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Kodomo no Omocha (TV)

Alternative Titles

English: Kodocha
Synonyms: Child's Toy
Japanese: こどものおもちゃ


Type: TV
Episodes: 102
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 1996 to Mar 27, 1998
Premiered: Spring 1996
Broadcast: Fridays at 18:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Gallop
Source: Manga
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.131 (scored by 15,276 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #4062
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #2122
Members: 39,640
Favorites: 943


Both are about kids in elementary. The energy in both series is fast paced and exaggerated, and feature cool male leads. Very cute, and very similar. Even the main characters in both look alike.  
report Recommended by June
Both are Old anime From 1999s , same art , The 2 main characters are smililiar to the other Main Characters but it's a baby face =D 
report Recommended by lady-leen
its exactly like kodocha except thers this cute baby ruu anyway the hcaracters are alike in every way kanata is like akito and miyu is like sana i seriously recomend you watch this 
report Recommended by sosimbored1
Think of "Super GALS" in the elementary school and you have "Kodomo". Both have similar feel and style. I LOVED them both. 
report Recommended by origami
Both shows have comedic elements and fun, but mainly deal with mature and dramatic situations, and mysteries revolving around the female leads. 
report Recommended by Kuro-chan
both series involve children, romance,and a series of events that makes the story more and more interesting. 
report Recommended by mitsukixchan
The main heroine in both anime are a bit different in terms of personality and background but both stories are similar in that both girls deal with the problems that come with being a 12 year old girl including love. 
report Recommended by robokai
Both these shows have crazy main characters who are idols, two potential love interests and a crazy pet/animal thing. I find myself thinking of kodocha many times when i watch kirarin. If you liked kodocha i'd defenitely give kirarin a try. oh, and vice versa. Kodocha has a much deeper story to it though. 
report Recommended by katsup
These two anime directed by Akitarou Daichi are both crazy looks into the entertainment industry with a similar hyperactive style and crazy sense of humor, including snarky commentary by bizarre little creatures in the foreground. 
report Recommended by Anomalous
I don't know why someone hasn't recommended this one yet. The anime plot, characters, and just basically everything is the exact same! They do have different story lines, but the jerk guy likes the girl, the girl acts all tough and doesnt show anything. Same romance, same comedy, both very good and enjoyable! Only difference is that maid-sama is the older version of kodomo no omocha (kodocha) and kodomo is also an older series. Kodomo no omocha is based on younger characters and ages, but the romance is actually more deep in it as well as the story then it is in kaichou wa maid-sama.  read more 
report Recommended by Sparksafly
Both are about love, school, & how the two main characters fall for one another! <3  
report Recommended by happiness_love
These two animes are very alike. Akito=Aisaka Both are very dark people yet have someone the love. Sana=Minorin They are both happy and try very hard to keep everyone else happy.  
report Recommended by happiness_love
Sana and Tenman have similar personalities. Plus both series revolve around a love triangle and much like Kenj, Akito doesn't like to show too much emoticons towards people. However both main boys show feeling for the main girls.  
report Recommended by happiness_love
Both of the main girls are played by the same voice actor. The humor in this show is quiet similar to one another. Both girls are also very peppy and try to keep a positive attitude. They both also keep something to hit someone with. For Sana it's a mallet, and for Maka it's a book.  
report Recommended by happiness_love
All in all both animes are different but the characters have similar personalities Kodocha/Itazura na Kiss Sana/Kotoko [Both girls are full of energy] [Both girls are also not very smart] Aktio/Naoki [Both guys are cold and emotionless] [Both guys are smart] In both animes the girl ends up teaching the boy a lesson. Both animes are very keen on show how the characters have progressed and grown 
report Recommended by happiness_love
The plot is very similar and both characters are very ditsy and well liked, and both have a love/hate relationship with a guy that they can't stand, but eventually start falling for. 
report Recommended by charmecia5
Both have: -Main characters were actors at young ages -famous parents -similar main character personalities -Comedy and romance -Caring 'rei's that acts similar to a mother figure but double's as an agent (also similar pasts) - Both main characters 'run away' from home 
report Recommended by Edogawa_Haibara
Ao haru ride and Kodomo no omocha(kodocha)Both Main girls (futaba&Sana)try really hard to be happy and meet the Main guys (Kou&AKito) Which in they both have problems involving in which their Moms past away and they live with their Dads and their older sibling, both main guys have problem in which both main girls end up trying their best to help them. Both main girls are an only child, and both main guys hide their pain and show no emotion on the outside.  
report Recommended by Otakuaku_Chan
Kodocha and ping pong club leaving you pretty similar feeling after watching episodes. That feelings of old school awesomeness and derpy jokes. and those opening and endings quite similar.  
report Recommended by nekomimibadiknew
The characters and comedy is very similar. Both series have a slowed paced romance story underneath that choses to focus on the character's lives rather than quickly get them together. 
report Recommended by 64Streeter
Both are set in middle school. Both animes have a lot of comedy elements even though Kodocha has more drama while Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san has more comedy. 
report Recommended by TakamakiJoker
If you are a fan of Taichi and Chihaya's relationship then I recommend this anime to you. Although Kodocha is not sports anime, Taichi and Chihaya's relationship reminds me of Sana and Akito. Taichi reminds me so much of Akito, on how Akito is always there for Sana and although he love her so much he couldn't get himself to tell her about it. Chihaya reminds me of Sana she is very dense when it comes to love. She never noticed Akito's feeling even though they are almost always together for each other. The way that both of them make each other strong and bring each other's confidence  read more 
report Recommended by MTKN9068
Both of these series have an upbeat female protagonist paired with a moody and troublesome male lead. Both have lots of comedy and share a similar art style and lightheartedness.  
report Recommended by gum_rummy
Both cute adorable girls, daichi and akito are very similar trouble makers, similar art style, both really funny yet dramatic, tear jerkers, gosh they're both really similar trust me on this  
report Recommended by Bunnybunbun17
It is very similar because both are about this girl who everyone seems to get a crush on. There's sad moments and moments that will make you laugh. Both main guys care very much about the main girl.  
report Recommended by happiness_love
both have comedy and over hyper kids though their not the same age and theres more romance in kodocha but dont let that stop you theyre both great anime 
report Recommended by sarcastic_neon
Both animus are about two young kids that fall in love  
report Recommended by XKurageHimeX
It is similar because in Kodocha, a boy likes a girl but the girl has no idea that the boy likes her; and there are so many misunderstandings. Same in To Love Ru. Hope you enjoy! :) 
report Recommended by animegirl0624
These animes are both about a person trying to find other person's soft side. In Kodocha it's Sana tries to find the real Akito In Ookami-san it' Morino trying to find the real Ookami-san. Ookami-san and Aktio are both very strong yet weak. Both also seem to find themselves falling for the ones to already care about them. In Kodocha Akito falls for Sana first unlike Ookami-san and Morino.  
report Recommended by happiness_love
main girl in both is so energetic and always smiling she is the type who pulls everyone around her and make people fall in love easily with her  
report Recommended by setogirl2
I feel both animes are quite simular... for a start... Misako Kurata and Shigure Sohma are both authors who make their editors worry. Also both have the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance and Shoujo. There are also the same english voice actors for some characters. Both main female characters [Sana Kurata and Tohru Honda] help other characters find happiness in some way. I'm sure that if you've watched one that you will enjoy the other! Thats happened for me anyway :3 ~ 
report Recommended by ChinaGirl
Sana and Sakura both love someone whos too old for them.. But they both have someone who first hates them but then fancies them who are the same age..  
report Recommended by ChinaGirl
Kodocha and Great Teacher Onizuka are very similar. For example they are both very funny, yet can get very serious at times. Neither series ruins the mood with humor, but works it into the plot at the right parts, and with a bit of great directing, both series pull this off very well. Both series have about the same mixture of Comedy and Drama that makes them very great series overall. Both series also have a good story to tell and never feel corny or goofy, and the drama can get really good! Both series also have high replay value. They also tend to deal  read more 
report Recommended by Prede
Both of these Anime deal with idols and slife of life senarios that are involved. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
It's about an elementary school girl with a gigolo. Enough said. Actually, the hired flesh in question, Rei, is more like Sana's bodyguard than what that term implies, even if she calls him her gigolo/boyfriend. Their relationship never goes further than an open crush she has on him. The show sometimes uses mature dialogues and themes, but apparently it's appropriate enough to show to (Japanese) kids.  
report Recommended by Kokujin-kun
These series are aimed at a similar audience and are full of nonstop energy and shoujo drama. 
report Recommended by Anomalous
Both revolve around the lives of elementary school children. Ichigo is a much slower paced anime, but the art is better than Kodocha. Regardless, both are absolutely adorable. 
report Recommended by June
Goldfish Warning is an obviously older anime, and not completely fansubbed, but goldfish is very silly and cute and revolves around the school life of elementary aged children just like Kodocha.  
report Recommended by June
also from ribbon this anime's not as crazy but its comedy can definitely be enjoyed the kodocha fans. this anime also has great characters like kodocha, romance isn't in the same way but still juicy. also if you watch akazukin cha cha you'll notice all the references to acc in kodomo no omocha 
report Recommended by midori-
You have your bubbly female who tries their best to deal with an abrasive male, not to mention the romance involved, even if it is the childish first crush kind. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Girls have their dreams. Both Anime deal with the idol buisness. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Sana is a actress who goes to school to be a normal girl which is the same plot as this but in this Nagisa is a singer who dresses up as a boy to attend normal school. Both of these shows share slapstick strange comedy romance and strong female leads and similar animation Chou came out in 1993 and Kodocha in 1995.  
report Recommended by bunnij
While these two mangas have characters with very different ages (Kodomo is elementary and middle school while Hana Yori Dango is high school) The dynamic is similar; A bad boy who is misunderstood and the strong-willed girl that creates a change in them. This is not a shoujo of giggling awkward moments, like nervousness about holding hands or kisses, but more about the serious and adult-like situations that the characters go through together. Situations quickly turn life-threatening and will pull the reader from laughing to tears. Hana Yori Dango had underlining themes of class separation and money while Kodomo no Omocha focused on problems in  read more 
report Recommended by shojoaddict17
This is very similar to Sailor Moon. Sana and Serena are both Mary-Sue characters who both fall for men. 
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both the main guys are having troubles with their family because of their mothers death and the main girls both help them through that. Not only that but the lead girl from Kodomo no Omocha has an ilness. Not really much alike but both are just such sweet plots. I would recommend the manga though. 
report Recommended by lovingmyth
Both feature remarkable slice-of-life stories that are both written effortlessly, and are surprisingly addicting lacking every fan-factor necessary for a typical anime. They also have some really great characters, dialouge, humor, and have some of the best romance stories that anime can offer. Cross Game has sports elements that accent the slice-of-life features rather than dominate them. Themes of loss, tradegy, grudges, loyalty, and moving on are present. A bit slower paced than Kodomo, but there's never a boring moment. Kodomo is twice the length of Cross Game, has MUCH more zany humor than Cross Game, borderlining on insanity at times! Themes of social separation, difference of growing  read more 
report Recommended by Otaking09
Both animes focus on relationships which don't going anywhere for along time, because the couple are unaware they are in love.  
report Recommended by holly696
Both series feature the ups and downs of being a superstar in the music/acting business. The relationships made by the lead characters share similar interactions. Akito and Sana share many characteristics with Chiaki and Nodame. However, Kodocha tackles much darker themes later on in the series. 
report Recommended by arimakenshin
Kodomo no Omocha's lead character and Skip Beat!'s lead character both have a firey attitude and seek revenge (Kodomo no Omocha's lead character eventually stops seeking revenge) of a male character. Kodomo no Omocha's character at one point says, "If I don't get revenge on him, I'll go insane~!" while Skip Beat!'s lead character has her little Pandora's box of hauntings. They are both also in the show biz world. 
report Recommended by Chidashi
Kodomo no Omocha and Glass no Kamen have similar setting within the showbiz. While Kodomo no Omocha starts as a light comedy with main character in a primary school, it becomes more serious, with some drama elements. Glass no Kamen is a drama first, and have a heavier air about it. Both anime have got a love story in their plot and a main character working towards their goals. I enjoyed both shows immensely. 
report Recommended by Halettan