Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo

La corda d'oro: primo passo

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Alternative Titles

English: La corda d'oro: primo passo
Synonyms: Kin'iro no Chord, Kiniro no Chord, Kin-iro no Corda: Primo Passo, The Golden Chord
Japanese: 金色のコルダ ~primo passo~


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2006 to Mar 26, 2007
Premiered: Fall 2006
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Aniplex, Hakusensha, Koei, TYO
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Yumeta Company
Source: Visual novel
Genres: HaremHarem, MusicMusic, ComedyComedy, DramaDrama, MagicMagic, RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool, ShoujoShoujo
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.491 (scored by 4240242,402 users)
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Ranked: #16282
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May 30, 2007
icerydragon (All reviews)
Note: May contain SLIGHT SPOILERS. Nothing too major though.

Now~ to the review!

Other than La Corda, the only other series that I can think of that somehow revolved around classical music (that I've ACTUALLY seen) was Piano. I won't go into that series as I did DO a review for it. Because of the fact that I haven't a series like La Corda before, that caught my attention. And also having classical music as a major theme within the series definitely sparked my interest.

My first impression of the series was that it just caught my attention because it was a bit different than many read more
Apr 12, 2009
Komika (All reviews)
STORY (10)
Hino Kahoko, a high school girl who has never played an instrument in her life, is given a magic violin. In turn, she must compete in a competition (the Concours) with several elite music students from her school. It's a story about Kaho learning to love the violin and music, while deepening her relationships with her fellow competitors.

The story is not for everyone. This is a character driven series through and through. The plot loosely falls around the Concours, but the purpose of the Concours is to contribute to character development. That being said, the character development is outstanding. I barely noticed the lack read more
Jan 23, 2008
lowell (All reviews)
La Corda d'Ora is a reverse harem story with a heavy dose of music. I first heard about it when I was really into Nodame Cantabile and Ouran High School Host Club. So I thought,"Wow, it combines two great shows -- how perfect!" Only... it wasn't, which was disappointing. It does combine music with a reverse harem, but -- in my opinion -- it doesn't do music as well as Nodame and it doesn't do romance as well as OHSHC. I guess you can't have everything at once.

What it does have is great music. Ave Maria, which is one read more
Jan 20, 2008
Minamino_K (All reviews)
I was really not going to give this series an eye, after reading a chapter of the manga it seemed lame and confusing. For some reason though, maybe because I was bored I started downloading the first few episode. This anime is so much better as an anime than a manga. Music can't be represented very well on paper. ^^
I love the way the story is cute and fresh. I don't watch very many animes based on activities, but I'm glad I watched this one. The character are just so lovable and pretty. BISHONENS!!! Nyaaaa ><. Give this a try if you atleast like read more
Jan 16, 2011
Ajamek (All reviews)
At the beginning I would like to warn some of you that my review is going to be biased and partial. However subjective may it be, I hope it will be at least justifiable.

I have not seen worse anime. NEVER. It may be true that I have not seen many of them but this was simply the worst piece of kitsch I have ever encountered. I thought that it is impossible to accumulate greater number of cliches in one place than in an American movie, but I was proved wrong.

Let's start with story. Story? There's no story! Only some propaganda advocating that self-confidence and faith read more
May 22, 2011
kekekeKaj (All reviews)
In the wake of finishing "Nodame Cantabile Finale", the latest series of a superb franchise that blew me away and got me into classical music, I found myself wanting to watch more anime about classical music. And that's why I decided to check out "La Corda D'Oro: Primo Lasso". I went into it fully expecting a poor man's "Nodame Cantabile" - such classics don't just grow on trees after all - but still, I couldn't help feeling disappointed even though I got exactly what I was expecting.

"La Corda D'Oro: Primo Lasso" (to be abbreviated as "La Corda" for the remainder of this review) tells the read more
Jun 8, 2008
dazedqt23 (All reviews)
(Read below the line for comments made before I finished the anime)

Honestly, the ending left something to be desired. If you are interested in romance, this may not be the anime for you. There are elements of romance all over the place and there is even a hint to a definite couple...but, don't get your hopes up because there isn't anything beyond that.

It was a well made anime besides the problem(s) listed below.

*Positivites: original plot, the art was beautiful, the characters (especially male) were gorgeous and had a variety of personalities

*Negatives: repetitive problem/conflict in the story (see below the line read more
Jan 22, 2012
Bishounen_Hunter (All reviews)
OMG this was an incredibly boring took but sheer force of will not to drop this title! But rest assured I wasn't sitting in front of the monitor the whole time. Such a waste with all the lovely bishounen, but I guess it goes to show; "you can't put lipstick on a pig" and having all the bishounen in the world isn't a guaranteed success. But seriously, I shouldn't have to be a classical music major or aficionado to appreciate this anime. If I could enjoy an anime about baseball [Big Windup] when I dislike sports or be completely entertained by a story about read more
Aug 17, 2009
Shinganai (All reviews)
The review sort of says it all. La Corda D'oro was slightly better than average, but with good art and music. I thought that the characters were CUTE, and that was it. Hihara basically kept me watching that show. While I enjoy reverse harems, I can't say that I've ever actually watched a good one. I'd much rather read/watch something thats riveting and twisted than some sugar-coated shojo about musical instruments. Oh, but for a laugh, watch episode 26. Its pretty much a filler...wait...the whole show is fillers! That's true. There are only about three episode that actually matter for the plot...wait...the show has no read more
Jul 19, 2013
Midori_Suzume (All reviews)
OK.... the short review of this show= it is a reverse harem anime with music, magic, and a fairy....not much fan service and great musical pieces throughout.. if this sounds like the show for you great! If you are still hesitant... here is the deeper review:

Story: I'm not going to harp on this... for it is a reverse harem anime that is mediocre... that means that there are attractive males throughout that like the main female lead who is usually pretty useless and emotional. So, i expect everyone wanting to watch this are already expecting a storyline that is simular to the one I just read more
Jan 27, 2013
onesnowyday_ (All reviews)
Your first thought may be "Why a nine for a video game reverse harem adaption?" Many of these are often rated pretty harshly one being that the heroine never ends up with any of the guys. Not that this one does, but there are many aspects of this show that makes it different.

Story: I guess you can say the story has some unique aspects to it. Magical violin didn't appeal to me very much in the beginning but as the it went on, the story started to slowly develop more potential around this "magical" violin. I can't really say much more without spoiling the read more
Nov 27, 2009
xiaoxin (All reviews)
La Corda D'oro is one of my favourite anime. The main character is Hino Kahoko. She has a magical violin given to her by Lili. This is a reverse harem anime targeted at shojo audiences, all the boys who participated in the music competition in school had a crush on Hino Kahoko. Among them is my favourite character in the anime, Tsukimori Len. He is a boy who has a cold face but actually cares for others alot, especially Kahoko. He is very handsome and is a violinist too! (like me) I like this anime mainly because of the music. People who like reverse harem read more
Aug 15, 2008
zerokill (All reviews)
Remember to give any sort of criticism as possible, good, bad, constructive, useless, and even harsh, I accept It all! From the first two I even learned a few things! I'll try to keep spoilers as LOW as possible.

First Comments: This show is one of the very few music based animes that I REALLY enjoyed. The music was great, the sound was also great. The story though needs a bit of critic and the art was good but there's always room for some critic.

Story: The story is somewhat clichéd. All these events that somehow and suddenly lead to spectacular events that seem; somewhat not believable. read more
Apr 13, 2009
sakurafeather (All reviews)
To be honest all thanks to my big sister I'm watching this! She talked me into it! I'm really interested now in playing and listening to music all thanks to this show! I always like go to youtube and listen to music like Fantasie-Impromtu one off my favorite pieces! I'm gonna miss La corda d'oro primo passo! This is where I get my courage in playing the piano! I love playing the piano so much! Thank you La corda D'oro you made me enjoy music!
Apr 23, 2010
ExSxGURL16 (All reviews)
This is my first time writing a review, so please bare with me.

This anime is one of the best ones I've seen in a long time. It was amusing and funny. It was more funny in the beginning, but once you got towards the of the series it got serious and sad. The ending was pretty good. I love Kaho-chan!!

It taught me a lot about classical music, I actually like it now. It made me want to go buy a violin and try playing it. This is an awesome anime. :]]

Over all I would recommend this anime to everyone!
Nov 25, 2016
thevaleycat (All reviews)
La Corda D'Oro is pretty much the first anime I ever watched, so I have somewhat of a nostalgic attachment to this show. It’s a sweet and relaxing anime about a music competition and explores the effect music can have on one’s life and the people around them. If you have an interest in classical music and don’t mind somewhat simplistic characters, I would encourage you to give it a try.

This show is about a music competition, and centers around Hino Kahoko, who was named as a competitor despite having no knowledge or experience in playing the violin. It’s a character-driven story, and focuses on read more
Aug 16, 2010
misakiandusui (All reviews)
I absolutly loved this anime!!!! It is the best anime I have ever watched!!!! First i only started with Bleach and thought that that was the best, then i watched others, and then i watched this one, which went wayyyyy beyond my expectations!! I play violin and i can really connnect and understand this story. It was funny, passionate, enjoyable, and had great music. i want to play the music from this anime and widen my range. I reccommend this anime for those interested in music, or think this will b a good anime to watch.

IM sorry if this review doesnt help much :( its read more
Oct 19, 2011
Kushukushu (All reviews)
My very first review! Yippie!

Story [10]

Hm... Maybe I'm biased and all, but I absolutely LOVE anime like this, which is reverse harem. Very exciting, so to speak. Kahoko Hino, a girl who has never touched an instrument, is literally forced to compete in her schools musical competition after meeting a musical fairy. Generally, the music department students get to do this, so this means Kahoko is the only General - Ed character that participates (Actually no, but I'm not going to spoil anything). Anyways, a girl is surrounded by typical bishounen guys. And they all like her. The best way to describe this story read more
Jan 17, 2014
xxSweetBunny (All reviews)
I really like reverse harem, because I think there's too little of them. This is definitely one of the best romantic anime that I have watched. The plot is very good because it covers every main character in depth and shows great character development. There's a bit of disappointment with the actual romance, because in the end, it doesn't show you who the main character ends up with. The music in this story was awesome. If you know music yourself or not at all, it may make you more interested in it. The art is really beautiful, too. They paid attention to all categories.

I'm read more
Aug 6, 2009
jHorizon (All reviews)
La Corda D’Oro ~ primo passo ~ was a quite enjoyable anime to watch. It combines a bit of comedy, fantasy, romance, and drama all in one. Not to mention, this anime is a reverse harem.

What I liked:
What impressed me the most in the anime was the theme songs it had which was (personally) very enjoyable to listen to. Also, while watching this anime, I was exposed to a wider range of music and more general musical knowledge in the little segment at the end of the show and during the show itself. The show itself had quite a bit of drama and read more