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Girls & Panzer

Alternative Titles

English: Girls & Panzer
Synonyms: Garupan, Girls und Panzer
Japanese: ガールズ&パンツァー


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 9, 2012 to Mar 25, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 01:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Actas
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.641 (scored by 79,068 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #12572
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #568
Members: 162,071
Favorites: 2,951


both have military setting with girls being capable in battle and strategy. 
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
Some of the main characters look, feel, and act similar. Also, in both shows, the main girl leads the team with her great skill. She also feels inferior to her mother and sister who lives separate from her. Her sister is very well known, and at the end of both series, the main character finally has the courage to face her sister. Also, both clubs are being resurrected by upperclassmen, and there are other members that are extremely talented as well. If you like GuP, you'll adore Saki! And if you liked saki, you will appreciate, and probably love GuP as well :) 
report Recommended by 101swoop101
Girls school setting with some combat scenarios. I think both are worth watching, but I'll leave that up to you. Please don't confuse this with Upotte!! though. Besides the firearms, the similarities are few and far between.  
report Recommended by outlawvenom
Both involve moe girls in a military setting. Strike Witches contains fanservice and poignant moments. On the other hand, Girls und Panzer has a happier, lighter mood, and slice-of-life feel. Strike Witches is based on real WWII planes and takes place in the air. Girls und Panzer involves WWII tanks on the ground. The fights in Strike Witches are quick and graceful, while the battles in Girls und Panzer are long and strategic. Both have great action and cute, funny moments. Strike Witches tells the story of a war to save the planet from alien ships. Girls und Panzer is a competition between schools. The  read more 
report Recommended by Nek0
From light tanks to fast battleships, army to navy warfare, land to sea, but still retaining the same cute only girls vibe, gap moe/hardened lolis handling heavy armaments, learn world war II history,, witness the same female camaraderie, love and friendship, and still being able to attempt creating one of your favorite yuri one true pairing. Good stuff will happen 
report Recommended by Cyanporo
Sora no Woto and Girls und Panzer are both very unique series. This uniqueness is not only in concept or setting but also storytelling, most notably, the way they choose to transmit a message. At first glace, one will probably guess this recommendation is based on the fact both series involve "girls and military" with a small appeal on the moe/cute side. Indeed. They both paid a lot of attention to detail on machinery, uniforms, insignia, models, etc. displayed, making of them very faithful representations of their originals. Those familiar with Gunslinger Girl's perfectly reproduced guns can expect a similar mechanic & visual quality. While this  read more 
report Recommended by xbobx
Both anime are about schools that have a particular competitive sport that is achieved through the use of military vehicles and/or weaponry.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
The main character is very knowledgeable in tanks/music. She doesn't want to join this club due to a past issue. Her new friends convince her to join said club as they too have taken interests in it. One series has all girl cast. The other a mix cast.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
These might seem different - but they are more similar than you'd think. In truth, Girls und Panzer is actually just a sports series with an all-female cast and a rather unique sport. The music, overall feeling, characters, their personalities, and just about everything else feel almost the exact same. Both also focus on an underdog team (in both cases they start out not having a clue what they are doing) overcoming big odds, getting to know each other, and working against social standing. They also both lack much of any fanservice or pandering, surprisingly. 
report Recommended by TallonKarrde23
Both: Sport show with no romance and very little yuri context. Fictional sports established on sci-fi elements. Hype and GARR at the climax of the sports. Difference: GuP plays a team game while AoKana is about solo. 
report Recommended by TYxTxYT
Each anime is based around a sport using vehicles that would otherwise be seen as military grade combat weapons, though Girls und Panzer is based on WWII tanks, It is also set in a future setting. Infinite Stratos uses Mech units in the place of tanks and like Girls und Panzer are only piloted by girls, The difference being Infinite Stratos is based on a male lead being able to use the mechs. Whilst Girls und Panzer is based on a group of girls recruiting others into their team and joining a competition. 
report Recommended by Objurgo
For someone looking for a show on developing leadership skills and moral resolve, look no further. These two, full of action and fun (more so for und Panzer) are very much worth one's time and attention . Albeit both are a bit far out in accordance to theme.  
report Recommended by Ninjapiratehobo
Both K-On! and Girls und Panzer soely focus on girls together in a club in high school and have high school slice of life parts as well as their respective main themes of music or tanks. Both practicing and performing in competitions and enjoying life eating out and dealing with life's situations.  
report Recommended by yngtadpole
Main characters are all girls. The schools face the problem of shutting down unless main characters do something for their school. In Love Live, girls are trying to prevent the school from shutting down through their performance as school idols. In Girls und Panzer, girls are trying to save their school by operating tanks and win the tournament. Two settings with two different approaches both trying to conquer the same goal. Love Live is great for those who likes music, and Girls und Panzer is great for those who likes action packed machinery fighting.  
report Recommended by Aristya
Although one is land based fighting, and the other is air based, they are both about girls that are experts in handling their heavy artillery that most would think only guys would be interested in. Also, even though both have competitions to show off their skills, Sky Girls is much more than that - these girls are actually involved in a war. GuP is much lighter than Sky Girls. If you loved GuP, you will adore Sky Girls. If you liked Sky Girls, you'll love GuP. I do think that Sky Girls is better, however they are both good anime series ;D 
report Recommended by 101swoop101
If you really liked or fell in love with the brown-haired main girl from Loups=Garous and liked her cuteness/shyness and looks-like-she's-gonna-cry personality, then I highly recommend that you watch Girls und Panties—I mean Girls und Panzer... The main character has the same short brown hair like the main chick from Loups=Garous. Plus, her personality is cute, shy, lonely, and in need for affection. So bottom line: If you "fell in love" with the brown hair chick, go watch at least the first episode of Girls und Panzer. Oh, and this girl tends to blush, so you'll see your female friends blush too. 
report Recommended by DisneyLM
-All Girl cast -Cute girls operating war machines -One is tanks and one is plane...pants? -Some character similarities 
report Recommended by ogiELman
Both feature a ridiculous non fictional sport and both take the sport completely seriously.  
report Recommended by G_Spark233
Both are lighthearted cute girls shows with bigger focus on their respective activities (sports) rather than pure SoL. 
report Recommended by Terkhev
Main cast is full of cute girls with some nice battles scenes and some really nice 3d animation ! 
report Recommended by MyNamesRaph
Both have the same situation where a certain sport in a particular school no longer exist , but somehow it was revived and a group of unwilling participants found themselves drafted into joining.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both have the same genre, that has something to do with thing from world war 2, except garupan was more into tanks , while Kouya was more into planes.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Kawaii, chibi and military grade hardware on a battlefield, yes please!!! All this while maintaining a slice of life vibe that's entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat! 
report Recommended by franzjpm
Beautiful and independent girls and tanks match perfectly. Lovely and passionate girls and sidecars also match remarkably good. These two shows offer us a great sense of rivalry and different types of relationships. Awe-inspiring machines are in the background, completing the protagonist's sundry natures. Although "Girls und Panzer" is much more critically approved, "Two Car" is well worth a shot, too. 
report Recommended by EdgyEcchiSenpai
Shuumatsu no Izetta: Set in world war two so if you like the tank play in Girls und Panzer im sure you'd like Shuumatsu no Izetta, Its about a witch in world war two fighting for a fictional duchy set in the west of Austria (the french controlled Post war zone) and you can tell from the countrys armies there is a very strong french influence from the uniform resembling the WW1 french uniform in colour to the fact they even use the Renault FT-17 Light tank seemingly as their main battle tank. It has a witch using a PTSD-41 as a magic flying broom, WHAT  read more 
report Recommended by Curtis-Desu
Both use a aspect of warfare and turn it into a fun sport and sometimes goes into the fine details of the tools at hand. For one, it's knowledge of tanks in WWII, for the other, Mobile Suits and other items from the giant Gundam Franchise(s). They both have MCs who are soon aiming to be the best at their sport. Each sometimes uses clever tactics to try and get a advantage, with varying results. They also both have a quirky sense of humor (Humliating costumes for defeat in one, while the other has tsundre-style flirting mid-battle and other Gundam Jokes). 
report Recommended by mpo9
plane girls? tank girls!  
report Recommended by ShrimpAnimation
Non Non Biyori has a greater focus on character development due to the smaller cast, but both shows are about groups of schoolgirls and the bonds between them, and both have plenty of feel-good charm to boot! :) 
report Recommended by TKChieftain
Both have a group of generic big-headed teenage girls in a club revolving around a gimmicky activity teenage girls normally wouldn't be involved with (tanks, motorcycles).  
report Recommended by DiscoMilf
While the plot of these two are completely different, there are some similarities, - main character is the commander of a group, during battle, he/she commands others to do things and outwits the opponent - both use machines, tank in GUP, and Nightmares in C geass - during battle the atmosphere is similar, but completely diff outside of battle 
report Recommended by powerofemo
In a world where war is a sport, death is near impossible, and everyone is cute, girls (and boys too in Dog Days) battle each other in all out war against friends and rivals for the sake of pure competition 
report Recommended by justice0
Both of these shows have a similar setup for the lead female where she leaves a prestigious group because of their group's ruthless ways and is determined to never participate in the activity again. But she end up returning to the activity with a startup team that's more about friendship than results. Of course, the major difference is that WUG is all about singing and being an idol, while GUP is all about action with girls battling with tanks. 
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
On the surface, there is too much similarities but in both series, there is quite a lot I found in common. Both series involves a group of characters participating in an activity from a school environment. There is that sense of competition and strive to succeed among each member of the teams. The background is lighthearted and it takes practice to succeed for the characters. It is surprisingly realistic and portrays the activities they do in a more definite and profound way. The main female characters from both series also share similar personalities. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have main characters that are lazy and sleepy yet excel at what they do. You'll recognize them by their similar facial expressions when they're distressed. =.= xD 
report Recommended by yngtadpole
Entertaining strategies with cute girls controlling heavy equipments. 
report Recommended by Tunpa
History and cute girls vs. history and cute boys. The history references and the big variety of characters makes Girls und Panzer smiliar to Hetalia. They are both light-hearted animes as well. 
report Recommended by MissOffline
"War game" between countries and fun to watch war tactics. If you followed the discussion for each episode, you'll see that the fans has a lot of knowledge to share too, going far outside of the stuffs presented in the anime itself. Nice attention to the details that would add to the rewatch value after gaining more insight to that episode. They even have staff member doing dancing to the animation staff for reference. :D The difference being Horizon has a lot more political theme into it compared to the more light hearted Girls & Panzer. Also, Girls & Panzer sets the bar high by aiming for the geeks, that  read more 
report Recommended by nseika
Thought the premise couldn't be more diferent, both series has that power to pop up a smile in your face no matter how bad your day is going. Also, neither of them strikes you in the very first episode; you need to watch 2 or 3 in order to fall in love with the series 
report Recommended by Zaraquiel99
You'll just find yourself weirdly and helplessly attracted to the anime although both may sound stupid at first. With that said, the magnet ability of AKB0048 is definitely higher than Girls and Panzer though. 
report Recommended by tinydevil421
Both animes are about a group of girls doing something they love - while in Girls und Panzer is about tankery, Gochuumon is about cafes and rabbits. Both have their moments of comedy (although I think there is more in Gochuumon, due to Panzer having more of a focus on the competitive nature of tankery), and are entertaining in similar ways. All in all I think if you like one, you will like the other, since they both give off the same feel. 
report Recommended by BlackRider19
Though a bit different for Girls und Panzer is a bit lighter, sweet and features younger characters while Senjou no Valkyria, or Valkyria Chronicles in English, is more serious and features older characters, both shows can give you the action and enjoyment that you're looking for with some drama included. 
report Recommended by Navizel
They both have action driven plots which revolve around the dynamics of an all girl friend group.  
report Recommended by Vash117
While the plot of these two are completely different, there are some similarities. The main character is the commander of a group. During battle, he/she commands others to do things and outwits the opponent. Both use machines—tanks in GUP and Nightmares in Code Geass. During the battles, the atmosphere is similar, but the shows are completely different outside of the battles. 
report Recommended by powerofemo
National stereotypes (or girls acting out national stereotypes, as is the case for girls und panzer) fighting in a tournament. Difference is Girls und Panzer stays as a tournament while G Gundam turns into a save the world thing at the end. 
report Recommended by Kotori_Sonoda
people are roccomending Girls und Panzer for the first season of K-ON.. so I put the second, because there is Azusa in the cover (5-5 people, hehe) okay, let's start it... why I recomend K-ON to Girls und Panzer? first, the main character... Yui and Miho are seems to be so much clumsy, but Miho is more clever and Yui is more talented second, the group... in the case of Girls und Panzer, the school... they start the competition from the very beginning, step by step they hardly pushed their effort to become the greatest of all... third, item that the girls are using... isn't it interesting that you  read more 
report Recommended by Kouji_Akiyama13
Both are comedies about cute girls and their friendship with another girls. In both, the girls are figting with weapons, but while in Girls und Panzer it´s tanks, in Soul Eater NOT it´s partners changing in weaons. 
report Recommended by abystoma2