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Saint Seiya

Alternative Titles

English: Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac
Synonyms: Knights of the Zodiac, Zodiac Knights
Japanese: 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ)


Type: TV
Episodes: 114
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 11, 1986 to Apr 1, 1989
Premiered: Fall 1986
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: None found, add some
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.921 (scored by 59,066 users)
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Ranked: #6892
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Popularity: #947
Members: 113,651
Favorites: 3,669


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Sep 3, 2008
j1n (All reviews)
Saint Seiya was one of the very first anime series I watched as a young kid. Being that I might've had a bias towards this anime, I decided to watch it again not very long ago. While I admit this series is not as good as I remembered it, I belive it is still worth watching.

Saint Seiya had a brief run on Cartoon Network, but due to its violent content, it was moved to a very poor time and gradually lost any attention it received. If you followed it while they aired it or if you are just curious, I encourage you read more
Feb 22, 2010
BDL (All reviews)

Saint Seiya is a shounen that features several elements of mythology (mostly Greek mythology) and astronomy (constellations). The main characters, the Bronze Saints (knights), are responsible to protect goddess Athena and the humanity against the evil gods.

The fights are generally interesting, specially because the majority of the characters have a badass aura around them. On the other hand, they are more static than in other anime of the same genre, mainly because of the few techniques used by the Saints/knights.

The story is quite simple for the most part, and goes in a very monodimensional way, but it is solid.

Although the main focus of read more
Feb 22, 2009
Wani_Me (All reviews)
Let me start by saying that this was the very first anime I watched complete. Truth is I was really young when I watched it the first time, but just recently when new OVAs came out I watch it once again.

Basically the story follows a group of 5 "Zodiac warriors" of Athena in their mission to save the world from the "evil" gods who want to destroy it. The anime heavily relies on Greek mythology, so the story follows a path trough Olympian’s gods.

The story is really absorbing and exciting, the fact that the 12 zodiac signs appears as a main part of read more
Apr 2, 2010
ohtori_akio (All reviews)
This series is a hard one for me to rate at all. It is one of my all-time favourites, has amazing nostalgic values + I like to think of it as the father of all Shounen Fighting Anime. This is because it started a lot of storylines that have now become cliches Naruto, Bleach and many more use quite often. These include giving the opponent a backbone by giving him a backstory. Tournament arcs are touched on. The attacks of those shows are also very reflective of Saint Seiya and two other animes from its decade (DBZ and Fist of the North Star.) Even Yakitate read more
Dec 12, 2018
Ferien (All reviews)
Pegasus... Ryuseiken!

Ahh, Saint Seiya. The curious case of Saint Seiya. An absolute classic that helped Dragon Ball in popularizing the long-running fighting shounen "genre" back in the late 80s, that yet, as opposed to Mr. Toriyama's work, gets so little attention, interest and recognition online in comparison to virtually all of the other big ones that followed it later, with some of them even being inspired by it (well-known authors like Tite Kubo, Masashi Kishimoto and CLAMP have all declared to have been inspired by this show. In fact, Bleach’s most popular arc was inspired by Saint Seiya’s most popular arc too). Along with the read more
Sep 30, 2018
ChouEritto (All reviews)
As someone who had an interest in Greek Mythology since childhood, Saint Seiya was a series that naturally appealed to me. Coupled with it's other aesthetic elements such as the intricate, inventive and cool Cloth designs, the great level of detail and style in it's art to make the male characters noble and the females beautiful or having one of the best opening songs in anime and a great soundtrack in general, the series seems top tier from a stylistic point of view, but what about substance?

When it comes to plot and characters, the series can be described as simple but fairly well executed. All read more
Aug 3, 2009
bronze-saint (All reviews)
Well, perhaps I'm one of those self-declared #1 fans. I can't tell exactly how many times I rewatched this series. All I know is that there were lots of times. So maybe now I can act like a kind of advertiser for the series.
I'd start saiying that Saint Seiya was my introdution to the world of anime. The story, the characters, the myth, the bloody and very impressive fights, the dilemmas the characters had to go through, all created a perfect and attractive piece of something I wasn't used to watching. I kinda compare it to the influence that the american music exerted over read more
Oct 1, 2010
ParaParaJMo (All reviews)
Story and Characters
What really appealed to me about this story was the inclusion of Greek mythology and the use of the constellations to each represent a guardian to Athena. As a modern day re-telling of those qualities, I find that it's adapted very excellently. I like how the concept of chains for lets say Andromeda is transitioned from the original mythology to the character Shun, and of course everybody knows what the legend of the phoenix is, and its used very conveniently with the character Ikki. If you pretty much know the original Greek stories on a basic level, I say it can add a read more
Apr 26, 2019
SieghartTheMage (All reviews)
I have never been so much interested in writing reviews since I joined, but since there are very few in the Saint Seiya series, I begin, obviously, from the legendary one.

I think everyone knows the knights of the zodiac, at least in name. A historical series, a pious milestone in the world of manga like Dragon Ball and JoJo, written by Masami Kurumadain the 80s, but which has found its fame mainly thanks to the anime, illustrated by the great hands of Micho Himeno and Shingo Araki, and with Seki Yokoyama music. A must watch!


I don't go in details, since there are already other read more
Mar 21, 2018
Dio_Freeman (All reviews)
I have HUGE problems with this anime :

1 : the fights
Unlike a lot of people apparently, I don't like the fights in this anime. Why ? because almost every single one of them are resolve with a deus ex machina, creating little to no tension, despite the fact that the hero always come close to defeat at some point.
As this deus ex machina always comes after the hero looses his armor, it makes it as useless as some kind of super heavy insignia (except for those who literally have a weapon in it like Shun).

2 : the heros's immortality
For some reason, the main characters keep read more
Jun 11, 2011
Nubescout (All reviews)
Saint Seiya is quite an interesting manga/anime. Being interested in Greek mythology i thought it would be excellent and some of it was very good. The story was okay and the art was quite good. The story has a mix of typical Shonen manga mixed with Greek mythology and produces a good result. The music was okay but i didn't really like much of it apart from the 1st opening theme.

One of the main things that stopped me from completely enjoying the series were the character designs. Though i liked Phoenix Ikki and found him an interesting character due to not being a complete hero read more
Mar 3, 2018
ZakAttak18 (All reviews)
There are a few things I want to say before I get into this review. This is my first ever review so it's probably not going to be anything special. I was inspired to write this because recently it's been announced that Saint Seiya is going to receive a live action movie, a spin-off anime (the manga of which is being officially licensed), and a Netflix remake. All of these are going to be coming out around 2019. That's a lot of material to be released in a one year timespan, especially from an 80s anime that barely anyone hears about. That's another thing, Saint read more
Mar 18, 2015
pedrosouguellis (All reviews)
Saint Seiya é foda pelo simples fato de ser Saint Seiya. Foi a primeira série de anime a ser exibida no horário nobre da televisão aberta e o primeiro anime a ser chamado de anime por aqui, sendo o responsável direto pela criação do nicho "otaku" no Brasil. Sua história não é das melhores e possui alguns buracos difíceis de engolir, no entanto, os sagrados cavaleiros de Atena vem entretendo crianças, jovens e adultos à décadas. Sacrificar a própria vida em nome de uma causa justa tem se mostrado uma receita eficaz no mundo do entretenimento desde a Grécia antiga, e por coincidência do destino, read more
Jul 17, 2015
SageofTime (All reviews)
This is my first review so please don't be to harsh on me.

I became a fan of this series only a couple of years ago because in the US this anime and manga series is ignored probably because of a poorly done dubbing back in the early 2000's.

The plot involves a group of orphan boys serve the Greek Goddess Athena and they fight with armor that is based on constellations called Cloths and they battle enemies that are in the Sanctuary and they battle other greek gods as well.

What I like about this series is that the cloth designs are really cool and read more
Dec 10, 2018
LucasDSpartan (All reviews)
Saint Seiya is really a classic of anime shounen. It has remarkable characters with very well developed stories. Great fights with very remarkable soundtracks.
The protagonism is very forced having unexplained scenes.
The fights were very big, having some that lasted more than 20 episodes! Really.
Sagas good but very repetitive.
Great bad guys with good motivations. It does not focus much on the story, even taking a few flashbacks during a fight.
There are no episodes fillers, which is an element that makes the anime have all episodes are mandatory to watch.
The animation was very advanced for epoch, having very beautiful scenes.
Overall I give 7.00 rating to Saint Seiya.

Saint read more
Sep 6, 2018
LunaPrecure (All reviews)
I'm sure that if you have been into anime or video games long enough, you have heard the name Saint Seiya. It is a behemoth legacy series that has inspired many of the following generations' works.

○ You can see similar designs to Saint Seiya in CLAMP, especially in CLAMP's human proportions, and Rumiko Takahashi's works, as well as similarities in sister shows such as: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Ronin Warriors, and the infamous Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Saint Seiya also became an important staple for fujoshi culture and a benchmark for the shounen fighting genre.

• Something that prevented Saint Seiya from becoming a bigger read more
Feb 24, 2014
BlazeWolfdx90 (All reviews)
Saint Seiya is a series that ,unfortunately, a lot of people are not familiar with. If you ever have the honor of watching the anime, please do so because I can honestly say that the 3,420 hours you put in won't be disappointing.

~Story: As you should know, Saint Seiya is a back in the day shounen anime which means it is targeted to young males with a huge emphasis on A LOT of fighting/action and little to no romance. The story is told in a simplistic way, you will never be confused or lost as everything pretty much laid on the table for you. This read more
Dec 18, 2012
Hyperion720 (All reviews)
The Story

The story follows five young warriors called saints and a young lady named Saori, who is the reincarnation of Athena. The saints fight their hardest and would give there lives to protect their Goddess Athena.

Saint Seiya has a Greek mythology theme to it, the universe itself is set in a Greek world with Greek Gods. The sacred armor called cloths all the 88 of them are named after the constellations, there last name are replaced by there Greek animal or sign. While Greek myth is the most common theme in this anime, it mixes a bit of other myth's like Norse, Christianity, read more