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Gunslinger Girl

Alternative Titles

English: Gunslinger Girl
Synonyms: Gunslinger Girls
Japanese: ガンスリンガー・ガール


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 9, 2003 to Feb 19, 2004
Premiered: Fall 2003
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Marvelous, Fuji TV
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, PsychologicalPsychological, MilitaryMilitary, DramaDrama, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.471 (scored by 6080760,807 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #18302
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #763
Members: 146,140
Favorites: 1,081


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Nov 14, 2008
Yuunagi (All reviews)
“I’ve tried turning you into someone stronger,
but lately, I feel uneasy whenever I look at you.”

Simply put, Gunslinger Girl is about hopeless children who are granted another shot at life at the cost of their freedom and innocence. They are given cybernetic implants which enhance their combat capabilities and drugs which impose upon them unquestioning loyalty to their respective masters. Paired with their handlers, they are known as “fratello”, and they must face not only terrorists but the tragedies of the past and the uncertainty of the future as well.

Admittedly, the question “Does the end justify the means?” has been asked implicitly in read more
Aug 20, 2009
codehorizon (All reviews)
Gunslinger Girl is a very tough anime to summarize. Part of it is action, most of the story is drama, some sci-fi, and a dash of comedy make this a blend of many different genres. However, Gunslinger Girl nails the mark on every level, making this one of the most compelling anime shows I have ever seen.

The content of this show is ultimately the highlight, and also the whole reason for the controversy: young girls that have had their lives torn apart are given a second chance by having their memories wiped and insides replaced with mechanical parts, and are then trained to do read more
Sep 1, 2013
Gonzo-lewd (All reviews)
Any subject matter, whether it be disturbing or not, should not be shied away from being written into a story narrative because of the fact that it’s too dark for the mainstream audience to handle. Almost all of the well-regarded films since the last century have implemented controversial social commentary and bring about heavy subject matter that involve sex, violence, and political corruption. These days we don’t often see anime take advantage of showing people the deep impact our world has within the dark subterfuge of our own universal culture. For all intents and purposes, Gunslinger Girl will leave some people with a sour taste read more
Jun 28, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
Madhouse never fails to deliver for me.

At first I was a bit hesitant about watching Gunslinger Girl. I was afraid it’s going to end up too serious and too difficult to comprehend. I was wrong on both counts. The girls made the anime more suited to my taste (not like I’m a pedophile or a dirty guy or anything like that). It gets serious and hard to understand sometimes, but for most of the time, I actually enjoyed myself.

I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not as violent as I thought it would be. Sure there are bloody parts but they come at a minimum and read more
Oct 10, 2008
Venneh (All reviews)
Title: Gunslinger Girl

Manga, Anime: Gunslinger Girl was originally a manga by Yu Aida, is currently ongoing, and runs in Media Work's Dengeki Daioh magazine. It stands at nine collected volumes in Japan. ADV licensed the manga Stateside, and the last volume released was the sixth, back on November 30th of 2007. As of May 2008, ADV said that the rest of the manga would be forthcoming, but with the company's recent financial issues and its relicensing of several shows, it is unclear if the manga will continue to be released Stateside.

Gunslinger Girl is a thirteen episode anime that was produced by Madhouse read more
Dec 16, 2011
DraconisMarch (All reviews)
To say that the image of an ~11 year old girl removing a P90 from a violin case and wasting a room full of adult men is powerful would be an understatement.

Story: 6. I liked the premise, although it wasn't very original. This is a very character-centric piece, and any trace of an overall story that may be present merely serves as a means to develop the characters, which is fine. I'm still scratching my head as to why the assassins they use have to be young girls. They say that they use young ones because the brainwashing process is easier, read more
Jun 10, 2009
Suzune-chan (All reviews)
My review is not all on the positive side, I don't know whether I see it from a different angle. But take it for what it is, for this is perhaps a different opinion.

Advantages: Good character construction; Beautiful Scenery

Disadvantages: Long wait periods; No active plot line; depressing; cold characters towards one another.

"A good job is the constant pile up of simple duties." Henrietta

The characters in the anime are well thought out and quite honestly beautifully crafted. They are well made in the sense that they have both skills and flaws instead of just one or the other like in most animes. The are read more
Nov 5, 2017
Neichus (All reviews)
An idyllic bay overlooked by a Mediterranean city fades into view, church bells tolling in the background. The scene basks in the omnipresent light. It is an important setting: beautiful, honestly and truly, with no reservation. What transpires is another matter, but this first impression should be remembered.

A man and girl walk into the scene. The man's gaze is inscrutable, but it is not one of appreciation for the beauty. Turning to look at the girl behind him he muses on their relationship. "She's my sister..." Her stare back is a mixture of doll-like emptiness and ready anticipation. read more
Nov 19, 2016
Paraturtle (All reviews)
To preface: I absolutely abhorred this show. While I'm about to bring up many things that I felt were bad with the show, and I'm going to bring up a lot in a concise manner (as I may do an in depth video review in the future) I feel the need to quote my bio on MAL. "Please note that while I intend to be as critical as possible, everyone views a work differently. All my reviews, at heart, are nothing more than personal opinions."

Gunslinger Girl is an abstract way of telling stories about different platonic relationships men have with young girls. By abstract, I read more
Jul 20, 2013
ZeroReq011 (All reviews)
What to make of this title? Cybernetically enhanced adolescent girls? Modern military grade small arms and light weaponry? Terrorists? Ah... I know! Girls with guns. Girls on guns. Plying with them. Playing with them. Toying with them. Touching them. Kicking ass. Showing some as well. Skirts so short flipped up from the gusts of grenades. Breasts scantily clad baring through the air as the rest of their curvaceous figures hit ground. Bodies, barrels, bullets highlighted to the finest set of orgasmic ecstasy. If these were your first impressions, slap yourself and get real. Or leave and never look back.

An anime adaptation of a manga of read more
Jul 29, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)
Remember Luc Besson's work from the early 1990's: Le Femme Nikita, Leon the Professional, etc.? Imagine an alien from outer space watched those movies and knew that nearly all humans liked them. However, the alien can't comprehend why people liked those movies and what exactly it was that made them so good. The alien also has no understanding of human emotion or logic. Now imagine that the alien decided to steal various plot elements from those movies and paste them together into something he thinks the humans would enjoy. The result is Gunslinger girl. This fails as an enjoyable action, an emotional drama, and literally read more
Mar 16, 2016
SeriouslyAnime (All reviews)
This is one of my most favorite anime shows.

STORY: The story really shows the audience the hardship that these girls go through. The creators have done a really good job on getting the audience attached to the girls and then exploiting that emotion.

ACTION: The action in this anime is very well done, it is paced just right and very fluent. There are no outrageous punches thrown or slow motion punches every 5 seconds.

ART: The art work is very well done and very professional. You can deferentially see that the creators spent time and dedication with the art work.

SOUND: The audio is very well done too. read more
Jul 7, 2008
Sick_Bastard (All reviews)
Themes: Girls with Guns, Sci-Fi, Action
Age Rating: TV 14+
Availability: Common
Publisher: FUNimation

Story - The story is one that hasn't probably ever been done before, because of the sheer edginess of the topic it deals with. The story was rather original, although it does take it's basis from a rather widespread genre. The story was well executed, and left you happy at the end. You actually felt a connection with the characters, and felt their emotions.

Art - Some of the best art I have seen in awhile. Everything is detailed, I mean everything. The bullets shine when they are coming out of the gun. The read more
Dec 21, 2011
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Gunslinger Girl is an ongoing manga written by Aida Yu. The manga has been going for close to a decade so it's only natural that it has some adaptations. Including a series of PS2 games, an OVA and two anime series. Let's take a look at the first anime which originally ran from late 2003 to early 2004.

Gunslinger Girl doesn't have an over-arching story. It's a series of episodes, mostly stand alone, which are connected by the overall scenario and the characters. The premise is that you have a government agency that enhances young girls with cybernetic parts and conditioning and then sends them on read more
Feb 7, 2015
xbobx (All reviews)

"Pupa perfume and an Amati violin... That girl must be the beloved daughter of a wealthy family."

This quote, whose subject is nobody else than Henrietta and the speaker a bomb-making terrorist, is probably the best representation of this series. Its irony is not only painful but extremely clever.
As one who've read the synopsis would guess, Henrietta is not the daughter of a wealthy family, but a trained child assassin that carries her P90 automatic rifle on a violin case. The perfume is a "reward" she received from her Agency guardian for the successfully termination of an 8-members terrorist group.
She doesn't have a true family, and read more
Sep 13, 2010
neoswordmaster (All reviews)
Despite the title, Gunslinger Girl is far from an action title. On the contrary, it is actually a drama that focuses on character relationships. While it does contain action, it is far from the main focus as there are only a handful of action scenes throughout the 13 episode series.

The show focuses on the Social Welfare Agency which, on the surface, is an Italian government sponsored charity organization. However, this is a front for the real purpose of the agency, a sort of anti-terror/anti-crime organization. A branch of this organization that directly handles these problems employs not only well trained gunmen, but also cyborgs that read more
May 28, 2007
Traversy (All reviews)
Overall, gunslinger girl (GSG) was a fairly enjoyable anime. I gave it a seven for story simply because the ending was perplexing and somewhat inconclusive. There was plenty of shooting, but not as much as I have hoped for, then again I might as well be asking for a series based solely on shooting and action with no actual plot. I had no problem with the animation and sound, the opening song popped up in that it was the first anime I\'ve seen with an English opening song. As for characters, there are many \"fratello\"s (teams consisting of a GSG and a \"handler\") and their read more
Dec 15, 2018
alleyesonmy (All reviews)
using guns to create a moral wall with characters can be really hard. and it can especially be difficult to create a story where a young cute girl is competent with a gun or relies on a gun to stay safe. or at least it is hard to do it right. which is why nine times out of ten we get a gungale online or something like that. it's not always like this but for the most part it is.

this show is not however. this show is the complete opposite. and it is one of the best shows i have ever seen for it. read more
May 6, 2019
Nugenrules (All reviews)
I've found it rare to come across an anime adaption that keep character interactions believable and realistic. There is no need to have a character acknowledge communication with a series of grunts, or sudden eye movements. Reality is that the listener is usually quiet, especially during more dramatic scenes, and I found this anime is be exceptional at this, which I feel is one of the biggest sins in current animation.

Not only does the anime keep it realistic in said regards, but many others as well. There are no over dramatized emotions. Characters show many different levels or joy and grief, and it's easy to read more
Feb 20, 2011
Sparksafly (All reviews)
If you are watching this anime just for the action, then you'll be missing the main point. Many people complained that they wish the story would focus a little more on violence, but thats not what the story is about; the violence and guns is just what bonds the girls together.

In general, I simply loved this anime. Everything about it. I loved the art for it, looks very high quality no matter where you watch the show, if streaming or non streaming. The opening and ending songs with any melodies in between were in fact music to my ears. I was drawn in by read more