes both shows stronger. Both are excellent series! 
report Recommended by UndutifulOne
Both animes contain comedy, and a slice of life. Personally, when i watched Hataraku maou sama it reminded me of The pet girl of sakurasou/ sakurasou no pet na kanojo. This is because the personalities of each character are quite similar. Also, the comedy in both series is quite similar. I would definitely recommend Sakurasou no pet na kanojo.  
report Recommended by shadowblade628
Both of these anime will make you roll in the floor laughing! The jokes and gags of these anime will still be funny even if you watch them a 2nd or 3rd time. 
report Recommended by fatiqsue_
Quirky comedies with supernatural elements. In both the MC/MC pair has great powers. Really similar atmosphere. Both are funny  
report Recommended by Salokannel2
Both series involve characters that are from another dimension/world and come to Earth. Both involve great amount of comedy. Even though, To LOVE-Ru has aliens instead of Demons and it's more focused on romance. 
report Recommended by NEPGYAAAAAAAAA
Nanbaka and Hataraku Maou-sama! are both really comedic shows, however there are some serious times as well when it gets a bit tense because of the action going on (more so for Nanbaka). There is a colourful cast of characters for both shows and are quite entertaining. Although the plotlines are extremely different, people who enjoyed one of them are likely to enjoy the other too. 
report Recommended by jyuushi
Both are really good comedy. Both are totally fun to watch. Both have a ridiculous premise and both have a good cast of fun characters 
report Recommended by Suzu-kun22
It's the other way around. Demon lord works in human world vs Hero works in demon world. 
report Recommended by Jan075
I know this those two Anime are Different but heard me out. Both of Then is About someone who needs to live a new life in other to Survive, in Hataraku Maou-Sama! Sadao Maou is a Demon King from Ente Isla and He Transported to Japan in Other to Survive the Battle he was Having with Emilia the Hero and now he needs to Work in Rc. Donald tho, as for Sansha Sanyou the Main Character (Sanyou) was a Rich Girl who was Happy until one day her Dad got Bankrupt and she was Sent to a "Poor" School while her Dad Finds a new Job. Also  read more 
report Recommended by AdrielAnimeBro
Both feature part-timers. Both features a plot where a hero is sent to another world to live in a new culture. Both feature a high level of actual enjoyable humour. Both main characters are enthusiastic, to say the least... Both have a group of friends predominantly causing drama for the main character. 
report Recommended by Redprint__
-Both of the main characters Maou/Sebastian are Demons, who acts kind of very nice and kind way, also they have a strong confidence to serve with them (Maou: As a employee job for serving a fast food chain to the customers) and (Sebastian: As a butler being a servant job to serve with his master Ciel Phantomhive). They have powers too, But they may be bad sometimes. -Having a conflicts and confrontation of Demons and Angels.  
report Recommended by Tuscavoir
Both are shows wherein generally cordial, family-loving men have to hide their true roles/jobs from a particular person while cracking jokes funny enough to make you fart even if you have constipation. Of course, Kakushi Gotou has to hide his illustration work from his daughter, Hime, while Satan has to hide the fact that he is Lucifer in the flesh from Chiho, a girl at his workplace. Both protagonists, Satan and Kakushi, are stuck between the painstaking difficulties of their day jobs as well as going through the effort of not revealing their true selves to whoever they don't want finding out about it. This leads  read more 
report Recommended by SAT0rii
Easy to digest, especially to people who are just starting to get into anime. 
report Recommended by Nokachishiki
Easy to digest, especially to people who are just starting to get into anime. 
report Recommended by Nokachishiki
It's filled with whacky scenarios 
report Recommended by EmicalFire055
1.Both main character have difficult mission which they strive to complete. 2.Both anime has cute wifus,sound track and a pretty good male staff. 3.Now what,watch anime 
report Recommended by Dinorexy007
- Both mc's are demon lords looking to conquer - Both mc's are more good than they are evil - Both mc's have loyal servants/followers who help them for what they're planning - Both animes have a female hero who wants to kill the mc but has a change of heart after seeing their good side - Both animes have comedy - Both animes have action The only difference is that Ochi Mono RPG has sex scenes with some comedy while TDIAPT has some romance and its fun to watch with lots of comedy. 
report Recommended by mason_black
both mc's may appear bad but they're actually good 
report Recommended by mason_black
The Eminence in Shadow reminds me of The Devil Is A Part Timer a lot with the Isekai aspect and the fantasy aspects too. The dub is funny and 99 percent of all the jokes go well same with The Eminence in Shadow. I feel like both of these animes match like a puzzle piece in the best way possible. 
report Recommended by Moosh2727
Both protagonists are the rulers from the kingdom of darkness. Stories focus on these demon lords' daily challenges in unfamiliar environments. 
report Recommended by iloathesasuke
They're both Fantasy reverse Isekai and are really great in execution. 
report Recommended by Max_The_Ravager
These two animes are very similar in ways. First of all they both feature demons as enemies. But Hataraku Maou-sama! is more of an isekai anime?. Kimetsu no Yaiba has "Demon Slayers.'' as you can tell they slay/kill demons. And about Hataraku Maou-sama! cant really explain the anime because its.. complicated.. just watch it if you want! It also has a season 2 airing right now! 
report Recommended by Aidn_
Both animes involve a demon getting forced to live in the human world and live life as an ordinary human plus there's a lot more supernatural beings added into the mix. Also involves a relationship where one is constantly trying to kill the other but they end up becoming closer in the process 
report Recommended by VenomEmperor
both really well-written and well-delivered comedies about how much real life sucks 
report Recommended by Fluffabelle
"Devil is a part-timer" is also a comedy isekai. In this case, the world is the earth itself but with the devil as the main character and he is overpowered and extremely serious from time to time just like the cautious hero haha. 
report Recommended by MattTheCritic
Both manga feature supernatural creatures that try to adapt to modern society which is why they have a similar comedic style. 
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both anime contain demons from another realm coexisting with society with the MC starting from evil or detested to a good and understanding being well liked by peers. Humans and demons alike detest one another for being seen as evil in religion for humans and other apocryphal accusations against each other. Contains magic used for combat purposes and an MC that can be pretty lazy at times and OP when angry.  
report Recommended by Century_Orion
1.Both have main characters which are transported to the modern day Japan and have to depend on the modern society to survive in the new world. 2.Daily life of the characters in the new world and their connections to their own worlds leads to hilarious situations in their daily lives. 
report Recommended by Anime_lover987
Okay this one is a kinda strange bridge that I didn't realized previously, but both are about fantasy characters summoned to the real world and having to deal with the consequences of how the real world effects them. They're very different in tone. Re:Creators is a drama battle, while Devil is a Part-Timer is a fall from grace comedy. Emy and Selestia also have kinda similar character design, but Selestia luckily definitely isn't a tsudere.  
report Recommended by MariSan28
In this case the roles are reversed and a demon is sent to the living world this time The demon tries to assume into the human society like how iruma is assuming into the demon school  
report Recommended by YalexKouhai
Both are easy to digest and have similar humor which I really appreciate 
report Recommended by lilyjoh6
Both these shows My Next Life As a Villainess and The Devil Is a Part-Timer are great isekai shows which put a twist on the genre, which has come to a point where a lot of isekai shows are the same. The only thing which could deter you from is that My Next Life As a Villainess is getting a second season and after 9 years The Devil Is a Part-Timer hasn't gotten a second season. 
report Recommended by Frenchybo1
This might sound odd in regards to the fact that it's even a recommendation, but I'll just mention it as it is my opinion on the matter. For years, we've watched anime with larger than life heroes and villains, most of which have accomplished a lot and established themselves as separable from the common kin, and can do things that no normal man cannot. Back when I was watching Naruto Shippuden, I saw this one filler moment; specifically an entire episode purely based on Itachi cooking eggs. And it just dawned on me, for someone as skillful as Itachi; someone who's mastered all in terms of  read more 
report Recommended by KiroTheAssassin
Are you a person who works every day? Do you wish to see someone else relate to how you're feeling? Are you just like everyone else wishing to become a successful person in the future? Are you may or may not be familiar with the term "slice of life"? Then these 2 works are just for you. The reason I made this recommendations is simple: Jobs. Jobs aren't something we actually enjoy, but they are, in the grand of scheme of things, something we have to do to survive. To earn, to eat, and to continue living with a roof on our head. But.. that doesn't mean  read more 
report Recommended by KiroTheAssassin
Both shows are about the devil who leaves behind his homeland and ends up living on earth as a normal human being. There, he meets some very colourful characters and in order to pay for his living expenses, he's forced to get a part-time job as well. Eventually, the demon lord loves his human life so much that he decides to live on earth permanently. 
report Recommended by -Sonal-
Both have black-haired demon kings as the lead, both with an axious, devoted silver-haired attendant. Both stories explore the conflicts between demons and humans. Both have a solid grasp of humor and story moving the plot forward. Both have exclamation points in the title. Eeeeey? Kyou Kara Maou! begins when normal Japanese boy Yuuri Shibuya is flushed down a toilet (yes, literally) and is transported to a fantasy land filled with 'costumed' citizens who speak a strange language he can't understand at first, is determined to be the next Demon King, and is put in charge of a massive feud between his people the demons and  read more 
report Recommended by Maeleene
The main character isn't human. They both have supernatural powers. Both are hilarious, although Cuticle Tantei Inaba has more comedy. Maou-sama is a little more serious. There are scenes in both series where you can't stop laughing.  
report Recommended by Alislinn
Warring factions in a fantasy world become chill in our world 
report Recommended by weirdy8
Both are about fast food, and Mcdonalds is in Devil is a part timer. Its worth a watch has lot of references and is very comedic. 
report Recommended by INDYKU
Well, in essence, both series involves characters working at a new environment for both personal and financial reasons. Then,t here's the drama from both series as some main characters just doesn't seem to stand each other. Both series has great animation artwork and more of a lighthearted tone of presenting its stories. Both series also has humor but also some tense moments. Along with that, there are hints of romance between characters and deals with how the characters adjusts to their current situation in life. 
report Recommended by Stark700
ok so basically in both of these anime its a battle of Good vs Evil right in our backyard of our own neighborhood based mostly in Kawasaki City Kanagawa and the Good characters are the mean ones and the evil ones are the Upstanding Citizens Of Society 
report Recommended by helveticaotsu
I feel the same vibe both are with a main girl being a fighter from another world and both main boys being surrounded by many girls 
report Recommended by 300iceman
Both have demonic themes and characters. Both have similarly styled characters. Both don't take themselves seriously and have good humour. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
I have to say that when I watched Trinity Seven, I was the hole time thinking... It's so like Hataraku Mahou-sama, but... Trinity is like... Something was bothering me the whole time watching. The plot was not interesting and the world construction was funny made. The jokes are funny and a lot Fun service ist there. You should watch Hataraku Mahou-sama, why? It's better. Okey, what's similar : - Main Male Charakter is a Devil. - Both M.M.C. pretty clever (that's not always in echi/harem Anime so). - The girls are sweet. - Both M.M.C. are overpowered, but they can't use it instantly. - Main Female Character  read more 
report Recommended by oddin
Comedic element in both series is in the viewer's ability to spot small details. Both FMP Fumoffu and Hataraku heavily feature slapstick humor and hilarious scenes through episode progression and background action. 
report Recommended by FTW10
Although they are not similar in premise, both series involves a supernatural being who sets foot in the modern world. They are confused on how the present world world works around them but gets more used to it as they experience the modern life. Both series has a lot of funny dialogues, gags, and interactions between the main characters. There's also some action, drama, as well as misunderstandings usually involving the main characters.  
report Recommended by Stark700
The main character from both series are voiced by the same seiyuu: Ohsaka Ryouta. While in one series he is the demon lord and other a detective. Their undercover name is very similar too. In Hataraku, he is called Sado Maou and in Hamataora, it is Sato Nice. They both love Katsu-don too. Both filled with comedy and action at the same time.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Bizarre comedy that relies with non human character standpoint indifference, only difference is that Haruhi setting is about school while other Maou is to restaurant, Main Protagonist is unaware of their own eccentricity to other people and their normal environment to make a slapstick.  
report Recommended by Azraniel
The bright artwork, as well as the peaceful slice of life. Although the comedy is stronger in Maou-sama, I feel a fan of one of these shows can definitely enjoy the other 
report Recommended by itssimplyme
Both titles deal with demons living on Earth. Both shows have a good balance between comedy and action. The humor in both shows are absolutely hilarious and the action will keep you entertained. If you liked one, you may like the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
While they aren't exactly similar story wise, I found some characters to have similarities as well as some of the things they did. 
report Recommended by The_Dark_Hadou
Both anime have similar genres and the protagonist gains a harem through fighting against the girl. The male lead has a strong impact on the girls of the anime. 
report Recommended by Aleron
Anime takes place in medieval type setting but now in the modern world In Ixion Saga DT main character gets transported into a medieval world while in Hataraku- Demon king gets transported to modern day Tokyo.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Amazing humor. Flabbergasting twists. Both are about human world and demon world. There are Demon Lords. Hiro Shimono everywhere. Both are outstanding comedies. Both are entertaining and sometimes touching. NOT TO BE MISSED. 
report Recommended by izza14
Both series derive comedy from placing supernatural things into the world we know. 
report Recommended by colonelpanic
The demons look somewhat similiar to the ones of HMS! - The Main-Protagonist "takes a ride" from another world (aka. Hell) to the world of the living - Has the same type of jokes as those so characteristic for HMS! - Demons over-all - same type of unusual well-so unique and dramatic Camera angles - That same "Charmy feeling" - Attitudes and Behaviour 
report Recommended by 1anime4you
Both protagonist are sent to a different world and have to live there. 
report Recommended by A_Lam_Ma_El
-They revolve around supernatural beings trying to make their way in the real world. One a heroic character who has qualities that make them seem non-heroic (Mirai and Emilia) and a demonic character who tries his best to make himself seem less like a villain. -KnK and Hataraku find ways to make the action scenes hilarious in ways, although Hataraku Maou-sama manages to do it a lot more. -Most of the times KnK and Hataraku are drawn with bright and cheery animation, but when the action scenes come they generally both turn to a must darker tone. 
report Recommended by sachi_shimazu
Although Sora has a lot more ecchi, both anime take place in a normal world which is visited by something from another. Characters are misunderstood as evil, enemies become allies, and they both are just funny as hell. 
report Recommended by Mar-Sn
Witch Craft Works is a story that is fun to watch. One of those anime that is not that big or elaborated but easy to digest and enjoyable. It explains itself in a credible way while trying to justify the situations. Both of them have supernatural characters and situations that develop inside the lines of a realistic setting that try to blend into the normal world. Witch Craft Works surprises you because you don't quite know what’s going to happens next. The story is simple and easy to follow and you don't need to watch more than one episode to know if you’ll like it  read more 
report Recommended by enkeii
If you liked the slice of life elements of Hataraku Maou-Sama you'll like Gin no saji. Although they differ in the magic element, Sadao feels similar to Yuugo in the self beating humor, although he is not as shy as Yuugo. They both have a coming of age theme, Yuugo having to just deal with hard decisions in life and sadao having to abandon his past and working, plus some romance in both. It's difficult to compare them explicitly, since they are different genre but they both have a similar feel, as a extremely fun anime that doesn't take itself too seriously but is incredibly  read more 
report Recommended by Asdf1616
Both series' are comedic and interesting in a funny way. Both series' main protagonists somehow or somewhat, striving for the day(in a funny way). Both series' reflects the(or some) real life situations.(which you might relate of, :D ) The only noticeable differences in both series is that, one is based from reality while the other has supernatural and magic in the story. 
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
Main characters are much alike and maaagic  
report Recommended by vesi
Why haven't you already watched this!! Demon king super strong tsundere girl but no echi but it was just perfect you have to watch this if you like to laugh and love romance animes ps if you are a fan of devil animes you will love it 
report Recommended by MaouExcalibar
Both are about demons that are in the "Human" realm, and how they have changed from who they used to be, with enemies from the other realm trying to kill them. 
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
Both are about more 'evil' gods that leave their world and come to earth. Both main characters have a limited source of magic on earth and both are being followed/hunted by pretty much all the other powerful beings from their world. Also, in both there's a god trying desperately to work a job to get by on earth. They are also both more lighthearted animes.  
report Recommended by ChronicBlue
Both animes' main characters get put into another world where they have to fight their ways out. The main characters' relationships for each other started out as them being hated or annoyed by one another. The main characters at a point were on opposite sides (Blood Oath/Solo, Demon/Heros). Both anime are full of action, romance, and supernatural. 
report Recommended by Kuritikaru
Both involve fantasy elements in the human world, have slight romance and action. Hataraku has much more detailed and "important" action scenes though. 
report Recommended by Moedera
Both reminds me that they are unique in their way that they present their characters and plot. I assure you, by watching both of this, you would see the real fun in watching anime. Best of luck. 
report Recommended by nuzz
Both have a sense of action but both primarily focus in the changing ofthe individual and incredibly corny but cute romances. Both are some if my favorite recent anime. 
report Recommended by Gecko5567
Its same in comparison with idiocy where male character is complete idiot when comes to feeling of girls.. on the other side lots of comedy , action ( not the same action as in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu where the progonist is always spilling blood ) maou sadao can be compared tosome levels to yoshii in terms of idiocy ( other than the fact that yoshii is a complete idiot ) must watch anime :) 
report Recommended by Ep1c1aN
Both feature Heros and Demon Kings. Both definitely hilarious except much shorter! Cute art style  
report Recommended by Windaura
Both stories involve Demons and reapers Both MC's have servants that take care and protect them in any situation Both MC's are very strong and intelligent not to mention a sense of humor, which gives a great balance of seriousness and satire in the story Both series have great Art work, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, elements  
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
* Both are comedy shows which involves parody (Hataraku's parody is more about brands) * There's action in both shows, and the MC are badass. * The MCs from both series were a great leader of a war in past (and both were called demon), but now they have to live a humble (but comedic) life and works to service people. * The MC lives with 3 other people (or animal), 1 of them is a girl. * There is a stalker girl in both series  
report Recommended by toumei_
Both are comedies, with good fight scenes, with a story that at first seems to be serious, but it changes its course towards something comical and very entertaining. (Harem, Ecchi) 
report Recommended by SirIcaro
Similar humor, both actually make you have fun watching it. 
report Recommended by Whitemanhattan
If you like Hataraku Maou-sama!? you might like Devil Survivor 2 The Animation. Just like Hataraku Maou-sama!? Devil Survivor 2 the Animation is also part of the Demons genre. It's also somewhat of comedy in some parts of the plot. Unlike Hataraku Maou-sama!? though, Devil Survivor 2 The Animation focus on Action instead of Comedy and Slice of Life. 
report Recommended by kairinanami
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