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Alternative Titles

English: X
Synonyms: X the TV Series, X/1999, Ekksu, X (2001)
Japanese: X−エックス−


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2001 to Mar 27, 2002
Premiered: Fall 2001
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 18:30 (JST)
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.501 (scored by 27,924 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #17022
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1512
Members: 62,195
Favorites: 746


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Sep 4, 2008
kiriska (All reviews)
This series highlights some of the wonderful reasons why you shouldn't make an anime for a manga that isn't finished.

STORY - Honestly, X has a pretty decent story, even if most of its themes are far from original. It is, essentially, another battle between humanity and the planet they live on, of man against nature. This conflict has been addressed over and over again throughout history in century-old novels and vintage films, in addition to a wide splattering of anime and manga. Mostly-unexplained supernatural powers and angel/demon parallels, both rather characteristic of CLAMP, aren't very new either, and really, even combining the two doesn't add read more
Jan 1, 2009
belsammael (All reviews)
X was a pretty interesting series, which had pretty much all of the ingredients needed to make a classic, yet at the same time the ingredients sometimes don't seem to mix properly, making it miss just that last little edge.

Still, it has become one of my favorites, because it has exactly those things that appeal to me in an anime show: a good storyline with enough twists and changes, excellent animation, a great soundtracks and amusing and diverse characters.

Of course the series has CLAMP all over it, which shows mainly in the characyer design and story, both of which are on par of the average read more
Jun 24, 2008
night-hawk01 (All reviews)
X is a very mystyrious and drama-heavy anime, coupled with nice action scense's.

The Story focus on the first episodes on Kamui who wants to get a sword that belongs to him, passed down from his mother, but gets drawn into a fight of the destiny of the earth. With him as the key to it apperently.
When put like this it doesn't sound like much but add to that some very interesting twist and turns that can glue you to the screen and you get something that you want to see the end of no matter what.

The art is done very well, with nice read more
Mar 13, 2015
ancientUnicorn (All reviews)
After the first few episodes I didn't like this anime. I thought the main character, Kamui, was too mean and selfish. I started to watch the show because I am a fan of shounen ai and someone had recommecomnded it on that basis, but I hadn't seen any hints of shounen ai 3 episodes in. I was about to give up on the show, but something convinced me to keep watching. Damn am I glad I did!!

This is one of the BEST animes I have ever seen. It's hard to explain without spoilers, but I'll try. First, the fact read more
Nov 11, 2008
AironicallyHuman (All reviews)
X is one of the many series I've picked up as a result of me being a collector of Geneon DVDs. Two very rare auctions ended on eBay.co.uk on the same day; one for the rare remix set and one for the less rare bailey box sets - I won the latter.

The series description sounds interesting enough to attract most anime fans: in X there are a total of fourteen people from various walks of life who have psychic abilities (varying from controlling machines to controlling elemental forces). Seven are destined to be Dragons of Heaven; a group who fight to preserve the Earth as read more
Aug 20, 2010
Eka (All reviews)
Ah, X. It's definitely one of those 90's anime classics that deserves more credit now than it deserves. This series was another complete impulse buy by me. I had heard that it was rather enjoyable, and after reading the description of the plot on the back of the Box Set that I saw, I was at least mildly interested. It seemed to focus heavily on the fantasy genre, which I greatly enjoy if the show is paced well enough.

Anyways, let's venture on over to my take on the story. In the beginning, much is not explained. The viewers read more
May 22, 2015
iSuckAtWriting (All reviews)
Around 2007, I watched a few episodes of this show before circumstances pulled me away from it. I always meant to watch it, but it faded from memory until recently when I had an urge to watch something older. Much of what I felt from that brief glimpse back then, is the same as my full gaze right now. Despite how unbelievable some parts of the story are, I still knew I was watching something a little special.

X is mostly Kamui Shirou’s story, faced with the decision to become a Dragon of Heaven or Dragon of Earth. Should he become a Dragon of Heaven, one read more
Oct 17, 2009
Galactic_Kitten (All reviews)
X is one of the few anime that excels on all fronts. The music is powerful and adds a lot to the emotion of the series. The art is typical CLAMP, beautiful, and most of the men are incredibly skinny with broad shoulders and black hair =)

The story is complex, but unfolds very well. At the end, I wasn't wondering what the hell was going on, like in some anime. There are subtleties of course, but making you think is a quality I admire in stories. The morals seem to be whether or not the future is decided, or if it can be changed. read more
Jul 20, 2009
motoko09 (All reviews)
X-tv was a good series, but in my opinion 24 episode is much too long because the concept of the story was simple and based on the ultimate battle of humanity (man against nature) That's why 13 episode would be just fine.

The characters were pretty strange and their relationships were even stranger, I don't know if this anime contained some shonen-ai scenes but I've this feeling that there were some gay relationships within this animes.

The art design was awesome, come to think of; it old series have better art design than those who are new

I did enjoy watching this series althought I don't think read more
Aug 5, 2012
SpiritualWolf (All reviews)
Brilliant. I felt it was very well captured and all timed out very nicely. The story consists of tragedy, betrayal, belief and one's rights.

The art is beautiful, a real trademark of CLAMP's artwork.

Characters are great too, as none of them seemed to lack personality and held real emotion within the story.

I suggest reading Toyko Babylon (the prequel) to understand a few character's situations before watching this. I didn't, because I didn't know until afterwards. :p

Probably my favourite, if not one of my favourite series'.
Nov 16, 2008
Kilz (All reviews)
The end has come, the fate of the world lies in the heart of one boy whose name carries the power of God. Should he decide the world is corrupt he will become the destroyer incarnate, but should he see the goodness in man he will be its last hope.

The premise for X1999 is nothing short of BIG, over the course of the series we see heroes, villans and influential characters grow and take on lives of their own as backgrounds and motivations are unveiled. For the first time we see that the 'baddies' are just as purposeful and likeable as our 'heroes' and when read more
Feb 20, 2017
Markezzo (All reviews)
For a long time I’ve had a special place in my heart for survival games and tournaments, a genre almost in and of itself that only anime can portray in all its glorious fashion. Much like horror slashers where half of the entertainment came from anticipating inventive kills, battle royales tend to tap into a part of my mind that’s fascinated by death and survival. Over time however, it’s clear that a lot of these shows don’t hold up that well. X is one of the few that do still hold up for me, mainly because of its epic execution.

When I say epic, I mean read more
Apr 6, 2012
ramimanify (All reviews)
Aside from the beautiful story, art and great soundtracks that this anime contained I approached X with having no idea what it (really) was about

If you're not into anime guys (homosexuals) trying to kiss each other in battle, or in bed, or in the street, don't watch this

It seriously pissed me off, and the fact that it is integrated into the action (so sad)

This anime had a great potential of becoming very very good, but after I saw what I saw I can never give it more than abysmal
Mar 21, 2016
freizel (All reviews)
This series is the kind of anime that have anything to be great but for some reason at the end was a mess and kind of boring.

I Watched X just because it’s from clamp and since I´d enjoy Card Captor Sakura and also Magic knight Rayearth then give it a try… I have mixed emotions with this one, half of the series feel the hype the rest was so boring that only complete it because invest so much time on it to drop it and also because I was curious about the Big finale.

Story ( 5/10) : Plot is not bad, in fact read more
Nov 5, 2008
reccien_2004 (All reviews)
X is an anime about the two best friends destined to become a rival. Kamui to be the Dragon of the Earth w/ the seven seals and Fuuma the Dragon of the Heaven with a Seven angels. They will be the one to decide what the future would be.
The first time I read the summary of this anime, I felt a bit curious but then it turns out that it's quite boring. I just expecting that it has lots of actions. I don't like the characters, the way the story goes though I like the music. Most of all I'm really disappointed read more
Jan 13, 2019
DesolatePsyche (All reviews)
First things first. My "reviews" system is explained on a blog entry. Which can be found through my profile.

Aside synopsis. I felt the story and development was actually quite well done and finalized. Most of things got answered, some mystery remained and as usual for clamp works. The story is dark, tragic and fairly grim.

Now to the issues. First things first it felt very theatrical, unnecessarily tragic and dark. And the whole fate premise makes somewhat world and life in general absolutely useless. If everything is set to stone on what is your fate and how your life will progress. Then whatever you think, do read more
Oct 7, 2016
AtomicAnarchist (All reviews)
I particularly landed on this anime while just scrolling through Hulu and I was attracted to it just because it was the first single letter Anime title I have seen and after reading the synopsis, I was definitely hooked. I'll be discussing some of the minor aspects of the series I like, then the main parts.

Art- I absolutely love the art of X, I think it's the best art other than Rumiko Takahashi's ( Inuyasha, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2) It's absolutely spectacular.

Music- The Music is one of the best things of the series alongside the plot. The opening and ending tracks are so worth listening read more
Feb 24, 2011
-FourDauntless- (All reviews)
X is a very unique anime having its setting in 1999 in the end of the world, I can't expect that X will that pretty that good, and oh my gosh, I love Kamui.... I love and X/1999 is my favorite anime...
Jan 18, 2011
Vampess (All reviews)
This is my overall favorite anime. This was the first manga I ever read and my all time favorite. The choice of what powers the characters have is just amazing. Its a great story over all. If you are a deep thinker about the major picture of earth, then I think you will love this amazing anime. There is no anime that could ever beat this one. Not that many people know of it but seriously once you see it you will never think of this earth the same again. Although it might depress you... Oh well either way its the best. So WATCH IT!!!! read more
Apr 26, 2012
xcutionblade (All reviews)
I have mixed feelings about X, I enjoyed it to some degree but overall it was a bore and a disappointment. It does have some good things about it, like the story which is interesting and the opening eX DREAM which is great also the ending is great too except for the lack of animations. Also it has some memorable characters. Other than that it is a complete waist of time. The fights are nothing special in fact they are mediocre and half the time you'r waiting for something to actually happen with the story. The most exciting part of this anime is to just read more