Angel Cop

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: エンジェルコップ


Type: OVA
Episodes: 6
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 1, 1989 to May 20, 1994
Studios: D.A.S.T.
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Theme: DetectiveDetective
Duration: 29 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 5.951 (scored by 63666,366 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #97302
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #4629
Members: 18,400
Favorites: 82


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Preliminary Spoiler
Jan 12, 2020
Angel Cop at a surface level is in extremely poor taste; snuff p*rn of fanatical communists, mind r*ping, not so subtle Japanese nationalism, muscle woman tiddy and an infamous rant that would bring down the full wrath of a certain anti defamation group. Beyond all the crazy rants and nihilistic shock value however, are clearly the creative minds of very politically conscious and well informed people.

Sure the conspiracy thriller is ridiculous and utterly overshadowed by any Oshii political thriller. Like Oshii however, it is all tied to very very relevant and to use a meme; 'redpilled' geo/political discourse. No better example of this is seen ...
Jan 16, 2014
The golden era of the 'Original Video Animation' or 'Original Animated Video' is a time which is remembered fondly by many anime fans. Beginning in the early to mid nineteen eighties, the age of the OVA continued right until the end of the millennium, and throughout the years produced some of the finest animation to ever come out of Japan; from its earliest classics like 'Top wo Nerae!' to works like 'Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen' and 'FLCL' in its twilight years. The format can even boast 'Legend of the Galactic Heroes' among its ranks, an anime that is often touted as the greatest ever made.

But none ...
Nov 15, 2014

"If this is JUSTICE... then I am a banana!" Just try to imagine lines as stupid as that being read with a speech cadence that makes Christopher Walken's seem ordinary. Today I am revisiting and re-reviewing one of the worst anime I have ever tackled on MAL. Angel Cop is fairly famous in circles of older otaku for being one of the absolute worst anime of all time. I didn't adequately explain just how BAD this series is last time, so I hope to recitify that with this new review!

Plot: 1/10

The plot is that in the future, Japan has become a global superpower and ...
Jan 21, 2016
Mixed Feelings
"Unless you want a .45 caliber lobotomy real fucking back, you better tell your friend over there to put the fucking knife down." - Angel

I have returned once again, from the gratuitously ultraviolent era of anime past... the 80s OVAs! For those who aren't yet in the know- the 80s are now famous for having produced some of the most outrageous, over the top bloody, gory, and violent anime ever. Back when you had to get anime on sketchy bootleg VHS tapes that cost $40 a pop just to see an animated titty. Back when blowing heads off and turning characters into meat fountains was ...
Mar 19, 2015
Angel Cop. The title to a not so appreciated anime that could be really misinterpreted in various ways though I won't go into needless detail. However, no - the title doesn't revolve around a female that takes the shinigami (Angel of Death) role nor is she called 'Angel' because she portrays the angelic beauty.

No, what this anime is about is a political scenario much like those that one might expect from Ghost in the Shell; a terrorist organization, an anti terrorism organization and how they tackle a situation. Seems too similar to GitS perhaps but Angel Cop differs enough that the background being similar adds ...
Apr 2, 2015
Angel Cop is not a great anime by any stretch of the imagination to me, nor is it anywhere near close to the worst anime has to offer either. I have heard many point of views on this anime, and for the most part it appears to be either a love it or hate it; I have heard legit reasons from both sides, but to be completely fair there is some room for gray area, and I mildly fall right into there.

Angel Cop definitely has a few good features and some really bad ones too. It's similar to Ninja Scroll in a way. It knows ...
Mar 13, 2022
“Angel Cop” is a six-episode sci-fi action thriller OVA from the late ‘80s-early ‘90s. Its story has a strong anti-American and anti-Semitic slant, and the way in which it progresses is dull and confusing. Even the Japanese version is filled with redundant, cheesy dialogue, and while some of the characters stand out, it’s basically due to how they look and they are mostly one-dimensional personality-wise. This series is touted as having a lot of graphic violence, but I found that the violence pales in comparison to that of similar “ultra-violent” OVAs both in amount and quality.

The story is riddled with exposition dumps that consist ...
Oct 10, 2021
Do not let the ratings fool you, this Anime is criminally underrated. A lot of it could be considered by some to be "so bad it's good" but I disagree. The same people who praise Hellsing Ultimate for being over-the-top in its plot, action and dialogue use it as a point of contention with Angel Cop. Criticisms of its Plot are biased and mostly full of shit.
Hellsing Ultimate is about Nazi Vampires & Ghouls terrorizing Britain, Angel Cop is about Psychic Je- (I mean) Americans funded by the Deep State.

Plot-wise this Anime does pretty good, It's not crazy or anything but it's servicable for a ...
Jun 1, 2019
Just to clarify, I am not a huge anime or manga fan. Angel Cop is far from worst but it is not good, either. I watched it in original Japanese language; not the English dub, because it was laughably bad. It’s really hard to review this but I’ll try. The only thing I like about this anime is Angel herself, but not in terms of character (let’s not ignore the fact that she’s a heartless cop who does not care about killing baddies, although she did gained sympathies and showed concern towards the end, which is a good thing) but in terms of appearance: she’s ...
Jul 4, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I watched the English Dubbed Version and this is what my review is basically going to be about. Just recently hooked on the Police genre of anime from B the Beginning this is the one that has really given me the most amount of Conspiracy with Supernatural powers-clashing goodness sense B.

One of the things that really stood out to me about this show was the use of booby-traps and interesting misdirects to set them off as opposed to the standard formula in modern police raids by having a bunch of cops storm the place and either getting everyone apprehended or setting off an explosion ...
Nov 28, 2020
To start off, the first thing I want to say about this anime is, the art style of this anime is amazing. And I so wished they would bring it back, but I guess the era of this art style of anime making is over. I loved the colorful language, because this anime was created during a time where people didn't give a fuck if they hurt someone's feelings or not. And that's how anime should be written and produced with zero fucks given. I love the eighties. And my other favorite part about this absolutely bad ass anime is the gore within it and ...
Oct 29, 2019
Mixed Feelings
This show along with Urotsukidoji were responsible in the early 90's for the widespread belief that anime was "gore and porn," a stereotype that persisted for quite while. This OVA is the equivalent to those trashy over-the-top 80's action movie shlock that would have been produced by Cannon films.

It falls squarely into the cyberpunk genre but Ghost in the Shell, this is not.

What it lacks in originality and thematic content it mostly makes up for in gorgeously-detailed animation, kinetic action, and ridiculous amounts of gore.

To further enhance the viewing experience, the English dub produced by Manga Entertainment squarely falls into the category ...
Aug 31, 2020
Mixed Feelings
In the 80s and 90s there was a vein of ultra-violent, ultra-bad OVAs. Simple, hard to follow plots, mediocre animation that ranged from good to garbage, laughable English dubs, and all the gore you could ever want. Angel cop is one of those OVAs, and boy is it a fun one. This was one of the first anime I ever watched, and it is so objectively terrible that it's amazing. I'll leave my review scarce to avoid most spoilers and so that you can enjoy this series in all it's skull popping glory.

[plot: 3]
In this Japanese-nationalistic story where Japan is a world superpower Angel Cop ...
Jun 18, 2017
Watched a hardsub by unknown group

Angel Cop immediately felt like a dumbed-down poor man's Ghost in the shell in every way! I personally liked the drawing and animation and the closing theme music was actually really quite good. but the translation as well as some of the general presentation is atrocious.... Perhaps I have a bad translated sub (doubtful but always possible) but this is extremely tough to follow. The art itself is at times a bit odd in a way i can't describe. I think it's the color. It doesn't particularly have a dark gritty edge feel, but rather soft and warm (there is ...
Jun 26, 2021
" Ah old gorey anime, the best kind of anime" - Cheng, Philip.

honestly, this is my cup of tea. C'mon guys, here we have all the elements for great entertainment: extremely well-crafted and mind-blowing action scenes, lots of blood, just right nudity and lots and lots of BLOOD!

The cyberpunk ambiance is very good, and the soundtrack is also very good.

I know the characters are pretty stereotyped, and the political plot is pretty shallow, but it doesn't really bother me, mainly when you have a perfect punch line like:

"Unless you want a .45 caliber lobotomy real fucking back, you better tell your friend over ...
Sep 17, 2021
Angel Cop’s got a pertinent title, it’s definitely about cops, and after watching it I was very compelled to go to Heaven and meet some angels, but I would struggle to find anything positive to say about it beyond the title.

The biggest issue is that Angel Cop is an action series without good action. The opening episode has a particularly profane death, but it's the only one of its kind, ignoring the fact a 9mm isn't even going to do that much damage, from that point onward, they incidentally throw in something to try and match the original one, but none of them have any ...
Dec 16, 2020
Angel Cop is a mixed bag of used magnum shells and overfilled blood squibs.

Taking place in an imperial Japan the show takes on the normal terrorist issues most cop shows face. Staring some fair Dub actors it goes up and down depending on the script and aside from that the overall quality of the dub is a 7/10. Owning a cel myself the quality is fair and the animation stays steady until its last episode, which mysteriously halted production for a fair while before restarting again losing its lead animation director, and the quality assurance manager on that matter.

Blood effects are top notch ...
Oct 16, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Angel Cop has a simple yet sometimes convoluted story line that leaves much to be desired.

I found Angel Cop hard to sit through. Despite being somewhat interesting, the early episodes seemed to drag on forever. They did little to keep my attention during those episodes. While it does pick up in both story and interest later on, it seems to be convoluted in how it gets there.

Art is average given the anime's age and sound was neither good nor bad.

I though character design and development was it's best feature, although they do some of the main characters dirty in my opinion.

Overall, Angel Cop is a ...
Oct 11, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Haiku review:

It's old but still good
Needs the "Ghost Stories" treatment
Maybe a laugh track

Prose elaboration:

"Angel Cop" is a series that finds its way onto a lot of worst-anime lists, unfairly. As one of the older series for non-children, it came in an industry that was still finding its way. It's a milestone, an artifact in anime history.

It's decent but takes itself a little too seriously until the last episode, where they realized that they hadn't checked the tiddies box yet. They made up for it. The series contains some of the best and grittiest lines ever: "I'n not here to take you in, I'm here to ...
Nov 25, 2022
While this is made up of 6 OVA episodes, it's basically one long film. I had actually seen a couple of episodes back in the day, but never the entire thing. The second and third episodes sort of drag (especially the third), but the first episode is solid, and the final half is over-the-top late 80's anime awesomeness. Tons of ridiculous gore, crazy fights, all sorts of shit blowing up, psychic duels, robot cops, and cyberpunk fun. Animation is solid, feels sort of like Kawajiri mixed with Oshii. Sure, some of it doesn't make sense (if you've watched any anime from this time period, you'll ...