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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Alternative Titles

English: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Synonyms: Magi Season 1
Japanese: マギ The labyrinth of magic


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2012 to Mar 31, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.191 (scored by 288,433 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3452
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #92
Members: 547,953
Favorites: 6,863


Both series look like light comedy/action at first yet both end up having much deeper and darker stories. Despite it's bright colours, some dark themes get explored and both series are not afraid to kill people here and there. They all have young main characters who are set on adventure where they meet a lot of new people and friends.  
report Recommended by kitten320
Both have: - Endless adventure based on the nakama powah and fights plus power upgrades. - A group of friends with powers with similar personalities (Ali/Natsu= energetic guy plus comic relief that gets fired up when its needed; Alladin/Wendy plus Lucy=A blue haired kid that seems weak but its not and its main goal is to make friends/ and is capable of summoning a helper(Genie/key spirit); Morgiana/Erza= serious and strong, fights like hell and has a tragic past related to slavery and bullying; Sinbad/Gray: Likes to strip a lot; Kougyoku/Juvia: has a crush on the guy that likes to strip and has the power of  read more 
report Recommended by Orulyon
There is a slighty similar art style between both series along with historic/fantasy settings and a cast of bright and lovable characters. Both series are fantasy action adventures following a young cast in a land with multiple kingdoms. The main characters of both shows, Alibaba and Meliodas, are both successful and ambitious blondes with similar characteristics. Magi and Nanatsu no Taizai both have unique artstyles that are bright and not too realistic, favoring a younger teen audience however both series contain darker themes with battle, war and murder. That being said the shows mainly contain lighter themes like easy comedy, fun and justice. I'd say if  read more 
report Recommended by Inexpensive
Both series feature two prominent characters who are close to one another and always looking after one another's well being. The both of them go on a form of journey to fulfill their goals while the same time helping others. It brings them for a journey and gives them new hope for the world that they live in and the ideas they embrace. Throughout their journey to achieve their goals, they learn new things while making both friends/enemies/and other people of interest. Both series have many funny dialogues but at the same time have emotions, drama, and bits of violence. The battles that the two main  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
They are both about a long journey to accomplish a certain goal. And both have long stroy arcs. And the characters in both anime have sad background stories. 
report Recommended by dest-roy96
Set in fantasy themed environments, both plot's involve a small group of protagonists who progressively become stronger to fight against multiple empire's for freedom. Underlying similarities also involving human slave trading & references to character strength representing that of animals. Magic oriented themes are also an involved in each main plot line, however this is much less present in Akatsuki no Yona as compared to the Magi series which is magic centered. They both contain surprising plot or character developments and interesting action scenes, which overall makes each worth the watch if you enjoyed the other series.  
report Recommended by Reigneko
These two Anime are very similar. They are both set in a magical world where various kingdoms are battling for supremacy. Additionally powerful relics are at the centre of each story. They both have somewhat engaging characters but could do a bit better. 
report Recommended by Azeal
Similarity is the system of dungeons and wealth flowing from it. Also for completing a dungeon hero's strength increases (in the "Magi": by getting the genie, and in "Dungeon than Deai ... " by increasing stats) The idea of world is similar, because people find the dungeon for the great earnings and know of dangerous this place. 
report Recommended by Xaven
Both stories include clearing a place (a tower/dungeon) filled with challenges in order to reach their destination and achieve their goal. Each anime also contains a considerable amount of sword-fighting. Magi revolves around a magical world while Sword Art Online focuses on a virtual reality. 
report Recommended by ink-and-paper
Both Magi and Arslan have a war centered conflict, though Magi has more supernatural elements, whereas Arsln feels more history rooted. Both worlds seem to take place in a Middle Eastern based universe, though Arslan seems to be based more on the Persian Empire, and even the more ancient Babylonian and Sumerian Empires, while Magi has a more broad universe, with the Kou Empire being based on the Mongol Empire. Both deal with issues such as politics, slavery and the importance and responsability of being a ruler, though Magi is more light in tone and focuses more on the friendship and adventure side, whereas Arslan  read more 
report Recommended by -Ereya-
-Both are similar era -Both give off similar feelings -Both involve magic and supernatural -Both anime involves magic and supernatural -Both anime involve main character(Aladdin & William) has powers and are strong/chosen one/special -Both main character are stubborn, sort of similar personalities (Alibaba & William) & look similar -Both revolves around Kings -Both really good 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both have main characters that try to find out who they are. Both have beings that choose kings and revolve around the same kind of era and place. Magi is more lighthearted that Juuni Kokuki (at least right now) and J.K. is rather violent. 
report Recommended by DarkRoseOtaku
Easy. Shaman King and Magi are very similar... First main characters: -Aladdin is a little boy and Morty form Shaman king is little too. -Alibaba is a powerful guy like Yoh. -Morgiana and Ana ....both have POWER. -Yoh friends are like the eight generals. Now Djiins: -Djiins are similar with spirits form Shaman King. -Metal Vessel are similar with Yoh sword or Horohoro snowbord or another similar object. -Djiin equip are oversouls. -Extrem Magic are full oversouls -Magoi/Ruuk is Furyoku/Reiryoku Thank you for reading my recommendation. I think Shaman King and Magi are two animes very similar to each other.Both use spirits / djinns for fight. Both have similar main characters. Both have power like Magoi or  read more 
report Recommended by BoGhDaN
Both series focuses mainly on nations fighting together. While Code Geass has deep storyline, complicated characters and universe, Magi has a coloured universe, lighter with a bit of comedy as well. But don't worry, Magi goes often in dark scenes. A lot of blood.  
report Recommended by southsnow
Both of the shows tend to be carried by their settings, which are rich, fun, and thoroughly defined. Unfortunately, they also share the same weak point: contrived boob jokes that only reduce the shows' integrity. 
report Recommended by ichiban_alex
These shows are shounen, have a spirit-infused sword wielding hero who starts out scared but develops into a courageous character, and both have a similar setting.The female leads in both these shows are quite strong-willed. Don't be scared away by the description, Arata Kangatari is an enjoyable watch and picks up pace quite early on. 
report Recommended by Pitisica
With an unlikely trio and a whole bunch of friends to help them out, nothing is impossible. That is one of the themes Magi and TTGL have in common, friends. They always have eachothers backs, especially in the most difficult times. The best part, however, is that both have splendid fighting scenes with ridiculously sized weapons and attacks. 
report Recommended by FirstFamiliar
Both anime contains candidate for a king. Powerful sidekicks that will guide and help them  
report Recommended by chaoz28
Similarities: •Both male main characters share a similar friendship (and goal), which is to make the other one better than the rest by assisting him along the way. (Sorta gives some boy-love feeling unfortunately) •Theres some character development (main characters improve over time). •The main characters also have signature moves. •Both are very long series (Kuroko No Basket has 3 seasons - 75 episodes while the Magi series has 2 seasons - 50 episodes. Bonus, there is an upcoming side story for the Magi series). (•Both are great shows, I highly recommend it in my opinion.) Differences: •The MAJOR differences about these two anime is that one is mainly about  read more 
report Recommended by RFernandez23
Both will rip out your heart but the main characters are all really cute trust me on this. Magi though is a lot more violent (?) and magic based whereas NagiAsu just focuses on four (five if you count Tsumugu but he's not a sea kid idk) students getting through hardships as well as love triangles.. Kind of a generic romance school anime but? Still very good imo. Magi focuses on friendship for the most part (in my opinion), but both have really great art as well as scenery. (also Tsumugu and Titus are my sons fight me) 
report Recommended by yoshinanase
I'm surprised this hasn't been recommended yet. Despite the stories are different, but the characters from both anime are quite similar. - Aladdin = Yugi (A young boy (Yugi is older than Aladdin though) who have a sacred item hanged on their neck (Yugi's Millennium Puzzle & Aladdin's Flute)). - Ugo = Yami Yugi (Protagonist's Partner who lived inside the sacred items and have a strong bond with them. They helped their partners a lot). - Alibaba = Jounouchi/Joey (Protagonist's best friend who have a blonde hair. The most energetic person in their group. They can changed from a goofball into a serious person at certain situation). - Judar  read more 
report Recommended by renzospark
Both shows heavily capture the sense of adventure, and both feel rather similar. Magi is a bit bloodier than Saiyuki though. 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
Both of these series have many similarities yet are both unique in their own ways. They are both are set in a magical and mythical world filled with a whole mixture of tribes and communities of people, animals, and mythical beings. Both stories follow a protagonist that is new to these worlds and are learning things from scratch. In Magi it is Aladin, in Gate, it's the JSDF. Magic also plays a big part in both worlds, though it plays a bigger part in Magi than in Gate. In both, you also get to meet different types of God like beings. Both stories also deal with hierarchy,  read more 
report Recommended by Rojo
These two anime deal with magic, and friendship. Fairy Tail's first series(Seasons 1-14), delivered action, magic, and the bonds of friends, in a watered-down package. No blood, and the like. The 2014 series, however, delivers this and more. It sticks to the original manga-style character designs, adds in the blood, way more violence, and not to mention that main baddy, Zeref, is a total bad-ass. The similarities it has with Magi, is the power of bonds, the action, and some situations. The action of FT(2014), is similar to the action in Magi, with the characters having great, smooth, fluid movements, and full action sequences. As  read more 
report Recommended by HakuryuNoKou
Do you like anime that are set in an Arabian kind of world? Do you like a dash of fantasy and some romance? Then watch both of these! (Make note that Break Blade is a serie of 6 movies) 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both are colorful. If you like the other you'll definitely like the other too. It has magic and interesting characters. Both have awesome fights!  
report Recommended by binsu
As a big fan of Noragami, throughout watching Magi I couldn't help but notice the similarities between them. They don't share a similar story or setting, but the animation style, humor, combat and feel is very much the same. If you really liked the feel that Noragami or Magi gave, I highly recommend checking the other one out. 
report Recommended by Ritsusakuma
Both series are about a group of friends (2 x male, 1 x female) finding together one after the other and embarking on a journey. During their travels, they explore dungeons where they find mysterious artifacts. The protagonists also cross various human communities of the world they live in, and are confronted with their good and bad sides. Furthermore, the protagonists deal with characters who are not exactly good or evil and whose actions are not always predictable. This makes it pretty interesting to watch the path that the protagonists will take in my opinion. If you want to join treasure hunting protagonists in a  read more 
report Recommended by Estefan
The comedy and adventure aspects were pretty similar, and I enjoyed them in the same way. 
report Recommended by Yato-gamii
Both are set in fantasy worlds Magic. Adventures!! They also both have MCs that are "uncommon" 
report Recommended by MorsJrsy
Because both take place in the middle east and are action adventures 
report Recommended by Waro9
Both have a shonen like a format and feel but with more mature content and dynamic plot points. Not necessarily groundbreaking animes, but are unique enough, have good action and a decent, well-paced plot. Also, they both involve mysterious weapons that are the source of the characters powers. This creates interesting dynamics throughout the show. 
report Recommended by rdeyoung8
K: Return of Kings is the second season of the K series but it can stand well enough on its own. It has a stellar soundtrack, beautiful visuals and has the same concept of superpowered Kings and their followers fighting. The K series main difference is how these powered individuals interact, and the modern setting that separates it from Magi. 
report Recommended by KuwabaraSama
Both lead male characters are somewhat trash at first and has a crappy life (Touma) (Alibaba) then they met someone who changed there life (Index) (Aladdin) 
report Recommended by Xonik
Taking into account the colorful characters and the scenery, it's visually similar. The story is not much alike, but there are some parts that you get the same vibe. 
report Recommended by shidest
Both series have a world with kings that have followers whom gain magical powers from their lords and both series revolve around this concept. Both focus on the struggles these powered individuals have to face. K focuses a little more on these magical people and has a modern day setting in contrast to Magi's fantasy setting and more focus on the society. Also, K is full of bishounen and has a unique soundtrack comparable to Magi. 
report Recommended by KuwabaraSama
Magi and Zero no Tsukaima are two similar short series which are set in a medieval fantasy world filled with magic. Both series have a similar plot where characters must overcome difficult situation to regain peace in the kingdom. Zero no Tsukaima is more on the ecchi-harem side, but Magi does have some big-breasted characters. If you love one of these anime, you'll love the other. 
report Recommended by JinxBond
What makes both of these series amazing and separate them from the other shounen is the depth of the worldbuilding and complex themes and goes into fine detail of the geography, culture, social structure, government, politics, commerce, and history within both series. Both shows revolve around two main characters who embark on a journey to learn more about the world of Alchemy and Magic and share an unshakable bond. 
report Recommended by papsoshea
Both of these action adventures have a blue-haired main character with a previous mainstream association (Both Disney's Aladdin and Magi's Aladdin were adapted from a book, while Sonic from Sonic X is everyone's favorite speedy video game character.) 
report Recommended by 1231415333
Both have blonde main Protangonists that never give up Both Protagonists have that one rival best friend who always turns to hatred Both have that epic Animation boost on certain fight scenes  
report Recommended by Kentaku
Slow pace anime with magic creatures and epic story  
report Recommended by mutsuriniii
Both animes contain a form of physical transformation which increases the users power, while also gaining some new specialty or complicated new abilities. Thought the difference is that Sacred Seven uses various alien crystal stones to attain power while in Magi its magic, and Djins. It's definitely worth your time. 
report Recommended by -Zenryoku
-Similar feeling from series. -Fight to save kingdom. - Determinated main heroes. 
report Recommended by Dualmoon
Both involve a little kid with an unknown past and strange abilities going on a journey. 
report Recommended by Sarahtoga104
Protagonists that are extremely self-conscious and weak that have to grow up and fight. 
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
Protagonists that are extremely self-conscious and weak that have to grow up and fight. 
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
Both have a energetic character that finds friends with a certain goal in their life. They fight against enemies and end up finding many treasures in their journey while deepening their friendship bonds. 
report Recommended by Liinah
Both get thier ideas from the arabian nights stories which known as Thousand Night and Night. The characters are very similar to each other and they live is the same life-style which is full of the deserts and the water is very rare. Both of the stories talk about the magic and demons and ghosts . In general both anime have the same life-style exept that magi follows the japanese style which depend on the magical superpowers whereas Sindbad No Bouken follows the normal arabian life-style. 
report Recommended by until-sunrise
An adorable kid with strong powers turns up and ends up helping/having to give his new friends/students powers. Both have action and comedy and center around some sort of magic. The main character loves his friends/students, is very selfless, and likes to smile. 
report Recommended by roselovespuppies
The story takes place in a similiar oriental setting. They both are about politics (Magi later on, Altair from the start). The only big difference is that Altair makes a "realistic" fantasy approach, while Magi is filled with supernatural elements (magic, spirits and so on). 
report Recommended by MissPsychoholic
I just thought that sakura reminded me of morigiana they both have this determined feeling plus the setting kinda looks the same  
report Recommended by animewatcherfml
They both are inspired from mythology,Saint Seiya is inspired from greek and roman mythology and Magi is inspired from mostly arabic mythology (but also various other folklores and cultures).In both animes,the balance of power in the world depends on the "magical equipment".In Saint Seiya human counterparts of the constellations, fight while wearing the sacred armors named "Cloths",who give them superhuman powers.In Magi,the humans who conquered a djinn's dungeon,are given magical weapons called "metal vessels",which are fueled by the person's "magoi",a type of energy similar to ki,specific only in this world,because of the existence of rukh,the source of all energy,"home of the souls". Both animes  read more 
report Recommended by -Ereya-
Both take place in a world full of magic where the good battles against evil. Both have humor, action, and mystery. Compared to Magi, Orphen is a bit older, but both are still excellent.  
report Recommended by XaniaVentra
Different universe but the same genres: adventure, magic, fantasy and a little romance. The main character during all anime meets new friends and fights with them. 
report Recommended by kamitsure
Both shows are about tons of magical spells and in a fantasy, medieval setting. Oh and there's the adventure aspect in both shows as well. Magi is one of the more popular recent anime, and I am betting many active anime watchers should've already caught up with it. As for Slayers, due to its age, many younger viewers like me might've missed it back then. 
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
Both anime sound like something out of a video game: Druaga being about scaling a mountainous tower, Magi being about the clearing of the dungeons. They both feature somewhat initially useless leads that gradually grow into badasses and secretly have an iron will that makes them respectable. They both have about the same ratio of seriousness to comedy, and although neither are amazing, they're both plenty enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Megamean09
Magi is what Arcana tried to be like (except Arcana failed at doing so). They both have somewhat similar settings, superpowers and magic, good looking male characters (an eccentric blonde guy in both) and action. (a lot more in Magi though) 
report Recommended by Mayuka