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Alternative Titles

English: Blood+
Synonyms: Blood Plus
Japanese: ブラッドプラス


Type: TV
Episodes: 50
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2005 to Sep 23, 2006
Premiered: Fall 2005
Broadcast: Saturdays at 18:00 (JST)
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.771 (scored by 103,481 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #9162
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #255
Members: 237,027
Favorites: 3,954


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Mar 14, 2008
TheLlama (All reviews)
A show about a girl who fights monsters... sounds kind of unoriginal, no? Well, whatever it sounds like to you, this is one helluva awesome show :D

The story is dark, sad and action-packed. I like how they present everything with a sad setting; it's not like it's just one big brawl after another; it is emotions and resolve-strengthening, it's battles which have a reason other than just being yet another battle. The story keeps complex but simple enough to follow without too much thinking "what's happening?"

The animation style in Blood+ is really cool. It's got good shading details, and the characters looks good too; they've read more
Jan 12, 2007
Wyko (All reviews)
This anime is one of the best ones that I have ever seen before in my life. The plot somehow manages to stay incredibly strong throughout all of the 50 episodes, showcasing many different types of characters, from the most comical to the most radically serious. The animation has a very unique style, which somewhat surprised me early on, but then I realized that it simply made the show more unique.

What every viewer must realize first off is that this is NOT just an anime about vampires. The fact that the characters often require blood to survive is used as an effective plot device, read more
Jul 28, 2009
Sohei (All reviews)
Note: If you found this review helpful (or not), leave me a PM or comment, and give me some constructive criticism!

Post-note: All scores are compared to titles I have watched personally and represent the verbal "score" of that number, with a 7 meaning " Good". It is unrelated to the 1-10 grading that a lot of people seem to solely apply, without thinking of what it means.

So. Blood+

Originally an offshoot of an earlier movie, Blood+ combines both existing elements present in anime and new ones, to create a somewhat unique shonen (yes, shonen, because that's what this is, don't be fooled by the R+ rating) read more
Sep 6, 2007
patco23 (All reviews)
I used to watch a fair amount of anime, but over the past few years, my interest in it had been gradually waning, partly because of the decreasing number of good shows being produced, and partly because of lack of time due to my heavy workload.

However, this trend was reversed when I had the good fortune of coming across Blood+. I had never heard of it before, but the premise seemed interesting enough, though not particularly original or unique. I decided to give it a shot, expecting at least a decent and entertaining show but not read more
May 4, 2009
iamjoe (All reviews)
Blood+ is a cool vampire series that's not so cool because it went on far longer than it should.

The anime this was based off of was so much more interesting, but to appeal for fans, they made Saya younger, hotter, more man-hungry than her previous incarnation. Ah, accessibility...

Art was average. Sound was cool. I like the ED theme song where it sounds like an old lady is being strangled.

Characters were balls. The brother was freaking annoying. I hated him, ruined the damn series. However, most other people were fine.

I didn't enjoy this series so much as I enjoy getting an enema.

You read more
Oct 29, 2011
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
Blood+ offers up an alternate take of the events from Blood: The Last Vampire featuring Saya's hunt of the Chiropteran creature threat. Being at 50 episodes of length, this gives the series plenty of time to build up on events with its plot and explore the causes that led to the Chiropteran threat being as serious as it did. It also expands on Saya's character and the mysterious organization (Red Shield) aiding her in thwarting the Chiropteran threat.

In terms of characterization, the series does enough to flesh out prominent characters that influence Saya's decisions from those who serve to allow her to retain the normalcy read more
Mar 1, 2011
GoodEnoughForMe (All reviews)
When Blood+ came out back in 2005, it was one of the seasons most anticipated releases. The original work, Blood: The Last Vampire, screamed for a longer storyline that showed some development. And while Blood+ was to take place in a separate universe, if it managed to construct a decent story around the beautiful aesthetics of the film, then we would have had a definite winner. Sadly, Blood+ is, to put it bluntly, a bit of a mess.

Blood+ starts off decent enough. Saya, our protagonist, is revealed to be the only one capable of killing the human killing, blood sucking chiropterans. Early on, a read more
Oct 6, 2009
AkatsukigirlTy (All reviews)
Blood+ was recommended to me by a friend about five months ago. After being briefed on the basic plotline by her I was less than impressed to say the least, after all, one girl fighting the forces of evil (Or in this case Chiroptera) with her band of merry men, it was an idea done many a time before (Just look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer!) Yet I decided to give it a go regardless. I was delighted to find myself proved wrong however after finishing the anime just a few weeks later. I’ve since re-watched it twice and would definitely recommend it to anyone read more
Jan 23, 2016
lawlmartz (All reviews)
"It is beyond blood. I have formed a bond with you sweeter and stronger than Blood." - Solomon

Blood+ is an interesting anime- not because it's particularly innovative or groundbreaking in its field, but precisely because it does what it does well, and doesn't fall victim to mistakes and tropes that many other shonen fantasy anime have, and continue to do. The premise is a twist on vampire fiction- taking many points from classic bloodsucking media, and yet giving it an anime spin, mixing the two in an enjoyable way that doesn't rip the fabric of the fiction.

Artwork and Animation: 7

Production IG produced Blood+ starting read more
Dec 4, 2014
NotenSMSK (All reviews)
Blood+ was truly an interesting anime - it requires patience but once one starts to get accustomed with the pace and characters, it is an amazing anime.

Story wise Blood+ starts slow. It takes time to develop, to let the elements of the story, for the characters to interact naturally rather than forcing them into a swirling bog to just push the story ahead. And it starts with the basic anime form: The basic elements are put forth - Chiropteran and Saya. One can assume that with the progression of stronger foes and conflicting feelings, there is nothing more to the anime than the main character read more
Apr 20, 2015
Okazaki-Fragment (All reviews)
A girl on to fight against monsters, a secret organisation and powerful enemies! If you want to enjoy an anime with a dark tune, complex story and really great charakter development, Blood+ would be a good choice! But beware if you get too close to certain charakters, your heart might get broken!

If you are looking for a fun and happy anime series, don't watch it. As I said before the anime is rather dark and as the name says bloody. There are some scenes that can be considered cruel (not only in a physical way).

And one more warning, before the praise: If you're expecting tons read more
Apr 15, 2008
Pyrefly (All reviews)
Story: Any vampire fans would appreciate the story; the ever-reusable (and reused) vampire legend gets a new spin here. From the very first episode, the main character Saya is unwittingly thrown into a fight for humanity that only she can put an end to. Accompanied by her (sexy) cellist guardian who has some link to her, she sets out to rid the world of the vampire-like chiropterans plaguing the earth. Fortunately for us, the story is quite a bit more complex than that. Very soon into the series, the story becomes deeper, with many twists revealed about Saya and her dark past.

Art: From what read more
Jul 5, 2015
showandAG (All reviews)
If you watched Blood C and you didn't think it was very good, don't let that keep you away from Blood+.

Story 10/10

I thought that Blood+ was really well done. If I had to pick a favorite part of Blood+ I think it would be the story. I love when a show has a story that takes a lot of episodes to play out, but doesn't ever loose focus. This is what Blood+ does best. The concept is fairly simple but there are many complexities that you discover as the show progresses.

Art 8/10

For an anime made in 2006 this show is on par read more
Jan 23, 2008
JeremyC (All reviews)
Blood+. It has been a while since I saw it but now, after all this time, I feel I can really reflect on it. It's your typical vampire story with a twist. The beginning was extremely interesting, but after a while, it just got kinda boring, and in the end, I felt as if I had wasted a lot of my time. It could have ended a lot earlier instead of making it 50 episodes.

The emphasis is more on the characters than the action, and all the fights are pretty much the same. Nothing that would really amaze me. This would have been alright if read more
Jan 8, 2008
ChrisVarick (All reviews)
When I saw about 15 episodes of Blood+, a friend asked me how was it. I said it was boring and dull, with some nice fighting scenes once in a while. After another 10-15 episodes, another friend asked me for my opinion on Blood+. I said it was one of the best anime series I saw this year. How do I feel after finishing the whole 50 chapters? Lets start from the beginning.

Blood+ revolves around a story of a "young" girl who is the only person on the planet able to fight vampire-like monsters, called Chiropterans, and wants to find out about her troubled read more
Nov 4, 2008
Bissen (All reviews)
Very good story! Once I got started, I could hardly stop.
It is interesting to see the change the main character goes through, and it is a very interesting relationship she had to people around her.

At first, the story may seem confusing, but of course it all comes together as you get more and more into the story. You don't know more than Saya, which makes it easy to get as frustarated as her, making you want to find out which again makes you hang on to it.

I wasn't too impressed with the artwork, but it can be nice not to always look at the shiny, read more
Jan 18, 2009
itaeon (All reviews)
An excellent anime that holds a captivating and suspenseful story plot. Blood+ is definitely a must watch anime and one that should be re-watched over and over. It is one anime that has supernatural features, slight parts of romance, and even some historical event correlation intertwined in this fictional world that has the inhabitants called chiropterans; bat-like creatures that feast on human blood. I, myself am not one who favors all gore and blood soaked scenes, but the story in Blood+ really captivates me. The bloody fight scenes all connect to the main plot and is not one excessive blood fest. Plus, this anime is read more
Dec 20, 2007
cuteninja (All reviews)
I wasn't expecting this to be so great (mostly because I had never heard of this anime when it was recommended to me), but after watching the first episode, I was hooked. The characters are all lovable, even the villains, and the way the story slowly reveals itself just makes you keep wanting more. I kept finding myself watching episode after episode into the wee hours in the morning, telling myself I'd just watch one more, but watching another after that and another after that. And the ending? Many things happened that I didn't expect, I was left pleasantly surprised. I was very happy with read more
May 14, 2008
monstrepetite (All reviews)
This is probably my favorite anime of all time. There was a nice blend of humor mixed in with plenty of supernatural drama and action. The story only gets better as the anime goes on, and the characters are all entrancing. It is not your normal vampire anime, but has a very unique view and intriguing plot that is believable. The only problem may be the English version of the anime. I find the voice actors completely off par with the Japanese voice actors, though I feel this way about most : ) The music is also read more
Jul 20, 2016
Joe_Devaney (All reviews)
At this point, twists on the traditional legends of vampires have pretty much become the norm in just about any type of media. However, anime is particularly infamous for it. Generally, they put a twist on the legend using their own folklore and making them mutants or demons rather than the undead, with sucking blood being practically the only resemblance to the original legend they've got. "Blood+" is one such anime, and while it's not without many flaws, it's still a nice and welcome twist on an outdated tale.

Story (8/10):
It's very hard to delve into the story without presenting some spoilers but I'm going to read more