Love Live! School Idol Project

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Alternative Titles

English: Love Live! School Idol Project
Japanese: ラブライブ! School idol project


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 6, 2013 to Mar 31, 2013
Premiered: Winter 2013
Broadcast: Sundays at 22:00 (JST)
Licensors: NIS America, Inc.
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Other
Genres: MusicMusic, Slice of LifeSlice of Life, SchoolSchool
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.461 (scored by 166668166,668 users)
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Ranked: #17042
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Popularity: #357
Members: 333,675
Favorites: 7,807
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Jun 17, 2013
Pietru (All reviews)
When asked, a lot of people don't like idol anime or anything similar, or in other words, anime based on music and stuff. I'm one of these people. I don't usually watch idol anime, but I wanted to try this out because of the outstanding art that this anime offers.

At first I was really hesitant, even to the point where I removed it off my PTW list because I would feel embarrassed having watched something like this. Sure this anime might be targeted towards children rather than teens/adults, but it doesn't mean that teens/adults wouldn't enjoy this. This anime taught to me that hard work read more
May 22, 2014
TrashyPandas (All reviews)
Trashy Pandas Love Live! School Idol Project Review May 22, 2014


“Datte kanosei kanjitanda. Sou da susume. Kokai shitaku nai me no mae ni bokura no michi ga aru.”
“I feel we have a chance. Yes let's push forward. I don't want to regret it later. Our future lies right ahead.” from the song Susume by Muse.
Hope. Desires. Goals. Perseverance. Friendship. Love. Music. The girls of the school idol group Muse share all of these wonderful things as they give read more
Jun 26, 2013
Hamelin (All reviews)
"Love Live! School Idol Project", I have never fully watched any idol series before, so this one was my first, and I ended up enjoying it a lot. I've tried to watch IdolM@ster when it first aired, but I just couldn't get into it. I watched Love Live after it was finished airing. I honestly don't know why I decided to watch Love Live, but I'm so glad I did.

There was a clear story, which was good. School is gonna get shut down if they don't get enough students, Honoka (main character) decides to become school idols to stop the school from closing. The story read more
Mar 31, 2013
Stark700 (All reviews)
So, you want to become a superstar?

It's not easy. In fact, it takes more than just skill. It takes the will, determination, support, technique, integrity, and a little bit of luck to reach success. In fact, reaching that point of success is especially hard when there's competition. Among other things, being an idol also means to shine and make yourself a name in the industry. You have to embrace what you do and no matter what, always aim for success.

At least, that's what the girls at Otonokizaka High School wishes to do...

Alright, this series known as Love Live! School Idol Project is actually read more
Sep 26, 2014
Beghty (All reviews)
After watching "Wake up Girls" and listening to plenty of idolm@ster songs, I decided I had a weak spot for idol shows. I just finished watching NHK and as I usually like to do, switch off to something light before picking up another heavy show.
This being said I never had high expectations of Love Live and knew from the start that it was going to be mediocre and that I was just along to satisfier a cute craving. At first things looked good, with the show making me laugh at several points read more
Feb 5, 2013
KawaiiSlowpoke (All reviews)
Love Live! Is a School Idol Project, hence the name of course. I tried to get into Idolmaster, but something just wasn't blowing my skirt up.

However, Love Live! Jumps into things a little bit faster and it's funny and such a guilty pleasure. It's not bad but it's not excellent either. It's something to watch to make you smile and hum along when they sing and to laugh at the characters. It's not here to blow your mind, it's an Idol anime after all.

Story - 7

The story is about this all girl's school (at least I don't remember every seeing any boys), Otonokizaka High School, read more
Oct 22, 2017
LIQfilms (All reviews)
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably taken note of the rising popularity and plethora of idol related anime in the last few years. Any time I dare venture out to any anime convention that just so happens to be taking place within my proximity, I’m bound to be met with an onslaught of idol related merchandise from body pillows, those strange mouse pads that also have a pair of breasts on them, figures, CDs and even several cosplayers too – it’s inescapable! However, it’s not necessarily hard to understand why such shows garner such popularity, as they seem to be almost designed read more
Oct 27, 2017
bmoore07 (All reviews)
“You can’t fool television viewers with dancing girls and flashing lights” - Bob Barker

If there’s any pop culture entity that can dispute Mr. Barker’s claim, it is the idol genre. Prizing style over substance, flair over functionality, and pizazz over practicality, titles within the idol genre have discovered success time after time by appealing to its fanbase more than anything else. Unfulfilled character arcs, glacial pacing, stale voice acting, and even gaping plot holes can all be negated by the lavish concerts and energetic score from your standard idol anime. That’s not to mention the miracles that a moe pop idol can conjure; there are read more
Apr 25, 2013
xDiablo (All reviews)
This show is a sad guilty pleasure of mine. I shouldn't like this, but I did.

It shows what hard work can really achieve. Especially with so much competition out there. It can really motivates you to be successful. With all that aside the show is very shallow and simple.

Cute girls dancing and singing to save their beloved school.

Story: Based around nine girls working to become idols and save their school. The initial story is okay, but nothing ever goes past that. The plot is weak and suffers from this, but what can you expect from a 13 episode series. The story can only read more
Aug 10, 2014
GoodLuck (All reviews)
When this show was airing I decided not to watch Love Live, because its ain't my style however I ended up watching it because of the rhythm game app I found in a commercial.

This show is really enjoyable. The art, and music were really great and I found myself somehow excited to watch the next episode (hasn't happened in a while.) Now I know I said its enjoyable, but only if you don't really think about it. (I watched while I waited for my LP to refill)

The plot is a group of girls become idols to save their school. Original really, however I read more
Mar 31, 2013
AnimeloverBebe (All reviews)
This anime is exactly what you think it is, a bunch of really cute girls singing and dancing. That is what makes this fun, the music. The animation switches between its normal animation to CG during the performances and it goes great with it. The characters are really cute girls that fit almost every aspect of anime girls.The main character, Honoka, is a hyper happy-go-lucky girl who seems like a really hard worker and thats why you love her. What got me to like this anime was the music, its cute and catchy, and i love music like that. If you watch don't expect read more
Jan 19, 2014
peachykeylime (All reviews)
Full of mirth and passion! Love Live! made me grin from root to seed and had me anticipated about something other than food. Yes, I swear by my marmalade that that is true.

Sound- 9 out of 10
Since this is an idol anime, the music and the sound are one of its crucial parts. Well, how should I put it- the music gave me happy vibes. I was compelled to jump up and dance around my room every time one of the songs came up, and they are idol songs, which is a little bit strange. First off, I feel read more
May 15, 2018
Nivo3041 (All reviews)
I'm a big fan of the Love Live franchise, so I'm sorry if I look like a mired person or with bad judgment, but the truth is that I like all seasons of Love Live (including Sunshine and the movie). But that does not stop me from wanting to give my opinion about this anime.

Love Live is an anime that does not have a deep, ingenious or innovative story. This does not make this point weak or anything like that, the series creates a simple story for the characters to "develop" the way they see fit. The story is developed based on training and training read more
Jun 26, 2014
Dannremix (All reviews)
Many teenagers dream of their high school life as being the best years of their life. There they meet friends who's friendships they keep dear, discover what they honestly want to do with their lives, and to chase their dreams.

But what if all of this was taken away from you?

This is exactly what happens to our main protagonist Kousaka Honoka as she fights to keep her high school dream alive.

This is my review of the anime hit series: Love Live! School Idol Project
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - read more
Oct 23, 2017
SunlitSonata (All reviews)
What does it mean to sell out? For many, this term is often used in a negative light, to suggest giving up artistic integrity for the sake of appealing to the fans and getting all the profits. The sad fact is that in this day and age, more auteur products that try to tell different stories from the norm don’t sell well, and that the mainstream is cluttered with copies banking on past trends for the sake of appeal. This applies to movies, TV, and even anime. Sure, there are exceptions to this, as there always are, but more often than not, I feel like read more
Mar 21, 2014
HaruNoon (All reviews)
Alright if anyone read my last review I'm sorry....

My opinion after finishing the anime.
I love all of the characters. the story is amazing for idol anime. the best i'd think....
anyway the anime gave me a new look at it. where It made me a bit sad at time and happy too. seeing how the characters change attitude though out the story make you care a bit more about every character. It bring more classic humor which i loved and from time to time a character will speak in English in different situation. (out of humor of course). no real annoying characters.

For more information of read more
Oct 14, 2014
LeikoHaran (All reviews)
I know what you're thinking...And stop it.
Recently I've been on a sort of 'binge watch' of anime; but not just any anime, I'm talking about the type with no plot, high school girls doing crazy things, minor fan service, why? Because after a tough day of college the LAST thing I want to do is put on an episode of Serial Experiments Lain, right?

But what if I told you that there exists a moe idol show with so much more to offer than meets the eye? A show with so much heart, passion and hard work put into it, that it has actually bustled its read more
Mar 31, 2014
Reimillya (All reviews)
My first review, yes. With spoilers. Please keep in mind that this review may NOT be organized, or properly done, or came from a weird perspective.

Love Live! School Idol Project is obviously about school idols and stuff. This is the first anime I've watched in the school idol genre. And I can say I liked it. eh.

So let's start. :o

Story: 8

The story is quite normal and simple: "Plz prevent school shut down". And the students are getting worked up on finding possible 'solutions' to prevent it from happening. Kousaka Honoka sees an idol group and decides to make one.
As the story progresses, the focus on read more
May 6, 2014
miochan21 (All reviews)
This is my actual first Idol anime and I'm not that disappointed how it is done (It has a little bit of spoiler, but only one, if you do want to continue. Go on!). This can be a borderline above average in my opinion that will satisfy you just fine. At first I was so hesitant whether to watch it or not. Then it took me two days until I went to watch it. The art of course draws me in xD and yes I'm kind of picky when it comes to anime art. Now that I'm done with my random rant, let's get started.

As read more
May 22, 2015
ratchet573 (All reviews)
Love Live is everything you think it is from the outset. It’s a high school drama centered on a group of adorable girls becoming idols. It’s nothing new, it doesn’t strive to change the game; yet it still manages to beat the competition as far as I’m concerned. And I’m not familiar with all the competition because I’m not a huge fan of this slice of life/music genre that seems to have cropped up after the success of that one episode of Haruhi Suzumiya and the massive success of K-On. All I know of is the first season of K-On, which is massively hyped up. read more