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Sukitte Ii na yo.

Alternative Titles

English: Say "I Love You".
Synonyms: Suki-tte Ii na yo., Sukinayo
Japanese: 好きっていいなよ。


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2012 to Dec 30, 2012
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Zexcs
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.641 (scored by 201,809 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #13032
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #221
Members: 360,905
Favorites: 3,826


Say I Love you is very simalar, both Sawako and Mei have similar personalities. And like Kimi ni Todoke, it is an all round sweet anime and worth the time to watch all 13 episodes. I loved it so much I have bought the series on dvd :)  
report Recommended by Becks
Both are shoujo anime, feature a love build up between characters and lots of comedy in between. 
report Recommended by bouwlamp
Both are about romance, friendship, teenage years, and both really enjoyable anime. 
report Recommended by YinLamperouge
Both have anti-social girls who unexpectedly fall in love with the school most popular boys.  
report Recommended by Foxsynyu
Both titles are about teenagers falling in love with each other. This is happening slowly, step by step. They're trying to get to know each other better and understand. Both contain many funny scenes. The main female characters are similiar in their behavior. 
report Recommended by Kuchi
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji and Sukitte Ii na yo are similar in many ways: I. ) The main male character is manipulative against the main female character. II. ) The main female character falls for the male's manipulation. III. ) The main male character is loved by all the girls in the area because of his looks. IV. ) There are many ups and downs in the relationship but somehow manage. That about sums up both animes' plots. I told it indirectly so it doesn't ruin it for you. But both anime are awesome either way. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 
report Recommended by HeyHarp
I am not sure if I can really link those two with something as precise as similiar characters but I for one enjoyed Toradora as much as I enjoyed Sukitte Ii na yo. They are both romance anime, both female leads are kind of misunderstood even if it's not in the same way and are both wonderful people once you get to know them. The male leads have both very unique characters and both anime make you feel that little tingly feeling that makes you want to burst whenever something good happens. Ultimately, all characters are tangled in a romance that in the case of Toradora  read more 
report Recommended by Iocust
Shoujo, lovey dovey romance at its best. They have trouble recognizing their feelings for each other and they eventually realize those feelings 
report Recommended by rpn101
Even though Peach Girl has more comedy, both anime have this girl that is trying to sabotage the lead female characters love life. There is absolutely no communication in either anime between the characters resulting in a lot of nonsense that could have been avoided. They are fun, frustrating romances, that are worth watching. 
report Recommended by Meagoo
-Both have a female lead who has a hard time making friends but make more through the male lead. - Both are slice of life romance with a school theme. -Both have male leads with girls that like him but give up on him after he chooses to go out with the female lead. -Both have a female lead who work at a bakery. -Both have a male lead with a perverted friend. I'll stop here and let you find out the rest of the similarities by watching the show. 
report Recommended by DeamonLordZack
-both have quiet and awkward female leads. both of which gain friends and become more open as the animes progress. -both of which do not know how to go about their feelings for the male lead. -both have a male lead wanting the female lead's attention. -both have another male character also wanting the female's lead. -inu x boku is a bit more crass, and cutesy. -say i love you is more realistic and serious, with humor spread throughout. 
report Recommended by wallflower_
Golden Time and Sukitte Ii na yo are the two anime that have rare plots that I have ever watched. They showed the progression of couples in these two anime, in which other romance anime, they end with the two main people falling in love with each other and having a relationship without any further progression in their relationship as a couple. 
report Recommended by Choo99
- both include the complications of a troubled romance - good sides and bad sides - Alot of teenage drama -phsycological drama about romance and friendship  
report Recommended by Ishika_B
Boy trying to become friends with a cold, distant girl who in actuality really wants to make friends.  
report Recommended by renchan
Both are about highschool girl that isn't close to anyone and just lives her dreary life until she meets the guy that shows her the joys of youth and helps her come out of her shell. Both focus on teenage girls feelings. ParaKiss is more about fashion, Sukinayo is more school-ish 
report Recommended by helensan
While KareKano has much deeper character depth that will satisfy anime veterans, Sukitte iina yo is more on the cutesy side and brings nothing new, but it's fairly well exexuted, and felt good even for a veteran like me. Both do a rare feat in anime. Follow an actual developing relationship, and focus on the characters, instead of wasting the viewer's time with the same old "we love eachother and we know it but we need to make up crap to keep us appart or there's no plot". 
report Recommended by TheDeadServ
both have a perfect look guy as a main role 
report Recommended by Wannabe16
Bothanimes are about how love can help someons character grow, and gaining friends through that growth. 
report Recommended by wolfbreed699
The World is Still Beautiful is a love story like Say I Love You. These two animes both include a main girl character that is reluctant to love the guy at first. Also these two animes include some humor.  
report Recommended by MakoHaru520
Both girls are quite shy, anti-social, don't have many friends etc. But both MC's find someone who helps them to come our of the shell. They find friends, start trusting and liking people and in the end get's someone to love and be with  
report Recommended by Hutai
Even though they're really different, what they have in common is people with their own personal problems, but they face 'em and find strength to say that they think and feel.  
report Recommended by Hutai
both are about a shy character becoming more social and finding love 
report Recommended by AmberRose
Both anime have great animation and catchy story. I find most similarities where characters are competing with each other to get their wanted partner. Some guys are annoying goofs, while others are quite kind and care for the girl.  
report Recommended by Hutai
All I can say is that Sukitte will compliment the feelings that Shigatsu will bring to the table. Sukitte will mend your heart, I promise you. 
report Recommended by NewSeasonPlease
Both share cute story of how the relationship deepens and becomes lovely to watch. 
report Recommended by Jonspe
As for ´´Real girl´´, I´ve seen only one episode and I strongly dislike it. Both anime have a similar start, where the ´´known, popular´´ person kisses and somehow helps the other protagonist, which has trouble with social life and then they start dating and develop feelings for each other. So called ´´quick romance´´ Not realistic or too realistic characters...  
report Recommended by NijiiroMari
Centered around young love, both look at the ups and downs or having a relationship. Similar problems and characters are very likeable. Both will encourage mushy feelings reactions. 
report Recommended by Abby_Ducay
+ Self conscious main character + Theme of bullying/ depression/ self-doubt/ anxiety + "Hero" type romantic interests + Cute romantic interactions + Moments of worry/suspense  
report Recommended by Halie-Chan
Both have a popular guy in love with the most shy girl in the whole school. In both the guy tries his best to gently persuade the girl in making friends .Both have similar art style and are extremely romantic. In both at first the main girl tries to avoid the guy but then slowly fall for them. 
report Recommended by future_dose
Nazo no Kanojo X and Sukitte li na yo both share a same general plot but told in two different artistic representations. Where Nazo no Kanojo X is a bit more fantasy due to the importance and connection between Urabe and Tsubaki through saliva, Sukitte li na yo's story is rooted more in a realistic representation on two people in school from different groups and different personalities can find a lasting love within each other. Both are tested throughout their own stories but both will leave you hopeful in the power of love. 
report Recommended by PotatoKM
A romantic love story, similar to Sukitte Ii na yo. Really cute, with a happy ending. The main protagonist falls in love with a person, who's truly different from what he thought. He mainly he likes the girl not because she's cute, but instead for who she really is. An "out-of-friend zone" love story, with a lot of funny moments, sometimes sad. Both of them show us how we should handle our issues and are about human relationships that are not so far away from the reality. 
report Recommended by haganey
The male lead has the same voice actor in both series. In Sukitte Li na yo, Sakurai does the voice for Mei's cat during the ending preview. While in Dog and Scissor, he is the voice of a cute dog.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both involve a more mature romance, leaving a bit of shoujo genre, thus getting closer to a josei. Both also involve much drama with light touches of comedy. 
report Recommended by peacefully
Both are interesting romance anime with a straightforward guy who falls in love with a girl at first sight. If you like a short shoujo anime with a school setting, you should watch Sukitte Ii no yo and if you like a little longer anime with more drama and a sport setting, you should watch Suzuka. Anyway if you like romance, you should just watch both. 
report Recommended by H00FD
Nanami, like mei is a high school girl, with her own difficult circumstances. She is evicted from her house because of her father's gaming debts. Then she meets Mikage who let's her live in his shrine. The romance is funny,cute and heratbreaking at the same time, the storyline is very good. The difference is that Mey has one boyfriend, while in Kamisama Nanami is surronded by bishounen boys: Tomoe, Kurama, Mizuke and more... 
report Recommended by wildfly
Both anime consist of girls who were happy at a young age, and then as they got older they both can't trust anyone and they were alone for a long period of time. Finally, a guy comes along and brightens up their lives. They both share the same genre (romance). 
report Recommended by breezababe93
similar in a few ways: + both have a girl with few to none friends + both girls like a popular guy + both are scared/not willing to make friends + both are cute when they smile :3 + both have a realy cheerfull guy as main lead 
report Recommended by Smior
They are both love stories that have a bit of dimension to them. One dealing with complex love issues between the main character helping others with their relationships (Sukitte Ii Na Yo) The other dealing with the fact of two main love stories that tie in together at some point (ef: A Tale of Melodies) ef: A Tale of Memories is also a good idea to watch.  
report Recommended by Perposterown
Both have a similar mellow feeling to it. Both are about school and teenage life. Both have very similar nice and calming music. Both have cats in the show :3 I think that if you like one you'll certainly like the other.  
report Recommended by SecretAnimeLover
They both have hot, popular male leads who fall in love with a slightly less popular girl. In Sukitte the gap between them is larger than in Aishiteruze, but both male leads push the girl into falling in love. Both female leads start of apprehensively. 
report Recommended by Stueno
The basic plot is simialar, as both stories focus on a girl that doesn't want to make friends because of something that happened in their childhood, but grow to trust people more about half-way through the series. Besides that though the shows are polar opposites. 
report Recommended by Xavveina
I actually recommend the manga version of Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu, but oh well... Anyways, both are high school love stories that begin with an unpopular, plain-looking girl who accidentally catches the attention of a really hot guy due to some violent incident. Both female heroines get a makeover and eventually form a strong bond with the male protagonist. If you enjoyed Sukitte Ii na yo, you might like Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu (the manga version) 
report Recommended by amylalaz123
True Tears shares a lot of different feelings and thoughts within it's action. If you liked the nice character development and the plot itself from this anime , I am sure you will enjoy the other just as much or maybe even more. However, it is a high risk of crying, so if you decide to watch True Tears and then Sukitte Ii na yo, prepare your tissues if you are a sentimental person. 
report Recommended by miekosayuri
Easy-going series but with a lesson to learn. Very watch-worthy.  
report Recommended by Chantius
These are actually not very similar, but if you liked one you will like other because these days it is not easy to find a romance anime that does not turn out to be harem. However, these two are not like that and are very satisfying with their romance and drama. In both, the main character loves only one girl. In Kimikiss, it first looks like the main loves another girl but the day his friend comes to his home, he starts to like her—he just doesn't realize this until end. In short, if you love romance anime that does not contain action or fantasy,  read more 
report Recommended by Mkerm
Though both come from the same genre, they have a significant differences in their respective romantic-comedy blends. Sukitte li na yo is more romantic while Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is more comedic. Aside from that, they have similar character art, quiet female protagonists who go through a progressive change, a school setting, entertaining supporting characters, and romantic moments that'll inspire a smile. 
report Recommended by InkBladeX