Nazo no Kanojo X

Mysterious Girlfriend X

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: MGX
Japanese: 謎の彼女X
English: Mysterious Girlfriend X
German: Mysterious Girlfriend X
Spanish: Nazo no Kanojo X: Mysterious Girlfriend X
French: Mysterious Girlfriend X
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2012 to Jul 1, 2012
Premiered: Spring 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Source: Manga
Genre: RomanceRomance
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.241 (scored by 131970131,970 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #28102
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #728
Members: 277,309
Favorites: 2,716

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Welcome to mayhem. That describes the main characters life once they hook up with a girl who happens to look very similar in both series if one puts aside the style differences. Both end up putting up with a lot. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both main characters uses scissors and both anime are of the comedy genre. 
report Recommended by izZzi
Characters with an unusual fetish, scissors being similar to both series. They are attached to each other and also have a daily routine to be fulfilled.  
report Recommended by Liinah
Both have similar male protagonist - quiet, ordinary boy.. that makes some kind of contract with very unusual, mysterious girl. Both also have kind of 'erotic' theme. AnH is dark,serious and somewhat artistic while NnKX is light-hearted and meant to be funny. 
report Recommended by helensan
Young people make the same kinds of discoveries throughout. B Gata H Kei manages to be simultaneously more perverted and less disgusting, but then, it has a distinct shortage of spit sucking.  
report Recommended by colonelpanic
There's quite a few interesting similarities in both of these series to be honest and worth the watch: First of all, both series involves a strange girl who has a fascination or relationship with the main protagonist. They form a bond and shares many "romantic" moments at various times. Secondly, both series takes place at a school setting. Third, both series has a supernatural feeling to them that are out of the ordinary. Fourth, both series contains a lot of drama with the relationship between the two main characters as one of the driven themes. As such, both series plays on the characters' interactions and the circumstances they  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
Strange girlfriends, uniqueness, comedy, and drama. What else more could you want? Anyways, these two anime(s) are unique in their way of not only the story but the way it's played out. In both series, the protagonist meets a strange girl whom they eventually date and face other obstacles together. Both series has have hints of supernatural-like elements as well as being difficult to predict what happens next. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Two coming of age/romance animes that evoke a similar feeling of nostalgia in the viewer. Both talks about first love, have their nice share of comedy, and have a nice pacing. If you want someting in these lines, these two are a nice go. 
report Recommended by NaelOdyssey
Both series features a protagonist who one day certainly gains a "mysterious" girlfriend. Both series employ strange humor that is mixed in with comedy, drama, and romance. Both series has a fun approach in various episodes that reflects upon life and their relationship as well as interactions with other characters in the series. 
report Recommended by Stark700
in both of these animes the male protagonist is very possessive in a good way and both heroines are strange but nice 
report Recommended by kissXsisFanatic
Both anime have kinda "agressive" romance. Nazo is maybe more specific than Kuzu. 
report Recommended by Ryuu2511
This recommendation may be a stretch, but these two series both gave me weird feelings while watching them. Mysterious Girlfriend X is more light-hearted and lovey-dovey while Mirai Nikki has more of a serious tone to the whole anime. Both series have their main characters obsessed over one another (Yuno and Yukki in Mirai Nikki, Tsubaki and Urabe in MGX). If you liked MGX, I think you should be able to like Mirai Nikki, and vice versa. 
report Recommended by SirLanceALot
Both of these animes feel embarrassing and awkward to watch. And the main leads are both equally sad. With Watashi being more embarrassing, and Nazo being more awkward. Both of these series might be harder to complete then others. And I do not think I'm up for that task.  
report Recommended by evilchris
A boy and a girl grows closer to each other through the use of unusual trait. Takagi-san lacks stylish execution in comparison with Nazo no Kano, but when it succeeds it captures the beauty of unconsciously being in love. 
report Recommended by Oji-nyan
Weird girlfriend with bangs. The boy and the girl also have a unique 'bond' that connects them. 
report Recommended by Liaison
Both are Romances that decide to go down weird paths. One focuses on Saliva while the other has a girl for a hand. Both couples have to overcome situations that are do with their weird quirks. 
report Recommended by Tyrannicswine117
i think Nozo x Kimi is some what simular to Nazo no Kanojo X, like in atmosfere and stuff. i really think you will like Nazo no Kanojo X if you have seen Nozo x Kimi and visa versa 
report Recommended by 5hadow1ce
The storylines are very different, but both are about a boy who discover that thing called "the magic of first love". Seto no Hanayome is more comedy, while Nazo no Kanojo X is more... well, a weird but cute slice-of-life. 
report Recommended by Asagami
These anime feature "weird" female MCs in romance + school settings, so weird you'd fall in love at first sight. Doubts and questions about love and faith in one's lover are even explored critically. Adequately similarly unusual plot devices are also present. One obvious difference is that NnK X is about the relationship between two students while OT is between a student and a teacher. Overall, the ratings both have have quite truth in them and that they're absolutely shows of the same weird caliber. 
report Recommended by AX3M
I really like a mysterious kind of a girl, because they are cute and likable. You will be intrigue by their unique personality and bout themselves. If you like those kind of things. I assure you'll gonna like these two shows. pretty sweet though :D enjoy! 
report Recommended by Luuji222
Romance anime involving mysterious girls with mysterious powers in school, and only the MC (and a few others) know about it 
report Recommended by albertbrown
the protagonist has these similarities with urabe Mikoto, the protagonist of nazo in Kanojo x. She has a hoarse voice, looks tired, just wants to stay with her, she put a special condition in the relationship right in EP one (he falls in love with her without her doing anything for him to turn into a vampire), seems dangerous but gentle, if Embarrassed with cute things but not with erotic ones, It tastes like the blood (in the nanny's place), And was lonely before the protagonist. 
report Recommended by kopamario78
Nazo to Kanojo X and Neon Genesis Evangelion are like two siblings: both have something unique, but you can always tell that they are, indeed, siblings. Nazo to Kanojo X tells a story of a boy and a girl who learn how to love each other and how to be loved. Through their struggle, they learn how to treat each other with respect and care, how to make sure that their relationship is the one that will not die. Now, how is this similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion, you'll ask? The visual style of both anime is of the same style, the characters do feel familiar,  read more 
report Recommended by ShonenLove
They both had unusual romance that is rather interesting. 
report Recommended by SmileyTheHelper
A cute story of a boy and girl falling in love and going through a host of relationship drama's and hardships  
report Recommended by SamIHellaAm
This is very similar since both of them tells a loving story of lovers realistically and they both have their problems to deal with 
report Recommended by Otaku-san161
Both shows deal with two people who have no relationship experience trying to get together and are comedies. 
report Recommended by tdhffgf
The Feel is similar and character design is also really similar ! 
report Recommended by Startronica
Both series involves a main male protagonist who gets involved with a strange girl in the very first episode. They form a relationship and endures many events together. Both series' main male protagonist also has other love interests that occasionally causes mayhem for the duo. Both series makes various jokes with the main female protagonist being the center of it all that often results in embarrassing moments for the main male protagonist. Both series takes place at a typical high school setting where there is drama, comedy, and romance. 
report Recommended by Stark700
* Both have strange or as I would like to call them "unique" female leads * Both male leads kinda take the supportive.. helpful role towards the female lead. * Both are in a school setting * Both are romance themed More similarities to come ( episode 1 was just released =P ) 
report Recommended by Be4st
Supernatural fills the void for both of these series. In both anime(s), there is the female lead with a mystery. The MC of both series becomes friends of them and learns more about their character. Incidents happen and events foretold as episodes progresses. There is comedy, romance, and a source of mixed in mystery about the main plot. Both series also takes place in a school-like setting. 
report Recommended by Stark700
both romance and both are realy very good 
report Recommended by bigt1892
Both male protagonist meet a beautiful girl and became his girlfriend. the difference between these two anime is that the girl in the world of narue is an alien while the girl in nazo no kanojo x is a mysterious girl. 
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
Although the two series doesn't seem similar at first, it does involve a mysterious girl coming into the life of the protagonist. Mysteries and romance are imminent in both series. Plenty of comedy and drama is also ensured. 
report Recommended by Stark700
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl -Both animes are school life that have a balance of comedy/romance/drama 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl -Both animes are school life that have a balance of comedy/romance/drama 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
For fans of the tastefully insane genre of anime, these two are quite the pair. The unusual nature of the magical saliva in Nazo no Kanojo X bears the same sort of uniqueness as the over-the-top reactions to food in Shokugeki no Souma. For anyone looking for something interesting that doesn't follow the pack, either of these anime will fit the bill. 
report Recommended by BlackEyedGhost
Nazo no Kanojo X and Sukitte li na yo both share a same general plot but told in two different artistic representations. Where Nazo no Kanojo X is a bit more fantasy due to the importance and connection between Urabe and Tsubaki through saliva, Sukitte li na yo's story is rooted more in a realistic representation on two people in school from different groups and different personalities can find a lasting love within each other. Both are tested throughout their own stories but both will leave you hopeful in the power of love. 
report Recommended by PotatoKM