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Alternative Titles

English: Robotics;Notes
Japanese: ロボティクス・ノーツ


Type: TV
Episodes: 22
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 12, 2012 to Mar 22, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:15 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Visual novel
Genres: DramaDrama, MysteryMystery, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Themes: MechaMecha, SchoolSchool
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.331 (scored by 6794467,944 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #22462
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1057
Members: 165,466
Favorites: 559

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Mar 25, 2013
KatayokuTsuneki (All reviews)
I was really looking forward to an anime adaptation of Robotics;Notes, the third visual novel written by Hayashi Naotaka-shi for the collaboration of 5pb. and Nitroplus, because previous two series came from it were really neat with ChäoS;HEAd being a rather promising start and Steins;Gate being just stellar. So no wonder I have a lot of things to tell now.

Robotics;Notes begins with our protagonists, Yashio Kaito and Senomiya Akiho, the only members of school’s robotics club, trying to save the said club from shutting down. And that’s a huge step down from Steins;Gate in terms of a story. I mean, Steins;Gate had university students as read more
May 17, 2013
pleochroic (All reviews)
my main impression: whoever came up with the original concept as well as the script writers for this anime need a really good editor, who can wrangle their ideas into something that actually hangs together structurally and makes sense. because there were plenty of ideas here, quite possibly too many, and the result is a hodgepodge of giant plot holes held together by spit and enthusiasm.

i can't remember the last time i watched an anime that was so meticulously produced, so overall pretty, so well animated and orchestrated, and found it such an unholy mess on the inside, which ultimately left me unfulfilled.

story: read more
Dec 21, 2012
PhantomsCry (All reviews)
I want to note this is my first review. I was 11 episodes within the series when I had written this review. Please keep in mind I was hyped from some important climatic events. Seeing this series with only two reviews at the time (poor and shrewd); I decided to step up. This is also spoiler free until noted.

Story & Plot:
Robotics;Notes has slice of life related elements while maintaining a hint of supernatural. As the story progresses, the story unfolds of how Earth will face it's doom and our little high school club may be the only ones that can actually do anything about it. read more
Mar 21, 2013
Stark700 (All reviews)
Okay, so Robotics;Notes. I admit it. I am a big fan of Nitrosplus and their works. Hell, remember Steins;Gate? That scientific thriller was one hell of a ride. When I heard that they were going to do another anime adaptation of the science fiction genre, I was very excited. No, I was ecstatic. However, after completing this series, it left me nothing of what I originally had hoped for. Don't get me wrong. I don't like comparing other works from the same company much especially since neither has close resemblance. However, the experience that came out of this series was worlds apart.

Now, regarding technology...

The world read more
Apr 11, 2013
Purjoloek (All reviews)
A short warning: This is kind of long and I'm a bit of a potty-mouth (I tried to take the cursing out, but some might still be in there). Also, please leave some feedback, especially if you don't like the review. All criticism is appreciated.

The setting is basically this: The Robotics Club at Central Tanegashima High School want to build a huge mecha, and the series follows its members in their struggles with funding and other stuff. Pretty basic. Obviously there's more under the surface than the characters just going at it with spanners, including a mystery slowly being revealed about a conspiracy that would read more
Dec 26, 2012
Bazus (All reviews)
I went into watching this having already watched Steins;Gate. An anime which I thought was excellent. So I was expecting to have an interesting story with strong and engaging characters at the very least. And despite a few people making their complaints about Robotics;Notes I found it to have all these factors.

The basic story whilst a little far fetched is indeed interesting. A School Club attempting to build a giant Mecha. Saying it like that it even sounds downright cheesy. But this plays to Robotics;Notes' strengths I felt. Whilst the story is a little out there, 5pb has done a wonderful job of making read more
Dec 26, 2012
Karhu (All reviews)
Robotics notes is surprisingly good anime, my expectations were pretty low but it actually end up being better than Steins;Gate, going beyond its epicness, especially in terms of characters. Also, the animation is pretty cool.
- no one ever

The anime is about some guy and some girl who both have some weirdass diseases which are exactly opposite from each others. Elephants, mice and such, literally and apparently but no one honestly knows. There is also some dead sister who is alive, she is also the evilest thing ever except she is actually a good one, at this point I also assume that she is no one's read more
Mar 21, 2013
DeadIEnd (All reviews)
Robotics;Notes is the 2012 anime adaptation addition to the Science Adventure series, which so far consists of three different series which are all connected by alternative settings: Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and lastly Robotics;Notes.

Made originally by 5pb while the previous series C;H and S;G were a collaboration of both 5pb and Nitroplus, the anime showed much promise to be an engrossing Sci-fi tale about ipad-like devices named Poke-Coms, mecha and robots all in a near future school setting.

To tell you the truth, for some time after the Visual Novel was announced it was one of top highly anticipated visual novels, and when the anime announcement came before read more
Mar 22, 2013
AidanAK47 (All reviews)
Robotics;Notes, the latest work of Naotaka Hayashi who is also the writer for Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head. If you didn't know that just by seeing the colon in each of the titles then the four lines of pointless philosophy he puts under the titles is bound to tip you off. As someone who has read both his first two works and watched the animes, I can say I have a fairly good grasp of his writing style. Don't worry about any fanboyish interfering with this review. As you can tell, I don't have a high opinion of him.

Robotics;Notes is about robots...or that what it's read more
Nov 16, 2013
mcvain77 (All reviews)
The relatively shallow plot disappointed fans of Steins;Gate, but the enlarged scope of events and more action scenes pump more adrenaline.

When compared with Steins;Gate (the main reason for this sequel's initial popularity), the plot is much shallower but instead wider. In Steins;Gate most of the struggle of Okabe is within the laboratory members and the concept of time. In Robotics;Notes the struggle is not only between Akiho and her sister, but the entire club/school plus JAXA and everyone related with Kimijima's plan.

Nothing much to say, the art is good and above average, other than the awkwardly drawn characters that can be seen in read more
Mar 22, 2013
Toucanbird (All reviews)
Robotics;Notes: Take Note, It's Highly Underrated

When going into the fall 2012 season, I was at a loss at how underwhelming I found the anime year 2012 to be. If there were two animes I felt could possibly save it, it would be Gen Urobuchi's Psycho-Pass and Production I.G.'s other hit show, Robotics;Notes, an indirect sequel in an alternative setting to Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. Unfortunately for Robotics;Notes sake, it seems to draw comparison to Steins;Gate, a tough standard to hold an anime to considering Steins;Gate is considered one of the best animes to come out in recent history. It's also hard to compare since Steins;Gate was read more
Feb 8, 2013
toyhammered (All reviews)
What started off being a very light-hearted anime quickly turned in an anime that sent chills down my back. I kind of just wanted to write that one sentence as my review because it is what changed my view on this anime and what made me write this review

The title of this show “Robotics;Notes was quite simple to understand. The first part “Robotics” refers to the club that Akiho Senomiya and Kaito Yashio are trying to keep alive the Robotics Club. The second part of the title “Notes” refers to the Kimishima Report and the notes that Kou Kimishima left behind, and being able to read more
Mar 30, 2013
Trotsky101 (All reviews)
Robotics;notes can be summed up with one word: enjoyable. This anime certainly showed a lot of promise.

The series follows a few narrative lines which culminate toward a grand finale where all the plot points are meant to converge. The first and primary one being a young student who is trying to keep her robot club alive and finishing her sister's unfinished dream of making a super-large sized robot from a popular - but mysteriously unfinished - anime series called Gunvarrel.

What struck me about the series, and what is perhaps the sole element that carries this anime, is the quirky, fun and humerous characters, read more
Mar 21, 2013
CynicalEffect (All reviews)
Well. Time for my first review I guess. There will be spoilers, but contained to a small section which is labelled appropriately.

Robotics;Notes (R;N) was originally created as a Visual Novel. It was brought to you by the same guys that had previously released Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. While both of them were very unique, I absolutely loved S;G while hating C; going into this I had absolutely no idea what to expect. In the end, I got served a big fat dose of "meh".

Firstly I think it;s important to state that if you're looking for a mecha anime, you're going to have a bad time. This read more
Jun 11, 2015
SapphireMage (All reviews)
For this review I will make references and comparisons to two other anime: Chaos;Head(2008) and Steins;Gate(2011). While all three of these anime adaptations were made by separate studios, they drawn upon the same series of visual novels for source material.
Now to begin the review. I'll start with the story. Like Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate Robotics;Notes has a story line that could only be described as thrilling. While the story started off at a slow pace it gradually built until I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. They really pulled out all the read more
May 24, 2013
velkro16 (All reviews)
Whenever I watch an anime I get an initial impression or a promise. The anime will usually promise me that it's going to be one way or the other. Just from looking at the cover and watching the first few episodes and the main gist if the anime told me I was getting into an anime full of inspiration about a group of kids trying to make their dreams come true through the building of a robot. It could have been that or an Angelic Layer style robot tournament. I wouldn't have even minded a slice of life with a little robot building hobbies on read more
Apr 6, 2013
MrSunshine004 (All reviews)
Robotic;Notes the 3rd visual novel made by 5pb collaborated with Nitroplus as most people mention. Overall the anime was pretty good giving consideration to the number of episode length and amount of story line needed to be incorperated.

Sci-fi genre stories are almost always interesting with having a grandiose scale conflict that is built up or connected to smaller events that occur among the characters. Didn't like how each individual character conflict was so simply considered resolved especially with Subaru, practically no resolution for him. Deux ex machina was used a bit too extensively for the story, most likely due to cutting out parts of the read more
Apr 5, 2013
smileyboyrocks (All reviews)
Robotics;Notes is the kind of anime that I have to force myself to review. The truth is, I like it. I really like it. That's why it has a 6 and not a lower score: because for all its flaws, it is remarkably enjoyable.

But this is a review, isn't it? I can't just harp on about how fun it is without pointing out how horrifically flawed it is. The primary issues that Robotics;Notes experiences is this:
a) It isn't as intelligent as it thinks it is.
b) It tries to do too much.

I'll begin by clarifying that second point. Picture an anime akin to The Melancholy of read more
May 4, 2013
Brutanime (All reviews)
I'd like to start off by saying this is my first review on MAL well, first time writing a review in fact so please keep that in mind when reading this.

Robotics;Notes does what it does in a generic way and it does that quite well. I would classify this anime as underrated and the reason is people who watch this anime have the same expectations as they would if watching Stein's;gate, that's the problem. Robotics;Notes is not Stein's;gate. I highly suggest watching this anime and lowering your standards just a bit and you will definitely come out pleased with the ending.

Now, onward to the actual read more
Nov 20, 2013
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Robotics;Notes is an anime from Production I.G, you may know them from their work with Ghost in the Shell and the Blood franchise. It's based on a visual novel game by 5pb, the same group that was responsible for Steins;Gate and a list of other games you've probably never heard of. Since their stuff doesn't usually leave Japan. That all sounds pretty promising to me. Let's take a look at the anime and see how long that lasts.

The story follows a young man named Kai and his friend Akiho, who comprise the robotics club of Tanegashima High School. But all isn't going well. They read more