Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

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Alternative Titles

English: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Japanese: コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2006 to Jul 29, 2007
Premiered: Fall 2006
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:25 (JST)
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, MilitaryMilitary, Sci-FiSci-Fi, Super PowerSuper Power, DramaDrama, MechaMecha, SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.731 (scored by 888471888,471 users)
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Ranked: #352
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Popularity: #13
Members: 1,431,049
Favorites: 83,972


This seems to be a pretty common comparison - probably because Light and Lelouch are practically the same character. Both shows feature quite a bit more intellectual sparring than your typical shounen fare, and both main characters have very similar personalities (they're closer to being villains than heroes) and abilities (ridiculously powerful but with prominent weaknesses that require careful planning to circumvent).  
report Recommended by Krelian
It's hard not to see Guilty Crown as something of a Code Geass rip-off when they're similar to the extent the main character receives "the power of the king" from a mysterious female, before involving himself in a Japanese rebellion against foreigners discriminating against the Japanese. There are even robots on roller-skates in it! So far, what keeps the two as separate entities is the respective leads. In Code Geass Lelouch starts the rebellion himself and is driven by both hatred and the desire to protect his disabled little sister. In Guilty Crown the lead is (mod edit) a bit emotionally unstable and gets himself pulled  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
The epitome of brawn versus brains. If you can't get through a person's defences straight on then go around it, the most significant thing in the end is the result. 'Code Geass' has indulged itself in a war between two sides unbreakable by truce and alliance. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and one must get their clean hands tainted in order to achieve revolution. Trust and betrayal are mere shells in order to reach one's goals. In a game of chess, one must be willing to sacrifice even the Queen to get checkmate and failure to foresee an opponent's move will result  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Similar protagonists, both are very smart and devious, both anime are about overcoming difficult odds and have determined characters. 
report Recommended by Ownsin
Flashy animation, mecha fest with plenty of action packed sequences, political intrigue galore: Gundam 00 and Code Geass in a nutshell. Both titles focus on the efforts of the leads to change the world in one way or another, these efforts having quite drastic consequences along the way. Gundam 00 follow a group of characters and takes place in space as well as on Earth while Code Geass has a clear main character and takes nationalistic desires as the primary plot device, fans of one are likely to enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both are mecha, have a school-life setting, and have main characters with special powers. 
report Recommended by izZzi
Imagine Code Geass without "magical eyes", mechs, ideas like "the one who yells louder wins", immortal women and stupid idealism (hi Suzaku). You with me so far? Now, imagine Code Geass where there are dozens of great commanders like Lelouch on both sides, where political intrigues, plots and schemes are far from uncommon. Imagine battles of epic proportions and war on the galactic scale, where winning side is decided only by commanders intelligence, number of troops, their morale and available resources, not superunits like Lancelot. Do this and you've invented LoGH. 
report Recommended by kilmindaro
The main characters both gain powers and sacraficed parts of themselves to gain something. Both have a lot of daddy issues. 
report Recommended by gizmo99
Darker than Black and Code Geass are both in a technological world where the protagonist have a very powerful ability. There are lots of pizza hut hidden in the background or just somewhere on the screen. Suspense and fights, thats what they are all about. 
report Recommended by Kyo_Kagami
Both the main characters try to rule the world to make it better for their sisters, they both play the bad guy, and they both have powers to control others. 
report Recommended by nonoy9212
These two series both have heavy dosages of mecha, though its mecha done right, when there ARE casualties and sacrifices are made, though Gurren Lagann is less thinking, it still has the right combination of elements to keep you glued to the screen and want more. Think Gurren Lagann as a lighter, less intelligent type, that has a wider scope then Code Geass. 
report Recommended by elc1247
In the last few weeks I've been singing the praises of Code Geass, and when people ask why I always end up comparing it to Gundam Seed. Both series have a similar plot, you've got a character who is silly smart, and decides to 'save the world'. Through both series you'll find you'll have yourself pondering about which side your really on. While Code Geass has Lelouch doing questionable things, you'll find half the characters in Seed lost themselves trying to decide who are the good guys. Although there is obviously a little more fighting and Mecha in Seed there is  read more 
report Recommended by KHobbits
Main things that make these two animes similar are the protagonists being genius like anti-heros, with a major theme being terrorism. Also, both animes have another strong character with differing values with the main character, hence fighting against the them. I think there are a lot of hidden metaphors in both animes, and they both explore deeper notions and emotions as the story progresses. There is a lot of action, strategic planning, girl characters that don't do much, long legged skinny guys as the mains...but they're still pretty cool... Zankyou no Terror is not finished at the time of making this recommendation, but I am  read more 
report Recommended by snkwings
both have mecha both are deep in different ways and surpass the standard mecha anime  
report Recommended by foreverzerov1
Mecha and politics in a school based, adult world and alternate timeline setting. Both at time comical but mostly intense and gripping. Highly recommended! 
report Recommended by Allografter
Deep, thoughtful, but also light at times. Both these animes have strong plots and characters and feature interesting applications of the stereotypical mecha genre 
report Recommended by riraito
These anime share the same premise of taking down a corrupt empire with a group of rebels. Plus, they have an obsession of killing off characters. There are also a lot of action scenes in the two series. 
report Recommended by Purple_Wings
It has Jun Fukuyama voicing the protagonist, a boy who has a great power in his eyes and that sometimes goes berserk. The plot is about war and revenge between Royalty, the purpose of the one of the protagonists is to build a better world by becoming king, no matter what sacrifices he must do. Also contains Best friends turning into enemies.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Boy meets superpowers. Boy is faced with the decision on whether he wants to change the world or not. Follow Lelouch and Yu and their journey on saving the world from a deadly problem. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Both the protagonists of Kuroshitsuji and Code Geass are very similar - from the fact they both follow the way of self-destruction and vengeance to the order issuing abilities and proficiency in chess. In general, Ciel looks like a chibi version of Lelouch, not smart and skilled enough to pwn anyone he wants through strategy, relying on his butler Sebastian instead. (btw one of Shinigami in Kuroshitsuji is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.) English nobility, royal family members, tons of pathos, the only difference is XIX and XXI centuries, so no mecha in Kuroshitsuji.  
report Recommended by Razmes
This series is about military strategy with a strategic lead and a warrior best friend. Alderamin was closer to Code Geass R1 than Geass R2 was 
report Recommended by Caimthehero
•both animes have a strong duo of protagonists who make/break the story as it takes its course, the storyline changes with the protagonists decisions, they are motivated from the death of a loved one. •both protagonists are smart, strong willed, and driven for revenge/resolution/content for a loved one, and they are accompanied by another childhood friend who also partakes a significant role which also decides the course of the storyline. •both contain unexpected/or expected twists/plots, and they do contain the usual portrayal of genres, but they both contain something indifferent that keeps the viewer on edge. •they are similar in the duo protagonists driven for a reason from  read more 
report Recommended by Lupta
the moment I saw Hyobu, he fitted right into the league of extremely evil bishounen Lelouch and Raitou. and he got his very own Suzaku too! confident, arrogant and style. is he really the good guy? a feeling of excitement and terror. supernatural eye powers. rebels. Both Geass and this brand new ESP series have it all! 
report Recommended by UmiHoshi
both anime tells about overpowered main character leading his/her troop winning combat after combat. both anime pay enough attention to the strategy of war. both main character also has this darkish feeling background. 
report Recommended by sora2eugene
what really hit me was the fact both aren't about one man army protagonist its the other way around it isn't' how to command and support others to win. so basically strategic fighting however since i have only viewed about 6 this is all i can offer in the future i hope to write more in detail so start watching plus obviously code geass is better but this isn't too bad either :) 
report Recommended by Devastator004
Avilio is very similar to Lelouch, both are very clever manipulative tacticians, both seek for revenge for the death of their loved ones, although the atmosphere of both shows is way different, regarding the main protagonist these anime are kinda similar, if you like Avilio's character then you will totally love Lelouch Vi Britania.  
report Recommended by YvyAckerman
If you liked Fullmetal Alchemist, then you might also like Code Geass because of the genres that are similar to both animes. They both deal with the male protagonist having to deal with the military, fantasy like mecha items and tons of action involved. And the best part in my opinion is that there really aren't many fillers in these animes so it makes it worth watching =] 
report Recommended by Skoki
Already few minutes into Owari no Seraph a gave me vibes similar to Code Geass. In both shows (Based on the first episode) - There are two guys who could be either best friends or biggest rivals. - One of them is kind of a rebel while the other is more of a nice guy. - The world / society they live in is in a difficult situation. Some kind of royal/ higher class issues going on. - Fighting against that society. If you liked Code Geass i think you may find something in Owari no Seraph as well.  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
same miilitary genre..tragic past..flashbacks.. supernatural ability..Similiar uniforms and even music in the background. 
report Recommended by sabgian
Main character who outsmarts all of his foes (and allies). One Outs is basically all about strategies and interesting psychological tricks, and very entertaining for those who enjoy the 'battle of wits' aspect of Code Geass, Death Note and other similar anime. 
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Similarities: -Both anime are developed by one studio, Sunrise -Both anime is story-based, and have many well-developed mecha fights -Both anime's MC's are of higher nobility, and are pretendents(heirs) to an Emperor title, but both have been stripped from their rights and privilegies by an enemy plot Differences: -CG(Code Geass) MC is male, while CA(Cross Ange) MC is female -In CA there is magic and magic users, while in CG there is no magic -In CA the world being attacked by mysterious aliens, while in CG the world itself is not in any danger and CG have political brawlings and faction vs faction warfare as the main plot twists. 
report Recommended by Jambatti
Both series feature male protagonists whose goal is to fix their country. They each have a powerful means to do so.  
report Recommended by ukiuki
Same scenarist, similar plot. 
report Recommended by Anima_hellsing
Cowboy Bebop earns its reputation for its combination of fighting and original character matchings, as does Code Geass. If you liked Spike, Zero takes it to a much larger scale when Spike's close range combat is bought into the scale of international war. 
report Recommended by tommoyang
Mass battles, twists, fan service, great stories. 
report Recommended by animejnkie
Perpetually-pissed protagonists with mommy issues. One of them protects his sister and the other is protected by his sister. If you find one of them compelling then you will find the other compelling. Both also have exceedingly slow paces.  
report Recommended by Polyphemus
Both Season 1/2. Regards to loss of memory/regain/change what's out there!! You will not be disappointed, that much I can assure you.  
report Recommended by Kavir702
Both male leads have high intellect that they use to make strategies. Lelouch applies them on the battlefield while Keima uses them on his dating sims and girls on Kami nomi. Lelouch is better though xD me thinks 
report Recommended by nalferd
Star Driver and Code Geass are most memorable to me as series that seamlessly blend school life with rather convoluted conspiracy plots involving plenty of mecha action. The main characters are faced with an incredible burden and eventually, have to save the entire world in their respective ways. That's where the similarities end, however. Both protagonists have very different personalities, and the setting from which their stories take place is very different, with very different motivations. Star Driver remains mostly formulaic with every episode having more or less the same structure, whereas Code Geass builds upon itself in the form of missions that can span  read more 
report Recommended by Tachii
The main characters in the both seires are similar, both made by CLAMP, the story is similar to... 
report Recommended by Paper_Moon
Both of these series involve loads of chracters making intricate plans against each other for various motivations. There is action and a supernatural element in both. Code Geass has a lot of high school age characters while Fate/Zero mostly involves adults, and there are more not-so-serious episodes in Code Geass. Code Geass has mechs while Fate/Zero has swords and sorcery. But they both have more plotting and gambits than you can count. If you like that aspect of one, you'll almost certainly like the other. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both involve deep, brilliant, complex storylines which have you sat on the edge of your seat all the way through. Masterpieces, involving lots of character development and twists and turns in the story. Although they are different genres, both have high emotional content and have the ever advancing (with every episode) sense of doom. 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both have lovable characters, though the quirks of the cast in Durarara!! makes each character more distinct and stand out more. Both have a Magnificent Bastard who is extremely intelligent and use chess to plan their moves. Both have suspenseful battles and intriguing plot twists that keep you on edge. 
report Recommended by Yuni---
I know. I know they're VERY different stories, but let me guide you to "why you should watch this both shows". Even when Code Geass is somewhat futuristic (with all the mecha stuff) and Arslan Senki have this pseudo-medieval environment, they share some points. First, both are about "regaining the power". Arslan trying to regain his kingdom, Lelouch trying to be the emperor. Both are sons of leaders of some place. But I think, with some decisions, you could say that Arslan is more like Suzaku, and that silver-masked guy is like Lelouch. Of course, they're not the same, but you get what I say, right? On the other  read more 
report Recommended by puccapardini
Both of these anime are quite similar if observed in-dept. These pair of mecha starts with a girl appearing before both of the male protagonists, give them powers and use them for their own agendas. Obviously, another one of those similarities is the art. Their character styles have these easily-noticed long, slender arms and legs plus Lelouch and Alma's facial structure are quite alike. 
report Recommended by zetsuboSensei
Loosely similar mecha setting where the main character, as a normie, meets a mysterious girl with inhuman powers then becomes a hero 
report Recommended by DuckMannnn
P5 and CG deal with the theme of the rebellion in a supernatural high school setting with the MCs transforming their lives from students who suffer boredom to a rebellious leader set out to reform society for the greater good. Both deal with the morality and justification of the individuals actions as the stories progresses within the white, black, and gray area to compel the story. Not to mention that Jun Fukuyama voices both Lelouch and Ren making them have whats in common and their looks making both shows parallel to each other. 
report Recommended by 99thEmperor
The genre of MMORPG in anime is still very new. In respect of similarity, it would be the protagonists whom both possesses their alter ego. The dominating presence, strength, wisdom, does not waver to kill and sacrifice for the sake of achieving their goals. They are both their world's changer.  
report Recommended by ShioCarlson
- Both has an unjust justice system that almost does not give a damn about victims and casualties.. - Both does not shy from showing you death mercilessly - Both anime shows some MC that defy the current laws and standard of society. 
report Recommended by Carex
Both share a main character blessed (or cursed) with a special power. Allowing them to change the world. Or try to... Awesome soundtrack, character development, an impossible romance, lots of plot twists, incredible seiyus (voiceovers). In the end you can't stop watching this after 4-5 episodes, you're hooked and need to finish it off =) 
report Recommended by Hyunckel
If Lelouch were a loli, and you change mecha in magic... Well, there are quite a few differences. But the main characters do have some similarities, they both seem to fight for a similar cause, take over the world to change it for the better, use a similar organisation and get some magical help. 
report Recommended by samonus