Fushigi no Umi no Nadia

Nadia: Secret of Blue Water

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Alternative Titles

English: Nadia: Secret of Blue Water
Japanese: ふしぎの海のナディア


Type: TV
Episodes: 39
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 13, 1990 to Apr 12, 1991
Premiered: Spring 1990
Broadcast: Fridays at 19:30 (JST)
Producers: NHK, Sogo Vision
Studios: Gainax
Source: Original
Genres: AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Theme: HistoricalHistorical
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.531 (scored by 1552015,520 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #15252
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Popularity: #2377
Members: 54,131
Favorites: 411

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Evangelion and Nadia share the same director (Anno), character designer (Sadamoto), composer (Sagisu) AND animation studio (Gainax). As well as numerous other staff. So, expect MANY thematic and aesthetic similarities! Nadia's character was very much a prototype for Asuka: THE tsundere that made tsunderes both common and popular. Watching Nadia be naturally bitchy towards Jean and give him a hard time over very little instantly made me remember Asuka's "Anta Baka?" self. Both Shinji in Eva and Jean in Nadia are easily dominated by strong-willed female love interests (often in comical fashion), so the similarities between their relationships are obvious. I STRONGLY recommend Nadia to ANYONE interested  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Anno of Evangelion fame hit the big time in animation by quite literally knocking on Miyazaki's door and showing him his animation skills when Nausicaa's production ran out of animators. Afterwards, Anno was inspired by Miyazaki's concept for Laputa and ended up directing his own version of the story with his own studio. This is how Nadia came to be. If Miyazaki has one weakness visible throughout his films, it's characterisation. More often than not, his imagination for story-telling leaves little room for the nitty-gritty of making his characters into relatable humans, as opposed to plot devices. Anno, on the other hand, is most famous for  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both of these anime take place in the past and feature stories about rediscovering ancient technology that is beyond the wildest imagination and power of the modern civilization. Both also have relations to ancient Atlantis. 
report Recommended by BluMeino
They are both amazing adventure stories based with lots of sailing and a real world setting. They both have young male and female protagonists. Both series have roots in a planned but never-produced anime based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 
report Recommended by walla
Both are love stories masquerading as epic science fiction plots. Both have a greater than average focus on the characters and neither compromises its main plot to get across the character development. Both are concerned with their main characters maturing and coming to terms with becoming adults. Less importantly, both also have some similar dynamics - e.g. both feature ship crews warring with large sinister organizations. 
report Recommended by BornIn1142
These anime actually have a striking amount of similarities! Both are underrated 90s gems directed by Legendary Directors in the Mecha genre. The settings of Nadia and Turn A share a lot in common, The way their stories are told are even quite similar. They both have a great sense of mystery, and they'll both keep you attentive with their twists and turns and big reveals as the story goes on. The scope of Turn A Gundam is a bit wider than Nadia's as far as the focus of the story, but both focus greatly on their two main characters and their adventures. Both even have somewhat  read more 
report Recommended by TwinBee20
Both series have similar world-building in that the protagonists find relics of an ancient civilization on Earth and the origin of humanity are similar in both series. 
report Recommended by Aassdddai
Both lead males form relationships with a girl who has a magical jewel/pendent sought after by several people. This single artifact (which also holds a water theme) is considered invaluable to the baddies of each show. Love is a slight factor between the two protagonists, though in NaTHaT the romance is very, very subtle. Other relations (testing loyalty, keeping friendships, earning trust, regret, etcetera) are much more prominent in the show and the wide cast lets you meet a surprisingly complex handful of characters.  
report Recommended by radishleaf
Both feature a strong main female character and adventures on sea guided by a mysterious stone. They also have a large cast of colorful characters and high production value. 
report Recommended by Shueisha
Both feature young protagonists who encounter dangers of big proportions and go on fantastic adventures around the world. Both are suitable for all generation watchers.  
report Recommended by grsh
Both are 'coming of age' stories set in 19th century Europe with sci-fi elements. They share major themes, namely the use and abuse of science; the implications of industrialisation and new technology for human advancement vs. destruction and war. Both anime have a young scientist / inventor prodigy as the male lead, and a female lead whose personality clashes with as well as complements the protagonist in entertaining ways 
report Recommended by trvekvlt666
Both of these shows are fun adventure shows from the 1990's that that explores very fun characters with decent pacing. 
report Recommended by nexoscore
The two share an interesting approach to science and consequences of Humanity's progress. Nature is linked to the development of the protagonists in both of these series. Both tell the journey of a young genius (Jean/Edward) and his fellows. While Fullmetal Alchemist is more axed about the truth and the human vices; the big deal in Fushigi no Umi no Nadia happens to be how to socially connect with others (get rid of mistrust), and depict the transition to adulthood, among others. If you are looking for a fun and epic show with loveable characters, mysteries and which will make you feel a palette of  read more 
report Recommended by Muzard
Both are adventurous anime. Both have similar feel, in both there are alines who knows the secret of the respective world. Both are old animes, but in both the animation quality is excellent. Both stories start from the west countries and ends up in mysterious islands. There are fillers in Nadia anime please skip them. 
report Recommended by hmmer
Submarine 707 especially in the beginning of the original OVA really resemblance parts of what was shown in Fushigi no Umi no Nadia. The Atlantic vibe with the half alien like submarines that were also shown in Nadia directly got me hooked on it and gave me some really nice memories back to Nadia. Really interesting anime series in general with a nice focus on submarines and underwater combat. 
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
Both are heavily inspired from Jules Verne's stories, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" for Nadia and "Facing the flag" + "The Barsac Mission" for Patapata Hikousen no Bouken. They both capture a grand sense of adventure in foreign countries with a charming old style of storytelling and steampunk elements mixed into it. 
report Recommended by Robinne
The protagonist is a 13 years old girl of notable ancestry who has a relic from her ancestor which hold a great power and many enemies chase the protagonist for it. Despite being in different time setting, both have a genius inventor and a funny group of enemies. 
report Recommended by ASamyR
If you're looking for absurd and hilarious adventures with eccentric characters, wacky weapons and visual jokes, then both of these shows seem to fit the bill - only one's steampunk and the other's space opera. 
report Recommended by MS06FZ
Both shows are loosely based off of two classic novels. Nadia being based on "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and Hakugei, of course being "Moby Dick". 
report Recommended by Kuro-chan
While I was watching "Last Exile" all I could think about was how much this was like "Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water". Both series are steampunk, both take place on a big ship that is quote "the safest" or "most advanced" ship on the planet, the crew is a mystery most of the series, both involve planes, the plot is slowly revieled (for most of the series many things are unclear), both are heavy on character development and relationships, and they both have good drama and action scenes. Both series are even paced the same (well Nadia spends more time letting us  read more 
report Recommended by Prede
Similar stories involving advanced civilizations and technology, fought mostly in open water or by using submarines. There's also doomsday devices and plots of betraying one's own kind. 
report Recommended by BluMeino
These two series may be seem lighthearted and family-friendly, but they both have something to offer for audiences of all ages, and have similar tones of good clean fun with a more serious plot lurking in the background. Also: both are about a group of children and young teens who are swept up in some sort of adventure. Both take place in a world with elements of both our own world's past and the technology of the future. And the trio of villains in Fractale was almost certainly influenced by a similar trio in Nadia. 
report Recommended by Anomalous
Both titles take place in an earlier era, and are grand adventures happening by way of the open sky, all while visiting different lands and environments. Great for the adventure lover in us all!  
report Recommended by Retro8bit
In the anime Ashita No Nadja, Nadja, an orphan, joins a traveling street performance act called the Dandelion Troupe because she finds out her mother might be alive. She travels across Europe and finds many friends along the way that teach her things about herself. She also wears a brooch around her neck that a bunch of thieves are after. In the anime Nadia: Secret Of Blue Water, Nadia, also an orphan, grew up in a circus. She travels across Africa trying to find out where she's from while all the while she is being hunted down for her jewel known as the Blue Water. Nadia  read more 
report Recommended by zareba
both nadia and aria are very similar when it comes to wanting to know more about their origins and in learning the truth about their past. Plus both Nadia and Aria are willing to risk their lives for their loved ones and care about saving the world and hate violence. also ran and jean are very much alike as both want to avenge their loved ones death, both are orphans, both are in love with a girl who posessess supernatural powers, and both are have villians who are very similar and kinda resemble the ku klux klan.  
report Recommended by charmecia5
This again seems a weird recommendation, but there is logic. The shows have a similar sense of gently absurd humour and a social message, as well as some character parallels which are pleasantly amusing. 
report Recommended by MS06FZ
Apfelland is an ersatz Nadia. Same plot, similar characters, but Nadia is far much better. 
report Recommended by VpViennetta
The love of flight and planes. 
report Recommended by noisysound
Like the sequel ova "Shinkai no Kantai: Submarine 707" which was actually made before this short series "Submarine 707" had a very interesting and quite the resemblance with Fushigi no Umi no Nadia. The various characters, environments and underwater combat really payed off, this especially in the sequel to this newer prequel. This was a really interesting start of the series and it is always interesting to see a series make a prequel to something that was created in the past. 
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh