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Little Busters!

Alternative Titles

English: Little Busters!
Synonyms: LB!
Japanese: リトルバスターズ!


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2012 to Apr 6, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Warner Bros., Showgate
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Visual novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.611 (scored by 66,679 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #13262
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #459
Members: 175,706
Favorites: 1,630


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May 18, 2013
Veronin (All reviews)
Over the past decade, visual novel studio 'Key' has seen much success for their work on titles such as Kanon, Clannad and Air. If you have watched or read any of these series, you will likely be familiar with Jun Maeda's distinctive form of dramatic storytelling.

Do not expect another Clannad: After Story. You will not find it here.

At first glance, there is one startling difference in Key's latest adaptation. It is not animated by Kyoto Animation, the studio responsible for handling the majority of Key adaptations. Instead, the esteemed and beloved (not really) J.C. Staff is at the helm. For many this is read more
Nov 18, 2012
MagicFlier (All reviews)
This will be a temporarily review until the anime is completed, I created this so that people won't get any misunderstandings from others UNTIL the technical reviewers come by when the anime is completed. I've also decided to create this review for the sake of those viewers who played the visual novel, and for those who havent since I'm tired of reading all these reviews made up of self-satisfaction, and sadly by biased and unperceptive views.

First to those who played the visual novel, please stop comparing the visual novel to the anime, they are done on completely different ways and is read more
Nov 17, 2012
KittySunshine (All reviews)
I don't think I've ever been more frustratingly annoyed by a TV show before. I'm truly almost at a loss for words... To people who know absolutely nothing about the original work (like my self), the first 5-6 episodes are seemingly worthless.

The characters presented in this anime thus far have been the most cookie cutter, generic, run of the mill characters, and they make each episode more painful than the last due to their utter lack of character development. A muscle head, unbelievably weak and annoying main character, an aloof carefree vagabond, a painfully 'shy' character that if separated from her childhood friends read more
Apr 6, 2013
Stark700 (All reviews)
There are many things in this world that can break a person's heart. Whether it's a tragedy, a memory, a breakup, a betrayal, or just because, these things can affect an individual's well being beyond repair. It's not like a physical injury where the wound heals. It's emotional and affect's a person's heart. Once that's damaged, it can be very difficult or in many cases, become unhealable. Luckily though, there are ways to go through this process.

For starters, friends are probably one of the best medicines. In fact, friends are one of the most valuable things that should be treasured in this world. It's read more
Mar 13, 2013
Taku33 (All reviews)
To all you Key and Little Busters! VN fans out there, at least have the courtesy to read this before you down vote it. If you're a sucker for tons of melodrama and cute girls, by all means watch this. If you're the latter, read on.

Anyways, the moment I watched a character cry over her favorite park bench being destroyed, I finally gave up after struggling through 15 episodes of this anime. No matter how much I wanted to love this, I couldn't. And since this anime has 8 and 9 reviews as its top reviews, I'm going to shed some light on this anime read more
Mar 18, 2013
zeroyuki92 (All reviews)
You probably have heard a lot of things about Little Busters, ranging from "This is an adaptation from masterpiece VN!", "J.C staff actually did a good job", "It's totally inferior to the VN" to "This is an absolute trash!".

Now, If you're confused about this polar reactions, then I think I should say that... Yes, Little Busters! is a very different anime every time you change your own mindset about it. That's why I think we need a technical review a bit early so you can probably guess the overall quality of Little Busters!, or probably just to see another point of view about it.

So, before read more
Oct 20, 2012
jacques96 (All reviews)
Little busters! Another great anime created by Key, so far after watching the first three episodes it has certainly lived up to my expectations.

If you have played the VN(visual novel) of little busters, you will surely not be disappointed in the anime, the anime does a brilliant job on adapting from the VN, the characters and music are identical to the VN.

The story so far is really similar to the VN which is fantastic to know that the anime will be like the VN, so for those that are wondering what the story is about
--------------SPOILER ALERT!!!---------------
It is about a boy named Riki that suffers from read more
Oct 18, 2012
blasterion (All reviews)
J.C. Staff, I was wrong about you! I was actually one of the many who was extremely disappointed about Kyoto Animation not picking up the job. Since Kyo-ani did a good job with Clannad Air Angel Beats and Kanon, you know they Key (Maeda) line up. But from what I have seen so far, J.C. delivered.

Little Busters! is a Key Visual Novel scripted by the Jun Maeda we all know love and hate. And it isn't like most of the visual novel adaptations. It simply can't be, it's too well known, the references are very firmly imprinted in the readers' minds. And in this, I read more
Nov 20, 2012
blu3cru5ad3r (All reviews)
Last Edited : 4 Feb, 2013

First of all, Little Busters! is still Airing. So this review is based on how many episodes i've been watching. So for people who hate someone who reviews the anime when it stills Airing. Please, we just want to 'guide' some people who hasn't watch the anime yet. So that they can tell whether it is a perfect anime for them or not based on episodes that have been aired. And note that i will edit and update this review till the anime finished airing. Though, for now i will be tallk more on comparison between the anime and read more
Oct 20, 2012
Danyn (All reviews)
Coming from a person that has no idea what, "Little Busters!" is, I felt the need to write a review since the majority of people watching this are also new to the series. When I first heard of the show it seemed like some glorified anime that should be put on a pedestal. Unfortunately, it is not.

To start off, the story seems awkward. A group of students decide to create a baseball team because it's their leader's last year before graduating? Original yes, but it seems bland and pointless. However, I have heard and read some discussion that the plot thickens and gets extremely emotion read more
Nov 5, 2014
Daidus (All reviews)
I review: Little Busters
Little Busters - Refrain
(I am comboing them because I marathon'd them together.)

If you were looking for romance, it isn't here. It is more about friendship than anything. If you are a romance lover, it doesn't matter, because the story being told is so damn good.

Alrght so, I started Little Busters when it was coming out weekly. It had a slow start, and I didn't find it that entertaining for me for some reason. The first girl's story was kinda lackluster. I then stopped watching Little Busters at around episode read more
Apr 27, 2013
Historia-Li (All reviews)
Little Busters!

If you're like me and you're thinking about watching this because the visual novel was made by Key, don't. Watch it with an independent mindset, free of Clannad, Kanon, etc. If you don't you're just gonna find disappointment.

Story: 6/10

The story was definitely not as good as Key's previous works. Yes, it followed the general plot of a high school boy helping multiple girls cope and effectively saving their lives in one way or the other, but it simply was not as engaging. There were many story elements that could have been left out. For example, Riki's narcolepsy. So what? It did not influence read more
Dec 8, 2012
acap93 (All reviews)
I will try make this short as possible, less ranting more productivity.

Story ~ 6 ~
A good story from my point of view, but for Visual novel fans of the original series don't expect it to execute the story as in the Visual Novel, please let this story stands on it's own.

Animation ~ 5 ~
It's mediocre for this type of anime, but to be honest the Art need improvement, to match up with the story it's presenting, then this might be compelling to the Visual Novel fans.

Sound ~ 8 ~
It's very good as like in any Keys license anime, one of few things that make us read more
Mar 13, 2013
TakeMeInYourArmy (All reviews)
There is one thing I can say about this show "Under-Rated"!

This show has been treated as quite "generic" and too "slice-of-life". I say to those people "You obviously haven't watched the damn thing"! This anime is exactly what you'd expect from a Key anime, very emotional. A lot of the scenario's in this show are pretty unique and are something you really DON'T expect.

Story: 8
So it's about a group of friends that decide to form a baseball team as a way to enjoy their last year together, seeing as Kyousuke, the one who essentially holds the group together, will be graduation soon. This is read more
Nov 30, 2012
moreanime99 (All reviews)
well then, where do i start?
i have read the many reviews about this anime to see i'll actually watch it, and the mixed opinions have something in common: this anime, at least to this point (episode 8) is BORING.
i hve watched and totaly agree with that. the thing is people who actually rate it high is just because of the visual novel, but as some other people said this is no excuse for rating a series so high. As of episode 8 , little busters is just a silly slice of life comedy series, and a mediocre one at that.
well this where the anime read more
May 9, 2013
Aphyxia (All reviews)
At first I thought this show was about baseball and let it slip by fast. Then I found out it was not and decided to give it a try. I regret it.

After having watched the first 6 episodes the anime was seriously below my expectations. Alas I read on the forums here that it gets better after about the 7th episode or so. So I pressed on. A waste of time, I tell you, I should've just dropped it right there and moved on to something that I could actually enjoy.

The anime suffers from bad story setup and lots of filler moments. What I mean read more
Nov 18, 2012
eltonsu999 (All reviews)
First things first, Little Busters has the theme and genre of (in ascending order of importance): Comedy, Romance, slice of life, drama and friendship. Also, I will give a special mention to tearjerkiness. Of course, this means that this anime will be for those who enjoy these themes. Those who do not may not like it.

Now, personally I believe a review should be written once the show has finished but I felt the need to write one down without the rankings being biased towards the visual novel and one which is written by someone who enjoys the above mentioned themes of this anime. Though take read more
Jan 13, 2013
MikazukiSora (All reviews)
first, before all of you reading this.
I will apologize if I do not use the English language correctly
yeah I do not really speak English fluently
also because this is the first time I made a review
so I do not really understand

when I heard that Little Busters! will be anime
I immediately download Visual Novel
so that I may know how the story

after I finish all routes
I became aware of the importance of life
warmth of friendship
happiness may be lost one day
unimaginable grief in this life
and there are still many things that I can not explain through words but you will know when to understand the content of the story

I've read more
Apr 7, 2013
dark06star (All reviews)
(Please read the Review before saying its not helpful just by the score. because you never know what might happen, you might actually change your mind!! ... which is impossible .. eh at least read the review before bashing) and there might be some minor spoilers. but no biggy :DD

Now that I finished this anime I can finally give it a proper review. Did I love Little Busters? OF COURSE I DID. I always had my doubts that somehow in the end the anime wont satisfy me, because it started slow and I thought that it wouldn't be true the the Original visual novel, and read more
Jul 30, 2013
SakurasouBusters (All reviews)
Little busters is my favorite anime of 2013, and may be my new favorite of all time, i know that alot don't like it, but i think it was a great adaption of the visual novel (Refrain still to come)
Story: 10- Little busters has an absolutely amazing story, for those who havent played the visual novel some scenes will likely be fairly confusing but it all will make sense eventually :) the theme of friendship is presented here i think perfectly :)
Art: 6- The only average part of this anime is the art. Its not lousy, ive seen plenty worse, but it could have been read more