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Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Hyouka Episode 11.5, Hyouka OVA, Hyou-ka OVA, Hyouka: You can't escape OVA, Hyou-ka: You can't escape OVA, Hyoka OVA
Japanese: 氷菓 持つべきものは


Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 8, 2012
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Light novel
Duration: 25 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.401 (scored by 62,940 users)
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Ranked: #21122
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Popularity: #1034
Members: 104,252
Favorites: 115


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Jul 8, 2012
Stark700 (All reviews)
Eru Chitanda is once again curious! And thanks to the mystery group that made us all curious on Sundays, the series brings forth this OVA. Now grab some Hyouka and Ice Cream/I Scream because it's summer time and a little mystery on the weekends to exercise your brains can be fun.

Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa which literally translates to Hyouka: You can't escape is a special episode bundled with the third volume of the manga.

Unlike the original series however, there's some major differences. Take for example, the beginning of the scene. Less than 1 minute into the OVA and there's already a semi-fan service scenes read more
Jun 30, 2014
hellix (All reviews)
This fanservice pool episode adds nothing to the main series of Hyouka, in fact, I would argue that by heaping clichéd writing and unmotivated male gaze at boobs moments on the anime, it detracts. Not that these things are bad in and of themselves - but they're notoriously lacking in the rest of Hyouka, and they end up mixing very poorly with the rest of the series. Not only that, but the characters seem like pale caricatures of themselves.

There's no reason to watch this: if you want fanservice, there are better places to get it, and if you like Hyouka, it is unlikely that this read more
Nov 13, 2013
aLooser (All reviews)
Generally when it comes to OVA's, I view them through the lens of their parent anime. This practice holds especially true with the Hyouka OVA.

OVA's are judged based on their parent anime because customarily they lack the screen time to create a new story or experience, characters don't undergo any vast changes, and there are no fulcrum point events that a series rests upon.

In the Hyouka OVA, the audience is given insight into what happens between episodes 11 and 12 of the parent anime. Although there is nothing ground breaking to be found in this OVA, if you enjoyed any aspect of Hyouka, read more
Jul 9, 2012
Nasty001 (All reviews)
WTF Is this? Frankly, I can't say as to what's going on with the people of Kyoto Animation studio as to why do they have to make an OVA which should be better off being included in one of its parent anime's episode. The only consolation here is swimsuit fanservice and Oreki who seems to be checking Chitada's vital stats since she is wearing a white bikini. Overall, this anime doesn't fare up since it still follows the usual plot and genre. There is nothing much for me to say here, so here's my rating in a nut shell............I rated every read more
Jul 10, 2012
TheFlowingStream (All reviews)
Its good to give a rest to all that studies and 'WORK'. Thats right! Oreki is going for an actuall job today, and the rest of the guys tag along to cheer him.
While everybody is having fun a sort of mystery erupts, as usual, and solve it they will.
Oreki and Chitanda's chemistry gets a little more spark to it and there's good amount of jokes here.
In the end, alls well that ends well and we return home :)

P.S. : It's no different from the other episodes, but isn't connected to any other episode. So you can watch it anywhere between the series. Just not the read more
Mar 18, 2018
AmericanSomnium (All reviews)
This is my spiteful review of this OVA.

I think that often OVA's are looked at as just "more of 'x' to consume," which I think is the wrong take to have on it. Whether canon or not, OVA's should still set out to accomplish something related to the series its about. For example, Konosuba created 2 OVA's, one of which simply showed the depth and depravity the main character was willing to go to if faced with a situation of death. Non-canon, however still interesting.

Unfortunately this is a case of just "creating more" without much thought behind it. While I'm not necessarily opposed to blatant read more
Apr 3, 2017
Seidai (All reviews)
Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa is the short little side story which is exactly as you would generally expect.

Considering this is only a single episode, I will try to keep my review concise.

The story is rather simple, and it's your basic 'high-school club which goes to the pool episode', but with a little touch of Hyouka on the side. It manages to slip some mystery and discovery in there, something the original Hyouka was profound at doing.

The animation is still as good as you would expect, whilst the soundtrack is still quite forgettable.

Overall you will enjoy this one if you enjoyed the original Hyouka, just don't read more
Jun 24, 2014
ToastytheBaker (All reviews)
I see an OVA as an extension to its parent series. An episode to not only promote the parent series, but to remind the fans what the parent series was like, and what watching it was like. The Hyouka OVA, I think, does this well.
Chitanda Eru once agains says the magic words: "Watashi, kiri nanimasu!" and Oreki Houtarou solves another mystery. I won't give this OVA higher than an 8, however, partly because the solution to the mystery is relatively obvious in comparison to the regular series, but everything else is very much like the original Hyouka. The characters don't act unusual in comparison read more
Aug 4, 2019
VaasMontenegro (All reviews)

Too make this review short, there's nothing really happened to this Episode 11.5 and it is not carried over what happened after the Film Project. But, there are some important details on this OVA... besides the obvious fan service of the characters depicted in this one.

First of, Houtarou has gotten into a side-job as a lifeguard in a local pool, for 5000 yen (US$5), thanks to his older sister's offer. Which is the first time we'll see Houtarou busts his ass for a while after shutting himself inside his house doing almost nothing. So he had to do it. Besides, it's just a one-time read more
Sep 25, 2012
LennonBechara (All reviews)
This is a summer story of Hyouka, Oreki's sister found a job for him that He doesn't spend so much energy. One more time Chitanda became curious and all the group tried to solve this new mystery. There are some funny parts along of this episode, so if you had a chance don't miss the oportunite to watch it.
Jan 20, 2013
D5 (All reviews)
Best viewed as "Episode 11.5", this episode does a lot to flesh out the series, and should not be look at as a standalone, even though that is sort of how it was marketed.

It lets us finally see the mysterious traveling big sister who introduced out protagonist to the classics clubs with her wish that he carry on her tradition. Then it shows some character development as he overcomes his melancholy disposition and comes to a higher social energy level through interaction with the Classics club and reflection.

Also, it stays away from the cliche of excessive fan-service. For better or for worse, it is read more
Sep 2, 2016
Jrm1nt (All reviews)
Not your average fan-service episode.

I went into 11.5 guessing that it would be one of those "beach day" episodes, and that it would actually take from the show, since I believe thus far (I'm watching in order) the show is made very well, so a cheesy fan-service episode would just disappoint me. I'm glad to say that that wasn't the case. While I do believe it was meant to be a fan-service episode, I think as far as fan-service goes, the ED alone is more provocative than the contents of this OVA (the spa episode as well). Some reviews state that this episode took away read more
Apr 14, 2019
TheHentaiKing (All reviews)
Just personal scratch.
Advised, possible spoilers.
Opinion & Informal

Art: 8/10
The art quality was consistent with the main show: very good. Anatomy and proportions checked out with bonus points since this episode was a swimsuit episode. The backgrounds and supporting details were really well done. Like the main show, this special episode had excellent weather details; the sky especially looked great. The general backgrounds were above average but had an attention to detail such as how it would include the "supporting family" in the distance and have them actually moving and doing things. There was attention to the presentation of the background in such a way to build read more
Feb 17, 2018
Rainbowfootsteps (All reviews)
This episode.... is mediocre. Bear with me.

Hyouka's episode 11.5 is like any other episode, so much that it's weird that it ISN'T part of the "main" series. The mystery gang go to the swimming pool, find a mystery, solve it. The only interesting bit was a bit of exploration into Oreki's character, but not enough to warrant a whole episode. The mystery is pretty bland, too. Even though there could theoretically be reason to worry at parts, there's no sense of urgency. The answer to the 'enigma' was pretty obvious too, yet Oreki took his sweet time explaining the intricacies of it. This wasn't my read more
Jul 10, 2017
MisakAttack (All reviews)
I'm watching the series as I write this, and I'm absolutely loving it. This OVA, however, was just okay. It was kinda neat to see Oreki's sister show up after all this time, even though she's still kind of a mysterious figure. For the most part though, this was pretty skippable.

Oreki's got a bit of an attitude in this OVA, and more of an attitude than usual. They never really explain WHY he's acting so weird, but they acknowledge it enough that there should be some kind of explanation. The fan service in this kind of bothered me as well. I love me some good read more
Jan 17, 2013
RFShahrear (All reviews)
Pool or Beach episodes are the most common content of OVA episodes you will find, regardless of the Genre. For any other genre it'd be a simple fanservice episode and with no significance to the original story. Well, in Hyouka's case, it can't be called entirely wrong. But even so, this is Hyouka, how can it go so simply.

The story took place right after the Irisu arc. Intention : to clear up the jumbled state of Oreki's mind. Due to the event that happened in the previous arc, Oreki had gotten even worse from his already boring state. To clear that up, this episode had read more
Nov 2, 2017
Takros_Knonnar (All reviews)
After a very successful season of Hyouka, an additional fan-service episode wouldn't hurt as it gives some hint about Chitanda and Oreki relationship. Honestly I don't understand why people don't like it, it is a fan service, but a very good one and add some slice of life with the characters and also very enjoyable. It's a bonus, not something you have to pay for, so don't yell at it. It is for us to enjoy the universe, and those who hate it probably the one who doesn't have a mind of a businessman as well as a normal person, mostly must be the NEET read more