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Japanese: ロボティクス・ノーツ
English: Robotics;Notes
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Type: TV
Episodes: 22
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 12, 2012 to Mar 22, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:15 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Visual novel
Genres: DramaDrama, MysteryMystery, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Themes: MechaMecha, SchoolSchool
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.331 (scored by 6819368,193 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #22522
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Popularity: #1073
Members: 166,160
Favorites: 558

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Both has the same Visual Novel Company and it makes Science Fiction very realistic. A little bit fun in the first, but it will be getting very serious about the story and it can make you believe what will happen in the future. 
report Recommended by getkampredx
Both shows feature a few teenagers who are interested in mecha and the setting is in the not-too-distant future. The teens spend a lot of their time in a garage and discuss the robots. Also, in both of the series, there is a bit of politics/conspiracies mixed in. Although the vibe of both series are a bit unlike each other - some of the character's personalities in both series are similar to each other. For example, both the RN and RB main female characters are persistent and are focused on reaching their goals and have a bond with their robot/RideBack. 
report Recommended by gigglingidiot
Both series' are comedic with a blend of seriousness. Both series' female main protagonist leads a club with their own reason. the other series is revolves in magic and supernatural, while the other one circles in science and technology. 
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl -Both male protagonist was forced to solve a mystery -Both anime have clubs -Both anime are school life with balance mystery/comedy and drama. The difference between these two anime: Hyouka is more on mystery to solve while robotics;notes is more on making a robot.  
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
Both maincharacters kind of wander off all the time, dealing with mysterious events, that makes both similiar. 
report Recommended by leslo
Surprised I didn't see this here... both have similar feels to them; island community, technology-focused, has some heartache to it 
report Recommended by chig
Strong engineering theme present in both animes. Both are centered around a group of students. If you're looking for a sci-fi/tech related anime both are really good. Both are motivating and fun animes to watch if you're an engineering or computer science student. 
report Recommended by zoboomafoo
Both set in a realistic world with realistic characters. Both have a similar tone. Both are to do with a video game/ computer. 
report Recommended by 8bitasterisk
Same feels: these series involve technology, idiosyncratic young adults and a mystery where someone have lost his memory and have to retrieve fragments of his past to save a lot of people (in national scale). Recommended if you like series with a contemporary setting and use of technology as a base for the main plot. 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Both anime give off a nostalgic vibe, although Robotics;Notes story is not even close to unraveling its story as well as Anohana. To keep this short: Robotics;Notes - Mechas + a ton of feels = Anohana 
report Recommended by MrBainus
Although both animes have a different conception and setting, only one thing is associated with them — robots and the main character who has some problems with " health". Besides it, he is surrounded by beautiful girls who fall in love with him, or not. 
report Recommended by Cold_Raw
Both series focus on the development and creation of machines, although R;N has more mystery focus outside of these parts, while K&M has more action focus. Both also have leads whose characters are based around their love for robots. 
report Recommended by FinalReality56
Both focus on a group of high-schoolers who work together to reach a goal deemed impossible by peers. Robotics;Notes does not have as much character drama, but drama still exists. Akiho (the female lead of Robotics;Notes) bears many similarities in personality to both Kimari and Shirase. Sora yori mo Tooi Basho was a little disappointing with its pacing. Robotics;Notes is paced better, and its longer runtime allows it to have a more complex plot that I personally enjoyed. Also, FYI, Robotics;Notes is related to Steins;Gate but so loosely that your Steins;Gate watch status is not important. 
report Recommended by Chaibu-Ballad
Both shows are about "students" which have to grow as character over time.  
report Recommended by Riskshocker
Its nothing like robotic;notes but i just wanted to recommend this underrated af parody of the mech anime genre and for this one the dub is somewhat more enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Chipdipcoi
Both have a female main character and i think the atmosphere of these animes are quite similar 
report Recommended by Riskshocker
This anime relates to robotics; notes in terms of the main character. The main relation to the MCs is that they're both engineers. Both animes revolve around a story about following your passion. The only thing is that this one is much more mature and overall better rated. 
report Recommended by FujiWater2024
both are from 5pb and Nitroplus both are sci-fi adventure based both are much more of a fiction than science, compared to Steins;Gate, which is much more of a science than fiction Chaos;Head is the start of the three 5pb and Nitroplus sci-fi adventure anime. i suggest you start chaos head, then Steins;Gate to understand Robotics;Notes even more both use 'trigger' system  
report Recommended by 3heroes100
Both series incorporates science fiction themes that involves a mechanical unit. The main characters from both series hopes to perfect that unit and show it to the world. Both series adapts a lighthearted theme that has drama and comedy. Both series also takes place at a school life setting where the main protagonist makes new friends and faces new obstacles throughout each episode. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both series deals with the idea of robots with the main protagonist exploring the idea of robotics with the help of people he meets. Hence, Robotics;Notes and Gad Guard adapts science fiction themes. Both series has drama, comedy, and some emotions. Gad Guard has a more serious approach while Robotics;Notes has a more lighthearted one. However, both series gives off a similar feeling. Both series also features the exploration on the origin of the robots and how they function/are used.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Do you like sci-fi? Yes. Include that with puzzling mystery? Yes. And a progressive-defined plot? Yes. Top it up with some big baddies? Yes. (Psycho-Pass) Then look no further as these two shows (Good ones too.) are just the ones you have been searching for.  
report Recommended by xForgettable
Both protagonist are obsessed with another indirect main character's case. Then both revolves their mysteries that happened a few years ago and tried to find out the "truth".  
report Recommended by lolLIPopsz
If periphrase popular song: "All you need is art". The art is the main character and the main motivation of these animes. Simple yet pretty backgrounds of Japan will help you relax and rest your mind during watching. Simple character design and pastel colours will only help with that. Lack of good protagonist make both shows calm, peaceful if not to say sleepy. You won't find here any moral or logical dilemmas (well, there are some in Robotic;Notes, but in a vegetative state). Primitive plot (if you consider there is any) is just linking together different landscapes brought to you by animators. All episodes are accompanied  read more 
report Recommended by slowpok
Although a bit different in story telling, both series involves a group of friends who wants to try out something new and exciting in their lives. The main character in both series are especially enthusiastic about this and is determined to make their dreams into a reality. Both series has technology somewhat advanced than our modern times. Both series includes drama and comedy.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Robotics;Notes and Gundam Build Fighters both contain sci-fi themes dealing with the art of design involving robots. The main characters enter tournaments and takes on challenges both physically and mentally. Both series has a lighthearted mood although there are also moments when you'll feel the depressive tone. There is action (more so in GBF) along with mysteries involving some of the main characters. Minor hints of romance is also noticeable between some of the main characters. 
report Recommended by Stark700
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl. -Both anime have clubs. -Both anime are school life with balance mystery/comedy/romance and drama.  
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
Although oriented towards a younger audience, Dennou Coil uses many of the same storytelling techniques and plot elements as Robotics;Notes: an adventure involving near-future technology (including augmented reality), friction between the worlds of adults and children, strange discoveries, characters with mysterious pasts, and life that exists only in computer systems.  
report Recommended by sunshine_sakura
They both show a group of people building Robots with teamwork and hardwork! Robomaster is more realistic and it's based on the real-life Robomaster championship Robotics;notes is more fantasy like building a giant Gundam, but it's very good and you will get the spirit of it! 
report Recommended by ninosanjaya
While Robotics;Notes fails to really deconstruct or bring to light the real issues with building and piloting a gigantic mech in modern day Japan, Dai-Guard plays this deconstruction trope very well. While most people would argue that Evangelion is the mecha "deconstruction" story, in truth, Dai-Guard does what both of these series want to do by framing the construction and maintenance of a giant robot in a modern Japanese setting. If you enjoy comedy and mecha deconstruction, Dai-Guard is the anime that does these things the best. 
report Recommended by pbvvc7822k9
The landscapes, the pacing, the atmosphere... High school students building a large pilotable machine on their own... Overarching sci-fi and supernatural themes... Plot focused on strange phenomena with conspiracy in the background... ...With personal relationships in the foreground. Robotics;Notes just feels a lot like a Makoto Shinkai film in TV series form. There's also the similarities with Cosmonaut (5 Centimeters per Second): Tanegashima, rockets, scooters.  
report Recommended by ataraxial
Both start off like a slice of life story, but turn into a crazy sci-fi adventure by the end. 
report Recommended by Sprint747